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Samsung qe65q80b tv qled

Power supply: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Availability of spare parts: 7 years
10 years warranty warranty
Repairability index: 7.8
Electric consumption (standby): 0.5 W
Electric consumption (standard mode): 143 kWh/1000 h
Electric consumption (HDR mode): 283 kWh/1000 h
Energy class: G


Size: 65 ” / 165cm
Resolution: 4K UHD
QLED technology
Smart TV
Universal remote controller
Ultra thin design (25mm)


Type of resolution


Slab technology
Screen resolution





Technology connectivity
Wifi – Connected – Tizen


Consumption in watch in W
Power consumption

Technical characteristics

Speech Recognition
Energy consumption for 1000 hours of use

Further information

Resumption of your old equipment
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Main Features

Operating system
Number of processor hearts
Length of the legal warranty

Functional spare parts

Spare parts available during: 7 year (s)

Dimensions and weights

Package dimensions (LXPXH)
Dimensions and footless weight
Dimensions and weight with foot
(1446.5 x 905.7 x 289.1) 27.8 g
669742 /8806094235517

Customers’ opinion

QE65Q80B 2022 TV QLED 4K UHD 163 cm SMART TV

Customer reviews (30)

TV at the top sound and image nothing, to complain about for the moment

Response from Samsung-Fr_fr, 06/13/23

Hello Sebastopol79 We are delighted that you have chosen a Samsung product ! To take full advantage of your experience, we recommend that you download the Samsung Members application. It will allow you to access the advice of the Samsung community, to receive our latest newsletters and to benefit from exclusive offers on our various products: https: // forward to seeing you very soon ! Sasha, Samsung customer service

Originally published on Samsung France

Sebastopol79 recommends this product.

Lack of Audio Adapter Video

No socket to connect my wii console. That there is no longer a peritel still passes but damage given the price still high

Response from Samsung-Fr_fr, 06/19/23

Hello mwoaaa, ​​thank you for sharing your opinion. Your return is important to make the necessary improvements. We went back to the dedicated service. We confirm the right consideration and remain at your disposal. Yael, Samsung customer service

Originally published on Samsung France

Perfect everything I expected to totally enjoy the Xbox Series ����

Response from Samsung-Fr_fr, 10/05/23

Hello Nykoazri, we thank you for sharing your opinion as well as for the loyalty brought to our brand. We are delighted to know that your product brings you complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate to take a look at our Samsung Shop to see the new features of the year: https: // you soon, Alex, Samsung customer service

Originally published on Samsung France

NykoAzrl recommends this product.

I bought it 85 -inch TV has made 3 weeks excellent image excellent the breathtaking color The super navigation sound learned very quickly the load remote control very well by the light. I recommend.

Originally published on Samsung France

1st connected TV, I am delighted ! In addition I benefited from an interesting price ! The only downside, a little long delivery and not too nice deliverers. I had chosen commissioning and it was necessary to insist so that they can climb the foot but that’s all they did.

Originally published on Samsung France

VIVI 67 recommends this product.


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Discover his replacement: Samsung TQ65Q80C (2023)
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  • 4K 120 FPS (4x HDMI 2.1)
  • 60 watts out of 2.2.2 channels
  • Quantum Processor 4K
  • Max brightness. 1,500 nits
  • HDR, HDR10+ Adaptive, HLG
  • Play on TV without console
  • Integrated TV box

Samsung qe65q80b

The large SAMSUNG QE65Q80B TV displays an image of 163 cm diagonal in 4K UHD definition (3840 x 2160 pixels). The Samsung QE65Q80B has the Quantum Processor 4K video processor with artificial intelligence to enhance the display of images. This Samsung TV incorporates an HDR10+ adaptive LCD LCD slab capable of offering very bright images with brightness peaks reaching 1500 Nits. His four HDMI 2 sockets.1 are suitable for 4K 120 FPS gaming for optimal support for video game consoles and latest generation PC graphics cards, with allm and AMD freesync premium pro function. Compatible Google Assistant, Alexa and Airplay 2, this Samsung Qe65q80b connected TV also takes on the Vocal House assistant Bixby. It can therefore be controlled vocally from its integrated microphone and via a speaker with voice assistant. This Samsung also adopts the latest version of the owner interface Tizen 6 which allows it to access many services and applications, including the services of the main operators. Audio section 2.2.2 channels has a power of 60 watts and supports the Dolby Atmos with a 3D spatialization of the sound by the television speakers. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the immersive dolby wireless sound by associating a compatible Samsung sound bar via WiFi via WiFi bar.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b

The SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV adopts a 4K UHD definition slab, or 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Samsung qled qe65q80b: the image

4K Ultra HD resolution

The large SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV adopts an ultra high definition 4K slab which has 3,840 pixels in width and 2160 pixels in height. This Qled Samsung TV thus opens a real window on the world by displaying very detailed images, of exceptional wealth. The show is there with a very realistic image, whatever your distance from the screen.

Samsung qe65q80b: situation

The UHD 4K SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B UHD TV has a very realistic image. With more than 8 million pixels, it is able to display many details.

Quantum Processor 4K

The large SAMSUNG QE65Q80B TV is equipped with a video processor called Quantum 4K processor responsible for processing millions of information in real time to offer the best image quality, sound and connectivity possible.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b: Quantum Processor 4K

The quantum processor 4K which equips the Samsung Qled Qe65q80b TV uses artificial intelligence to convert all content to 4K resolution, even those in low definition.

Thanks to the 4K upscaling function of this large SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV, you benefit from 4K resolution for all your content, whatever they are and whatever their native definition. The quantum processor 4K of the Samsung Qe65q80b treats each scene, image by image, to perfect it and display it in ultra high definition 4K. This technology is based on machine learning and deep learning. The artificial intelligence developed by Samsung first studied and compared millions of images in 4K, HD 1080p and HD 720p resolution before designing the best possible Upscaling algorithms. This video processor has also been optimized to provide a better rendering of textures in order to further improve the realism of the image.

Direct Full Array

The Qled Samsung Qe65q80b TV adopts a very efficient LED backlighting system. This LED direct backlight is made up of a multitude of light diodes distributed to the back of the TV LCD slab which makes it possible to obtain high luminance (peaks at 1500 nits).

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b: Direct Full Array

SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV adopts a high performance backlight. Its high luminance and its management of light intensity by zones guarantees an excellent contrast.

The Samsung QE65Q80B also benefits from the management of the backlight by zones to precisely modulate the amount of light diffused. The backlight areas managed independently of each other allow us to dose the brightness of the different parts of the displayed image. The intra-image contrast is thus reinforced with the key to more realistic and more nuanced images.

High Dynamic Range, HDR10+ Adaptive

The backlight system of the Qled Samsung QE65Q80B TV allows it to reach a peak of brightness measured at 1500 nits. Between the densest black and the brightest white, this QLED 4K Samsung TV thus offers 1,500 gradation levels in the gray scale. Thanks to the performance of its powerful backlight and its HDR10+ adaptive compatibility, the Qled Samsung Qe65q80b TV has precise details in both the most enlightened and darkest scenes.

Quantum dots

One of the specificities of the Qled Samsung Qe65q80b TV is resorted to Quantum DOT technology which allows it to cover a very large color space. The cadmium selenial nano-crristals of the quantum box filter interposed between the backlight and the LCD slab are excited by the light of the backlight and produce a specific light of color according to their shape and their size.

The Qled Samsung QE65Q80B TV uses Quantum DOT technology

The Qled Samsung QE65Q80B TV uses quantum dot technology which allows it to display images in rich and realistic colors.

Quantum dot samsung technology is calibrated to improve red and green which remain the weak points of LCD televisions with classic backlighting. The combination of a blue LED backlight and a quantum box filter gives a very effective RGB backlight system. This improves the overall brightness of the image and also makes it possible to extend the color space of QLED TVs and the Samsung QE65Q80B in particular. For several years, the Samsung Qled televisions have been covering 100% of the DCI-P3 colorimetric spectrum used for the filming and calibration of film in digital cinema. On the screen, the images broadcast by this large Samsung Qe65q80b TV gain in intensity and realism and are thus more faithful to the director of the director.

Samsung qled qe65q80b: sound

60 watts, 2.2.2 channels

The Qled Samsung QE65Q80B TV adopts an audio section consisting of multiple speakers in configuration 2.2.2 channels capable of producing a 3 -dimensional sound field with vertical effects. The whole is powered by an amplification of 60 watts of power.

OTS (Object Tracking Sound)

Thanks to OTS technology, sound moves dynamically by following the movement of objects displayed on the screen, to strengthen realism and ensure perfect coherence between image and sound. This technology is made possible by the audio system with multiple speakers of the large Samsung QE65Q80B TV and by the progress of artificial intelligence applied to image processing and sound.

Samsung Qe65q80b: Object Tracking Sound

The Object Tracking Sound technology of the Qled Samsung Qe65q80B TV is coincide the spatialization of the sound with the position of the object on the screen.

Dolby Atmos wireless via wifi

The audio section of the large Samsung Qe65q80b TV is compatible with Dolby Atmos to broadcast an immersive and enveloping sound. If you wish, you can even associate wirelessly, in WiFi, this Samsung TV with a compatible Samsung sound bar. A simple and effective way to enjoy an even more impressive sound.

Q Symphony

Anxious to optimize the integration of its TVs with its sound bars, the Korean manufacturer offers on the large Samsung Qe65q80b TV the Q Symphony 2 technology.0, also presents on the bars of his Samsung in the Q series. With Q Symphony, the connection of a compatible sound bar no longer deactivates the television speakers but on the contrary it takes advantage of them to improve spatialization and the volume volume.

Samsung qe65q80b: Q Symphony technology

Thanks to Q Symphony technology, the speakers of the Samsung Qe65q80b TV speakers work in symbiosis with those of the bars of its Samsung series Q Compatible.

SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B: User experience

Tizen 6 interface, streaming and network reading

Offering a simple and intuitive user interface for several generations of Smart TV, Samsung is no exception to the rule with the Samsung QED QE65Q80B which has the owner operating system Tizen. Once connected to the local network and to the Internet, the TV can access not only the audio and video content shared on the local network, but also to many online sites and services such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ or Prime Video (Amazon).

Thanks to the operator applications integrated in this SMART SAMSUNG Smart TV, you take advantage of the TV services subscription of your operator without an external TV box and therefore without cable to connect to the TV TV. Live or replay, you directly access your favorite content with ease.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b: Universal menu

The Home menu of the Samsung Qled Qe65q80b is particularly user -friendly and intuitive to easily find DTT content, streaming services and applications.

The Quad Core processor of the Samsung Qe65q80b and fast and powerful to guarantee a user experience of great fluidity. The possibility of personalizing the Smart HUB menu contributes to the user -use user -use of this Samsung connected television.

Universal remote control and vocal control

Samsung qe65q80b: universal solar remote control

The SAMSUNG QE65Q80B TV is delivered with a universal solar remote control capable of controlling multiple devices (amplifier, Blu-ray player, sound bar. )). Its battery recharges directly in light thanks to the integrated solar sensor !

The SMART SMART remote control of the large SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV is compatible with many audio and video devices to make it the only remote control in the living room. The voice control function also makes it possible to control many Smart TV features by voice. For this we can speak towards the TV (integrated microphone), or contact an intelligent speaker integrating Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

Thought for gamers

HDMI 2 ports.1 of the large SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV is compatible 4K 120 FPS, which allows you to fully enjoy the graphic capacities of the latest generation video game consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Gaming Gaming graphics cards. The images are of exceptional fluidity and sharpness. This TV also incorporates the Hub gaming, a new interface dedicated to gaming bringing together all the applications and features dedicated to video games. It also makes it possible to get rid of the use of a game console thanks to the cloud gaming.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b: 4K 120 FPS

The SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV is 4K 120 FPS compatible via its HDMI 2 inputs.1.

Gamers will be particularly interested in the playbar accessible with a key from the remote control of the large Samsung Qled Qe65q80b TV. This allows you to optimize your gameplay via a brand new menu in which all the parameters appears directly on the screen: formats, verification of delays in display, HDR, wireless helmet settings etc, all in real time.

Samsung qe65q80b: VRR compatible (Freesync Premium Pro)

Thanks to Freesync Premium Pro compatibility, the video game images displayed by the Samsung Qe65q80b are perfectly fluid, without tear or jerk.

In addition, this Qled Samsung TV uses AMD Freesync Premium Pro technology which reduces lag and limits latency time between the console and the screen. This eliminates the risks of tearing and micro jerk ensuring that the image on the screen is perfectly synchronized for each scene.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b:

HDMI 2.1, wifi, bluetooth

The connection of the 4K Samsung QE65Q80B UHD 4K TV includes four HDMI 2 inputs.1, two USB ports, a CI+connector, an optical digital audio output, an Ethernet port and three antenna sockets. We can easily connect it to a 4K UHD Blu-ray player, an AV network player and a TV box as well as a video game console.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b

The connector of the Samsung Qled Qe65q80b TV includes 4 HDMI 2 sockets 2.1 compatible 4K 120 Hz.

WiFi wireless connectivity of the large SAMSUNG QLED QE65Q80B TV allows you to get cables for Internet access and reading the shared content on the local network. As for Bluetooth, it allows you to use not only a wireless keyboard and mouse for navigation, but also to connect one or two Bluetooth headsets simultaneously, or a Bluetooth wireless speaker to listen to the sound of the TV sound.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b: In summary

Thanks to its QLED 4K slab, the large Samsung QE65Q80B TV has an image of 163 cm diagonal with more than 8 million pixels. Its high performance video processing uses artificial intelligence to optimize details, textures, colorimetry as well as contrast. Management of backlight by Supreme UHD Dimming areas, high brightness and support for HDR10+ video content guarantee always optimal image quality.

In addition to joining the Maison Bixby vocal assistant, this connected television Samsung Qe65q80b is Google Assistant, Alexa and Airplay 2 compatible. It can therefore be checked vocally from its integrated microphone or with a speaker with a voice assistant. Integration is facilitated by the ambient mode which makes it possible to display information (weather for example), reproductions of tables or personal photos on the screen of this connected TV SAMSUNG QE65Q80B.

Finally, extended connectivity (HDMI X 4, USB X 2, WiFi, Bluetooth) facilitates the association of this Samsung Qled 4K TV with many sources as well as access to multiple online video service. Support for VRR technology (freesync) even optimizes display when connected to a compatible video game console.

Samsung Qled Qe65q80b

Placed on a tvido or hung on the wall, the Samsung Qled Qe65q80b TV is really very attractive.

Screen diagonal: 65 inches
Screen diagonal: 163 cm
10 -bit screen (8 bit + FRC)

Image quality
Display technology: QLED
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Motion Rate: 100 Hz
Processor: Quantum Processor 4K
Image quality index (PQI): 3800
HDR: Quantum HDR 1500 (1500 nits)
HDR10+ Adaptive & Gaming
HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)
Brightness/contrast: Direct Full Array (Full LED + Local Dimming)
Richness of colors: 100% color volume (quantum dots)
Extended vision angles: Wide viewing angle
Micro Dimming: Supreme UHD Dimming
Immersion (contrast enhancer)
Brightness sensor (comfort mode)
Ia upscaling
Filmmaker fashion

Finesse of the frame: 4 fine edges
Finesse of the screen: Slim Look
Frame color: carbon silver
Foot type: central foot
Foot color: black sand
Ambient mode: ambient mode+

TV reception
DVB-T2CS2 x 2 digital tuner
Double tuner function
CI+ (1.4)

Dolby Atmos
OTS (Object Tracking Sound): Ots
Q-Symphony 2.0
Sound power (RMS): 60 watts
Canals: 2.2.2
Integrated woofer (bass)
Bluetooth Audio
Ava (Active Voice Amplifier)
Adaptive Sound+
2 simultaneous Bluetooth connections

Universal Solar remote control: TM2280E
VESA compatible: 400 x 300

HDMI (number of ports): 4
HDMI (refresh rate): 4K 120 Hz (HDMI ports 1/2/3/4)
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)
USB: 2
Optical audio output: 1
Ethernet port: 1
TNT/cable antenna socket: 1
Satellite / Fransat satellite antenna socket: 2 (hand / sub)

Smart TV
Operating system: Tizen 6
Integrated voice assistant (Bixby, Alexa, Google)
Voice control
Operator applications: B.TV+ / Orange TV / OQEE by free
Airplay 2 compatible.0
Samsung TV Plus
Web browser
Universal guide
Mirroring TV to Mobile
Mirroring Mobile to TV
Google Duo compatible
Tap view
Multi view up to 2 screens
360 video/ camera video/ camera player
Direct wifi
TV Sound on mobile
Sound mirroring
WiFi 5
Bluetooth (V5.2)
PC on TV (Workspace)
Ambient fashion+
Micro integrated into TV

Auto game mode (Allm)
Game Motion Plus
Dynamic Noir
Super Ultra Wide Game View
Play bar 2.0
Mini Map Zoom
AMD Freesync Premium Pro
Hub gaming

Other features
Instant ignition
Automatic channel search
Subtitles management
Connectshare (HDD)
Connectshare (USB 2.0)
Program Guide (EPG)
Recording (PVR)
Image Inlay
Remote troubleshooting
IPv6 compatible

Power supply: AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Availability of spare parts: 7 years
10 years warranty warranty
Repairability index: 7.8
Electric consumption (standby): 0.5 W
Electric consumption (standard mode): 143 kWh/1000 h
Electric consumption (HDR mode): 283 kWh/1000 h
Energy class: G

Technical and logistical specifications
TV dimensions without foot (LXHXP): 1446.5 x 829.8 x 54.7 mm
TV dimensions with the foot (LXHXP): 1446.5 x 905.7 x 289.1 mm
Cardboard dimensions (LXHXP): 1621 x 965 x 214 mm
Foot dimensions: 390 x 289.1 mm
TV weight without the foot: 24.1 kg
TV weight with the foot: 27.8 kg
Packed TV weight: 36.7 kg
Size of the screw (VESA): M8

Availability of spare parts
7 years from the first date of marketing.