Amazon flash sale: 11 % on this high -end electric scooter, top 5 of the best high -end electric scooters ��: Find your ideal urban companion!

The 6 best high -end electric scooters 2023


The excellent performance of these devices are made possible thanks to the internal components that are the battery and the engine: there are under the hood, believe me !

Amazon flash sale: -11 % on this high -end electric scooter

Facilitate your urban trips thanks to the APRILIA ESR2 electric scooter in Amazon ! This clever mode of transport provides you with rapid mobility in an urban environment, allowing you to avoid red lights and traffic jams, and thus save precious time during your daily trips.

Take advantage of an Amazon lightning sale with an exceptional reduction of 11 %. The price of this model is currently reduced to 642 € Instead of its usual price of € 724.99, an opportunity not to be missed if you are considering an economical and environmentally friendly movement solution.

An efficient and ergonomic electric scooter

This electric scooter is equipped with a high capacity battery of 288 Wh which allows you to travel up to 25 km with a single load, thus offering great autonomy for your urban trips. Made from high quality materials, the Aprilia ESR2 provides solidity to any test and resistance to weathering, allowing you to ride with confidence whatever the conditions.

The chrome front suspension bars add both an attractive aesthetic appearance and better shock absorption on irregular surfaces. Thanks to its advanced control system, the performance of this model is still under control, ensuring you fluid and secure driving.

The other advantages of our electric scooter: Practitioner and safety

Its fast folding and light weight make it an ideal companion for your regular journeys. You can easily take this scooter in public transport or store it in the trunk of a car without any difficulty.

To add comfort, this scooter has 10 -inch tires at the front and back with airline. The Aprilia ESR2 electric scooter adapts to all types of roads and can climb slopes up to 23 % inclination.

APRILIA ESR2: a unique model on the market

With an impressive load capacity of up to 100 kg, the Hitway electric scooter stands out advantageously compared to many other models on the market. Users greatly appreciate this scooter for its ease of assembly and its impeccable manufacturing quality, which makes it a very appreciated choice.

In addition, the presence of an LED screen displays certain useful information to accompany you during your trips such as speed and battery. You can also take advantage of its safety characteristics, including headlights and LED stop lights, allowing you to use the scooter with confidence, even during night trips.

Amazon flash sale: the high -end electric scooter aprilia esr2 © Amazon

Amazon flash sale: the high -end electric scooter aprilia esr2 © Amazon

The 6 best high -end electric scooters 2023

In a world where urban agitation is the norm, it is more vital than ever to find a means of transport that combines comfort, style, and sustainability. Imagine being able to zigzag through the crowded alleys with majestic ease, the wind blowing gently on your face, without the slightest concern. This is exactly what a high -end electric scooter promises. Our team of experts devoted 23 hours to the research and examination of the leading products on the market, to bring you the cream of the cream of the world of high -end electric scooters. In a society where time is increasingly precious, these means of transport arise as an ingenious solution to the daily problems of travel. Whether to navigate with ease in traffic jams, for a relaxing ride in the park, or even for home-work, a high-end electric scooter is the key for stylish and efficient urban mobility. Embark with us in this complete guide that will open the doors of a new, fast and exciting world.

High -end electric scooter List of the best products 2023

High -end electric scooter List of the best products 2023

Last update: 18.09.2023

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In this article :

  • Discover high -end electric scooters, a revolution in urban mobility.
  • Advanced technical features for an incomparable user experience.
  • An ecological and economic choice for city trips.
  • The best brands deciphered by our experts to guide you in your choice.
  • Exclusive tips and advice to make the best choice.

What is a high-end electric scooter ?

What is a high-end electric scooter?

In the current urban landscape, the high -end electric scooter emerges as a rising star, Synonymous with sophistication and convenience. But what does this term really mean ? A high -end electric scooter is a technology jewel, combining an elegant design with advanced features, thus creating a perfect fusion between style and functionality. It turns out to be a wise choice for those who seek to add a touch of luxury and comfort to their daily journeys.

These scooters are not only means of transport, they are extensions of your personality, With the latest innovations to facilitate your urban mobility. They are useful in various scenarios, whether you are on the way to an important meeting or simply for a relaxed walk in the park.

With impressive autonomy and speeds that defy the wind, they are there to transform your daily travel experience, by putting pleasure and efficiency in the foreground.

How the high -end electric scooter works ?

How does the high -end electric scooter work?

High -end electric scooters are powered by powerful engines powered by rechargeable batteries. These are precision devices, built with superior quality materials, thus guaranteeing performance and a incomparable sustainability. They offer a multitude of options and features that allow you to adjust your driving experience to your taste and your needs.

Advanced braking systems with different speed modes, these scooters are designed to offer you safe and controlled driving. In addition, thanks to connected applications, You can easily follow your driving statistics, lock your scooter remotely, and even update your scooter with the latest features.

The operation is generally quite intuitive, with orders that are easy to understand, even allowing novices to adapt quickly. In addition, they are often equipped with advanced lighting systems to guarantee your safety during night trips. In short, a high -end electric scooter is an alliance of advanced technology and design, promising a driving experience that is both pleasant and secure.

The different types of high -end electric scooters

In the vast world of high -end electric scooters, we distinguish Various categories, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

Foldable scooters

What are the different types of high -end electric scooters?

  • Benefits : Ease of transport, practical storage, ideal for multimodal journeys combining metro and sidewalk.
  • Disadvantages : Can be slightly heavier, high cost.

Great autonomy scooters

  • Benefits : Perfect for long journeys, durable batteries.
  • Disadvantages : Longer recharge time, considerable weight.

High speed scooters

  • Benefits : Quick journeys, thrills guaranteed.
  • Disadvantages : Reduced security, not ideal for beginners.

Scooters with connected features

  • Benefits : Easy monitoring of statistics, possibility of software updates.
  • Disadvantages : Dependence on a mobile application, possible additional costs.

Presentation of well -known brands and their products

In the high -end electric scooter sector, Several brands stand out for their innovation and superior quality:

  • Xiaomi
  • Segway
  • Sneaky
  • Boosted
  • Razor

History: Chinese technology company which diversified its offer in the field of urban mobility.

Products: Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

  • Advantages: Elegant design, excellent balance between speed and autonomy.
  • Disadvantages: high cost, limited availability in spare parts.

History: Pioneer in the field of personal electric mobility.

Products: Ninebot Kickscooter Max

  • Advantages: great autonomy, all-terrain capacities.
  • Disadvantages: bulky, high initial cost.

History: a leading company in the sharing of electric scooters, which now offers products for individuals.

Products: Bird Air

  • Advantages: light construction, integrated connected application.
  • Disadvantages: limited autonomy, moderate maximum speed.

Historical: initially known for its revolutionary electric skateboards, Boosted also made its foray into the field of electric scooters.

Products: Boosted Rev

  • Advantages: excellent speed and acceleration, robust construction.
  • Disadvantages: Premium price, lower battery life compared to certain competitors.

Historical: with a long -standing reputation in the manufacture of scooters, Razor has extended its expertise to electric scooters, offering a diversified range meeting the needs of consumers.

Products: Razor e Prime Air

  • Advantages: offers a gentle and comfortable driving, at a relatively affordable price.
  • Disadvantages: lower speed and autonomy compared to high -end options, limited technological features.

Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, with products that aim to respond to different consumer requirements. Whether you put priority at speed, autonomy, technological functionalities or comfort, you are sure to find a scooter that corresponds to your needs among these popular choices.

Main criteria for choosing a high -end electric scooter

When you prepare to invest in the best high -end electric scooter, here Five essential criteria to consider :


How to choose a high -end electric scooter?

  • Description: Evaluate the distance that the scooter can travel on a single load.
  • Why is it important: to avoid breaking down battery in the middle of the trip.

Maximum speed

  • Description: the maximum speed that the scooter can reach.
  • Why is it important: to guarantee fast and effective trips.

Comfort and convenience

  • Description: Characteristics such as ease of folding, maneuverability, and seat comfort.
  • Why is it important: for a pleasant driving experience, even long distances.

Technological features

  • Description: options such as connected applications, display screens, etc.
  • Why is it important: for easy use and better monitoring of the condition of your vehicle.


  • Description: elements such as effective braking systems, LED lights, etc.
  • Why is it important: to guarantee your safety during each trip.

What alternatives to the high -end electric scooter ?

Although high -end electric scooters are technology jewelry, there are also equally viable alternatives to meet your mobility needs. You can use in particular:

Electric bikes

  • Benefits : Offer greater stability, suitable for long distances.
  • Disadvantages : More bulky, require storage space.

Electric motorcycles and scooters

  • Benefits : Capable of reaching higher speeds, ideal for longer journeys.
  • Disadvantages : High cost require a driving license.

Electric cars

  • Benefits : Comfortable for daily journeys, excellent for families.
  • Disadvantages : Very expensive, greater environmental impact.

The march

  • Benefits : No cost, good for health and the environment.
  • Disadvantages : Not practical for long distances, takes more time.


In conclusion, investing in a high -end electric scooter is not only an informed decision for your urban trips, but also a step towards an ecological and modern future. By adopting this mode of transport, not only do you choose An environmentally friendly option, But you also refer to a more fluid and stress -free urban life.

In an era where time is essence, these scooters arise as a alternative viable with endless traffic jams, while offering you the pleasure and freedom to move to your please. Do not forget to consider your individual needs, from comfort to autonomy, when choosing, and to take into account the criticisms and opinions of the experts.

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What is the average autonomy of a high -end electric scooter?

Autonomy varies considerably between the models, but you can expect an average of 25 to 45 km on a single load for a high -end model.

Is it necessary to have insurance for a high-end electric scooter?

Although it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to have insurance to protect yourself in the event of accidents or flight.

Can I use my electric scooter in all time?

Although many high -end models are designed to be water resistant, it is best to avoid using them in pouring rain or on flooded roads.

What is the maintenance necessary for a high -end electric scooter?

Regular maintenance includes tire control, tightening of bolts and screws, and braking system check. In addition, be sure to load the battery in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I travel with my electric scooter by plane?

It depends on the specifics of the scooter battery and the airline regulations. It is always better to check in advance with your airline.

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High -end electric scooter


Hello urban sliding pros �� ! You expected it, you wanted it, you even dreamed of it, well trot’secure did it for you !
I’m of course talking about our top 5 tHigh -end electric rotters. Here we talk about the top of the basket, the cream, the cream, the elite of the scooters. So hang on to your sneakers, because we are going to discover La Rolls-Royce des Trott ’ !
Contents :

About the Author

Hello, My name is Julien. I created Trot’Secure’s blog because, just like you, I did not know which electric scooter and equipment to choose.

I tested more than 60 scooters, and + 600 accessories to help you find the model that best suits your needs.

My mission: to provide you Clear advice and accessible to everyone For a 100% pleasant experience with electric scooter !

I. The characteristics of a high -end scooter


A high -end adult scooter, It is not a more expensive scooter than all the others. Otherwise, it would be enough to take a classic model, to cover it with gold leaves and to affix chrome rims (with diamonded caps of course) and hop, I would have the most high -end side of all time.

Obviously, it doesn’t work like that !

In reality, The best electric scooters on the market are distinguished by their performance. They are built with the best components, so that sometimes it is even a little too much !

I do not know many people who need a trott ’sponsors more than 100 km/h, even on private land. This disproportionate power is therefore more a marketing element than anything else … but I like it !

Anyway, as I said, high -end trotts have extraordinary performance. We are talking about speed, autonomy, road comfort, etc. Let’s see this a little in more detail, it should guide you in the choice of your electric scooter if you want to turn to the top of the range !

1. Disproportionate autonomy and top speed


Who says high -end trott, also says high speed electric scooter ! Most models that fall into this category go to Over 80 km/h Once unbridled and some even happily exceed 100 km/h … Real rockets �� !

As for autonomy, it’s really the bidding: 80 km, 110 km, 170 km … and it continues like that Up to more than 200 km !

According to the manufacturers, it would be necessary to recharge the Trott ’once every 6 months. On paper, it makes you dream, but you should not be fooled by these beautiful promises. The autonomy displayed by manufacturers is maximum autonomy, that is to say, that which can be achieved for an average user who would drive in eco mode and in the best conditions.

In the facts real autonomy is much lower. It is around 30 to 70 km, but it is still excellent.

The excellent performance of these devices are made possible thanks to the internal components that are the battery and the engine: there are under the hood, believe me !

2. Overpowered battery and engine


Inside a High -end adult electric scooter, We find a engine comparable to a V12 and a battery which provides as much energy as a nuclear reactor (I already told you that I was Marseille ?)).

The power deployed by the engine easily exceeds 1000 W And very often, high -end scooters are equipped with a double -engine system. As for the battery, the voltage is Around 70 V And the capacity close to the 40 Ah (if you are wondering, yes, it’s very high).

This therefore allows these devices to deploy high speed, to speed up strongly at startup, to easily climb the ribs and to hold the pace.

But for that, the rest must follow (and it follows. )).

3. The top brakes, wheels and suspensions


In order to be able to brake strongly in an emergency, High -end electric scooters all have hydraulic disc brakes. It is certain that it is more effective than a brake on the foot on the rear wheel … The braking system is even sometimes gratin of a few surprises such as ventilation to avoid overheating or even an electronic blocking system (ABS).

As for suspensions, we have the right to total with the Double spring shock absorbers front and rear, proudly mounted on a foolproof chassis.

High -end trotts are generally large models (more than 10 inches). Their notched tires are often tubeless, so tubeless, which allows them to roll on any type of terrain without risk of puncture.

Your essential safety

4. Small finishes

You will not have baked buckets, but you will still be entitled to Very meticulous finishes. On the Best electric scooters, special attention is paid to details. You will therefore find the best options as well as real work on design; aggressive, sporty or refined, there is something for everyone.

Free Secure Check

You want to increase your safety ? Our Secure Check helps you get there !

Tailor -made report according to your needs
Personalized equipment
100% time saved

II. A high -end electric scooter, but at what price ?


After the description I just made to you, you have stars in your eyes ! But the quality is paid dear and We do not access the high range of electric scooters without paying the price.

I’m not talking about hundreds, but rather thousands of euros. The range varies between 1000 € and… the moon �� !

You would have understood it, These models are not really intended for the general public, But rather to enthusiasts. Afterwards, even if these scooters are above your budget, you have the right to take an interest in it (it must be said that they are dreaming). Who knows, maybe one day one of them will stand in your garage !

III. The top 5 best high -end electric scooters

It is high time to come back when the heart of the matter: What is the best high -end electric scooter ? The world wants to know ! Well, I let you make your own opinion by discovering our ranking �� !

1. Nami Burn-e 2

Autonomy: 80 km
Speed ​​: 25 km/h (bridled)/80 km/h (unbridled)
Engine : 2 x 1000 W
Battery : 72 V 28 Ah
Weight : 45 kg
Weight Limit : 120 kg
Brakes: hydraulic discs
Tires: 11 inches
Dimensions: not communicated
Price : € 3,699

Our top 5 starts on the wheel hats with the Nami burn-e 2 electric scooter. So what is this little gem to offer us ? Already, we will note that it can deploy 2000 W of power, but that does not really surprise us is it ..

Not to mention the autonomy of 80 km, the top speed of about 80 km/h (Only on private land CAUTION), 11 inch tires and full hydraulic brakes signed NUTT (a reference in the matter).

I will not review the list of all the details, because I would have it for the day. However, a little something caught my attention: these are the neon lights under the chassis that you can adjust in fixed or flashing lighting mode. A detail that makes the difference !

If you are hot hot at the idea of ​​testing this trott ’, its price of € 3699 could cool you down. But for a machine like this, I assure you that the value for money is very good.

Note that this is also a High -end foldable electric scooter, both in terms of handles and chassis.