2 methods to download music Deezer on PC for free, where the Deezer music are stored?

Where are the music of Deezer

If you use Deezer on a Windows computer, you will find the DEEZER downloads in the folder:

How to download Music Deezer for free ?

Deezer is a French platform created in 2007. This is dedicated to listening to music in streaming mode. Today, it is one of the most popular and efficient platforms allowing free access to thousands of songs, books or even podcasts.

This is how many users have accesses it from their devices to listen to Deezer music. However, a difficulty remains when a user wants to record or even Download Music Deezer without subscribing a subscription.

This mini-guide will try to give you the answers to various questions.

  • Part 1. Is music on Deezer ?
  • Part 2. 2 methods for downloading free music to pc for free
  • Part 3. How to download music to deezer on a USB key ?
  • Part 4. 3 Best Tools to download Music Deezer

Part 1. Is music on Deezer ?

Available in several languages, the Deezer streaming platform offers a wide variety of content with more than 87 million titles around the world. Deezer has many advantageous features, namely:

  • The search for music based on keywords;
  • Adding Deezer music;
  • The creation of playlists according to the favorites of Deezer Musique Free.

To these are added the personalized recommendations linked to your tastes. So, to have access to Deezer music and to enjoy a good listening experience, the user must first download the Deezer app on his phone or access his web version from his computer.

Thereafter, the latter must register to have an account and create his playlists. The Deezer music platform offers two formulas or offers to users to discover and access the millions of songs available.

Free Deezer offer

When a user registers on the Deezer platform, the offer to which he has automatically greeted is Deezer free. The latter gives him the opportunity to listen randomly songs with the Flow functionality, infinite MIX personalized and mix inspired by a song or an artist. The addition of favorites is available from the “favorite” interface where user favorite music is stored.

Free deezer being compatible with computers and most tablets and smartphones, it offers the functionality of the words display. It also allows you to listen and download music Deezer online.

However, Deezer’s basic offer is limited. Indeed, the user is often interrupted in his listening every fifteen minutes by advertisements; which is very harassing. Also, it is impossible to download and listen to offline music with free Deezer.

The Deezer Premium offer

The second offer to listen to Deezer music is Deezer Premium. This offers unlimited and without interruption access to all the titles available on the platform. It also offers the possibility of making downloads in mode with connection with high definition sound quality.

However, Deezer Premium, has a monthly cost; This represents a constraint for many users who still want to download music to do for free. For these, the solution remains the use of software capable of offering this functionality as is the case of uniconverter.

Part 2. 2 methods for downloading Audios files for free on PC

Various methods allow Download Audio Files on PC free. Here, mainly two methods will be highlighted with the Wondershare Uniconverter toolbox. In reality, Uniconverter has many features. Here are a few.

Where are the music of Deezer ?

Deezer is a very popular musical streaming service in the world. There are more than 16 million active users and more than 9 million paid users each month. Like other streaming music suppliers, Deezer only offers the download function to its paid users for offline reading for the duration of the subscription. But you must have seen that you cannot find your Deezer music downloaded to your local computer. SO Where are the music of Deezer? Read this article to find the answer.

Where are the music of Deezer

  • Part 1. Where are the music of Deezer ?
    • 1.1 where the Deezer music on Windows are stored ?
    • 1.2 where the Deezer music on Android are stored ?

    Part 1. Where are the music of Deezer ?

    1.1 where the Deezer music on Windows are stored ?

    In this part, we will show you How to find DEEZER downloaded music on Windows. And as Deezer is not yet available on Mac, we will not show it here.

    If you use Deezer on a Windows computer, you will find the DEEZER downloads in the folder:

    C: \ USERS \*(your username) \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Deezer-Desktop \ Cache

    Deezer on PC

    1.2 where the Deezer music on Android are stored ?

    If you use Deezer with your Android phone, open the Deezer app, access the screen Settings and click on Data and storage. You will see the music storage path Deezer under Change storage ::

    Data stored on/data/user/0/Deezer.Android.app/queues

    Deezer on Android

    That you can find Where are the Deezer music on your device stored or not, you will end up discovering that all Deezer downloads are encrypted and cache files. You cannot decode or extract them, because Deezer uses DRM and advanced techniques. But there are always ways to download Deezer music to your computer or phone in a concrete way.

    Part 2. How to download Deezer music in local file ?

    To save Deezer music files on your local computer, you need the Deekeep Deezer Music Converter tool. It is designed for Deezer’s paid users so that they can make the most of the Deezer music. The program is devoted to Download songs, playlists, albums and Deezer podcasts to the local computer, to the conversion of the music Deezer into MP3 audio files, AAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC and FLAC, which allows you to listen to the music Deezer anytime and anywhere. In addition, it solves the problem of listening payment, you can always Listen to Deezer music downloaded after the expiration of your subscription to Deezer.

    Deekeep Deezer Music Converter

    Step 1 Perform Deekeep to connect to the Deezer account

    First, download and install Deekeep Deezer Music Converter on your computer. After launching the Deezer program, follow the page instructions to log into your Deezer paid account.

    Deekeep works by accessing Deezer’s official web reader, so Mac users can also download Deezer’s music without needing the Deezer application.

    Perform Deekeep to connect to the Deezer account

    2nd step Define the preferred output settings

    Click on the button Settings To open a dialogue window. You can make settings such as the output format, the output folder, the binary flow, the sampling rate and the name of the output file, and choose an organizational mode for the output files. The parameters are applied as soon as you close the window. To save the Deezer songs with the original quality, you just have to select Car as a format.

    Define the preferred output settings

    Step 3 Select the desired music to download

    Access the song, the playlist, the album or the Deezer podcast that you want to download and click on the cover to open it. You will see the icon Click to add On the right side of the page Gray to blue, click on it. In the pop-up window, select the specific track you want and click on Convert.

    Select the desired music to download

    Step 4 Look for Deezer files downloaded to the computer

    Once the download is finished, click on Converted And you will be directed the conversion history. Click on the icon of Case song to access the output file. Check the Deezer music files and you will see that they have all the settings you want.

    Look for downloaded Deezer files

    Check the Deezer music files


    This article tells you Where are the music of Deezer. We found that even if you find the storage location for Deezer, the files downloaded from Deezer are encrypted cache files and you cannot extract them in a recognizable audio format. However, you can Download Deezer music to your local computer and save musical files downloaded in a folder of your choice, The only tool you need to prepare is Deekeep Deezer Music Converter. In addition, the program allows you to convert music Deezer into audio files with the most common formats, retaining audio quality and preserving ID3 tags, etc. Download it and try it, it offers a test version.