4G Home Orange box: eligibility, price and reviews | September 2023, Orange 4G box: test, flow, price and advantages | September 2023

Orange 4G box: test, flow, price and advantages | September 2023

You want to take out an Orange Internet package ?

4G Home Orange box: eligibility, price and reviews | September 2023


You want to take out an internet or mobile offer at Orange ?

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You are one of the people living in an area where the ADSL network is very low but benefiting from a quality 4G connection ? The Orange 4G box is what you need ! How does 4G Home Orange work ? What is the Flybox 4G ? What services are included in 4G box and what are its advantages ? Small overview of the 4G Home Orange offer.

You want to take out an Orange Internet package ?

Enjoy internet, of the TV and some home phone with orange

  • The essential
  • There Orange 4G box Allows people who have little or badly served by the ADSL to access the Internet through 4G, via Orange mobile network.
  • L’Orange 4g box offer is made up of an orange SIM card offend In addition to the Flybox, an orange router accessible to 97 €.
  • 4G Home d’Orange is an offer to € 36.99/month,without commitment and without additional costs. The first month is Free.
  • You have a month offree try, which you can end when you want, by being refunded of all costs generated.

The 4g orange box, what is it ?

Also called orange flybox, the Orange 4G box was created in March 2017 and is marketed for people who have a Insufficient ADSL Internet speed at their home, but which have a good quality 4G network.

The 4G orange router is neither a fixed internet livebox (based on the ADSL or fiber network), nor an orange 4G key (used in mobility to connect to the mobile network). It allows indeed transmit a wifi or wired connection Ethernet through the 4G orange network.

The 4G Home Orange offer materializes in the form of a SIM card, to be inserted into your Orange flybox, which is the 4G/orange wifi router. The process is the same as when you insert a SIM card in your smartphone. There SIM card is offered When subscribing to the Orange 4G box package.

You must then connect your devices to your 4G Flybox, WiFi or with the Ethernet cable supplied and you can start using the Internet instantly. There is no connection to make or any connection. You can connect up to 64 devices simultaneously on your 4G Flybox.

Thanks to Orange 4G network, You can surf the internet Up to 300mbits/s In downward speed, on a B/G/N/AC network with the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency band.

Which can subscribe to an Orange Flybox offer ?

Box question

As we have seen, the orange 4G box is intended for people who live in an area where 4G is well deployed but where the ADSL network is too low or even non -existent.

Not to mention white areas, this is for example the case in rural and not populated areas, where the mobile network is good but where the fixed network is too expensive to deploy in installations for the internet access provider. If you are one of these “forgotten” areas by ADSL and your connection is slow or even absent, Orange will automatically offer your 4G Home package, which is very interesting.

The offer uses the Orange network, elected Best mobile network For the 11th consecutive time according toArcep (Regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts). The national average flow descending with 4G orange is to 110Mbits/s and of 18Mbits/s In rate rising. The operator obtains the best results in these categories, one more reason to subscribe to the 4G box at Orange.

Attention, To be able to subscribe to the 4G Internet box from Orange, We must meet specific criteria:

  • You have to live in a eligible common, which correctly captures orange 4G.
  • Your ADSL Internet debit should not exceed 10mbits/s.

You understood, we do not take out the orange 4G box by choice but out of necessity. You can go to the Orange site which offers an eligibility test, with the help of your postal address or your phone number.

The eligibility test will allow you to know what your Adsl Internet speed and therefore to know If you are eligible for the 4G Home Orange box. It is also useful to know which 4G network is the most efficient around you. There are others 4G box from different suppliers Internet access (the NRJ Mobile 4G box, the SFR 4G box, the 4G Bouygues Telecom box), ask before choosing a 4G box to benefit from the most efficient 4G network.

You want to take out an Orange Internet package ?

Enjoy internet, of the TV and some home phone with orange

How much is the unlimited 4G box of orange ?

The offer 4G Home box proposed by Orange is sold at the price of € 36.99/month, without commitment (conditions and prices valid on June 09, 2023). It does not impose any additional costs, whether for commissioning or when termination.

Orange 4G box: satisfied or reimbursed the 1st month subscription being Free, If you are not satisfied by the 4G Home offer, you can terminate within 30 days and be reimbursed for purchase costs of the Flybox Orange. Just send it back to a 14 days Following the termination request.

This 4G box, with the router Orange flybox, allow :


  • to surf the internet Up to 200GB/month Thanks to the Orange network. A 100GB/month pass can be requested from the customer area if necessary and at no additional cost,
  • to benefit from a descending speed Up to 300mbits/s (Flow rate reduced to 128kbits/s beyond 200GB) and a rate rising up to 50mbits/s, depending on your location, the number of users connected to the band and the distance between your home and the ‘4G orange antenna,
  • disconnect up to 64 devices simultaneously (in wifi or via an ethernet cable),
  • of Read and send SMS via your flybox,
  • to access the Orange TVOn your smartphone or tablet (you have access to more than 70 television channels as well as to TV services on demand to see or review the programs you want in replay, excluding live sporting events and content and paid services )).

It is also possible to subscribe to the option Orange 4G TV key For € 3.99/month in order to enjoy the orange TV channels on your TV.

In addition to the price of the monthly subscription, you must add the sum of 97 € for the Flybox 4G Signed Huawei. It is indeed the Huawei technology company which is behind the design of the orange Flybox 4G. Payment can be made in Only once or spread over 24 months Or € 1 for the first initial payment then 4 €/month for 2 years.

There Orange flybox is the router that allows you to connect in 4G and take advantage of the Orange 4G box offer. This router has a WiFi cover up to 250 meters (depending on the layout of your house or apartment and load -bearing walls) so that you can connect everywhere at home.

  • For informational purposes, 200GB/month of the Internet allow:
  • to surf the internet until 8h/day (emails, internet research, access to social networks, etc.)),
  • to watch videos (television or on YouTube for example) until 5h/day,
  • listen to 6 a.m music per day,
  • to download up to 2 films per day.

How to subscribe to a 4G Orange box offer ?

To subscribe a 4G orange box package it’s easy ! Here are the steps to follow:

  • See you on the Orange site.
  • Go to the tab “Internet“Then click on”4G Home offer“”
  • Click on “Test your eligibility for 4G Home“Then enter your address.
  • Finally, if you are eligible for the 4G orange box, you can subscribe offer.

We also offer you the possibility of Test your eligibility for the 4G orange box directly on this page:

You want to take out an Orange Internet package ? subscribe online
Enjoy internet, of the TV and some home phone With orange see the offers

Why subscribe a 4G Home at Orange ?

Let’s summarize together what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Orange 4G box For people who suffer from a bad ADSL network.

  • 4G Home allows Internet access Through 4G in areas little or not served by ADSL.
  • Orange has been the first 4G network in France since 11 consecutive years According to Arcep.
  • 4G box can be used upon receipt of the equipment, justInsert the SIM card, Without connection or connection.
  • The 4G box offer allows internet use to 200GB/month and even 300GB/month By asking for the pass 100GB/month Included from the customer area.
  • Depending on your location, you can reach 300Mbits/s.
  • The Flybox 4G allows a cover up to 250 meters.
  • You can connect until 64 simultaneous devices on the network of your orange 4G box.
  • The offer allows access to Orange TV.
  • Satisfied or refunded : You benefit from a free month and you are reimbursed for all costs generated if you are not satisfied with the offer.
  • There 4G Home Orange is without commitment and free of charge (commissioning or termination).
  • You have the possibility of paying the orange flybox in 24 times.
  • The Orange 4G box is not accessible for households benefiting from more than 10Mbits/s. Some households therefore have a weak ADSL connection but not enough to be eligible for 4G box which would allow them a better network.
  • The orange flybox is chargeable, it costs 97 € to purchase, to be paid at one time or by payments staggered.
  • Internet consumption of 4G box customers is 200GB/month Which is correct for a 4G box but their consumption remains “limited”.
  • The orange 4G box is at € 36.99/month, The offer is a little above the price of other 4G boxes on the market, only a few euros, however.

Is the orange flybox the best 4G box on the market ?

If you want Compare Orange’s 4G box With other 4G boxes on the market, Here is a comparative table of 4G box offers in September 2023:

You are looking for a 4G box offer ? Discover the available offers and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer most suited to your needs (free selectra service).

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Good mobile

10GB € 5.99 See

100GB € 16.99 See

20GB € 5.99 See

Good mobile

€ 5.99 See the offer

€ 5.99 See the offer

€ 2.99 See the offer

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Orange 4G box: test, flow, price and advantages | September 2023

You want to know more about the Orange 4G box, because your accommodation is in white zone or in a low speed area ? You are not eligible for classic Orange Internet offers, whether in fiber, but also in high speed (ADSL /VDSL2) ? Discover without further delay the 4G Home Orange offer, its operation, its services and the reviews of users of the Orange Flybox Modem.

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Subscribe to an Orange Internet offer

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Subscribe to an Orange Internet offer

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Subscribe to an Orange Internet offer

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Subscribe to an Orange Internet offer

What is the orange 4G box ?

The offer Orange 4G box is a solution proposed by the historic operator to allow people in the white area, or in Low speed areas, to be able to access the Internet.

The orange 4G box, or Flybox, is a 4G box offered with the offer 4g Home d’Orange.

This is not a fixed orange box offer or an Orange Internet offer alone since it uses the 4G mobile network of the Internet Access Supplier. We are talking more about an orange internet key solution, even if it is not possible to move your box and use it as a 4G key solution.

The 4G orange box is dedicated to people who benefit from a low flow, But which correctly capture the 4G mobile network of Orange. They can thus connect Internet with 200GB/month mobile internet, in Wi-Fi, thanks to the 4g of orange.

We talk about boxes 4G unlimited orange Since it is an offer that offers 200 GB/month mobile internet. With such an envelope, you can surf the internet without limit and even watch TV or streaming videos, listen to music online or download movies or series.

Good to know: by subscribing to the Orange Flybox offer, you have a free trial month. In addition, the 4G Home offer is without obligation, you can terminate at any time.

How the 4G orange case works ?

The operation of a 4G orange case is simple, it is enough insert Your SIM card in the Orange 4G box, then connect Your equipment at the 4G box in Wireless.

Good to know: when subscribing to an orange 4G box, the SIM card is included In the package, you don’t do not pay an additional SIM card to use your 4G Home.

Once connected to the mobile network of your offer Orange 4G box, You can surf the internet automatically, from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), until 200GB per month.

You will thus benefit from a maximum drop -down flow of 300 Mbits/s, reduced to 128 kbits/s Until the billing date in the event of exceeding your data envelope. However, if 200 GB/month Do not seem enough to you, you can buy refills, directly on the Orange website or by contacting Orange customer service.

Why have a 4G router at Orange ?

The first advantage of having a Orange 4G box, It is to have access to the Internet thanks to the 4G mobile network when you cannot subscribe to an ADSL or Orange Fiber Internet offer.

Good to know: Orange was, for the 8th consecutive time, elected Best mobile network of France. The operator therefore provides its customers with quality of services with their Orange 4G box offer.

But the Orange 4G Box offer offers many other advantages:

  • An unlimited orange 4G box with a data envelope up to 200 GB per month, an internet connection considered to be unlimited.
  • A descending flow up to 300 mbits/s In coverage zone 2.6 GHz and up to 150 mbits/s in 800 or 1800 MHz coverage zone.
  • Access to Orange wifi hotspots, present everywhere in mainland France.
  • THE Cloud orange, With 10 GB of storage to save all your content.
  • the connection of 32 devices simultaneously, wifi or via ethernet cable.
  • A scope of 250 meters.
  • Receipt and sending your Sms via your flybox.
  • Access to Orange TV : Even without orange TV box, you can watch your favorite programs on your smartphone, tablet or computer, with more than 70 television channels and replay or on -demand services.

Orange logo

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Which is eligible for 4G orange box ?

Test your eligibility for orange fiber

To be eligible for Orange 4G router It is necessary to reside in a municipality not eligible for Orange Internet ADSL or fiber offers. On the other hand, the municipality in question must be deployed in 4G.

Here are all Eligibility conditions for the 4G orange box ::

  • You must have a Low adsl internet speed, that is to say that he must not exceed 10 Mbits/s.
  • Your municipality must be eligible for Orange 4G mobile network.
  • There 4G cover of your accommodation must be of good quality, so that you can connect to several, in wifi.

Before subscribing to the Orange Flybox offer you must make a Orange eligibility test online. This test allows you to discover if you meet the eligibility conditions.

Perform an eligibility test is done by providing your fixed line number or your postal address and also allows you to know the quality of your debit to 4G mobile network orange. It is also an opportunity to check what is The best 4G mobile network Around you, which is particularly practical, especially in the event of orange moving.

Our 4G Box comparison helps you make your choice from very high speed offers, depending on the services offered and your location.

What is the price of the unlimited 4G box of Orange ?

Orange 4G box is available from € 36.99/month without engagement. It is marketed by Orange and without commitment orange box.

The Internet access provider offers A free one month trial. If you are not satisfied with services or flows, you will be reimbursed for all costs generated, including the purchase of the box.

More by being customer 4G Home, You can take advantage of an Orange Orange discount on 4 maximum orange mobile plans for you and your loved ones.

Good to know: if you are eligible for the support of gourverment, the orange flybox is offered by the state.

How to subscribe to the 4G orange box ?

To subscribe to the offer, nothing could be simpler, you just have to follow these few steps:

  1. Appointment On the Orange website.
  2. Click On the section “Internet“Then on”4G Home offer“”.
  3. Test your eligibility by entering your postal address or landline number.
  4. If you fill out THE terms eligibility, you can subscribe to the offer.
  5. Then just select the modem of your choice and to leave you to guide Until the subscription.

You can also subscribe by calling Orange customer service or by going directly to one of the many orange stores.

Good to know: the 4G orange router has a data capacity up to 200GB per month, This is why the orange box can be considered as offering Unlimited 4G connection. In general, the data envelopes greater than 100GB allow unlimited use of the Internet.

How to terminate the Orange 4G Home box ?

To proceed to Orange Box termination From your 4G Home offer, you must simply request it from your customer area, or by contacting Orange customer service.

Then you have to bring your Customer account number (you can find it on your orange bill) then dial the 3900 From a mobile phone or a fixed of mainland France (the service is free and the call is deducted from the package or at the cost of a conventional communication).

To make your termination request, You must be the holder of the offer. Your request will be made immediately then will be effective about 10 days later.

Good to know: even after termination, you can keep your Flybox 4G modem since you bought it. You can use it as a modem with any other offer. You can consult our internet offer comparator to discover all the offers available on the market.

Orange 4G box reviews: what are user feedback ?

Whether it is the Orange 4G box offer or any other offer, it is always recommended to consult orange fiber reviews or orange box reviews before subscribing.

The table below presents the positive and negative points identified by users.

  • The 4G Home Orange offer is an effective solution for accessing the Internet in Wi-Fi, even in low speed areas.
  • The 4G orange network is large and of very good quality.
  • The Flybox 4G can be used without installation or connection, only the SIM card must be inserted.
  • The coverage of the modem is wide (250 meters) and customers appreciate being able to connect to several simultaneously, especially families.
  • Although it is an internet solution, orange subscribers are satisfied to be able to access the Orange TV offer, and of good quality.
  • Finally, customers note that the subscription is without commitment and that a one -month trial period is available.
  • Some orange subscribers (who benefit from more than 10 Mbits/s) regret that they cannot subscribe to the box although they have a very low speed.
  • The price of the orange 4G box but also of the Flybox modem is a negative point for subscribers. However, they appreciate being able to pay in 24 times.
  • Finally, some comments talk about the data envelope of the offer: if 200 GB/month is more than enough, it is not a really unlimited subscription.

Comparison of orange 4G box in the face of competition:

If you want to know more about 4G boxes, and know How is Orange 4G box in the face of its competitors, here is a comparative 4G box offers on the market.