With its crazy cash bonus, Boursorama puts KO the market, Prime Boursorama: Read to obtain it!

Boursorama premium: the full list of commercial premiums

The amounts of the Boursorama Banque bonuses are not always the same. The online bank regularly varies its rewards for domiciliation of income, sponsorship operations and cashback offers during the year. Boursorama Banque, however, constantly reserves a bonom bidding bonus at least € 80 for its new customers at the opening of a first individual or professional account.

With its crazy cash bonus, Boursorama puts the market

Bank premium

Mac speed and antivirus

Boursorama Banque is more than ever a leader of the online bank. After a record year in 2022, she still wishes to accelerate in 2023. Hence this pink weekend with 130 euros of bonuses for all its new customers, without condition.

For 15 years, Boursorama Banque has been recognized as the cheapest bank in France by Le Monde. Not only do the majority of its customers pay no bank charges, but they can also receive a generous welcome bonus. The Pink Weekend is the perfect time to open an account.

This operation, which is spread this time from March 3 to 6, allows you to reach a premium superior to the standard bonus. The online bank offers 130 euros of premium to open a current account. This is also free, without income condition and without commitment. Competition is ko. The Pink130 code should be used.

In its range, Boursorama Banque offers three formulas: Welcome and Ultim are free, while the metal formula is paid. Among these three, the most popular is none other than the Ultim card. It is similar to a first visa card with flexibility on the ceilings and payment, and almost zero costs abroad. Unsurprisingly, it counts for a major part of the account openings in the establishment.

An unprecedented premium which is divided into three

Sometimes a year, Boursorama Banque is organizing its Pink Weekend Pink. This operation allows all curious people to open an account and have an additional financial advantage to do so. Even if you wanted to wait a few more weeks or months before opening an online account, it is better to advance this project this weekend (March 3-6, 2023). Indeed, the online bank offers an even bigger bonus.

The premium in question is divided in two but it is very easy to drop out. The first 50 euros tranche will be credited to you when you have activated your current account. This implies that it is necessary to make a first payment on the latter so that it is active. The second tranche of 80 euros will be paid when you have chosen the bank card: Welcome and Ultim cards are free, this can be done quickly. For the metal card, 8 months of contributions are offered. Logically, you will get the 130 euros in premium in a few minutes.

While it is expected to cross the 5 million customers in the coming months, Boursorama Banque wants to continue to panic the counters. Online bank releases an even higher bonus to attract curious. These remain free at any time: they can use their account (and card) occasionally or use it as a main account. In any case, the bank does not ask you to close your current account.

We still recall that the Welcome and Ultim cards remain free subject to using them once a month. Boursorama Banque wants to avoid dormant accounts, without forcing the activity. It only takes one transaction per month, without minimum amount, so that the account remains free in online banking. The metal card is chargeable, there is therefore no obligation to prove a monthly activity.

The bank that we recommend

Boursorama Banque is almost five times larger than its first rival among online banks. If she has managed to make up for traditional banking establishments, it is because she has developed a convincing promise.

First, it relies on the quality of its offer. You find there all the banking products of a basic bank: current account, savings, scholarship, life insurance, credits. Better yet: you are independent on these products. From the website or your mobile application, you can manage them and view these. At any time, customer support by phone can help you if you have a question.

Boursorama Banque also accumulates the awards: it is the best digital bank in Europe (with an average of 4.9/5 on the App Store for its application) according to D-rating, and it is also the cheapest. According to an internal study, customers spent in 2021 on average 7.79 euros in costs over the year. Note that a good part of the customers have paid nothing at all.

Opening an account with this online bank is easy and without obligation. Everyone can open an account to discover their service – and choose to use it with more or less attendance. That said, Boursorama Banque does not leave anyone indifferent. On its total basis of customers, no less than 86% of them are active and more than half are customers with a main account.

The Pink Weekend special bonus will attract hundreds of thousands of new customers. The online bank always manages to create the sensation with these operations which compensate the new openings. In fact, she wouldn’t really need it: her daily service already saves more than 200 euros per year. With this bonus of 170 euros, Boursorama Banque will necessarily attract many French.

The Boursorama Banque Pink weekend is happening here:

What to know about our good plans

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Boursorama premium: the full list of commercial premiums !

You want to know more about Boursorama premiums ? You are in the right place ! �� Currently, new customers can take advantage of a Boursorama Banque bonus up to € 130 offered, but how to benefit from it ?

What are the different Boost Balance Banque Branch bonuses ? What are the conditions to be respected in order to take advantage of a Boursorama commercial premium ? What is the method to follow to benefit from it ? All our answers to your questions concerning the Boursorama Banque bonus can be found in this file.

We start immediately with a comparison of the Boursorama bonuses: ��

Boursorama Banque bonuses

Eligible offers

Payment period

Learn more



Ultim Metal

8 free months




What stock market premiums at the moment ?

Here are the Boursorama Banque commercial bonuses offered at the moment:

  1. Welcome: € 130 offered
  2. Ultim: € 130 offered
  3. Ultim Metal: 80 € offered
  4. Boursorama Pro: € 80 offered
  5. Boursorama Epargne Livret: € 130 offered

1. Welcome: € 130 offered

Boursorama commercial premium

The Bank offers a Boursorama welcome bonus of € 130 to new customers who would open a bank account with the Welcome formula. This Boursorama premium is split into two: the first part of the Boursorama Banque commercial premium of € 80 is paid on the day of the effective opening of the bank account, while the second part of the premium of € 50 will be paid in the event of subscription at the Easymove free banking mobility service.

Here are the points to remember about the Boursorama Banque Welcome commercial bonus: ��

Boursorama Welcome premium

– Open an individual account with CB Welcome

Here are the steps to get € 130 when opening a Welcome account ::

  • Complete a questionnaire
  • Write the “BRSMBA” code in the “Code Offer” box
  • Order the bank card
  • Make a 1st payment of € 50
  • Subscribe to the Easymove banking mobility service
  • Domicile a transfer or withdrawal from his Boursorama account
  • Maintain your account and domiciliation for 12 months

2. Ultim: € 130 offered

Boursorama premium

Boursorama Banque also reserves its Boursorama welcome bonus of € 130 at the opening of an Ultim bank account. As for the commercial Banqueorama Banque Welcome commercial premium, the customer receives his first € 80 bonus in 48 hours after the actual opening of the current account. The second premium of € 50 is then credited if it subscribes to the free bank mobility service easymove.

Discover the main information of the Boursorama Banque Ultim bonus: ��

Boursorama Ultim premium

– Open an individual account

– Order an Ultim card

– Subscribe to Easymove

Let’s discover the steps to receive the premium from € 130 Boursorama Ultim ::

  1. Enter your personal information
  2. Note the “BRSMBA” code in the online form
  3. Choose the Ultim CB
  4. Deposit your supporting documents
  5. Activate your account (payment of € 300 min.))
  6. Use the Easymove service
  7. Domicile a banking operation at least
  8. Stay Boursorama customer for 12 months

3. Ultim Metal: 80 € offered

The Boursorama premium is € 80 offered for any subscription to Ultim Metal. Unlike the Boursorama Welcome or Ultim bonuses, the ultim metal offer premium is not financially paid but corresponds to the free of the first 8 months of subscription, a saving of € 79.20. During the 8th month, a payment of € 0.80 will be made on the bank account.

Find the details relating to the obtaining of the Boursorama Banque Ultim Metal premium: ��

Boursorama Ultim Metal premium

– Open an individual account

– Order an Ultim Metal card

– Justify € 2,500 net income (delayed debit card)

  • Send the completed form
  • Order the CB Ultim Metal
  • Join your supporting documents
  • Make a payment of € 500

4. Boursorama Pro: € 80 offered

Boursorama Prime

Boursorama Banque reserves an offer of € 80 for the first opening of a professional bank account accompanied by an Ultim card. This Boursorama Banque commercial premium is accessible to individual entrepreneurs or auto -entrepreneurs only. As is the case for the Boursorama Banque Welcome and Ultim bonuses, the Boursorama Pro offer allows you to be credited with a premium of € 80 on the day of the effective opening of the account.

Here is an overview of general information concerning the Boursorama Banque Pro premium: ��

Boursorama Pro premium

– Having never had a pro Boursorama account

– Open a pro account

5. Boursorama Booklet: € 130 offered

Boursorama Bank bonus

Boursorama offers the Boursorama Booklet offer for several savings products. These are accessible to new customers, provided that they have opened a Boursorama Banque bank account with the Welcome or Ultim formula and subscribed to the Easymove service beforehand. A first Boursorama commercial premium of € 80 will be credited on the day of the effective opening of the bank account. The second premium of € 50 will be paid if the customer subscribed to the Easymove banking mobility service.

Discover the conditions to take advantage of the Boursorama Banque Booklet bonus: ��

Boursorama Savings Breasthe

– Open an individual account

– Order a Welcome/Ultim card

To receive the Boursorama premium, here is the procedure ::

  1. Open a Welcome or Ultim account
  2. Download your supporting documents
  3. Make a first payment (from 50 to 300 € min.))
  4. Domicile 1 transfer or withdrawal via easymove
  5. Open a savings book (Booklet A, LDDS …)

Boursorama commercial premium: the FURS FULL !

You wish to subscribe to the opening of a bank account at Boursorama Banque soon and are curious to know which Boursorama welcome premium you are entitled ? Take advantage of a Boursorama commercial premium adapted to your situation by discovering how to step by step. Find in this FAQ all the frequently asked questions about the Boursorama Banque premium.

�� What is the amount of the Boursorama premium ?

The amount of the Boursorama premium is 80 to 130 € depending on the banking offer selected at the subscription. Currently, new customers of Welcome or Ultim bank accounts receive a total premium of € 130 while new Ultim Metal and Professional customers benefit from € 80 offered (in the form of a payment or several months of free subscriptions).

Time offer at Boursorama

��The amount of the Boursorama Banque Bienvenue Bonom evolves according to the offers, Whether it is a classic or punctual bank market bonus bonus. At these exclusive promotional periods such as Pink Weekend, Boursorama premiums can reach € 150 offered for 4 days. To take advantage of it, you must be opened during the validity days of the premium (generally at the start or at the end of the month).

�� How long to receive the Boursorama premium ?

It takes 48 hours to receive the Boursorama premium. Boursorama Banque bonuses are automatically paid to the actual activation of the account, that is to say when the account is opened following receipt of the first payment. If you have participated in an operation opening the right to a premium but your account has still not been credited, refer to the conditions of the offer or contact the Boursorama customer service.

Commercial Prime Boursorama Deadline

Find the average waiting deadlines for Boursorama premiums:

  • ��Welcome offer : as part of the opening of a first bank account at Boursorama, the Boursorama Banque bonus is automatically paid on the day of the effective opening of the account
  • ��Sponsorship : The godson opening his first bank account will be credited with the amount of his Boursorama commercial premium within 48 hours after his activation. The godfather will be rewarded immediately on the day of the effective opening of the god’s god account
  • ��Income domiciliation offer : Following the subscription to the Easymove banking mobility service, you must wait for a maximum of 60 days from registration to receive the premium

�� What are the conditions to receive the Boursorama Banque premium ?

The conditions to receive the Boursorama Banque premium are ::

  • Open a Boursorama bank account
  • Have an EU bank account in its name
  • Reside in France
  • Not be banned banking
  • Make a first payment

Boursorama Prime Conditions

��To these conditions are added specific requirements according to the Boursorama premiums. For offers of € 130 offered Welcome or Ultim, it is necessary to use the Easymove banking mobility service and domicile at least a transfer or withdrawal. For the Boursorama Pro offer, it is necessary to be an individual entrepreneur.

�� Why did I not receive the Boursorama premium ?

Here is why you did not receive the Boursorama premium:

  • Expired offer
  • Unattainted conditions
  • Offer code not informed
  • Payment of the deferred premium
  • Uncumlable premium

Unpaid Prime Bank Boursorama

�� To be able to receive a Boursorama commercial premium, you must take care to respect the conditions and procedures to follow. If a request comes while an offer has expired, apart from stipulated deadlines or in the event that one of the elements of the file is not in accordance with, Boursorama will not credit the premium.
For certain operations, the offer code must absolutely be registered on the subscription form in order to be able to be eligible for the premium.

�� Good to know : Some Boursorama premiums are paid immediately while others are delayed. We must refer to the conditions of the current offer or wait a few days that the premium is paid.

�� Until when are valid bonuse bounty bonuses ?

Boys Balance Banque Bienvenue Bonuses are valid frequently all year round for a variable period. Classic welcome offers for the opening of an individual, joined or professional account with the order of a bank card with the Welcome, Ultim or Ultim Metal offer are mostly accessible over extensive periods.
Only operations such as the Pink Weekend are offered regularly but only for a few days, with the amount of the boosted bonus of € 150.

��Boursorama Banque reserves the right to modify the conditions or the amount of a Boursorama commercial premium. The bank can also suspend it temporarily or stop it at any time subject to disseminating information publicly on its website. The announcement of the modification, the suspension or the judgment of the offer will be communicated on the official website of the online bank and will comply with a notice period of 10 calendar days.

�� Can Boursorama recover the commercial premium ?

Boursorama can recover the commercial premium, if you do not keep the bank account opened for 12 months. In the case of the Boursorama Banking Boursorama premium, you must also maintain the domiciliation of operations transferred via Easymove. If you close your bank account before this period, a direct debit of the Boursorama premium is deducted from the end.

Boursorama Banque commercial premium

Here are in detail the cases where Boursorama recovers a bonus:

  • He acts of reprehensible behavior : a dispute between the Customer and Boursorama can lead to the closure of the Customer’s account on the Boursorama initiative. If the closing of the account comes within 12 months after its effective opening, it leads to the removal of the premium already perceived
  • He ends his bank account : If the Customer wishes to close his bank account on his own in the following 12 months, his effective opening, Boursorama Banque reserves the right to recover the Boursorama Banque bonus paid within the framework of the commercial operation
  • He does not maintain his domiciliation : To benefit from the subscription bonus in the Easymove service, the customer must maintain the domiciliation of an operation 12 months after actual activation. The opposite case, Boursorama Banque can debit the full amount of the premium

�� Are the amounts of Boursorama premiums are always the same ?

The amounts of the Boursorama Banque bonuses are not always the same. The online bank regularly varies its rewards for domiciliation of income, sponsorship operations and cashback offers during the year. Boursorama Banque, however, constantly reserves a bonom bidding bonus at least € 80 for its new customers at the opening of a first individual or professional account.

Boursorama Banque Prime Amount

Here is the details of the amounts of certain other Boursorama Banque bonuses:

  • Pink weekend premium : almost every month for 4 days, the Pink Weekend increases the usual Boursorama welcome bonus up to € 180
  • Premium Freedom : A premium of up to € 80 regularly granted to customers aged 12 to 17 wishing to open their first bank account at Boursorama by ordering a Freedom card and whose parents hold a Boursorama account
  • Sponsorship : Boursorama offers sponsorship bonuses all year round to the variable amount, up to € 150 for the new Boursorama customer and € 130 for the godfather

�� What is the Boursorama premium during the weekend ?

The Boursorama premium during the weekend is a boosted welcome offer of € 150. The Pink Weekend offer is constantly renewed, but its amount is variable and can amount to € 150. It is imperative to open your individual bank account during the Pink Weekend to receive the first part of the Boursorama Banqueorama commercial premium.
Then, it is possible to be credited with the amount of the second premium by subscribing to the free banking mobility service easymove.

Boursorama premium weekend

Here are the steps step to benefit from the Boursorama Banque bonus during the weekend:

  • ✍️Fine to eligibility conditions : Being of age, capable, French tax resident, never having been a Boursorama customer and holding a bank account in France or in the EU
  • ��SOUSSIGN OPENING OF AN INDIVIDUAL BANK ACCOUNT : You must be careful to fill out the form while respecting the dates of the Pink-Weekend to take advantage of the Boursorama Bank Bienvenue premium
  • �� Select your bank card : the Pink Weekend offer is reserved for ordering a free visa bank card with the Welcome offer or the Ultim offer to choose from
  • �� Transmit your supporting documents : a valid identity document, proof of address, a RIB in its name and a handwritten signature (plus the first 2 pages of the last tax notice for a delayed debit card)
  • ✔️ Activate your bank account : Boursorama sends the RIB of the new account on which a first deposit must be made within 5 days after receipt of the confirmation. The first part of the Boursorama Banque commercial premium is automatically paid on the day of the effective opening of the account
  • ⚙ Domicile his income : you must subscribe to the Easymove service. After having signed the mandate authorizing Boursorama to domicile at least an operation – transfer or withdrawal – recurrent, it is necessary to wait up to 60 days before receiving the second part of the Boursorama premium

�� Are there other Boursorama commercial bonuses ?

There are other Boursorama commercial premiums, including those paid for sponsorship operations. Boursorama Banque regularly offers sponsorship bonuses of a variable amount. The awards are particularly generous, both for the godfather and for the godson. They can indeed reach up to € 130 for the godfather and € 150 for his godson who opens his first bank account at Boursorama.

Boursorama sponsorship premium

Here are the steps to benefit from sponsorship and receive a BOURSORAMA bank bonus:

  • Sharing the sponsorship code to the godson
  • Opening of the bank account by the godson
  • Activation of the Bank account of the godson
  • Reception of the premium

��For his part, the godson must also domicile a transfer or withdrawal from his bank account To receive his full Boursorama premium. For this, the use of the Easymove banking mobility service is compulsory: it is therefore necessary to sign a mandate of banking mobility and select the operations to be transferred from the starting account to the Boursorama account.

Buyrama Banque Boost Bonom: In summary !

The Boursorama welcome bonus paid to a new customer who operates a bank account is one of the most generous online banking market. It is accessible to many customer profiles, whether individuals or professionals. The conditions to benefit from it are flexible and they are mainly offered in an almost continuous manner.

�� It is important to follow the subscription process in order to ensure that the Boursorama Banque premium is well. If the conditions of grant were not to be respected, the Boursorama Banque commercial premium will not be paid. You also have to be careful to send your file and make the first payment in time procure.

�� It should be emphasized that Boursorama pays the Boysrama Banque Bienvenue Prime within very short deadlines : the reward is generally credited the same day of the effective opening of the account. A new customer who took advantage of the Boursorama welcome bonus will be happy to continue to continue to earn money with Boursorama, thanks to its very interesting sponsorship and cashback offers.

A suggestion or a remark on the Borable Bankrama Bank bonus ? Put us a little comment, we will be happy to answer you or bounce back on your remarks ! ��