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The best sites to store and share your photos online

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11 image hosts to share photos

It is sometimes complicated to send photos directly to the web, whether because the file is too heavy or because the platform you use does not accept images (a forum, for example).

An image host allows you to upload and easily store your photographs on a dedicated site; Which allows you to share any image online using a simple link: it’s simple and quick.

Here is a selection of 11 image accommodation sites.

1. Imgur

Imgur is one of the most popular sites to store and share images (up to 20 Mb), especially on forums and sites like Reddit.

It is a tool of great simplicity: just a simple drag and drop to get a link to your photograph. You can also create a post and publish it to be seen by the Imgur community.

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2. Goopics

Here is a second image host, very basic and very simple to use: goopics. The very refined interface allows you to quickly understand the functioning of the platform.

You just have to drag the files you want to share, to get a accommodation link. You must file images whose weight does not exceed 15 MB.

The price: the service is completely free.

3. Imgbb

IMGBB is a simple and effective hosting image site: place a photograph, modify it if necessary, and get in a flash different types of link (simple link, HTML integration, etc.)

Downloaded files should not exceed 32 Mb.

4. Image-Heberg

Image-Heberg is a free service allowing you to accommodate your images on the internet.

Thanks to its simple interface, quickly choose the image to host, adjust the few options available such as the size of the image, the creation of a miniature or other and send your image to the Internet.

5. Tof

Created by Duck PC magazine, Tof is a very simple and intuitive photo accommodation site. Slide your image (or “Upload it to the old-fashioned”) then modify it or resize it in the blink of an eye.

You just have to put it online to be able to share it directly on many platforms or generate a link to the photo. However, it should be noted that your file must not exceed 4 Mb.

6. Google Photos

Google Photos allows you to keep all your images in one place. Just have a Google account to be able to access it.

Thanks to this application available on computer, Android and iPhone, you can upload your photos but also modify and retouch them from any of your devices.

Advantage: this tool is also very useful for automatically saving your images and creating shared folders.

7. Postage

Postimage is a simple and effective tool: choose a file to put online (you can also configure an expiration date and image resizing) and get many links to share your illustration.

With a free account, you can upload images weighing up to 8mb.

8. Imageshack

Imageshack is a well -known accommodation site, but less used since it has been paying. It offers different formulas (from $ 3, 99 / month) giving access to more or less large storage volumes.

Imageshack can be a good investment for people who store a lot of high quality photos (therefore heavy) and who do not want any limitation.

9. Zupimages

With Zupimages, you can import several images at a time (maximum 7 Mb each) and quickly receive sharing links.

In short, everything we expect from a site hosting images.

10. Casimages

CASIMAGES allows you to import your photos (one by one or basically) for free and quickly. Optionally, you can choose to resize your images and create an album.

The limit is 50 images per sending, each does not have to exceed 10 MB.

The service is not limited to images. You can also host other types of files such as text documents or videos.

11. Img Box

Here is a last image host: IMG Box. You can deposit up to 5 images per sending, each with a maximum size of 10 Mb.

The interface is here too in English, but it does not interfere with its use.


With these 11 image hosts, you have something to store many photos. If you want to use these images on the web, discover our tutorials to insert an image on a web page and center it.

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The best sites to store and share your photos online

Online storage is a sure way to store your photos, but also to share it with your loved ones, or even a wider audience. If social networks allow you to make albums and easily share, the security flaws that it can represent are not everyone’s taste. This is why it can be interesting to use a specific, free or paid service. Here is a non -exhaustive list of the best sites to store and share your photos on the web.

Cloud to store your photos on the web

The Cloud is an online storage service that allows you to keep your photos, but also to touch them down without having to clutter the hard drive from your computer. IT and Internet giants such as Microsoft, Google or Apple offer this type of service. Most of the time, the service is free, but the limited storage space: between 2 and 15 GB. This is the case, for example, of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Store your photos on the Internet via Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the reference sites in terms of online storage. Despite its minimalist interface, it is completely functional. Unlike certain storage and sharing sites, Dropbox does not offer fairly advanced tools in terms of photo management. It must be said that this is not its primary vocation, since it is first made for storage and sharing of files.

The main drawback of the free Dropbox version is the fairly low storage space, since it only offers 2 GB. If this allows you to store a lot of texts or spreadsheets, the storage of photos is quite limited.

In the same spirit as Dropbox and with very similar operation, Google Drive offers to store and share your files and photos for free up to 15 GB.

Share your photos online on Flickr

If you are a great enthusiast of photography and you want to share your works with other enthusiasts or even professional photographers, Flickr is made for you. This site offers a storage space of 1 TB for a free account. You can touch up your photos there, but also share them with people chosen. You can also consult photos of other people and leave comments. The advantage of this service is that it is accessible via all supports: computer, smartphone and tablet. The main drawback is that your account will be deactivated if you remain inactive for 90 days.

If you want to pull some deniers from your most beautiful shots, you can share them on certain sites such as isockphoto, fotolia, shutterstock … The FAAP app also allows you to sell your mobile phone photos. Please note, each platform has its conditions. And anyway, you will have to have a written authorization of the people appearing in your photos.

Online photo storage with Joomeo: what advantage ?

Joomeo is undoubtedly one of the most complete sites in terms of photos storage on the web. You have a place to store your shots, but also organize them and share them. You also have the possibility of requesting prints of your best catches.

There Free version of Joomeo offers a 2 GB storage space, which is quickly filled with photos, although with this version, you cannot download photos of more than 20 MB. To benefit from unlimited space, you must opt ​​for a paying subscription.

2 subscriptions are available:

  • Focus : unlimited space, maximum photos and videos of 50 MB, preferential prices on the photo lab, retouching options.
  • Dynamic : unlimited space, maximum photos and videos of 200 MB, reading online videos, preferential prices on the photo lab, many retouching and personalization options, possibility of selling your shots.

Hiboox, a storage and sharing site to try

Hiboox offers accommodation and sharing photos via social networks, forums and your mailbox. For each photo hosted on the site, you can get the HTML code which will allow you to have the image for a website, an email, a forum ..

The site is completely free and allows you to store an unlimited number of images. Photos can be added to public or private albums, allowing you to distribute them to your loved ones or allow wide use for all those who would like to use them. You need free images ? You can therefore easily get it by browsing the public files offered on Hiboox.

Google Photos, successor to Picasa

The well -known Picasa site has been replaced by Google Photo. Very practical, it can be synchronized with your mobile phone so that all the photos taken with your smartphone are systematically recorded. You can then create albums and share your photos you want.

You can also order a photo book in a few clicks. Google Photo even offers you selections like “The best photos of the summer” or “the best photos of the year ****”. You just have to refine your selection to place your order.

Online storage solutions are more and more numerous and offer very varied possibilities. If you are a follower of photos taken with your smartphone, we recommend that you opt for a solution that you can synchronize. This prevents you from spending time transferring images.