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Account statements

What is an account statement ?

THE account statement is a document that lists all operations recorded by your bank on your account during a period (day, decade, month, etc.)).

This document is personalized and takes up the contact details of the holder (s), the account references, as well as the following information:

  • • The initial balance (postponement of your previous statement), creditor or debtor, as well as its date of establishment,
  • • All the sums you give (recovery of checks, cash deposits, etc.) or that are given by a third party in your favor (transfers, etc.) are inscribed in the credit column of the account statement,
  • • The sums linked to your withdrawals of cash or the use of your payment methods (bank cards, samples, transfers, checks, etc.) are inscribed in the debit column of the account statement,
  • • Nature, amount, date of operation and value, of these movements,
  • • The new account balance, creditor or debtor, after imputation of these operations, which will be included on an initial balance on your next account statement.

In addition, you will find, if necessary, the important messages of your bank, the commissions on services and banking operations (identified by a ” *”), as well as the mention of your debit authorization in account.

It should be noted that the date of establishment of a account statement varies according to the location of the agency holding the deposit account or according to the conditions of the optional statements subscribed.

Malvied or non-voyering customers can, on request, receive a free standard monthly account statement in Braille.

Online account statement

With the evolution of technologies and uses, the account statement is today increasingly transmitted to digital format.

The online statement is available quickly, automatically archived and available at any time via its personal online space * .

How to benefit from the online recorded and documents service ?

Two options are available to you:

  • • By connecting to online personal space *, in the Profile menu for the site or settings for the application.
  • • by contacting a remote advisor or in agency.

* Subscription to remote banking services (Internet, landline, SMS, etc.): free and unlimited, excluding communication cost or provision of internet access and excluding alerts by SMS.

Get a duplicate from your account statement

You can request a duplicate of your account statements in your agency from your advisor. The document will be sent to you by mail (the price is included in the conditions and prices guide, available in agency or on Mabanque.BNP Paribas).

To note
The bank retains these documents 10 years from their edition.

BNP Net Evolution


BNP Net Evolution is an online service allowing you to Manage your professional accounts and carry out a wide range of common operations.

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In detail

account monitoring

Reactivity 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

You consult the balance and the detailed statement of your professional accounts, wherever you are, at any time, including on the BNP Paribas Entreprises application.


Save time speed of execution

You easily perform, in complete safety, all of your payments and collection operations.

Online banking service

Entracity Simple Service

You have an interactive internet solution, simple to use, which meets your speed and comfort requirements.


tranquility dedicated

You can contact an available and specialized assistance team by phone to support you in using BNP Net Evolution.

use by a third party

Limited or total access delegation

You can delegate your cash management by using BNP Net Evolution to your accountant or any other person of your choice, specifying the limits of their powers.


reduced cost achieve savings

By carrying out your effects and effects of effects with BNP net evolution, you benefit from preferential price conditions and reduce your treatment costs.

to know

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More details

detailed characteristics of

BNP Net Evolution

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  • description
  • Services and options
  • prices

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Need to consult your accounts at any time of the day ?

BNP Net Evolution is an online service allowing you to Follow and manage your professional accounts. It allows you to carry out a very wide range of current operations wherever you are, in France or abroad:

  • Your recurring operations (Payment of wages, suppliers’ regulations, effects to collection, transfers on your savings account, etc.),
  • more elaborate occasional operations (Regulation of foreign suppliers, delayed punctual transfers, etc.)).

All these operations are secured by the use of a secure transfer card or an electronic certificate.

This solution is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who wish expanded features , in particular within the framework of the issue of means of payment (commercial effects, multiple transfers, referrals of transfers abroad . )). Personalized validation ceilings can be set up for each user.

Access BNP Net Evolution directly from your mobile
Download the BNP Paribas Business & SME mobile application and identify yourself with your identifier and password or with your secure transfer card.

BNP Net Evolution:

  • a solution Complete and secure to save time,
  • reduced commissions and treatment costs to achieve savings,
  • a use simple and dedicated support to work in peace.

BNP Net Evolution services

Master the current or provisional position of your accounts:

  • A large perimeter: BNP Paribas France current accounts, grouping of accounts, portfolios securities, savings accounts and term deposit,
  • Access to your operations statements in value and to the evolution of the positions of all your accounts by date,
  • consultation of forecast movements on your accounts.

Perform, validate and follow your collections and disbursements online:

  • your disbursements: domestic or international unit transfers, transfers of transfers,
  • Your receipts: Commercial effects discounts, sampling delivery,
  • Your choice security: thanks to a secure smart card and the associated card reader, benefit from personalized validation ceilings and reinforced security. In addition, depending on your accounts and types of orders, you can choose between single validation (only one signatory) or double (two signatories).

Use daily practical services and dedicated customer service:

  • Edition of RIB, check -ups, opposition on cards or checks, personalization of the wording of your accounts,
  • A specialized support platform, the BNP Paribas telematics relationship center, by phone.

BNP Net Evolution options

Here are the additional options to be as close as possible to your specific needs:

  • the consultation of your accounts held in other banks, in France as abroad,
  • The management of your investments (subscription and redemption of UCITS from the BNP Paribas range, order book, disposal of transfers),
  • monitoring your credits and disposals of receivables,
  • The online answer to your LCR statements (good to pay).

BNP Net Evolution allows you to Follow your professional and private accounts and manage all of your payments and your online receipts, In complete safety (unit or multiple transfers, European SEPA or international, delivery of samples and commercial effects).

Monthly subscription 24 € HT
The +: Thanks to its optional BNP Net Evolution modules meets your more specific needs (consultation of LCR surveys and management of good to pay, consultation of your credit outstands and disposables of debt, subscription and redemption of BNP BNP Paribas).

Additional modules
Module “Good to pay”, To manage the domiciled effects € 4.00 excl
Module “OPC”, To manage your BNP Paribas € 5.00 OPC HT
Module “Financing”, To view your loan accounts € 4.00 excl

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