Xiaomi 12T series: Info, prices and characteristics, Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro will be released on October 13: everything you need to know

The Xiaomi 12T and 12t Pro will be released on October 13: everything you need to know


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Xiaomi 12T: Info, price and release date

The manufacturer Xiaomi has formalized these two new premium smartphones, the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12T Pro during an event organized in Munich. The pro model is the first flagship of the Chinese giant to offer a 200 -megapixel photo sensor against 108 megapixels for the classic. The most muscular version is also equipped with the latest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen while the 12T has the Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Ultra chip. They share the same design and their 5000 mAh battery is compatible with the load 120 Watts. Price, release date, technical characteristics. Find here all the news on this new Xiaomi 12T series

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Latest news on the next Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

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Google Pixel 7 vs Xiaomi 12T: which buy ?

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Recap Actus Pixel 7 and Xiaomi 12T

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Smartphones comparison: what differences between Xiaomi 11T and 12T ?

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The price of the Xiaomi 11t falls following the arrival of his successor on Xiaomi 12T

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The Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro will be available from October 13

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The Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro will be available from October 13

It was live from Munich that the Chinese manufacturer officially announced its New high -end smartphones. THE Xiaomi 12T already presents itself as a smartphone.

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The Xiaomi 12T is already available with a gift free tablet !

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The new Xiaomi 12T will be unveiled on October 4, 2022

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The new Xiaomi 12T will be unveiled on October 4, 2022

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Hot! Latest news on the Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro

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The last leak in the Xiaomi 12T and 12t Pro promises great surprises !

Here is an info that is worth his weight in gold ! A leak recent on Xiaomi 12t and 12t Pro indeed suggests nice surprises ! With some very technical sheets.

New: Latest news on the Xiaomi 12T

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New: Latest news on the Xiaomi 12T

A wind of novelties blows in Xiaomi. The manufacturer will indeed launch by the start of the school year New smartphone, THE Xiaomi 12T. This new model should be.

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The Xiaomi 12T and 12t Pro will be released on October 13: everything you need to know

Xiaomi currently presents its 12T Xiaomi in Munich

Live from Munich, where the manufacturer is currently competing, Xiaomi officially announces its new high -end smartphones.

Xiaomi sees things big for its new smartphones. From the BMW Welt scene in Munich, where the Fnac scout has been invited, the third manufacturer of mobiles in the world officially lifts the veil on the Xiaomi 12T and Xiaomi 12t Pro. Successors, at least spiritual, from the Xiaomi 12 and 12 pro launched last March.

Xiaomi 12t Pro: he has everything to please … but it will be more expensive !

You might as well tear off the gaming dressing. Like its competitor Apple with its iPhone 14, Xiaomi makes its new models undergo a rise in price far from harmless. Where the Xiaomi 11T Pro appeared at € 699, its successor will be offered on October 13 for € 799 in a single configuration boarding 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Now make way for the technical sheet. The smartphone has an AMOLED screen of 6.67 “reaching a 120 Hz refresh frequency. This is original, the definition is not confined to full HD, but offers “1220p” (2712 x 1220 pixels). Let us recall, however, that the Xiaomi 12 Pro can reach a QHD definition+.

Xiaomi 12t Series

But the 12t pro has another asset in its round: the adoption of a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SOC 1. Tech enthusiasts know this well, this chip offers not only increasing performance but above all better controlled energy consumption, and better heat dissipation. In the end, we should therefore expect a new autonomy. Highlight that also supposes the 5,000 mAh battery which finds its place in the Xiaomi 12T Pro. Like his predecessor, he can also recharge at 120 W-Count 20 minutes for a full load, promises Xiaomi.

To conclude, it is difficult not to say a word of the camera chosen by Xiaomi for its new model. This is the Isocell HP1 sensor imagined by Samsung, and which has 200 megapixels. If he is not the first to adopt it, he will use it to offer the pixel group (pixel binning) by lot of 16 rather than by four or nine, as is usually the case. Ultimately, The shots will remain in 12 megapixels, but will be much more detailed than on the previous generation.

Too bad the rest of the photo configuration does not follow: we will find an ultra-angle of 8 megapixels and a macro module of 2 megapixels. At the front, Xiaomi stacks with its 20 megapixel sensor.

Xiaomi 12t Series

A Xiaomi 12t difficult to sell ?

Fatally less impressive, the Xiaomi 12T does not benefit from the new Samsung sensor. He resumed the same module of 108 megapixels which was found last year in the 11t pro.

This less expensive model, expected at € 649 (the Xiaomi 11T had been launched at € 569) also has a SOC Mediatek Dimensity 8000 Ultra (engraved in 5 Nm). A chip that we have not yet had the opportunity to experience, but which highlights the importance that the Chinese founder begins on the market.

Xiaomi 12t Series

In terms of battery, recharging and screen, the Xiaomi 12T takes up all the good points of its big brother. Ditto for capacity (256 GB) and RAM (8 GB).

It is also expected on October 13. Until then, the manufacturer offers a Redmi Pad tablet (worth € 299), also announced today, for any pre -order on these new models.

Xiaomi 12T Pro test: Make the right choice

We tested the Xiaomi 12T Pro. A smartphone that has undeniably high -end qualities, but which makes some difficult to miss concessions. Here is our test !

Xiaomi 12t Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis - Frandroid

Where to buy the
Xiaomi 12t Pro at the best price ?
799 € discover the offer
799 € discover the offer
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886 € discover the offer
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In short
Xiaomi 12t Pro

  • Very good screen
  • Top performance
  • Impressive 120 W load
  • 200 mpx sensor good overall
  • No IP certification
  • Preinstalled third -party apps, annivating antivirus, no monet function
  • No telephoto lens
  • Photos sometimes too saturated

Our full opinion
Xiaomi 12t Pro

November 14, 2022 14/11/2022 • 18:04

Does the Xiaomi 12t Pro have enough in the belly to make a place among the other high-end competing models ? To seduce his world, he has a main 200 -megapixel photo sensor and an ultra fast charging at 120 W. All, being animated by the most powerful chip that is. Despite this, its price, certainly high, remains moderate in this market segment. So much for the summary presentation. It’s now time to go into detail with a full test.

Xiaomi 12t Pro Our opinion in video

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Xiaomi 12t Pro Technical Sheet

This test was carried out with a 12t pro loaned by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi 12t Pro a refined design, but not too much !

Refined. The Xiaomi 12t Pro is refined. At least, that’s the impression that he gives at first glance. He mainly seduces with his back to the matt treatment of the most beautiful effect and the rounded rounds on the side edges and the corners. The smartphone does not however seek to spread out beaten track. In particular on the front, with its flat screen and the small centered punch, we are in known ground.

The rectangular photo block at the rear is very similar to that of the Xiaomi 12 Pro with, for the sole difference, the greater highlighting of the main camera. This is moreover more protuberant than the other modules.

The handling overall is really pleasant on this Xiaomi 12t Pro. The 205 grams of this beautiful baby are not forgotten, but they will not hinder daily use. Moreover, the device is quite large with 163.1 mm high. It’s good to know.

We must not omit the negative points. In this regard, two come directly to my mind: the fairly thick black outline around the screen and the scratches that appeared too quickly on the back. These two elements are quite frustrating on a smartphone at 800 euros. We will put it into perspective by stressing that the slightly wide borders are not unacceptable and that they have the deserved to be homogeneous, avoiding the giant chin side. In addition, the scratches can be with a protective shell.

We simply regret that the finishes of this Xiaomi 12t Pro are not a little more refined to maintain the refined aspect until the end.

Know if not that all the physical buttons are located on the left. The fingerprint reader, for its part, is positioned under the screen while two loudspeakers are visible, one on the upper edge, the other at the bottom.

No 3.5 mm jack on the program. The front side is covered with a Gorilla Glass 5 glass, but the Xiaomi 12T Pro is not entitled to an IP certification which would have guaranteed its water resistance, or even its sealing.

Xiaomi 12t pro Beautiful work on the screen

The Xiaomi 12T Pro is entitled to an AMOLED screen of 6.67 inch. Ratio 20: 9, adaptive refresh rate ranging from 30 to 120 Hz, touch sampling to 480 Hz and definition of 2712 x 1220 pixels. Very beautiful things on paper in short, in the vein of what is expected on the high end.

In practice, we take advantage of impeccable contrast and maximum brightness that does not disappoint at all since it culminates at 910 cd/m² according to our measurements. The sun will really have to get full fire on your skull to make you fold your eyes.

Regarding colors, be aware that the vast majority of users can fully satisfy the “intense” mode configited by default. The latter adapts the tones according to the displayed content. On the other hand, if you are looking for faithful rendering, you can opt for “orginal color [sic]”.

Conversely, to always take the mirettes, turn to the “saturated” option. It is with this that we have achieved our measurements, using a probe and the Calman Portrait Displays software. We wanted to know what the screen was capable of when it was given all.

We are not disappointed by the plurality of colors displayed. The Xiaomi 12T Pro can cover 153 % of the SRGB and 102 % of the DCI-P3. So you can take advantage of a tongs of tones, your eyes will appreciate. In saturated mode, the emphasis is not on loyalty. And yet, in SDR, the slab succeeds in not moving too far from reality. We observe in Delta E Middle on DCI-P3 at 3.31. The more this index is closer to 3, the better. So there is something to rejoice.

Unsurprisingly, on HDR content, this fidelity shatters. The Middle Delta E on DCI-P3 then goes to 6.4. The colors will be beautiful, very beautiful, but not realistic. Remember that we used the saturated mode. It is therefore a fully expected behavior. Rather good news therefore for the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

With these settings, the average temperature is around 7360 k. This betrays a fairly strong dominance of blue (6,500 k being the ideal aimed for a perfect balance with red). Again, no bad surprises for a saturated mode. If these few downsides bother you, remember: the “intense” option is probably made for you.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Software: Some frustrations on MIUI

By dint of leaving countless devices, Xiaomi has accustomed us to her home interface. We have already tested Miui 13 (with Android 12). It is this software experience that is on the wand obviously on the 12t pro. As a reminder, she stands out from the others by her control center freely inspired by iOS and which highlights the control of the connected objects of the house via a sort of google home widgets.

Xiaomi always offers a lot of options of all kinds that allow you to go very far in the personalization of the phone … but Muiu 13 misses certain most basic functions. Where is the Material You and the Monet function which allows you to adapt the colors of the system as a function of the wallpaper ? However, we could see this option taken up on other interfaces such as One Ui (Samsung) or Coloros (Oppo) without it coming to alter their DNA.

In addition, there are a lot of preinstalled third -party applications on this Xiaomi 12t Pro and this even creates redundancies. By default, you will have three browsers since Oopera is added to Chrome and the MI browser. Thus pushing third -party apps allows the manufacturer to contain the price of its smartphone. Still, we are talking about a device here at 800 euros: difficult to tolerate this on high -end.



Fortunately, it is possible to uninstall these superfluous apps. Just as it is possible to deactivate the annuing antivirus which is triggered with each downloading of applications even when they come from the Play Store.

You will not worry about your films and series in SVOD. The Xiaomi 12T Pro takes advantage of Widevine L1 is therefore it can enjoy HD quality on these platforms. Regarding security updates, our model benefits from the September patch when we publish this test. It’s a slight acceptable delay.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Audio: speakers that do good

The Xiaomi is capable of good restitution of the sound thanks to its two rather well-balanced and fairly powerful stereo speakers. Do not wait for miracles either: the bass necessarily remain a little behind to really please audiophiles.

In headphones or with headphones, you can take a look at the sound effects menu where the Dolby Atmos and the equalizer option will be found to refine the listening experience according to your preferences.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Photo: 200 MP saturation

The Xiaomi 12t Pro blows hot and cold in the photo. He has the merit of taking on a main 200 megapixel sensor (f/1.69), but ignores a real telephoto lens. It is satisfied with an ultra-angle of 8 megapixels (120 degrees, f/2.2) and a sad sensor dedicated to the macro of 2 megapixels (f/2.4).

Did the integration of a 200 megapixel sensor deserve to sacrifice the telephoto lens on a smartphone at 800 euros ? We can already answer you in the negative, but we must qualify by recalling that other phones at equivalent prices make a similar compromise.

The disappointment passed, we can now focus on the intrinsic photo quality of this Xiaomi 12t Pro.

Main photo sensor

As always, we start with the photos taken in good conditions. There is nothing to complain about on the precision of the details, the sharpness. The dynamics, however, could be a little more fish. In some shaded areas, the phone does not always see it very clear.







We also allow ourselves a word on colorimetric treatment. To the devil, the faithful colors ! Chinese brand algorithms often show that they find real life too bland. We see it particularly on the cliché below where the grass becomes extremely fluorescent. If many people enjoy a little saturated colors for more beautiful photos, Xiaomi pushes the cursor sometimes really too far. It’s flattering, but the artifice regularly lacks subtlety.

Regarding small light photos, the default shots are mostly sufficient to obtain very correct and well -lit results. The Xiaomi 12T Pro Active by default the night mode. And I would recommend that you trust him, because he is doing well enough to bring clarity to the scenes. He does not do miracles, but the rendering is satisfactory. In addition, at night, the smartphone tends to saturate the colors less.




Be aware, however, that by taking a tour in the camera settings, you can deactivate the automatic night mode.

200 megapixel mode

With such a main sensor, we necessarily want to test the 200 megapixel mode. With this function, the phone will not merge the pixels in post-processing. Instead, he will produce a larger (and heavier) and clearer image, provided that the snapshot is made in good light conditions.

For this test, I confronted the 200 Mpx mode of the Xiaomi 12T Pro, in 108 MPx mode of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I suggest below compare them in three situations. First of all, let’s try to read a sign by far.

200 Mpx - Xiaomi 12t Pro

108 MPX - Galaxy S22 Ultra

200 Mpx – Xiaomi 12t Pro
108 MPX – Galaxy S22 Ultra

We can better read the mention “strictly prohibited deliveries” in the photo produced by the 12t pro. Also, there is less noise than in the image of the S22 Ultra. The 200 MPx mode shows here that it offers a performance gain compared to 108 MPX.

Now let’s observe the bas-reliefs of Porte Saint-Denis in Paris.

200 Mpx - Xiaomi 12t Pro

108 MPX - Galaxy S22 Ultra

200 Mpx – Xiaomi 12t Pro
108 MPX – Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung here makes the choice to highlight the details greatly when Xiaomi algorithms decide, on the contrary, to give a boost to sharpness. The textures stand out better as well as. Another 200 MP victory. But beware of the following exercise.

200 Mpx - Xiaomi 12t Pro

108 MPX - Galaxy S22 Ultra

200 Mpx – Xiaomi 12t Pro
108 MPX – Galaxy S22 Ultra

In this photo of a congestioned road, the Xiaomi 12t Pro makes tons with the strengthening of microcontrasts. The trees seem to get out of a painting, the contours of the cars are too marked and there are even colorimetric aberrations. Opposite, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is more moderate in its treatment and makes the right choice here.

It should also be noted that the 12t Pro of Xiaomi behaves strangely in this situation. With a 200 -megapixel photo, why bother to force the sharpness as much with the microcontrasts ? Manufacturers regularly claim that we can print these kinds of large -format photos without having to think twice. However, these kinds of details would be greatly seen.

Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, 200 megapixel mode proves that it can indeed go further than the 108 mpx.

Ultra Grand Angle

The ultra-angle is not bad in itself, but it is a little behind. On the one hand, colorimetric consistency is only rarely there (and with this mode you will get even more saturated photos). On the other hand, the clichés quickly lose in sharpness as soon as one moves away from the center.










Do not expect at the slightest miracle on the night scenes. We see nothing.

Portrait and macro

The Portrait mode of the Xiaomi 12t Pro succeeds in being precise and pleasant in the eyes on its Bokeh effect.

Beware that said to the color rendering. The beard of my colleague Titouan (2nd photo in the gallery below) appears much redest than it is in real life.

Portrait Omar Xiaomi 12t Pro

Portrait Titouan Xiaomi 12t Pro

Portrait Hugo Xiaomi 12t Pro

Regarding macro mode, it remains, as expected, very gadget. If we can recognize a higher capacity than the average to be able to take clear photos of the objects, the results remain far too badly defined to be exploited properly.

Xiaomi 12t Pro Macro 1

Xiaomi 12t Pro Macro 2


At the front, the 20 Mpx sensor (f/2.24) is doing very well to transcribe the details of your face. Just check that all the “beauty” options that smoothed the skin are disabled.

Selfie Xiaomi 12t Pro A

Selfie Xiaomi 12t Pro B

Selfie Xiaomi 12t Pro C

Also be careful not to rely too much on the screen return that you will see when taking the photo. On counter-days, the rendering always seems to be disastrous, but the treatment operated in the wake makes it possible to catch up with all this.


For the video, you can film up to 8k to 24 frames per second. The interest of the 8K on smartphone being still very anecdotal, I preferred to show you what to look like from 4K to 60 fps on the Xiaomi 12t Pro.

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If you want to film with the front sensor, you can go up to 60 fps in 1080p.

Xiaomi 12t pro performance at the top !

With a snapdragon 8+ gen 1 within it, the Xiaomi 12t Pro can boast of being a beautiful competition beast in terms of raw powers. The most gourmet 3D games will not ask for this smartphone. Evidence of the good results of benchmarks below: it is as well as the whole as the Asus Zenfone 9 which had particularly impressed us from this point of view (he embarks the same chip of Qualcomm).

Model Xiaomi 12t Pro Google Pixel 7 Pro Asus Zenfone 9 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Antutu 9 1065890 718357 1085542 934653
Antutu CPU 252711 200453 255974 226613
Antutu GPU 461568 256548 468392 404136
Antutu Mem 175314 108919 181036 154007
Antutu UX 176297 152437 180140 142592
PC Mark 3.0 12878 11317 16292 13216
3dmark Wild Life N/C 6012 N/C 7676
3dmark Wild Life Middle Framerate N/C 36 fps N/C 46 fps
3dmark Wild Life Extreme 2813 1822 2776 2163
3dmark Wild Life Extreme Middle Framerate 16.80 fps 10.90 fps 16.6 fps 13 fps
GFXBENCH AZTEC VULKAN / METAL HIGH (Onscreen / Offscreen) 54/52 fps 48/13 FPS 67/51 fps 29/32 fps
GFXBENCH Car Chase (Onscreen / Offscreen) 70/103 FPS 53/57 fps 89/103 FPS 32/60 fps
GFXBENCH Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen) 120/273 FPS N/C 119/258 FPS 85/136 FPS
Geekbench 5 single-core 1308 990 N/C 1240
Geekbench 5 Multi-core 4337 2669 N/C 3896
Geekbench 5 Compute N/C 4601 N/C 9103
Sequential reading / writing 1842/1738 MB / s 1328/236 MB / s 1955/1453 MB / s 1920/1307 MB / s
READING / READY 84162 /113531 IOPS 40972 /52167 IOPS 94123 /125455 IOPS 66203 /68887 IOPS

See more benchmarks

On Fortnite, You can very easily play at 60 fps with the graphical settings adjusted in epic mode. It’s fluid and pleasant. Even during the parachute jump at the start of the game, yet a subject usually to slowdowns, takes place almost without a hitch. Otherwise, you will really need frantic movements of the camera so that the drop in the number of images displayed per second is really noticed to the eye.

In addition, the Xiaomi 12T Pro even offers to go up to 90 Hz on the Epic game, but this is not worth it, you will be limited to a low quality of the graphics. Finally, concerning the heating, it will be emphasized that the lukewarm smartphone significantly during the effort without disturbing more than reason. To really raise the temperature, I had to take out the heavy artillery: a battery drainer with all the activated options (Flash, CPU and GPU very asked, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness in the max without standby and GPS )).

Xiaomi 12t pro Autonomy: Thank you the load 120 W

The Xiaomi 12T Pro has a 5000 mAh battery. First observation: it is very good at keeping precious percentages when the smartphone is inactive. Indeed, I did not have the possibility to start my test immediately after the smartphone announcement. The latter had been configured, connected to the Internet and already used a few hours, but he had to stay on my desk for about three and a half days. Now, when I was finally able to seriously lean on it, he had lost only a very negligible amount of energy.

Otherwise, on a daily basis, the Xiaomi 12t Pro will endure the days when it is actively used without being flawless. It is especially on taking a photo, video or during games that the battery level can descend drastically. It is not systematic, but it is to be monitored each time. On a part of Fortnite in 60 fps and epic, the smartphone will lose approximately 7 % battery in 15 minutes. Nothing really abnormal, but understand that it can go down very quickly.

During our Personalized Tiven Test Protocol, know that the Xiaomi 12T Pro held for 12 hours and 29 minutes with the adaptive 120 Hz mode activated by default. It is a result that will not make anyone fall on his seant, but it is perfectly honorable. You will not have a champion of endurance in your hands, but you will not have recharged it every four mornings.

The load, let’s talk about it ! It took me about 25 minutes to go from 10 to 100 %. So it’s a little more than the 19 minutes announced by the brand for a full load, but it is still very fast. The 120 W adapter provides with the phone is not a lazy. However, if this is still too slow for you (some people are really in a hurry), there is an option in the safety settings offering to increase the load speed. In return, the Xiaomi 12t Pro warns that it is more likely to have a hot stroke.

Xiaomi 12t pro network and communication

During calls, the Xiaomi 12T Pro does not pose any particular problem. The person on the other end will distinguish your voice well which will not be denatured by the very slight compression. If you are in a sound environment, your interlocutor will be able to distinguish a background noise, but it remains attenuated enough to never cover your words.

Furthermore, I have never encountered a concern on 4G, whether in the Paris region where I live, during a small getaway in Isère or during a trip to Munich with homelessness data. Also be aware that the Xiaomi 12T Pro is compatible with the 5G network.

Finally, nothing to report on geolocation.

Xiaomi 12T Pro Price and release date

The Xiaomi 12T Pro has been available in France since October 13. It is displayed at the official price of 799 euros and is available in three colors: black, light blue and silver.