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Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh trial: Lightning kick 9 minutes of reading

Let’s leave the zigzags two seconds and let’s talk about a straight line. The 395 Nm of torque offer a very appreciable recovery allowing to double anything at any speed very quickly, respecting the highway code obviously and the top speed of the car. What, you want real figures ? OK. The 80 km/h at 120 km/h is done in 4.5 seconds. Happy ?

Your 50 Hyundai Kona reviews

3 battery failures in less than 3 years. . When I asked the dealer to look more ready for this car because I had never seen so much battery failure in so little time, after telling me that I will have to pay this time (4 year warranty car, Battery 2 years) They let me know after a week that there was a tensioner to change, a distribution channel and other things that I did not retain. The car has been immobilized since July 7, 2023, until August 25. “Madam these are big repairs. I unfortunately live in Guadeloupe, the dealer is SGDM, Hyundai France told me that they have nothing to do with this, this dealer can do what he wants, he has no accounts to give Hyundai. In short, in 3 years, of a strong breakdown, I strongly advise against buying a Hyundai Kona in Guadeloupe. I am on foot, the dealer does not lend a car even if they are responsible for breakdowns, the car being under warranty. I imagine when it will not be anymore

By Lucio17 on 07/27/2023 at 12:18 p.m

Vehicle I recommend for the city or small trips. The hybrid engine is a bit tight as soon as it comes to riding on a highway. (the panic gear when it is not sufficiently assisted by the small battery) I noticed many jolts at constant speed upon delivery of the vehicle (purchased new in dealerships)

By Var on 05/27/2023 at 4:05 p.m

Very comfortable and very well soundproofed vehicle. Small Pechu engine and very soft car gearbox . Healthy handling . On the other hand, gargantuan consumption outside the electric mode.It is a car for the city because from 100,110 km/h it consumes too much. Autonomy is ridiculous .I do not see the interest of this vehicle in relation to the strict petrol model.

By JapyB65 on 03/27/2023 at 2:18 p.m

Apart from a concern for tire wear, I am very satisfied with this vehicle. Like many small SUVs tires have a duration of 20 to 25,000 km on the front axle. The Pyrenean relief being there for a little. What I liked during the purchase is the handling that I compare a little to a golf course. Security level contrary to what is said in this forum, I had no worries with the anti -collision radar and the emergency braking that I could, on the contrary, appreciate for its effectiveness! Certainly the vehicle is a little stiff at the suspension level but on the highway it is very comfortable. Small flat on the diesel version The cruise control is not adaptive! The auto box is a real pleasure, in any position it responds very well. The tests of the different models leaned me for the 136CV CRDI for the power and flexibility of the engine.

By Nirou on 01/29/2023 at 4:22 p.m

Oil consumption problem. I must regularly check the oil level regularly to make sure that it does not lack it even the recommended mileage for emptying. Not economical in terms of gasoline 9.2/100, I expected a better performance.The risk of running out of oil is very important if you do not check regularly

By 11/12/2022 at 11:50 am

First Hyundai for us and second electric (we also have a Skoda Citigo-E). We are not disappointed by our Kona. We bought it with 6,500km and it was 10 months old. Enduring, powerful, reassuring, he only lacks a few dozen liters in the trunk to be almost perfect. Soundproofing would require to be a little more advanced, and some plastics could be a little less harsh. But for the rest RAS. We are 13.5kWh average over the year. Or more than 450km of autonomy. At a cost of 1.€ 2 for 100km (free load next to us). The only problem is compulsory and unnecessary maintenance every 15000km or a year. The Hyundai scam ! This pseudo maintenance is just used to operate concessions. On the other hand, we had a screen problem, and it was guaranteed without worries. Our kona we will keep it for a very long time! Little Mesquinerie de Hyundai: Cornering lights and indicators are not LEDs!! For a car at 47,000 € it is still abused !!

By nono62370 on 19/10/2022 at 4:37 p.m

Good morning. I have had this vehicle for 1 year, 20,000kms. Front seats that run, very uncomfortable and very narrow, of poor quality (lack of softness). Brakes that grine in reverse. Hard plastic everywhere that scratches easily. Small chest. Positive points autonomy 440kms, and economical. Small agile vehicle with good turning radius.

By igork on 10/17/2022 at 12:39 p.m

Used vehicle. Overall than positive. Autonomy of 320 km of 0-100% on the highway at 120 km/h above 15c °. Winter 280. Road consumption about 12.5 kWh/100 in cool driving, 14 more edgy. I did not do an official test of the battery capacity but overall I do not see any loss. Personally I do not really like this crossover format, I would have preferred a classic compact, but I do not see any with this autonomy and this efficiency. The Leaf 62 kWh can be, but taken Chademo…

By Bellagio47 on 10/15/2022 at 8:15 p.m

Lover of the Kona look, the AI ​​bought new (hybrid business model 141 ch car box) Liberal nurse Super Render Liberal profession and good recovery of my old Tacot. What I like: its silence its maneuverability, its power, its comfort, its look of course. (The AI ​​nicknamed my baby shark), his consumption, the sound of the radio (specific to the business), his large retro, the 10 -inch screen very intuitive in short I love. Only reproaches: an overly small fuel tank and a passenger electric window that you can lower that the finger on the button continuously.but OK!! So many good things next to . A look that has nothing to do with a C3 Aircross or a Renault Captur . Frankly I love.

By Silvère on 08/24/2022 at 8:54 p.m

I bought this 1.6 TGDI 177 hp car box version over 2 years ago and I am more than 37,000 km. No mechanical or electronic concerns. Very interesting consumption for this power 7 liters per 100km. Right now, in “cool” driving 6.2L only. (extra urban driving and a little city. The auto box is a real plus and GTI accelerations (7.7s from 0 to 1200). I do not regret having chosen this version because I hesitated with the more economical hybrid version in petrol. Given the negative opinions on nervousness, I made the right choice. My wife also has a kona, but version 1.0l. No worries either. I will later leave an opinion on this version. I have been faithful to Hyundai since 2002, and encountered few problems. About 300,000km with 3 petrol models. I find Hyundai more reliable in petrol than to diesel.

Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh test: love at first sight about 9 minutes of reading

Today, we’re going to talk about the best sold electric car in France: the Hyundai Kona Electric. The model we have on trial has the largest battery available in the catalog (64 kWh) promising almost 500 km of autonomy. We left for two weeks and 2,000 km behind the wheel of the compact SUV !

The Hyundai Kona Electric 2022, quickly

I don’t know about you, but I have no particular feeling towards SUVs, neither positive nor negative. I love some models, such as the Audi RS Q3 Sportback or the Ford Puma St, and I hate others (Lamborghini Urus, BMW X6, Bentley Bentayga, etc.)). Before its restyling in 2021, the electric kona gave me about as many emotions as a triangle sandwich on a Christmas evening. But that was before. Place now in foie gras from Ernest Soulard (it’s like very good foie gras) ! If you have not seized the meaning my culinary metaphor, understand that in large before it was not phew and now it is phew.

With its new redesigned front panel, the Kona Electric wins in sex appeal and is finally distinguished from its thermal cousins. The wing protections painted of the same color as the model somehow erase its SUV side by keeping only the “urban” in the typology of bodywork. On the dimensions side, the Kona is 4.21m long and 1.80m wide and 1.57m high. The 64 kWh version is associated with a 150 kW electric motor (204 hp) allowing you to shoot 0 to 100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

In addition to the aesthetics, the cabin also receives a modernity stroke, with in particular the digital instrumentation screen of 10.25 inch (a kind of virtual cockpit) which goes hand in hand with the large central infotainment screen also 10.25 inches, taken from the Kona 1. Numerous driving aids appear, such as the rear traffic detection system with braking function, the anti -collision system with detection of dead angles or even intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop and restart function.

Driving aid is good, but aid that helps without breaking the necks are better. Take the example of the line crossing warning, which is activated after each vehicle start -up. This thing emits an unbearable beep as soon as you approach a little too close to a line on the road without thinking. A slight resistance in the direction tells you in which direction you should correct your trajectory to stop the damn Bip-Bip which makes you bleed from the ears. Thank you Jean-Hyundai but it will be without you. We stay pressed for 5 seconds on the line crossing button at the bottom right of the steering wheel and we circulate quietly. We will reactivate this help when it is really relevant, on the highway not example.

While I am there, we can say to yourself once and for all that the detection of speed panels is a relevant innovation … provided you are successful? What good is it to display a speed, supposed to be the current limitation, on the dashboard on once in three it is not good ? This remark applies to everyone, both for Audi and for Suzuki, via Hyundai.

On the way: “Papa not in a hurry” mode

And why dad and not mom ? Because I tell my story, my story of dad. But I will reassure you, it would also work for mom, tata or grandpa.

Before taking the road, I install the Diono Radian 5 baby seat in the back in the direction of walking and as usual I struggle with the top tether fixation which puts to the test my patience and my dexterity. ISOFIX is life, rt if you agree.

Once the child seat is in place, there is enough space at the rear to accommodate, either an adult and a half, or a second seat. Family car for small families we said !

The “cushy” driving is very pleasant behind the wheel of the Kona. The steering is flexible and the seats are comfortable. The interface is very intuitive and each command falls perfectly under hand.

According to standard bullshit WLTP, my kona is capable of achieving up to 480 km on a “full”, which is certainly exaggerated but not so far from the real true truth. In fact, with a light foot and without taking the highway, you will have no trouble exceeding 420 km or even approaching 450 if you are Pierre Desjardins.

Let’s talk about this tattooed jantologist hold. In exactly 3 dodos, he will become my chef because I join the magnificent Clean Automobile team / ChargeMap in Strasbourg. The 400 and a few kilometers of Kona autonomy would not be very useful here because my future office is at exactly 398 km from my home. A future challenge ? Maybe.

The Kona Electric offers 3 power levels for regenerative braking but none allows a pedal driving. Whatever the selected mode, it will be necessary to activate the foot brake for a complete stop. This techno, oh so practical, should land on the future generation of the model.

On the recharging side, the Kona accepts a maximum power of 75 kWh ? Theoretically, it allows you to go from 10 % to 80 % in less than an hour, with an additional hour and a half to recharge the remaining 20 %. On a domestic outlet, it takes within 30 hours for a full load. Yes, thirty hours. A Wallbox is essential.

On the way: “Papa Papa” mode

204 horses for 1,760 kg. Said like that, it seems impossible to send the slightest Frérot to hell, and yet ..

The difference between not sporty driving modes and sport mode is colossal. In eco or comfort, engine performance is restrained to promote eco-driving. At the Pif, I would say that in not sport mode, we drive with 60-70 % of the vehicle capacities, which is more than enough on a daily basis.

But there it is fun. So we activate everything that is sport, we unplug the brain and we go ! One, two, three, ceppt … That’s it, 0 to 100 km/h has passed. The front axle tends to lose a few horses during brutal acceleration but the sensations are there: it grows strong ! We are obviously not at the same level as the Tesla with their 0 to 100 negative but for a nice urban SUV of Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde, that is more than the TAF.

We continue with the A1C traffic sign and you know what ? We like ! The center of gravity being quite low, we chain turns with a certain ease and with a dynamic rhythm, very close to the sportsman. Management may lack a bit of firmness and precision but we have seen 1,000 times worse on a car not sporty. The maximum speed of the Kona EV is limited electronically to 167 km/h.

Let’s leave the zigzags two seconds and let’s talk about a straight line. The 395 Nm of torque offer a very appreciable recovery allowing to double anything at any speed very quickly, respecting the highway code obviously and the top speed of the car. What, you want real figures ? OK. The 80 km/h at 120 km/h is done in 4.5 seconds. Happy ?

In terms of dynamic driving, I could see something like 23-24 kWh/100 km on average. Which is about slab if we look at the consumption figures for competition. Cheap, the Fun kilowatt !

The future Hyundai Kona Electric

The time that I try the current generation of Kona and especially that I find time to write what I thought about it, Hyundai has revealed its replacement. This new generation abandons the Full Thermal motorization and will only be available in 100 % electric or hybrid.

The future Kona will be slightly larger than its predecessor and will offer “a more dynamic presence on the road and a larger living space”, according to Hyundai. But above all, for the first time, the model will be designed and developed to be electric, before being declined in hybrid. As a reminder, the current Kona Electric is based on the thermal kona platform.

On the style side, Hyundai once again makes a faultless and presents a modern, sexy and desirable product. Yes, dear Jean-Michel ouimaislessv, an SUV can be sexy and desirable, deal with that. Strongly his essay !


I took possession of the Kona Electric by telling myself that the two weeks at its wheel were going to be any, even boring. But things did not happen exactly this way ..

I appreciated the softness of driving from the first kilometers traveled. The steering is flexible and very pleasant to handle in town, the seats are comfortable and the controls are in the right place. It may be stupid to say but a reasonable consumption contributes to a kind of serenity behind the wheel and makes the journey more Zen. Ok boomer.

But where I was really surprised by the Kona, it is on the famous closed roads of the Yonne, with the activated sport mode. With “only” 204 horsepower developed and a versatile chassis, the SUV manages more than well on the winding and I would even tend to say that he would not have deserved a sports badge.

An excellent car which can, under certain conditions, become the main car of a small family which still has a budget of 45K to put in a car ..

PS: Please note that I did not give in to the ease of pun with Kona during the whole text, like “MDR strongly the R or S lol version”.