Xforce screen protection by WEFIX, your smartphone says thank you!, Xforce: ultra-resistant screen

Xforce: Make your ultra-resistant screen

Where competition offers tempered glass protections, Xforce innovates with protection based on formal memory polymer. It is essentially TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which combines resistance and elasticity. And the advantages are numerous:

Xforce screen protection by WEFIX, your smartphone says thank you !

Xforce screen protection by Wefix, your smartphone says thank you!

You already know Wefix, our partner specializing in smartphones repair. But do you know XForce, without doubt the strongest screen protection on the market ? With this solution offered by Wefix, your smartphone will never have been so well protected.

Xforce what is exactly ?

Xforce is an innovative screen protection technology offered by Wefix, a great French specialist in mobile devices. Created in 2012 under the name of Allo Smartphone and become Wefix in 2012, the brand offers today its services in Over 100 stores dotted on French territory. To meet the needs of a constant progression clientele, Wefix has a substantial striking force with Over 150 experts.

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Where competition offers tempered glass protections, Xforce innovates with protection based on formal memory polymer. It is essentially TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which combines resistance and elasticity. And the advantages are numerous:

– a much more versatile solution

The first highlight of Xforce technology is that this is a tailor -made. Whether your smartphone is recent or old, whether small format or on the big screen, and especially regardless of its brand or model (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc.), it can benefit from XForce protection.

Better, even curved screen smartphones are compatible. You can also have a touch pad, a nomad console, a laptop, a connected watch or a reader, in short any screen up to a size of 13 inches.



Yes, you read that right, Xforce takes advantage of his memory technology To reduce the impact of a micro-screaming or shock. It is the assurance of a sustainable product and a sustainable display comfort. Please note, Wefix does not guarantee damage and recommends the concomitant use of a shell.

– increased resistance

Not content with being more versatile, Xforce protection is also very significantly more resistant than tempered glass protections. Another advantage is to offer a 360 ° resistance to your smartphone, protecting not only the front face but also the rear.

– Finesse, unrivaled

Much thinner than a tempered glass, Xforce allows you to keep tactile sensations intact. No more feeling of loss of sensitivity due to poorly designed protection, the force of Xforce screen protection is that it is quickly forgotten while remaining particularly effective. This protection also resists better the fingerprints, the obsession with touch screens.

– A quick and precise installation

The installation of XForce protection is ensured by approved technicians, which you can find both in the wefix corners of your favorite Fnac or Darty store in the Wefix antennas present in many cities. You have the guarantee of a professional and sustainable installation. A good investment for a well -protected smartphone, which will keep all its value with a view to a possible resale.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Where to put my XForce protection installed ?

In all Wefix shops or in the wefix corners of your Fnac and Darty stores, in total more than 100 points of sale

How much does it cost ?

The cost of installing Xforce protection depends on the size of the screen:

– € 29.90 for a size S screen (=> 7.3 inches, ex: smartwatchs and smartphones)

– € 39.99 for a size m screen (=> 10.2 inches, ex: tablets and recto verso smartphones for example)

– € 49.99 for a size L screen (=> 13 inches, ex: large format or laptop tablet)

It takes a lot of time ?

The approved technician Wefix performs the pose in a few minutes and this without an appointment.

Xforce: Make your ultra-resistant screen !


Who has never dropped his smartphone into the street or on the kitchen tiles ? However, there is a way to protect it. Xforce has the solution to make it indestructible. Finally, forget the scratches and the broken screens !

The Xforce solution is available for smartphones but also for tablets, electronic readers, Connected watches, game consoles And laptop.

Xforce: how it works ?

Xforce is a tailor-made, Designed among others for computers or smartphones, which protects both the screens and the rear side of the device with a self-careful film. Unlike the tempered glass, Xforce movies do not break and do not crumble. In addition, they offer a 360 ° protection. They join the curved surfaces (opinions to owners of a Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

Xforce films measure between 0.16 mm and 0.18 mm D

Xforce movies measure between 0.16 mm And 0.18 mm thick, What to be almost invisible on your screens. These protective films are custom cut using a cutting machine. Xforce offers cutouts for Over 600 devices screens going up to 13 inches.

Xforce benefits in 9 seconds (video)

Where can you protect your smartphone ?

Wefix geolocation

To preserve your smartphone or connected object of broken scratches and windows, know that Xforce is in the 100 Wefix stores. So quickly find your protective films !

How much does XForce cost ?

Different prices are offered according to the need (pose of protection included):

  • For a smartphone or a connected watch, count € 29.90
  • For 360 ° smartphone protection, count € 39.90
  • For a tablet or a laptop, count € 49.99

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