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13 applications for cheap travel

Prepare your trips in advance by consulting the guides of tourism experts and the community of travelers, find the best recommendations once there to live experiences at time T, and create memories by sharing your guide on Henoo !

5 applications to prepare for a cheap trip

10 Feb 2020 per Catherine Maisonneuve

You dream of taking a few days of vacation, but your budget is limited ? Do not panic ! We found 5 sites and applications that allow you to concoct cheap trips.


When we talk about cheap travel, we immediately think of Yulair. It is a Quebec website that shares, on its Facebook page, its discoveries for low -prices flights from Montreal, Burlington, Plattsburgh and Ottawa (in short, all airports considered to be near Montreal). Please note, this site creates needs and will undoubtedly rethink your next holiday plans. For example, it was possible for us to find a round trip plane ticket Montreal-Miami with a short stopover in Toronto for … $ 208 taxes included. A real boon! In addition, a simple verification on the site of the airline allowed us to compare the price ($ 469 vs $ 208). The boon was offered on a specific online booking site only … and shared on Yulair.

How to flush out lusts: subscribe to the Yulair Facebook page to receive offers that are shared in real time. But, you have to do quickly, after just a few hours, the end -up tickets have often been so gone.

2. Tonight Hotel

Hotel Tonight is a mobile application that allows hoteliers to offer their unsold hotel rooms to travelers looking for last -minute deals. At the time of its launch, the offers were only available from 3 p.m. for the same evening, which is more or less the universal time of “check-in” in hotels. From now on, no need to wait 3 p.m. since the application is refined and allows its users to book one of the many hotel rooms offered at reduced prices at any time of the day at any time of the day. You can also book your room directly from the application.

Why we love? Perfect for travelers who are not too stressed and who travel for a short stay in a tourist town. To obtain the best prices, we consult the application the same day to book a hotel room which would probably cost us 30% to 50% more expensive if we had reserved it in advance. For example, the director general of the W Boston hotel has already told us that it was impossible to obtain better prices than on this application, since the hotel which “liquid” there has everything attempted before arriving at this solution which is often considered a last resort to avoid having empty rooms. The W Boston was offered at $ 199 per night while its usual rate varies around $ 300. So you could stay in a luxury hotel at very attractive prices.

How to flush out lukewarm: Download the Hotel Tonight application on your smartphone and open an account (free). Then, if you want to go to New York for the weekend, why not do a test search for the previous weekend to get an idea of ​​the choices offered? Of course, this does not mean that the same room will be offered at the same price on your dates, but it will give you a good idea. And, when you find a hotel room that suits you, book there directly from your phone.

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3. Hotwire

Hotwire is a website that allows you to book flights, hotel rooms and car rentals at reduced prices. The HIC? You will not learn the details of your reservation only once all confirmed and paid. On the other hand, you can select what you want according to your criteria “a 4 -star category hotel in the South Beach district in Miami” for example. On the other hand, you will not know where you will stay before reserving. Perfect for travelers looking for the best price that are not afraid of the unknown.

How to find the best offers? On the Hotwire website or on the mobile application that allows you to do your research and book: flights, hotels and car rental at a reduced price.

4. Trivago

Trivago is a price for search and price comparison that allows you to search on several different sites the price of the same hotel room. For example, research on Trivago allows you to discover that the Expedia site offers a room at Fairmont Chateau Laurier, in Ottawa, $ 175, Booking.com at $ 186 and hotels.com at $ 165 for the same evening. Why then reserve elsewhere than on Hotels.com in this case? It is the same room in the same hotel, on the other hand, considering that each reservation site has a different inventory or does not have the same agreement with the hotel, prices for the same product may vary from a tool Reservation to the other. Trivago compares the prices of more than a million hotels around the world on more than 180 sites.

How to flush out the bargains? On the Trivago website or on the mobile application of the same name which allows you to carry out your searches and reserve your hotel room on the site of your choice. Trivago will redirect you directly on the chosen site to make the reservation and payment; It is not possible to book your hotel directly in Trivago.

5. Google Flights

The Google Flights search tool allows you to find the best price for the same flight. Easy to use, just search for desired flight (for example: Montreal-New York) and indicate the desired dates. The tool also makes it possible to select several airports nearby to compare prices (for example: Guardia, JFK or Newark) and a tariff calendar also makes it possible to compare prices between two different dates (maybe a return Tuesday instead of Monday will save you a considerable sum). In short, when you become familiar with the Google Flights system, it is extremely rich in information and above all very practical . Once the flight is found, you can choose which site you want to book, and once again, several options for reservations will be offered, you choose the most economical.

How to find the best offers ? We access the Google Flights tool via the Google (Google search engine.CA/Flights).

There are of course several others: Flighthub, Kayak, Combined Hotels … There are no shortage of sites and applications to clear the best auspeople for your next vacation, just take the time to find … and find. With that, good research and good holidays !

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13 applications for cheap travel

13 applications for cheap travel

Ah the trip synonymous for some of rest, for others of adventures. An unforgettable experience but which can be expensive … yet traveling is not necessarily expensive ! Whether you are looking for cheap flights, affordable accommodation or cheap restaurants, we forget that some applications can help save money during travel.

So don’t move, we’re going to please your wallet, we will present the best applications to travel cheap. With that you will have all the cards … or rather, the applications in hand to travel at low prices !

Banner for L

For planes ✈️

© Fuzz de Pixabay via Canva

Although we do not incite to fly for obvious ecological reasons, it is true that the plane can often prove to be the cheapest way to travel. If you cannot do otherwise, we advise you to stay a certain time in the destination.

One can generally think that flights are the most expensive part when organizing a trip. Yet you can quite easily find very affordable prices. Our three major tips are:

– be flexible because plane tickets are generally cheaper on weekdays and unpopular hours.

– Book in advance. You don’t teach you much, but is often cheaper if you buy them several months in advance.

And above all use a very good price comparator and that, we offer some apps just below:


Skyscanner is an application that allows you to find the cheapest flights to your destination. You can compare the prices of several airlines and find the cheapest flights in seconds. This application is available on iOS and Android.

One of our recommendations if you want to look for a good flight comparator: Skyscanner is an application that allows you to find the cheapest flights for your destination. You can compare the prices of several airlines, travel agencies and find the cheapest flights in seconds.

Small tips: ticket prices can be multiplied by two or three depending on your day of departure or arrival, it is for this reason that we advise you to put flexible dates during your search. We also advise you to put you in private.

Google Flight

Same concept as Skyscanner, it is a price comparator. It is useful to use Google Flight To find cheap flights because it also makes it possible to compare the prices of the flights offered by different airlines.

In addition, it can provide you with information on the cheapest travel dates and the most economical routes to help you save money.


This application is very useful for finding cheap plane tickets.

The application can be very useful for saving on flights. This allows you to find the most advantageous offers for travel using price trends analyzes and future fluctuations forecasts.


Activities Application for cheap travel

© Yotrak De Getty Images Pro via Canva


We kept our little darling for the end of course ! Henoo as you may have already understood, is a tourist guide application that allows you to have unique experiences here and elsewhere. The application allows you to share your own travel guides to facilitate access to the recommendations and advice of the Henoo community.

Prepare your trips in advance by consulting the guides of tourism experts and the community of travelers, find the best recommendations once there to live experiences at time T, and create memories by sharing your guide on Henoo !

Get Your Guide

Very easy to use, this application allows you to discover exceptional tourist activities at advantageous prices, allowing you to save money on entry tickets for attractions, guided tours, boat trips, Transport pass, culinary experiences, and much more. Thanks to its exclusive offers and regular discounts, you can fully enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your budget.

For public transport ��

Public transport Application for cheap travel

© 7.Hust de Pexels via Canva


We forget very often, but the flixbus is a very good travel solution that allows fairly advantageous travel offers. This company is the largest European long distance bus network. She is Low cost bus travel specialist by frequently marketing € 1 bus tickets. Ecological and above all economics Flixbus serves a lot of cities with more than 2,500 destinations of which Over 120 French cities on the clock. In addition, Flixbus also offers a certain travel comfort (wifi, air conditioning, load terminal, toilets, etc.).


The Rome2rio application is a practical and very useful travel planning tool that allows users to search for routes, timetables and prices to review flights, trains, buses, ferries and rental cars in the whole world.

The application also allows you to compare costs and travel times for each mode of transport in order to find the most economical solution for travel.

For accommodation ��

Application accommodation for cheap travel

© ditsangthonsuk via canva


Cozy cozy is the right plan in terms of housing. Indeed, it is a practical and easy to use application that allows you to effectively manage your reservations to find it at the best price. It is one of the largest vacation and online hotel rental comparators that reviews many platforms. We really advise you to download this application.


Very well known application and yet many people forget this option during their travel preparations when it can save you a lot of money. Not only economical, Airbnb can make you discover sympathetic accommodation that changes hotel rooms. Indeed you generally have a variety of options: especially private rooms, Tiny House, apartments, houses or even unusual accommodation. This is the perfect platform to find very good plans safely.

Hostel World

Hostelworld is a hosting booking application that allows you to find youth hostels at low prices worldwide. Whether you are on a solo trip, in a group or with a family, Hostelworld allows you to easily book a bed or a room in a youth hostel adapted to your needs and your budget.

By using Hostelworld, you can save money on your accommodation and thus enjoy your trips with confidence. In addition, the application allows you to read the opinions and comments of other travelers to find the best youth hostels according to your criteria.

Organization & useful app ⌚️

Application organization for cheap travel

© BEPSLABOR via Canva


Very practical application that allows you to find restaurants, bars, cafes and many other nice places near you. But that’s not all ! We present this application to you because Yelp can also help you save money.

How ? Well, first of all, thanks to the opinions and notes left by other users, you can easily find the most popular and best rated places.

In addition, many establishments offer special offers and coupons through Yelp. It will be easy to save money on your meals or drinks simply using the application. And frankly who does not like to save money while having a full belly ?


An application that may interest drivers. Gasbuddy is an application that allows you to find the cheapest service stations in your region. This application is ideal for travelers who seek to save money on fuel costs.

Converter Currency

This application will be used for travelers who move in different countries. Sometimes it is complicated to convert everything to everything especially when the size of the currency is completely different. Currency Converter is an application that allows you to convert very money in real time.

We hope this article will have more and save you on your next vacation ! You can also consult our articles on Applications for sustainable travel And Application for traveling in 2023 !