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Lynk & Co

Where can I receive my car ?
For the moment, the delivery of the vehicle is available in major French cities including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Cannes.

A week behind the wheel of the Lynk & Co 01: our rechargeable hybrid SUV test

New long -term test on Autoews.fr, with the aim of assessing a recent model in everyday situations. A holiday route, a trip to the supermarket, to the airport or to the workplace. We focus each time on the qualities that seem important to us and on energy consumption. The latter are however given as an indication and will always be very relative to the type of road and driving adopted.

Zapping Autoesews Green Michel Sarran: “We need this space of freedom”

We meet them more and more often on our roads these intriguing SUV LYNK & CO. A brand created 7 years ago now by the Chinese group Geely. The SUV 01, the only model marketed for the moment in our territory, is not just one more chinoiserie, moreover, of the historic manufacturers ? Not quite, because the group also holds the Swedish Volvo who shares with Lynk & Co his technologies. And that changes everything, as we were able to realize it during our long -term test.

Official motorization, performance and consumption

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

The Lynk & Co 01 SUV takes up the platform and the Volvo XC40 T5 recharge hybrid propeller. Namely a 3 -cylinder 1.5 Supervised 180 hp (265 Nm at 1,500 rpm) associated with a 60 kW electric motor (80 hp for 160 Nm) and a lithium ion battery of 14.1 kWh useful. The “cumulative” power is measured at 261 hp, the 0 to 100 km/h made in 8 sec, for a top speed capping at 210 km/h. According to the WLTP standard, the autonomy in all electric is around 69 km for 27 g/km CO2 emissions rejected with charged battery. The first models marketed in France, including our test copy, are equipped with an on -board charger limited to only 3.5 kW (i.e. 5 hours for a full load on reinforced domestic socket or public terminal). Since last August, the models coming out of the factory have been equipped with a charger at 7.2 kW, thus reducing the recharge time and its cost by half, especially on the public terminals that charge per minute.

Prices, finishes and equipment available

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

The Lynkco 01 is offered in a single finish, at the price of 44,500 euros or, and it is its great strength for occasional rollers, for rental without commitment but under conditions. At 550 euros/month, the subscription includes maintenance, traffic tax and all risk insurance (deductible of 500 euros maximum). Within the limit of 1,250 km/month (15,000 km/year), for a contract of 11 months maximum renewable. Each kilometer traveled out of quota is billed 0.15 euros

In series, the Sino-Suédois SUV includes many equipment such as the panoramic sunroof, bizone air conditioning (remotely commandable via the application), the driver’s seat with electrical settings, room lighting, audio installation in 10 speakers signed Infinity (and Harman for the surrounding effect), navigation, 12.3-inch digital screens behind the steering wheel and 12.7 inch tactile in the center, wireless connectivity for Apple Carplay as Android Auto, 4 USB ports (2 A and 2 C), the induction load, the hands -free function key, the LED front front lighting, the electrically folding mirrors, more than a dozen driving assistance including driving semi-autonomous, 360 ° cameras,The Park Assist and a few fairly singular gadgets including the Journey Camera (an exterior dashcam as an interior available at only stop) or and a board game interface. Only the coupling hook is offered as an option (1,020 euros for purchase or 40 euros/month for rental).

The SUV 01 is only offered in 2 colors, black or blue and, in its rechargeable hybrid version, as 20 inch rises.

Our test conditions

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

Except to “race”, our Lynk & Co 01 is set to its default driving mode (hybrid here). Heating (air conditioning disabled) is set on 21 degrees and only one person is on board (except to get to the airport). All, under temperatures varying between 6 and 15 degrees. The consumption counter is reset to each type of route carried out. It is therefore necessary to take into account the fact that the longer the journey, the more the displayed average is smooth and gains in precision. On the shortest journeys, a gain that we assess around 0.3 l/100 km minimum is thus possible, by repeating the exercise.

Go to work

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

The reception aboard the SUV 01 is surprising. Both sober, while giving off just what it takes to originality with double stitching or bluish seats. The variety of materials is well worked and most are foam. Their density, on the other hand, can become uncomfortable in the long runs. Small box control lever, flat steering wheel, bronze color (default but modifiable) interface of the digital handset, it’s serious and good taste. The two branches of each diamond rim painted in blue, may be a little less.

Among its other singularities, the soup driving position typical of an SUV suggests optics, like a Nissan Juke, if it is only the daytime fires or the indicators are also visible. No excuse to forget to deactivate them!

Entering its destination in navigation highlights an interface that deserves a more explicit main menu button than this small lonely round under the screen and a return button on the previous page also. And if the tactile sensitivity to tapping is average, the pinching (to diszoman the cartography for example) lacks reactivity.

A few kilometers of driving are enough to highlight a strategy of energy recovery similar to what Porsche does for example. Lynk & Co (and Volvo), start from the principle that it is better to make as long as possible the energy consumed at acceleration, by an almost free wheel mode and very little electric “brake”, rather than applying a strong regeneration at the slightest foot. A B+ mode remains available via the selector, to increase this regeneration if desired.

If a forced EV driving mode is offered, it will not prevent the thermal engine from lighting up by the Kick Down. We have almost never used it, especially since the hybrid mode displays an active active gauge in real time representing the acceleration range available in all electric. It is thus very easy to stay below the thermal trigger threshold.

On the comfort side, the 01 shows good flexibility, which could even be a little better if the 20 inches did not come to generate a few trepidations on bloodletting and other slowders.

On this first 24.1 km routine route (round trip), including 1⁄3 highway (110 to 90 km/h) and ⅔ of town, our 01 did it without any electric mode with a consumption, rather reasonable for a PHEV, of 26 kWh/100 km.

Do the shopping

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

The many available cameras are of precious help to maneuver the Lynk & Co 01 whose turning radius is not among the widest in addition to the dead angles in 3⁄4 rear view which are quite marked. The zoomed view of the rims is also very useful to park as close as possible to the sidewalks, even if it only shows the front wheels. We must not count too much on the Park Assist on the other hand, which always needs vehicles already parked to find your way and, even like that, has sometimes positioned it badly by riding the marking on the ground.

The 3D ¾ rear view which is also automatically displayed to monitor the dead angles as the approach of a tight turn was also a good feeling but, not only is it not necessarily a good idea to leave the road Eyes (especially with a low-placed screen), but it also masks navigation at a time when it is important to be able to make sure to be engaged in the right direction (a roundabout for example).

At the opening of the electric control trunk, the SUV has 466 liters and up to 1,213 liters in an almost flat floor, once the bench (split in 60/40) folded down. Be careful in this configuration not to damage the beautiful inserts, in tissue circulated by chrome, front seats ! Under the floor hides a space more than enough to accommodate any way its charging cables. Apart from a few fixing hooks, there are no other special arrangements (such as shooters or a 12V socket for example). In the end, if loading the races is not a problem, the width of the hold seemed a little just to load large luggage. Fortunately the height is generous for the stack.

The path that leads us to the shopping center is 100% urban and extends over 8.6 km (round trip), with a hill over 500 meters. Consumption assessment: 27 kWh/100 km.

… Then race

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

Activated sport mode and manual manual mode engaged (no palette on the wheel but an unusual movement from left to right on the selector), the Lynk & Co 01 shows an astonishing motivation despite its 2,350 kg. We might like it a little more from electric on the reminders, however. The box does its work correctly and the management is also precise also.

To then effectively slow down the SUV, you can count on a whole bunch of technologies: RSD (Reduced Stopping Distance), IBD (Improved Braking Distance), CBC (Corner Brake Control), low (Electronic Brake Assist). What feels concretely is this brake pedal that sinks by itself, reducing the “soft” race of the pedal to solicit the records more quickly. It is appreciable but the system tends to activate that in certain circumstances. Anyway, the 01 still has trouble making you forget its masses. To the recovery, its front train also saturates quickly. Maybe a 4-wheel drive version would be relevant to gain efficiency, but at the cost of a weight still increasing.

After several back and forth of a 4 km winding road, the counter posted 15 l/100 km.

Place a friend at the airport

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

Back from the Christmas holidays, Monja is accompanied by her best friend to celebrate the New Year in France. The opportunity for us to wish you the best for this new year !

After the festivities, return to the airport to deposit Julia. Aboard the Lynk & Co 01, they appreciated the space in the head as in the legs, took advantage of the panoramic roof and found the interior lighting very inspired in addition to the rear cover of the front seats. The only little criticism came from the spring cover protecting the USB ports which, once noted, force a little too much on the connected cables. They also regretted the lack of power control of the ventilation at the rear. Finally, they did not have to use it but the place of the environment is limited by a fairly marked central tunnel.

With the 75 km of electrical autonomy displayed at the start, the vast majority of our 82 km journey is made in silence. And since the Lynk & Co 01 does not have intelligent navigation, it consumed all its clean energy without asking a question, before turning on the thermal. Highlighting in passing a fairly limited power of the electric, which requires anticipation during overruns. At the end of this round trip to stabilized roads (between 80 km/h and 110 km/h) where the engine is not too stressed, the display indicated 20 kWh/100 km on the electric riding phase , 6.6 l/100 km on the thermal driving phase and 1.3 l/100 km in cumulation.

To go on holiday

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

On the holiday route, the 3 cylinder of Lynk & Co 01 shows a pleasant discretion. Like any SUV, air noises are heard at highway speed but without encouraging to raise the tone to get along. If mounting the sound of the infinity audio system does not leave an unforgettable memory, without being bad either, passengers can spend time with several board games integrated into the central screen (cite all known rappers or sing a very specific song For example). The only intervention on the screen is to count the points, thus guaranteeing safety on board. Pushing the song on board, you can do it by being filmed via the integrated dash cam (which also photographs the road elsewhere) but only at the stop. Which makes it useless in the event of an accident or “road rage”.

In terms of driving experience on fast axes, Lynk & Co 01 shows good pleasure, with the exception of an emergency alert and braking system that involves a little early on slowdowns sudden. Semi-autonomous driving has been shown to be effective.

Since there is no intelligent navigation, if necessary to manage your electrical energy, it must be done manually. It is for this possible to force, either the preservation of its own autonomy (even if the 01 will still use 2 or 3 km for hybrid mode), or the recharge by driving.

On this 100 km course, we voluntarily left with 12 km of autonomy EV to stay in the same proportions as a more representative trip of 600 km and the 75 km of EV autonomy that 01 can offer. Final value noted: 6.4 l/100 km.

Again and again stories at the terminal

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

As usual, everything did not always go well when recharging. If the 7 -meter cable supplied by Lynk & Co adapts to all the configurations of parking spaces, its 3.5 kW charger is a financial chasm on terminals invoicing per minute. Allow around 10 euros for a full load instead of 4 euros around with the 7.4 kW charger. Also namely, the manufacturer does not offer a house charging card. You must therefore use your credit card if possible or anticipate the order of a card provided by a third -party provider. In this area, ChargeMap is the most popular now and offers a subscription card at 19.90 euros. Izivia, the terminal provider at the bottom of us, offers one to 10 euros but is less eligible from other terminal suppliers. Our Izivia terminals precisely, still broken down from home the first days. Direction the following terminal at 1 km which, just one evening fortunately, considered the only charging point still available as occupied when no vehicle was connected. Direction the following terminal at 1.6 km, completely free this time, but the application returned a communication error to us when launching the load. That evening, return home well frustrated ! Once again an opportunity to recall, and this is true for any type of electrified vehicle, how essential it is to have a reliable charging point at home. Knowing that with a PHEV, a reinforced socket is enough.

Balance sheet

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Lynk & Co 01 test | A week behind the wheel of the rechargeable hybrid SUV +40

Lynk & Co 01 CREDIT Photo – Autoews

Some other consumption statements on different types of course: a round trip home/empty battery work: 4.5 l/100 km, showing the efficiency of the simple hybrid mode. A mixed course in 50 km EV mode, from suburbs to suburbs, with a strong traffic on the first half and fast axes then: 20 kWh/100 km. Finally, a route similar to an airport/house return in battery conservation mode: 6.8 l/100 km, with 4 km of electric autonomy anyway consumed.

The Lynk & Co 01 is truly a good surprise. Benefiting from the Volvo experience allows him to be, at the entrance, a vehicle with serious services. It even offers 15 km of electrical autonomy in addition as its XC40 T5 cousin recharging ! This SUV 01, we would just like a more reactive touch pad, possibly intelligent navigation and the possibility of mounting the 19 inch rims of the full hybrid model (not marketed in France) to gain a little bit in comfort.

But the most important thing above all is to make sure that the model ordered, or rented, is equipped with a 7.4 kW on -board charger. Do not forget either that in the event of a rental, the vehicle can already have mileage, which will however remain within the limit of 10,000 km and will be provided in a reconditioned state.

Finally, note that Lynk & Co leaves the owner the possibility of subletting his vehicle via a dedicated interface on board or on the connected application. Just define the availability time and set a price according to a price range suggested by the application. It is still important to inquire about the intentions of the sub-aer to find your way, depending on the consumption of fuel and electricity envisaged by the latter. Finally, all specific risk insurance is provided to the sub-waken by Allianz, who will ask him for a bank imprint of 100 euros in exchange. Last warranty, the sub-aer must register with Lynk & Co which will also check customer solvency.

Lynk & Co

This article aims to present Lynk & Co and its car subscription offer. This will allow you to know more about this product without obligation.

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From: Bruno Martinez
Last update March 14, 2023 Reading time 3:23 min.

About Lynk & Co

Founded in 2016, Lynk & Co is a Sino-Swedish automotive brand belonging to the Zhejiang Geely Holding group. The cars she creates are a mixture of those of Geely and Volvo, of which Geely became the owner in 2010. The brand focuses on internet connectivity and innovative purchasing models by targeting millennials. Lynk & Co is very successful from the launch of its first models in 2017 and plans to use a direct sales model for consumers on most markets.

Monthly subscription

In France Lynk & Co offers a car subscription for its SUV 01 model. To subscribe and receive your vehicle, simply register on the company’s website and wait for a vehicle to be free. The subscription costs € 550 (including VAT) per month and can be terminated at any time. Since Link & Co also offers a car sharing service, it is possible to pay for your cheaper subscription by sharing your car with friends, family and the Lynk & Co community. To guarantee the tranquility of the subscriber, everything is included in the contract: maintenance, insurance and customer assistance if necessary.

Prices and costs

Lynk & Co’s subscription is based on a monthly package of € 550, but which enters a decreasing price system. This means that the more you share your car, the more the cost of the subscription decreases until potentially reach free. You can even opt for a free subscription and pay only when using a car. To share his car, the subscriber just needs to activate this feature on the SUV touch screen. Thanks to a digital key system on the mobile application, self -sharing users may have access to it. This price includes maintenance and insurance, including in the event of a vehicle loan.

Brands and models

For the moment in France Lynk & Co offers a single model for its car subscription: the SUV 01. It is a technically close to Volvo XC40 model. The hybrid SUV combines a 1.5 l turbo three-cylinder petrol and the electric motor which sends 261 hp together. front. Its 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery ensures a range of 69 km. The list of equipment is very complete and meets the needs of millennials. It includes a touch screen info-division system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity, 360 ° parking aid, an induction charger for smartphone, a panoramic roof or a camera dedicated to social networks (to realize selfies or photos of the landscape).

Notice deadlines

The subscription is monthly and can be interrupted at any time. Just request it on the dedicated app or on the company’s website with one month’s notice.

The most of the seller

  • The possibility of reducing the price of the subscription by sharing your vehicle with the Lynk & Co community.
  • Vehicle built in compliance with the environment: use of recycled materials such as a canvas made from fishing nets for upholstery.
  • Each car is ordered by the buyer and personalized using equipment sets.


Link & Co on social networks

We can find Lynk & Co on social networks with the following addresses:


Which vehicles offers Lynk & Co for its subscription ?
For the moment, only one vehicle is attendant: the Lynk & Co 01. It is a compact SUV of the Chinese car manufacturer Lynk & Co.

What costs are to be expected ?
The monthly subscription costs 550 euros. If you exceed the mileage limit of 15,000 km per year, you will be invoiced by 0.15 cents per additional kilometer.

Where can I receive my car ?
For the moment, the delivery of the vehicle is available in major French cities including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Cannes.

Who can take this subscription ?
To subscribe or drive the SUV 01, you must be over 21 years old and have a driving license for at least 3 years. The car must be led mainly by the contract holder, but can also be used by family members registered at his address.

Can I take a break in the subscription ? Can I stop the subscription at any time ?
No, it is not possible to take a break, but you can stop the contract at any time. Just do it at least 20 days before the next payment.


After a quick success in China, Lynk & Co is launching on the French market with a car subscription for its SUV 01 model. The subscription costs € 550 per month and can be terminated at any time. Everything is included in the contract: maintenance, insurance and customer assistance if necessary. Since Link & Co also offers a car sharing service, it is possible to pay less for your subscription by sharing your car with the Lynk & Co community. Its vehicles are environmentally friendly and perfect for millennials thanks to its high-tech options.

A photo of electric cars. The cars are modern and elegant, with aerodynamic shapes and bright colors

  • About Lynk & Co
  • Monthly subscription
  • Prices and costs
  • Brands and models
  • Notice deadlines
  • Videos
  • Lynk & Co on social networks
  • Faq
  • Conclusion
  • Lynk & Co Avis