5 electric bikes at less than 1000 euros to walk quietly this summer, NCM C5: what is this electric bike worth at less than 1000 euros is worth?

NCM C5: What is this electric bike worth at less than 1000 euros is worth 

The additional pedaling power provided by an electric bike opens the market to a large part of the population which, otherwise, would never bike. Many are simply not enough in good shape, while others do not want to arrive at sweaty work after a long journey. With an electric bike, you can go to work almost effortless and arrive without perspiration and ready to leave.

5 electric bikes at less than 1000 euros to walk quietly this summer

The electric bike becomes the star of city transport. Less pollution, facilitated movement and low cost of battery recharging are its main assets. We have selected for you 5 electric bikes at less than 1000 euros to have a great summer.

If the electric bike was previously inaccessible for most amateurs, it has today become more affordable.

  1. Discover the Surpass Suraevillegris electric bike
  2. Discover the Eleglide M1 electric bike
  3. Discover the SurvttSeMirign Survttsemirign electric bike
  4. Discover the Vivi electric bike
  5. Discover the Eleglide M1 Plus electric bike

It also benefits from aid to its financing by state aid allowing people with a reference tax income by share below 14,089 euros to benefit from aid from 300 euros to buy their electric bikes.

The 26 -inch mixed Mixed Electric Surpass Suraevillegris

This surpass Suraevillegris bike with electric assistance has a good autonomy of 40 km and has 6 speeds. Very elegant and suitable for city use, its beautiful mouse gray color and its resolutely vintage style equipment make it a great way of non -polluting transport.

Suraevillegris surpass offer

Price not to be missed on the electric bike !

With a derailleur from the famous Shimano brand, it will allow you to set up the ribs effortlessly thanks to the presence of its 250 W engine located in the rear hub starting as soon as you start pedaling. It should be noted that it cuts itself automatically as soon as you reach the speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with the law.

Dare the Eleglide M1 mountain bike of 27.5 inch

Mountain hiking lover by bicycle, stand out with this magnificent Eleglide M1 electric bike of 27.5 inches. It is no less than 21 speeds that will allow you to climb the wildest ribs while benefiting from the assistance of the powerful 250 W engine and its 7.5 ah battery.

Price not to be missed on the electric bike !

Browse between 30 km in electric mode or push up to 65 km if you opt for assistance mode. Don’t be mistaken, the 27.5 -inch eleglide electric bike has best options such as double -disc brakes, a Shimano derailleur, a removable battery and a lockable hydraulic shock absorber.

The 27.5 -inch EVRTTSEMIRIG

Let us enter here the big leagues with this Electric Survttsemirign electric mountain bike with a 10 Ah battery, a semi-rigid frame and 8 speeds. This adult mountain bike measuring between 165 and 185 cm is absolutely everywhere. No longer be afraid to venture into hollow paths, the autonomy of its battery accompanies you up to 60 km.

Offer Survttsemirign Survtttsemirign

Price not to be missed on the electric bike !

Like any good self -respecting mountain bike, Surpass has equipped this model with the IPX4 standard giving it increased resistance to projections of water. To help you sail serenely, this electric assistance mountain bike has a beautiful LED screen indicating the level of the battery as well as the distance traveled.

The pro mountain biking with this VIVI 26 inches of 21 -speed electric assistance

Resolutely turned to high -flying sports performance, the 21 -speed pro vivi electric mountain bike will take you to the most steep paths. With its autonomy of 80 km if you activate the assistance mode, this aluminum alloy model combines both the design of a bicycle with large wheels adapted to elevation and strong slopes, with a comfortable bike that also knows how to behave well in an urban environment.

Vivi electric bike offer

Great price on the Vivi electric bike !

Its Shimano transmission system, its disc brake and its high resistance suspension fork will help you cross obstacles without effort or almost. Its intelligent dashboard will surprise more than one since it puts the battery level in real time and has two configurable modes.

ELEGLIDE M1 ELECTRIC ASSURE MOUNTY Bike more than 27.5 inches

Our selection could not miss this Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Assistance Mountain Bike in 27.5 inch version, but also in 29 inches for the most sportsmen of you. With its engine giving you up to 100 km of autonomy, it has 3 modes: classic bike, electric bike or all electric bike.

Eleglide M1 Plus offer

Super offer on electric bike !

Real adventurer, disc brakes and lockable suspension fork guarantee you an intense moment while safe. Indeed, the Eleglide M1 Plus guarantees you powerful shock shock absorbers, non -slip wheels and adaptive LED lamps to be seen in all situations.

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NCM C5: What is this electric bike worth at less than 1000 euros is worth ?

NCM C5 of Léon Cycle


Can we really hope for great performances of a VA sold at less than 1000 euros ? The NCM C5 is not without some faults, but its assessment is rather encouraging.

01net’s opinion.com

Léon Cycle NCM C5

Writing note

Technical sheet

Léon Cycle NCM C5

Type (s) City
Max speed. announced 90 km/h
Mobile app No
Engine power 250 W
Wheel diameter 26 “

See the full file

Known for his particularly aggressive prices, Léon Cycle is a German manufacturer member of the Leisger group. The NCM C5 is its most accessible VAE. Officially sold at 1099 euros, it is most often sold at less than 900 euros, making it a particularly intriguing electric bike. In any case, in any case for having been one of the best -selling electric bike models on Amazon.last year. Sold in France for a few months, it aims to be one of the best entry -level electric bikes, without skimp on style. These two reasons for themselves deserved to be tried.

Resolutely typed road

NCM C5 has a hard time hiding its inspiration. If the size of its battery did not require such a wide tube, it could almost pass for a road bike. Its diamond frame, its typical hanger, but especially the finesse of its tires (recruit) irreparably bring it closer to the stars of the road. The good idea of ​​Leon Cycle is to have endowed a few distinctive signs, such as this inverted road hanger, a pretty studded royal saddle and a rather worked overall look, opposite many VA in this price range. The icing on the cake for an electric bicycle at less than 1,000 euros: its battery is completely integrated into the diagonal tube, which he is in a hurry to let know by adopting a two-tone style. Admittedly, the manufacturer could have made some efforts in terms of cable passages, but it is difficult to hold it against it.
This first observation, visual, to everything from a successful Tinder approach. Will the suite allow the C5 to convert the test ?

Radical choices … and questionable

The rest, precisely, it is a detail analysis of its components. Rear hub engine, rather logical taking into account the price, powerful front light, central crutch … The discovery of the other goes pretty well until a first problem, the absence of mud guards. At 01net.com, we can close our eyes on a few flaws, but we do not compromise with hygiene.
But where the C5 loses all credit is in terms of security. Léon Cycle ignores the disc brakes to provide it with cable brakes with unaccoming skates especially on wet roads. In our opinion, this observation could be prohibitive for someone who would use the C5 as part of a “velotaf”.

On the other hand, we greatly appreciate the choice of single-speed and chain. Indeed, the C5 has only one speed, but a fairly long gear, which still allows to reach a good speed of speed. The Vae de Léon Cycle allows this little coquetry, but it is not at random. It allows itself this impertinence because it has a particularly rare torque sensor at this price level. We will come back.

If some choices can be linked to the road inspiration of the C5 or to a desire to reduce its weight, others, and first of all that of the braking system, are more than questionable.

Engine: entry -level that assumes

At less than 1000 euros, it would have been illusory to expect great prowess in terms of motorization. The C5 gives for its money. There is no mistake on the goods, even less deception, you just have to be warned and not expect miracles. This is a Das-Kit X2 model made by the parent company Leisger delivering 50 nm of torque.
Concretely, what should we expect ? First and foremost caricatured electrical assistance to say the least. Just put your foot on a pedal so that the engine is racing and the bike starts. This behavior does not go without certain advantages and will suit supporters of the slightest effort, but it is still in contrast to what serious engine manufacturers are looking for VAE, progressive and natural assistance. However, as part of the C5 this pedal stroke could almost be replaced by a trigger on the handlebars.
This engine reaction is all the more verified as the level of assistance is increased. Even on the first of the three levels, the start remains dry. The third level, the highest, is obviously the one that pushes this behavior to its climax. As for the intermediate level … It is aptly named, but has the merit of being probably the most pleasant to use. This “on/off” operation is understandable given the price, but it is nonetheless frustrating, especially since it does not stick with the other choices made by Léon Cycle for his bike. Rather light and typed on the road, it did not require as much assistance to be taken on the first laps. Finally, we can also regret the setting of this assistance which does not act so much on the torque as on the speed. In fact, level 1 limits assistance at 15 km/h, the following grows up to 20 km/h and only the third fills the classic office of VAE, to reach 25 km/h.
This Das-Kit X2 engine works with a pair with a very basic and screen display display. This one is satisfied with two buttons and two light indicators. The first command is used to switch the C5 and that of its lights, the second allows you to choose your level of assistance. As for small LEDs, they indicate the remaining battery level as well as the mode of assistance chosen.

The C5 on the road, it gives what ?

At start-up, the NCM C5 is often gruising, but what happens once the first (real) pedal strokes are given once given ? The good news is that because of its relative lightness and its fine wheels, the Vae de Léon Cycle arrives very quickly at 25 km/h and that it is very easy to go beyond if you wish , which is not always the case on many electric bikes. The other fairly immediate observation is the compactness of the whole, in particular because of this very reduced hanger of 48 cm, which allows the C5 to sneak very easily between the cars or to double the other cyclists on the cycle paths while leaving a significant gap between them and you.

The position of the hands on the “bull horns” does not change much to the minimal comfort that the bike offers. This one is typed on the road, including in its geometry. The cyclist is placed in a fairly elongated position which facilitates the attack, but does not spare the lumbar, especially when the road presents some faults. The C5 does not do much in terms of comfort and the best you can hope for is a slight respite for a slight deflation of the tires and a certain drop in speed. The Vae de Léon Cycles is not particularly dynamic to drive either, but is still pleasant for walks and routes less than 10 km.

We were also impatient to see what a couple sensor on such an affordable VA could bring. As a reminder, the promise of this device is rather attractive: it analyzes the intensity of the user’s pedal stroke to adapt the assistance accordingly. On paper, it’s really interesting and some connected bicycle manufacturers, such as Cowboy, have made it their specialty. In the case of NCM C5, the assessment is logically mixed. The action of the couple sensor is not always perceptible and the relevance of its interventions is uneven. Above all, this one encounters a lot of difficulties when driving at a speed close to the 25 km/h. At this speed, we found many blows, see sudden tension falls. Concretely, between 24 and 26 km/h, the bicycle no longer really knows on which foot to dance, and forces the cyclist either to pedal more, or to slightly reduce his speed.
Finally, and this is a problem that the engine of Leon Cycle shares with many entry -level engines, the free wheel mode keeps significant resistance. Again, this is a completely acceptable defect.

Autonomy: the good surprise

Where the NCM C5 excels, on the other hand, it is in terms of autonomy. Yet with a fairly average battery of 432 Wh, it allows you to take its owner over tens of kilometers. The manufacturer announces a range of 100 km in eco mode. For our part, we were able to observe equally interesting figures (approximately 75 km) by oscillating between the intermediate mode (mainly) and the Turbo mode. Concretely, this is a very good performance, far beyond what the price of the C5 suggests. Autonomy is therefore one of its main assets.
If we wanted to be completely complete, we would have to tarnish this nice painting of a downside: recharge. On the one hand, requires that the battery be removed from the framework. It is impossible to load the bike directly on a power outlet, the charging port is not accessible. Again an acceptable defect given the price. Finally, the complete recharge of the 432 Wh block will still ask you for a little patience since it takes no less than six hours to refuel.

NCM C5 in the face of competition

The entry -level VAE of Léon Cycle puts the bar high enough for a model sold at less than 1000 euros. The essential Elops 120th of decathlon would have had a say, but with its battery on the luggage rack and its limited autonomy, it does not make the weight.

Among the serious manufacturers, only intersport with its nakamura e-crossover S, seems to contest the NCM C5. Better equipped (disc brakes and mud wards), it offers similar power, but is not provided with a torque sensor. Less original, or more any, depending on the point of view, that the VAE of Léon Cycle remains in our opinion the reference of the segment.

Technical sheet

Léon Cycle NCM C5

Type (s) City
Max speed. announced 90 km/h
Mobile app No
Engine power 250 W
Wheel diameter 26 “

See the full file

The verdict of the test

Léon Cycle NCM C5

The NCM C5 of Léon Cycle may not be the absolute reference on the VAEs at less than 1000 euros, but it is a serious pretender to the podium. Global, his performances are honest and he benefits, it is to underline, from a rather pleasant design compared to his competitors. But if it is difficult to make him some reproaches given his price, we cannot miss out on our most blatant breaches. The two points on which the C5 should have done better, even if it means undressing elsewhere, it is on the presence of mudguards and, above all, on the choice of brakes. The first accessory is essential in urban use. As for the second, it is simply essential and should be more valued than a studded saddle, for example. However, if the purchase of a pair of mudguards is within everyone’s reach, going to disc brakes requires greater investment. For the rest, and despite sometimes caricatured assistance, the NCM C5 offers an attractive value for money.

The best electric bikes at less than 1000 euros

Electric bikes have experienced a renewed interest in recent times, an increasing number of commuters turning to more economical and more efficient means of transport. However, the addition of an engine, a battery and all the necessary electrical parts has increased the price, making electric bikes considerably more expensive than traditional bikes.

Do not be discouraged, because several manufacturers are now trying to make electric bikes more affordable using less expensive parts and materials. Without reducing the overall quality of the bicycle, you can always find very attractive offers for less than € 1,000. They may not have the same speed or the same autonomy as the more expensive models, but most of them offer characteristics that have nothing to envy to the more expensive models. So, discover in this article the best electric bikes at less than 1000 euros.

electric bike less than 1000 euros

best electric bike less than 1000 euros

Vivi electric mountain bike: the choice of the team

This vivi electric bike is one of the best models in this price segment, because there are few electric bikes at less than 1000 euros capable of offering: speed, driving comfort and ergonomics.

  • Good autonomy
  • Fully foldable model
  • Removable battery
  • A very good braking system

Note 4.4/5 with more than 110 reviews on Amazon

Top 5 best electric bikes at less than 1000 euros

best electric bike less than 1000 euros

Vivi electric mountain bike: the best at less than 1000 euros

This brand’s electric bike is one of the most appreciated in its price range and rightly so. Delivering a speed of 25 km per hour thanks to its 250W electric motor located on the rear wheel, combined with its 36V and 8Ah battery The bike is able to keep this speed on 30 to 40 km. However, this will depend on the operating mode you are going to opt, because with light electric assistance you can benefit from a range extend this time up to 70 km. In addition, a very important element of an electric bike is its braking system and with regard to this electric mountain bike from Vivi it ​​is very good. Equipped with disc brake on the front wheel and rear wheel of the bicycle so you will benefit from reliable braking with double safety.

  • Good autonomy
  • Fully foldable model
  • Removable battery
  • A very good braking system

Note 4.4/5 with more than 110 reviews on Amazon

Eleglide M1

Eleglide M1 Plus

This Eleglid brand electric mountain biking is part in the same way as the bicycle of this selection of the best options at less than 1000 euros and this thanks to these very attractive characteristics. First of all, its sober and elegant design mainly aluminum grants lightness and robustness to the whole bicycle. Its Shimano -transmission electric motor allows the bicycle to have 10 speeds easily adjustable via the electric bike control panel. On the other hand, the 3 gear modes of the bicycle allow you to alternate between an electrical assistance which will last for 100 km, an all -electric mode which will last 50 km and a so -called classic mode where you advance at the Only strength in your body.

  • A powerful bike perfect for all terrain
  • Big wheels perfect for all terrain
  • A very good autonomy of 100 km

Rated 4.5/5 with more than 240 reviews

Mountain electric bike

Vivi Mountain electric bike

Once is not custom, the VIVI brand returns with an excellent model in the electric bike segment at less than 1000 euros. This bike designed for use on more difficult terrain like the mountain has a powerful 250W engine located on the rear wheel of the bicycle in order to be able to acquire a large motor force at the back which is very useful during the climbs. In addition, its engine allows it to deliver a maximum speed of 25 km/h for 35 km in mode (EBIKE) thereby the bicycle uses the electric bike engine thoroughly. However, it also has an assisted mode which offers slight electric assistance, especially on the climbs and this for a range of 70 km.

  • A very good armor system
  • A good braking system
  • A reliable and powerful 250W engine

Rated 4.1/5 with more than 120 reviews

Eskute Wayfarer

Eskute Wayfarer

An electric bike that has been able to make its place among the favorite electric bikes of the general public at less than 1000 euros, moreover it has clearly not stolen its reputation. The Eskute brand has really marked a big blow with this model in this price range. Consisting of a good quality aluminum frame ensuring good robustness to all the whole, this bike from Eskute has a good 250W electric motor offering good performance, i.e. a maximum speed of 25 km/h which is right in regulations. On the other hand, with its 36 V and 10 Ah battery which is also, cleverly hidden as part of the bicycle. This electric bike can be driven mainly via the engine power for 30 km at 35 km, however with the electric assistance mode the autonomy reached up to 65 km. In terms of safety, the bicycle benefits from a front and disc brake suspension system at the front and rear.

  • Very good comfort when driving
  • A powerful and reliable electric bike
  • A sober and elegant design

Rated 4.1/5 with more than 65 reviews


Hitway BK2

With excellent value for money, this electric bike from Hitway has established itself as the daily travel of a good number of us. With a structure with foldable aluminum offering both lightness, robustness and ease of transport, this bike is capable of going up to 25 km/h and this for 70 km depending on the mode used. The electric assistance mode ensures the largest autonomy is 70 km while the mode based only on the electric motor offers you a range of 35 km. In addition, safety on electric bicycle is ensured by the very good double -disc braking system and the electronic brake which cuts the engine of the bicycle when it is applied to it.

  • A very good value for money
  • Excellent ergonomics really easy to use
  • An ultra light and foldable bike ideal for everyday life

Rated 4.2/5 with more than 450 reviews

Our advice before purchasing

Why you should buy an electric bike

The additional pedaling power provided by an electric bike opens the market to a large part of the population which, otherwise, would never bike. Many are simply not enough in good shape, while others do not want to arrive at sweaty work after a long journey. With an electric bike, you can go to work almost effortless and arrive without perspiration and ready to leave.

Even experienced cyclists have found that electric bikes help minimize muscle fatigue and joint tensions, thus reducing the risk of injury later in life. Whatever your level of shape or skill, everyone can benefit from the convenience of an electric bike.

How electric bikes work ?

Electric bikes are powered by motors located in the hub of the rear wheel or, more recently, between the cranks. Central engines are often considered superior to traditional hub engines, simply because the weight distribution is 50/50 and they are placed lower, which inevitably guarantees better handling of bicycle. In addition to the advantages in terms of maneuverability, central motors are generally more powerful because the engine causes the cranks, which multiplies power before it rear the rear wheel.

In addition, the engine receives its energy from a battery which is often stored on the lower tube of the electric bicycle or on the tie the saddle, depending on the geometry of the model. If this is your first electric bike, the idea of ​​familiarizing yourself with the motorization system may seem frightening at the start. However, this is not the case because most electric bikes are equipped with an “easy -to -read” LCD screen that allows you to fully control your new bike.

We recommend that electric bikes are subject to an annual maintenance during which the bike is fully disassembled and rebuilt to ensure that the engine system works as effectively as when you bought it. The regular maintenance that you would do on a mechanical bike also applies to electric bikes, in order to guarantee the longevity of the parts.

How to choose your electric bike

Whatever your reason, we are here to help you choose the right electric bike for your situation. Here are four key features that we looked for to choose the best electric bikes (and what you should also look for):

1. Frame
The frame of a bicycle is not only a question of aesthetics, it can also have an impact on functionality. If you walk around town on an electric bike, you will want to choose a low frame for comfort, but it can often be heavy. On the other hand, a foldable or sporting bike sacrifices comfort in favor of lightness.

What does the bicycle look like you ? Do you want a bike with a hidden or integrated battery ? Want you a luggage rack ? Decide what is important for you.

2. Brakes
Bikes equipped with disc brakes offer superior and more reliable braking power than bikes equipped with linear traction brakes, frequently called ” . The disc brakes are larger on a mountain bike.

3. Engine
The engine is a question of power. If you have a limited budget, pay attention to the engine location. For what ? Because cheaper electric bikes often place the engine in the front or back. For better performance, we recommend that you choose a bicycle whose engine is in the middle, because it allows better distribution of weight.

That said, all the electric bikes on this list have an engine on the rear hub (because the options with a central engine are more expensive). The advantage of this arrangement is that it is discreet and that it does not cause wheels adhesion problems, which is a problem for electric bikes that are equipped with it at the front.

Advice: Know that the motors located on the rear hub can have a Wheeling effect, that is to say that the electrical power driven from the rear combined with the distribution of the weight at the rear leads to Wheelings. It is true that it can be fun if it is intentionally done, but it is also rather worrying for those who do not expect.

4. Autonomy
You want more autonomy ? You will need a larger battery – and a larger battery means more weight. With current batteries technology, this is how things work. For a high autonomy leisure bike, the additional weight may not be a problem, but for a foldable electric bike, it is certainly. It therefore fully depends on the type of electric bicycle you are looking for.

Remember that the maximum autonomy indicated is only that: a maximum. The battery life varies considerably depending on a certain number of factors, from the weight of the cyclist to the terrain and the temperature. If you ride in the coast, for example, it is not uncommon for the autonomy of an electric bicycle to be reduced by half.

Now that you have understood what you need to look for when you choose an electric bike, it’s time to review those you should buy and why.