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Pay in 4 times at no cost by bank card


THE cash payment represents a payment made in once . So if you pay cash then it means that you will have to pay the entire requested sum At the time of purchase. What is opposed to Credit regulation or payment in several times, which allows you to pay a purchase in a fractional manner in a store, with or without interest .

For all my desires,
I pay in 3x or 4x with my bank card

Shopping, decoration, high-tech. Thanks to the 3x 4x oney credit payment solution, pay in several times by bank card on more than 150 sites in our partner brands ! The “Visa Electron”, “Maestro”, “American Express”, “e-Card”, “Nickel account” cards are not compatible.

Your 3x or 4x purchases

It is very simple ! Use your Visa or MasterCard bank card and set your purchases in 3x or 4x, with or free of charge* depending on the partner site.

Simple, fast and secure
Receive a response immediately after validation of your online form.
On more than 150 partner sites

Reduc your wardrobe ? The decor ? Or update your high-tech equipment ?

Whatever your desires, the 3x 4x Oney solution is present on the sites of all our partners.

*The 3x 4x Oney solution is with or free of charge, depending on the signs. The costs are 1.58% of the total amount of the order in 3 times within the limit of 25 € maximum and 2.37% of the total amount of the order in 4 times within the limit of 50 € maximum. Consult the details of the offer on the partner’s website.

The 3X 4X Oney solution in more than 150 partners

here are some
Serene vacation reservations

Thomas wishes to book a weekend and have just received an offer Air Austral . With the 3x 4x Oney solution, he can take advantage of the offer by setting his trip from € 400 to 4x per bank card. Thomas pays a contribution of € 109.48 (including € 9.48 in credit cost, TAEG fixes 21.31%) on 08/01/2023. It will be taken from € 100 on 01/09/2023, 01/10/2023 and 01/11/2023.

Equip well for the holidays

Pierre takes advantage of an offer Baker To equip himself with a camera at 150 € that he can pay in 3 times. It will pay a contribution of € 52.37 (including € 2.37 in financing cost, TAEG fixed 21.18%) on 08/01/2023 then will be charged by 50 € on 01/09/2023 and 01/10 /2023.

It’s simple, fast,
secure and without obligation

The 3X 4X OneY solution A credit payment option will be offered to you when choosing the means of payment on the sites of our partners .

I add my products to the basket

I choose the 3x 4x Oney solution by bank card

I complete the request form

I get an immediate response (no document to return)

A question about the 3x 4x oney solution ?

Your Oney advisers are listening to you
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m
and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m

Conditions of acceptance: Being an individual (adult natural person) living in France, holder of a bank card (CB, visa and mastercard cards) whose validity date is greater than the duration of the financing chosen. Electron, Maestro, Indigo, American Express, E-Card and Virtual Payment Cards are not accepted.

Credit lasting 2 or 3 months without insurance, with compulsory contribution, valid for a purchase of € 100 to € 2,000 (variable thresholds according to the brand). Subject to acceptance by Oney Bank. You have 14 days to give up your credit.

Example in 3 times for a purchase on the internet of € 150, contribution of € 52.37 then 2 monthly payments of € 50. Credit lasting 2 months to the fixed TAEG of 21.18%. Cost of financing: € 2.37 within the limit of 25 € maximum.
Example in 4 times for an internet purchase of € 400, contribution of € 109.48 then 3 monthly payments of € 100. Credit lasting 3 months to the fixed TAEG of 21.31%. Cost of financing: € 9.48 within the limit of € 50 maximum.

Conditions on 08/01/2023 susceptible to review. Consult the details of the offer on the sites of our partners.
See conditions

Pay in 4 times at no cost by bank card

You have flashed on a smartphone or a connected watch ? From 100 € of purchase, we invite you to pay it in 4 times at no cost by bank card with our partner .

An example :
You fell for an iPhone and its protective shell and your basket is € 299.99.

With payment in 4 times at no cost, you pay gently:

  • € 75.02 to ship the order
  • € 74.99 to 30, 60 and 90 days

Financing cost: 0 €. Taeg: 0%

A payment in 4 times 100% online

When paying, Choose payment in 4 times at no cost and fill out our small form in a few moments. We don’t ask you for any documents, no proof. You immediately receive the agreement of our trusted partner Oney. Your order is finalized. So.

Orange payment 4 times free of charge

A payment in 4 times without surprise

You want to pay in 4 times at no cost ? It’s simple, you pay by bank card a quarter of the amount of your basket to ship your order (this is your initial contribution). The 3 remaining monthly payments will be debited later, at 30 days, 60 days then 90 days (according to the schedule sent by e-mail by Oney). And as we have promised you, no costs will be invoiced !

How to pay in 4 times at no cost

Taking advantage of payment in 4 times at no cost, it’s simple:

  1. 1
    When purchasing, select payment in 4 times at no cost.
  2. 2
    Let yourself be guided and enter your bank details.
  3. 3
    Your payment is validated, your order is confirmed.

Frequent questions about payment in 4 times without fees

What are the conditions to be able to pay in 4 times at no cost on the Orange store ?

Payment in 4 times free of charge by bank card is offered to you at the payment step If the amount of your basket (mobile with or without accessory) is between € 100 and 2000 €.

  • Be a major individual, resident in mainland France
  • Have a CB, Visa or Mastercard bank card whose validity duration covers the duration of your financing

Systematic authorization cards, in particular Electron, Maestro, Nickel, type., as well as e-cards, Indigo and American Express cards are not accepted.

Is payment in 4 times free of charge requires providing supporting documents ?

To request payment in 4 times at no cost by bank card, No document or proof is necessary.

How is payment of monthly payments ?

The contribution (a quarter of the amount of your purchase) is debited When shipping the order.

The following 3 monthly payments (each of an amount equal to a quarter of the amount of your purchase) are debited at 30, 60 and 90 days following the date of shipment of your order, According to the schedule appearing in the email of agreement that One sent you.

Five days before each of these deadlines, An email from Oney warns you of the coming flow.

  • Shipping: Flow of the contribution of € 100,
  • 30 days later: flow of the second monthly payment of € 100,
  • 60 days later: flow of the third monthly payment of € 100,
  • 90 days later: flow of the fourth and last monthly payment of € 100,

Or a cost of funding of 0 € in the fixed TAEG of 0%.

Can I retract from an order paid in 4 times free of charge ?

Your right of withdrawal applies to your order paid in 4 times: You have 21 calendar days from the date of your order to retract. Whatever the reason, you can return an item to us or cancel your order.

In the event of partial withdrawal of the order And Orange Reference of the material concerned, Oney gives you a new financing plan.

In case of total withdrawal, When you return the equipment to Orange or refuse the delivery, your payment in 4 times will be canceled and you will be reimbursed by OneY of your contribution within 14 days of the date of withdrawal. However, Oney may defer the reimbursement of the mobile and/or accessories Until receipt of the equipment or until you have provided proof of shipping of the equipment. The date chosen is that of the first of these facts.

For more information on practical withdrawal and refund terms, see the FAQ Assistance Orange dedicated.

You are charged with uses until the effective date of withdrawal of your order.

Can I retract from my payment in 4 times at no cost ?

You have 14 days to withdraw payment in 4 times at no cost, with our partner Oney.

Who to contact if I have a question or a complaint on my financing ?

For any questions relating to your financing, consult the Oney website or contact one to one-nomination of which was addressed to you by Oney.

Payment in several times: how it works ?

The information opposite is general and provided as an indication only. They are only intended to give an overview of certain types of financing. This is not a description of Finfrog’s activities. Finfrog’s responsibility cannot be engaged on the basis of this information, which should in no case be considered as advice. Finfrog is a crowdfunding intermediary. Consequently, loans are funded by individuals and not by Finfrog. Finfrog does not grant directly from credit, but intermedia of loans between individuals.

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What is payment in several times with or at no cost ?

Payment in several times or split payment allows individuals who wish to acquire a property of pay in multiple times their purchase with their bank card. Customers have access to Ease of payment, which allows them to stagger of purchase in several monthly payments, with or at no cost .

Today in France, the vast majority Online sites, large brands and large distribution, which have an online sales platform, offer this type of payment split into 3, 4, 10, 12 or even 20 monthly payments.

You should know that certain actors offer this free payment for free and others apply costs for this option.

If it is impossible to carry out a payment in installments For his project, it is always possible to consider a credit to finance your purchases.

How does payment work in several times ?

THE payment in installments is a ease of payment proposed during the regulations and at the time of Validate the purchasing “basket”. Indeed, in addition to the usual means of payment (bank card, or in cash and check in physics), the option of payment in installments is proposed. It thus makes it possible to spread the total amount of the purchase in several deadlines and to lighten the weight of the regulation in time.

Often, you must create an account on the merchant site by Filling in a form With the following information:

  • the name and the first name
  • the birth date
  • postal address and billing address if necessary
  • An e-mail address
  • phone number
  • Banking contact details (RIB, credit card, etc. ))

At the end of the creation of an account, the customer is returned directly to a payment form . He will have to select the amount of monthly payments and the Repayment period To buy the property in question, this will then be his schedule . Generally, the payment of the first monthly payment is made immediately and the other deadlines come a month later and so on (then in 3.4.6 or 10 times depending on the duration chosen).

This solution is interesting when an individual does not have of the necessary capital To buy certain products at once.

Most merchants or merchant sites use a Authorized partner organization with an RCS number, which allows them to integrate the split payment solution directly on their online site. Know that to benefit from this solution, you must have in its possession a Bank card Visa or mastercard so that the payment institution can take deadlines due.

Power Pay in three or four times at no cost also represents an effective alternative to Classic consumer credit .

Did you know ?

As the Consumer credit , Payment several times greater than 3 months is supervised by the Consumer Code. If the duration is less than 90 days , These payment facilities no longer fall within this field of application and the withdrawal allowed by law does not apply.

What a site to pay in several times ?

Many sites and traders offer the payment in installments ::

  • THE malls (Carrefour, Leclerc, etc.)
  • Some physical stores And online such as marketplaces (Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.).
  • Merchant sites general practitioners and specialized (Travel agency, mechanic. )).

To offer payment in installments , It is possible to turn to two types of suppliers ::

  • THE traditional finance organizations (Oney, Floa Bank, Cofidis, etc.)
  • THE specialized establishments in this funding mode (Paypal).

How to know if you can pay in several times ?

There are several ways to know if a payment in several times is possible:

It is important to note that payment in several times can cause additional costs, such as interest or processing costs, so be sure to understand all the conditions and associated costs before choosing this option.

Where to pay in 10 times at no cost ?

Many establishments propose this ease of payment in 10 times at no cost , whether in stores , THE Online clothing stores , THE Market Places , THE credits , etc.

We can cite brands such as:

  • Fnac
  • Darty
  • Baker
  • Ikea
  • Leroy Merlin
  • and many others.

Some organizations offer the Payment in 10 times at no additional cost , What represents a real here ease of payment rather than subscribing to an offer of Consumer credit .

Is it possible to make a payment in 12 times ?

Payment in 12 times is a ease of payment proposed by certain organizations. It is a financing solution that allows spread out payment good or service that a customer wishes to buy in 12 times, in all serenity.

Some stores decide to take charge of the cost of these new means of payment, which will therefore give rise to a ” Payment in 12 times at no cost ” to the customer. This payment option is more favored by customers and is more practiced by establishments.

Is payment in several times still free of charge ?

Payment in several times is not not always free of charge ::

How does the payment of payment take place in several times ?

To refund the payment in several times, the customer will have had a upstream schedule with the Total amount of monthly payments and the Dates to sample .

After being debited from the first part of the sum , The customer will be taken Each month at the Date specified at the time of the order which generally corresponds to the birthday .

If the buyer does not have the sufficient capital and depending on His banking situation, he will be able to :

  • Be to be sum and find yourself in a situation of overdraft Because of his debtor balance
  • Either not to be debited . However, if the merchant cannot recover Funds due , This reserves the right to cancel the Transaction entire and D’ require the entire sum .

You will have to be particularly vigilant because terms and the Repayment Terms as well as applicable costs vary from one establishment to another.

What happens if deadlines cannot be paid ?

If the bank account does not have the necessary funds to cover payment of a monthly payment or if an opposition has been made on the bank card used to pay, this may lead to sanctions from the lender .

The consequences may vary depending on the loan organization. It is possible that the lender requests a Immediate reimbursement of the remaining capital , But it is more likely that late penalties are invoiced. The costs may be proportional to the capital remaining due or to the unpaid, or fixed deadlines, depending on the loan organization.

It is important to note that these costs will not necessarily be billed immediately and that some lenders provide costs staggered in time. Most loan organizations also offer courtesy to their customers to allow them to regularize their situation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of payment in several times ?

Benefits Disadvantages
Being able to pay in several times certain orders represents a main advantage which is the possibility of buying a much more or less expensive and not to pay the entire amount when paying purchases. For reimbursement periods of less than 90 days, since it is not a consumer credit, the customer will not benefit from the same support. In other words, it is for itself to calculate its budget and to estimate the number of goods which it can possibly buy by opting for the split payment.
Payment in several times makes it possible to meet a need very quickly and thus, to finance certain projects without having to go through a bank or a credit organization. The customer must be careful and check their debt capacity in the coming months to avoid being in a delicate financial situation. He must have the necessary capital on the scheduled date of the levy to avoid costs related to a bank overdraft situation.

Why can payment in several times be refused ?

It is possible that the payment solution in several times be refused to the client. Indeed, generally it comes from the Bank card . Certain types of cards do not allow staggered payment in a store because of their systematic authorization , Like Electron and Maestro cards, prepaid cards or even virtual cards for example.

If you do not have this type of card, it may mean that your bank card is not valid for the duration of the split payment and that she expired Before the last monthly payment.

In case of suspicion of fraud or Too delicate financial situation , The settlement solution in several times can also be refused.

For payments whose reimbursement periods are greater than 3 months , additional elements to analyze your solvency may be asked such as your identity document or your bank connection identifiers.

Trick :

In some places of sale, the fractional regulations may be Conditioned in the subscription of the store card which can be equipped with a revolving credit very expensive. So check well all conditions Before committing.

What differences with conventional consumer credit or micro-credit ?

If the fact of stagger payment in several payments is akin to a credit in some way, it is only a facility and a payment solution.

Admittedly, the establishment or the e-commerce brand makes its client “credit”, but it will not be strictly speaking a loan . Indeed, the regulations in several times is generally free of charge and is therefore not subject to a rate resulting in interest payment as is the case in a Classic consumer credit .

Micro-credit is a solution that also allows you to finance purchases of small sums. This type of loan is intended for everyone and more particularly to people excluded from the traditional banking system .

Finally, if the customer agrees with the e-commerce site to be reimbursed and therefore to pay all the deadlines, a payment several times Generally remains a lot less restrictive in administrative terms.

Finfrog microcredit, an alternative to split payment

If you cannot perform a payment several times During an important purchase, another alternative is available to you: the Finfrog microcredit . Registered with the Orias , Finfrog offers a funding method secure and very practical which can meet needs similar to those to which the payment in installments .

Finfrog offers you an offer of easy credit the amount of 100 to 600 euros refundable over a period of 3 to 6 months To make your purchases or personal projects. You can make your file in just a few minutes through the platform . After accepting your loan file, you receive the funds on your bank account instantly.

Finfrog, it is the assurance of having an alternative solution fast And practical ! Regarding the refund, you choose the date you wish to be taken every month, and the rule will be by Bank card . So there is no stress in the credit management . Be aware that in optional option, you can also proceed to the early reimbursement of your loan.

Finfrog has the status of crowdfunding intermediary . Finfrog therefore does not offer consumer credit but a loan between individuals , There is therefore no withdrawal period when subscribing.

FAQ on payment in several times

Why can’t I pay in 4 times ?

A payment in 4 times refused can be linked to various reasons. You must first verify that Your bank card is eligible for the payment option (visa or mastercard card) and that its expiration date does not intervene during the reimbursement period of the purchase.

What is a cash payment ?

THE cash payment represents a payment made in once . So if you pay cash then it means that you will have to pay the entire requested sum At the time of purchase. What is opposed to Credit regulation or payment in several times, which allows you to pay a purchase in a fractional manner in a store, with or without interest .

The figure: 20%

Globally, Credit payments , For payments in 3 or 4 or more monthly payments, total Almost 20% of turnover E-commerce sites.