Which little SUV to choose? Deluc group, top 20 of the best small urban SUVs (September 2023)

Small SUV


Many drivers will recognize Puma as a small sports car from the 1990s, and although Ford has revived the name, it is a very different car. Its unique sale argument is what Ford calls “megabox” – an intelligent space for space around the trunk means that there is a lot of space under the adjustable chest floor. There is enough room for objects measuring up to 115 cm high.

Which little SUV to choose ?

The best SUVs to buy when you plan to choose a SUV.
Small and strong, small SUVs and crossovers offer a high driving position without the size of a large car.

The Range Rover is the gold stallion of all SUVs, with its popular style, its spacious and sumptuously furnished interior, and its impressive ability to go everywhere and tow anything, which are incomparable. But there is a problem: its price.

It is therefore not surprising that smaller and more affordable models are considered the best used SUVs to buy by a large number of people in France. Drivers always benefit from a high driving position, a practical interior and, generally, from the four -wheel drive option, without the exorbitant price of real vehicles. In addition, these cars generally use the mechanical parts of a small conventional car, crossed with the high driving position of a real all-terrain SUV, in order to maintain the cost at a low level.

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The choice of models has widened faster than a bamboo plantation, thanks to their wide appeal. They are popular with young families, older drivers who appreciate the ease of access to a larger car, employees who want a company car capable of transporting their bikes on weekends, and newly qualified drivers who can now dream of a SUV as the first vehicle.

In addition, power is not limited to petrol or diesel. There are many hybrid and rechargeable hybrid models, as well as electric models.

The best small SUVs for sale currently

Mazda CX-3
Mini Countryman
Citroën C3 Aircross
Audi Q2
Suzuki Ignis
Skoda Kamiq
Ford Puma
Dacia Duster
Peugeot 3008
Hyundai Kona Electric

1. Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX 3

Choose this little SUV to make you smile.

Our choice Mazda CX-3 2.0 Skyactiv-G 120 Sport Nav

There are not many small SUVs that try to give the driver a smile, but the Mazda CX-3 is one of them. There is precision and balance in the way this pretty little car leads her things. And that means that when you have it for yourself, an open and winding road can be a real pleasure in driving.

However, it is not perfect. The CX-3 is a little narrow in the rear seats and the trunk would need a little more space, so you will have to assess it carefully and decide if it meets your needs. Mazda offers the CX-3 with a choice of two or four-wheel drive, but for most situations, the first is perfectly acceptable.

The CX-3 was updated in September 2018 and received a new diesel engine. Outside, he suffered a new grille, while an electronic hand brake replaced the type of manual lever; A padded central armrest and a folding central rear seat with cup holder have also been added.

2. Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman

Best SUV for the personal touch

Our Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4 selection

You would not want to be entrusted with the task of counting the number of different combinations of mini, because it would take more than one life to widen your head. Under the watchful eye of the parent company BMW, Mini introduced the concept of personalization and the drivers loved the idea of ​​making a mini.

Today, this trend continues, and you can have fun configuring large countrymanman on the company configurator. It should be noted that the second generation of Countryman is clearly improving compared to the first, especially in terms of space and quality of the interior. It has also seen the introduction of a four -wheel drive rechargeable hybrid option, which uses a reduced version of the 1.5 -liter inlet petrol engine, associated with an electric motor, to offer performance comparable to those Cooper S while improving efficiency; Mini promises about 1.88 l/100 km if you load the countryman regularly.

And fortunately, the feeling of driving pleasure remains very alive, even if the engines, the acoustic insulation and the choice of options – such as the automatic gearbox and the four -wheel drive – gave the car a more sophisticated appearance.

3. Citroen C3 Aircross

Citroën C3 Aircross

Choose this little SUV for comfort

Our choice Citroen C3 Aircross Puretech 110 Flair

Some small SUVs offer you a higher driving position, but not much more space than if you had bought a small standard sedan. This is not the case with C3 Aircross, which hides many practical aspects behind its wacky design. Adults should be able to settle comfortably at the back, thanks to a reasonable space for the legs, and the 410 -liter trunk is larger than that of a Volkswagen Golf.

The emphasis on the family continues in the way they behave: it is comfortably damaged the rugged roads and minimizes the penchant during the turns. As it has existed since 2017, there have been a lot of choice on the second -hand market.

4. Audi Q2

Audi Q2

Choose this little SUV for image and space


Small but perfectly formed, the Q2 brings a touch of class to the small SUV sector. All Audi’s factory brands are there: elegant style and impressive manufacturing quality, effective motors and surprisingly good handling.

Our favorite engine, the 1.4 -liter TSI petrol engine can deactivate two cylinders when they are not necessary, for example by going down a coast or driving regularly at normal speed, which saves fuel fuel. A sports version of the Q2, called SQ2, joined the range in 2019. Its 300 hp engine catapults the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, so it is not a drag.

It is a comfortable car that is also pleasant to drive. As you can expect, you can have your Q2 in two or four -wheel drive, although you pay very expensive for the latter. The available space is reasonable, sufficient for two adults to be comfortable at the rear. The trunk is also of a reasonable size.

5. Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

The best SUV for economic driving

Our choice Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Sz-T

Even family SUVs of modest size can leave drivers with tenacious doubts that there is no way to park near the school or on the street. This is not the case with little Suzuki Ignis, which looks a bit like a larger car that would have been narrowed by hot washing, but which has a good attitude thanks to a daring style and a position of wheel on every street corner.

It also has many features. You can opt for a light hybrid system or four -wheel drive, but the choice of engine is simple: a 1.2 liter petrol which is enthusiastic and economical even without light hybrid technology. The work is done.

6. Skoda Kamiq

Skoda Kamiq

Choose this small SUV for quality at low prices

Our choice Skoda Kamiq 1.5 tsi is dsg

The smallest SKODA SUV offers a spacious interior and a high level of standard equipment. Entry -level S models are equipped with 16 -inch alloy rims, LED headlights and air conditioning. If you can, avoid this finish because it has a small multimedia system of 6.5 inch, and opt for the SE with its eight -inch system, which supports Apple Carplay wireless and Android cable cable. The models drive and superiors are equipped with an even larger screen of 9.2 inch.

There is an engine that is suitable for most drivers, including a torque of 1.0 -liter petrol engines with either 95 hp 110 hp. The 150 hp of the 1.5 -liter petrol engine are the most powerful in the range; It is this engine and the more powerful 1.0 liter engine that can be associated with the ultra-fast automatic gearbox. There is no four -wheel drive option, however.

The Kamiq also shares many pieces with the Seat Arona, with a more sporty look, and the Volkswagen T-Cross and T-Roc, more adult.

7. Ford Puma

Ford Puma

Best SUV for the chest volume

Our Ford Puma 1 selection.0 Ecoboost MHEV 125 St-Line

Many drivers will recognize Puma as a small sports car from the 1990s, and although Ford has revived the name, it is a very different car. Its unique sale argument is what Ford calls “megabox” – an intelligent space for space around the trunk means that there is a lot of space under the adjustable chest floor. There is enough room for objects measuring up to 115 cm high.

It is only available in high -end versions: the entry -level titanium model (a name that was previously reserved for high -end models) is equipped with an eight -inch touch screen with Apple Carplay and Android Auto , automatic lights and wipers and rear parking sensors. There are two St-Line variants and a high-end Vignale version, but it is the Puma St (photo above) that you will choose if the acceleration is important for you. It uses the same 1.5 -liter fuel engine of 200 hp as the Fiesta St.

In addition to the 1.5 -liter engine, there is an Ecoboost 1.0 -liter petrol engine that uses light hybrid technology to improve efficiency and power. It is available in two versions: 125 hp and 155 hp.

8. Dacia Duster

Dacia Duster

The best cheap little SUV for economical and joyful driving.

Our choice Dacia Duster 1.0 TCE 100 Comfort

A pragmatic would say that you should not pay the slightest attention to brilliant brochures and attractive videos that are used to sell cars while we all know the reality of life with a car: overturned coffee, muddy rubber boots, spots chocolate, sick children and the pong of wet dogs.

This is where the Dacia Duster enters its element. It is a good car that drivers can be proud to own, but not to the point of feeling proud of your house. It is capable of collecting hard blows, offers space for five people and their luggage, the last model is technological enough to prevent addicts with smartphones from becoming nervous and, above all, its price is adapted to the financial needs of millions from families in France.

It is one of the cheapest ways to put yourself at the wheel of a four-wheel drive SUV, and although the diesel engine is best suited to all-terrain, most drivers will not venture to -the muddy fields. The fuel variants of 1.2 or 1.3 liters will be more suitable for short trips of city dwellers and will offer an equally high efficiency.

Small SUV

You are certainly wondering What a little SUV to choose in 2023 ? No doubt, the SUV has been the star segment for several years now. And The little SUVs, Urban SUV Or Mini SUV – are on the rise this year. The market is flooded with these super city dwellers with high seat and nice design ! To discover without further delay, the model that will suit your family.

Small SUV

Summary of the article

�� Classification of small crossovers which have the coast in France in 2023

To help you see a little more clearly and make your choice, we have established a classification of these SUV Small According to four criteria:

  • the length,
  • the height,
  • The size of the trunk,
  • the price.

Top 1 – Renault Captur: The King of Urban SUVs

Length 4.23 m
Height 1.58 m
Chest size 536 liters
Price 30,500 euros
Global mark 9.5/10

Benefits of the little French SUV

The best -selling SUV in France is petri of qualities, in particular its unrivaled homogeneity. At ease on the highway as in town, the Renault Captur is distinguished from competition by its practical aspects like its sliding rear bench.

Three petrol engines, two diesels, GPL and rechargeable hybrid variations, four finish levels: the small Renault Captur SUV already has 21 different versions in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog in the catalog.

The strong point of Captur 2: its very spacious cabin and a volume of trunk between 422 and 536 L depending on the position of the bench.

Marketed since 2020, the Captur E-Tech develops 160 cumulated 160 hp and promises 50 km of electrical autonomy in WLTP cycle thanks to a 9.8 kWh battery which takes up space and causes 157 liters to the trunk.

Disadvantages of urban crossover

If Renault has made great progress in terms of the finish and the choice of materials, the Captur model is nevertheless still a notch below its eternal French competitor, the Peugeot 2008.

Top 2-Toyota CH-R: the best hybrid urban SUV

Length 4.39
Height 1.56 m
Chest size 377 liters
Price 37,500 euros
Global mark 9.5/10

Advantages of the small hybrid SUV

The C-HR is the small economic hybrid SUV par excellence since it is accessible in “dynamic” finish for less than 30,000 euros. For this price, you have a car that does not look like any other and which, in addition, is pleasant to drive and well equipped.

Toyota disadvantages

The particular design of the C-HR may not please. In addition, its atypical shape nibbles a little space, in particular the boot volume of only 358 liters ..

Top 3 – Jeep Avenger, the car of the year 2023

Length 4.08
Height 1.53 m
Chest size 355 liters
Price 36,500 euros
Global mark 9.5/10

The strengths of the Avenger

The smallest Jeep SUV in the history of the American manufacturer arrives with great fanfare on our roads with the very coveted title of “car of the year 2023”. The Jeep Avanger has everything to seduce: a beautiful mouth, a compact size and a dynamic electric motor of 156 hp and a range of 400 km.

Its weaknesses

The Jeep Avenger still disappoints by the quality of certain plastics even if overall the quality of finish is good. We can also blame him for his prices, around 40,000 euros, not given for a car 4 meters long.

�� Find the Jeep Avenger at the top 10 of the best American cars

Top 4 – Audi Q2: the best Small Premium SUV

Audi Q2 The best small premium SUV

Length 4.21 m
Height 1.51 m
Chest size 405 liters
Price 36,570 euros
Global mark 9.5/10

Advantages of Audi Q2

It is no coincidence that the Q2 is undisputed leader in the premium urban SUV market: hell look, top comfort, beautiful space on board, volume of trunk among the best in the category and, above all, super approval of conduct.

German urban SUV disadvantages

The prices are still very high-essential options too numerous-for a small SUV as luxurious as it is. At equal services, competition does better, like the mini countryman or the DS3 crossback.

Top 5 – Hyundai Bayon: the best quality/price ratio

Length 4.18 m
Height 1.50 m
Chest size 411 liters
Price 24,400 euros
Global mark 9/10

Benefits of the Korean SUV

The Korean manufacturer is on the rise in stern with two models of urban SUVs placed in our Top 20: the Hyundai Kona, of course, then this recent Hyundai Bayon Petri of quality and with quality/price ratio/almost unbeatable equipment.

Disadvantages of Hyundai Bayon

Cheaper than his brother, the Kona, the Hyundai Bayon of course does not offer the same qualities in terms of finish or modularity. We feel that Hyundai due “pulled on prices”.

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Top 6 – Citroën C3 Aircross: the most comfortable urban SUV

Citroen C3 Aircross The Petit Urbain The most comfortable

Length 4.16 m
Height 1.60 m
Chest size 410 liters
Price 28,450 euros
Global mark 9/10

Advantages of C3 Aircross

With its good boil, its pretty curves and has the possibility of personalizing it endlessly, the Citroën C3 Aircross has everything to seduce families who are looking for a very good SUV, both comfortable in town and on a highway.

Disadvantages of the French mini SUV

Unlike its competitors, the Citroën C3 Aircross does not offer any hybrid or electric motorization. It is satisfied with conventional petrol and diesel engines.

Top 6-Mazda CX-3: the most pleasant SUV to drive

Length 4.18 m
Height 1.50 m
Chest size 411 liters
Price 24,400 euros
Global mark 9/10

Benefits of the Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3 deserves to be better known in France as it is full of qualities. The Japanese urban SUV undoubtedly has the best finish in its category from the entry level and a great driving approval.

Disadvantages of the Japanese urban SUV

The only defect in this Mazda CX-3 is its slightly fair habitability, compared to competition. In particular the too fair trunk volume, just like the space of the squares at the rear.

Top 7-Peugeot E-2008: the best electric urban SUV


Length 4.30 m
Height 1.55 m
Chest size 405 liters
Price 38,050 euros
Global mark 9/10

Benefits of the Peugeot E-2008

The Peugeot E-2008 takes up all the strengths of his thermal brother, but without emitting a lower gram of CO2. Add good autonomy and excellent road behavior and you get one of the best electric SUVs on the market.

Disadvantages of the small French electric SUV

Except for a slightly tight chest volume for a SUV, the Peugeot E-2008, like almost all electric cars, is sold very expensive: count 41,200 euros with a GT line finish…

Top 9 – Ford Puma: the most fun mini SUV to drive

Mini SUV Ford Puma

Length 4.19 m
Height 1.54 m
Chest size 456 liters
Price 28,900 euros
Global mark 8.5/10

Advantages of the Ford Puma

The Ford Puma St is unique: it is the only urban SUV to offer a flexive motorization. Clearly, you divide your fuel bill by two, while keeping the many advantages of the American SUV: look, modularity, road behavior, trunk size.

American disadvantages

Fierce competition in this very coveted segment of urban SUVs had the advantage of raising the overall level of requirement in all areas: engines, habitability, quality of finish, comfort. On comfort, the Ford Puma is a bad student.

Top 10 – Opel Mokka: the most compact urban SUV

Length 4.15 m
Height 1.53 m
Chest size 350 liters
Price 23,250 euros
Global mark 8.5/10

Advantages of the Opel Mokka

Hell look, excellent road behavior, very good value for money: the Opel Mokka has everything to seduce a young clientele who wishes to distinguish himself with a SUV “not like the others”. Mention very well for version 1.2 turbo 130 hp gs line.

Disadvantages of the little SUV of the German brand

In terms of habitability and trunk volume, the Opel Mokka is below the standards of the SEV segment. We can also regret certain finishing details.

Top 11 – Suzuki Vitara: the best urban SUV in full hybrid

Small crossover suzuki vitara hybrid

Length 4.18 m
Height 1.61 m
Chest size 289 liters
Price 28,390 euros
Global mark 8/10

Advantages of the Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is the only hybrid SUV on the market available in all -wheel drive, which of course can be useful if you live in the mountains. Comfortable, economical and pleasant to drive, the Vitara also allows you to drive several km in 100% electric.

Disadvantages of the Japanese SUV

The Suzuki Vitara has aged. Even restyled, we feel the weight of years with regard to its design, ultra classic and soulless, but also its technology on board, its space on board and its important sound level.

Top 12 – Toyota Yaris Cross: the best choice in small 4×4

Length 4.18 m
Height 1.60 m
Chest size 320 liters
Price 29,500 euros
Global mark 8/10

Advantages of Toyota Yaris Cross

Available in two or four -wheel drive, the Toyota Yaris Cross sold only in a hybrid version displays low consumption of fuel fuel. It is also very well equipped, stylish and particularly pleasant to drive.

Disadvantages of Japanese crossover

In terms of habitability, Toyota Yaris Cross is not one of the good students in the category. Especially in the back where large templates are not welcome.

Top 13-Volkswagen T-Roc: the most German mini SUV

Length 4.24 m
Height 1.58 m
Chest size 445 liters
Price 39,240 euros
Global mark 8/10

Advantages of Volkswagen T-Roc

This is one of Volkswagen’s bestseller and it is deserved: the T-Roc is one of the most efficient SUVs on the market. Its qualities: impeccable road behavior, pleasant presentation, space on board, comfort and premium manufacturing quality.

Disadvantages of the German Urban SUV

Its size is a little too imposing for urban SUV, but not enough for a compact SUV. Difficult therefore to determine the Volkswagen T-Roche belonging segment. Astonishing also that the German manufacturer does not offer a hybrid motorization.

Top 14 – DS3 BlueHDI 130 hp: the best premium SUV in diesel

Length 4.12 m
Height 1.53 m
Chest size 350 liters
Price 34,700 euros
Global mark 8/10

Benefits of the newds3

Do not call it DS 3 Crossback, simply call it DS3 ! The French premium SUV does not only change the name, it improves in all compartments with this new even more opulent, better equipped and prettier version. Moreover, the French manufacturer “dares” offer a diesel version which will delight large rollers.

Disadvantages of the tricolor DS

The prices of the new restyled DS3 may seem too high for a French car, but they are almost similar to those of German premium competitors. However, frankly, the French SUV has nothing to envy them.

Top 15 – Skoda Kamiq: the most techno

Length 4.24 m
Height 1.56 m
Chest size 400 liters
Price 23,440 euros
Global mark 8/10

Advantages of the Skoda Kamiq

As is often the case with Skoda, the kamiq gives in the solid, the classic without frills. The Czech SUV is nonetheless one of the best cars in the category, comfortable, with a techno and well -finished interior and many practical aspects.

Disavnelities in the Czech SUV microphone

The prices were revised upwards during the last restyling. The Skoda Kamiq which shone by its excellent value for money has become a high -end SUV and therefore relatively expensive. The volume of its trunk is just average of the segment.

Top 16 – Nissan Juke: the most rebellious crossovers

Length 4.21 m
Height 1.60 m
Chest size 422 liters
Price 25,290 euros
Global mark 7.5/10

Advantages of the Nissan Juke

This second generation nissan juke was won and became less original than the first version. But it has improved in terms of comfort, habitability, quality of finish, to the point of becoming one of the best SUVs on the market.

Nissan had opened the ball in 2010, without anyone believing in the success of his new Juke. And yet the curious Mini Urban SUV Defined all forecasts, to the point that ten years later, no general manufacturer can afford to ignore this phenomenon which appears regularly in the best French sales.

The very first juke had caused a sensation with his original but clever look. The Nissan Juke 2 has kept a certain originality but was generally.

Disadvantages of Juke

The only criticism that can be made to this Nissan Juke is its lack of proposal for a motorization: only one in the catalog, the petrol block 1.0 DG-T of 117 hp. But patience, the hybrid nissan juke arrives soon.

Top 17-Volkswagen T-Cross: the most practical

Length 4.11 m
Height 1.56 m
Chest size 385 liters
Price 27,550 euros
Global mark 7.5/10

Advantage of Vokswagen T-Cross

Little brother of the T-Roc, the Volkswagen T-Cross is an excellent choice for urban people looking for a SUV with a space-saving template, but in space on board sufficient. Especially since its driving pleasure is among the best on the market.

D-CROSS disadvantages

The Volkswagen T-Cross, with an equivalent motorization, ultimately costs “only” 2,500 euros less than the T-Roc, larger and more at ease than its little brother on long trips.

Top 18 – Mini Countryman: The Mini Urban SUV “Gentleman Farmer”

Length 4.30 m
Height 1.56 m
Chest size 450 liters
Price 36,400 euros
Global mark 7/10

Benefits of the Mini Countryman

The third premium urban SUV on the market, with the Audi Q2 and the DS3 Crossback, is doing well thanks to its inimitable style. But also in its exceptional handling, its space on board and its modularity.

Disadvantages of the British Mini SUV

The price ! Style, refinement, chic: Mini makes it pay dearly. On average, you have to sign a check of around 40,000 euros for a mini countryman who, despite his friendly image, remains only a small SUV ..

Top 19 – Hyundai Kona: the most stylish

Length 4.21 m
Height 1.57 m
Chest size 374 liters
Price 28,500 euros
Global mark 7/10

Advantages of Hyundai Kona

Hyundai Kona is the only SUV in the automotive market to offer all engines: petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric. An advantage since everyone, according to its use, can find their happiness there, especially since the Korean SUV is one of the best in terms of comfort and habitability.

Disadvantages of Kona

Hyundai Kona does not suffer from major defects. We can still regret its lack of modularity and your interior a little too classic.

Top 20 – Lotus Elter: the British electric SUV Supersonic

Length 5.10 m
Height 1.63 m
Chest size 400 liters
Price 96,890 euros
Global mark 9/10

His strengths

We will have to wait a few more weeks to see him disembark on our roads, but for sure, you will not miss it ! The Lotus Elerte is the SUV of all superlatives: phenomenal accelerations with its 603 or 905 hp electric motor depending on the versions, a breathtaking design, an ultra techno interior and an announced autonomy of 600 km.

Its weaknesses

The price, of course, is a major drawback. But it still remains well placed in relation to competitors such as the Audi e-tron sportback 55, less powerful, or the Tesla Model X.

They were in the ranking of the best SUVs in 2022

They left our ranking of the best SUVs this year, nevertheless they still marked the spirits in their segment.

Jeep Renegade: the most adventurous urban SUV

Length 4.24 m
Height 1.68 m
Chest size 351 liters
Price 36,650 euros
Global mark 6.5/10

Advantages of the Jeep Renegade

One like the mini countryman, the jeep renegade seduces first for its style. But it has many other qualities such as its standard equipment, its comfort, its quality of finish and its attractive price.

Disadvantages of the American SUV

The main defect of the Jeep Renegade comes from its motorization: the 3 cylinder petrol 1.0 120 hp consumes too much, the rechargeable hybrid version increases the rates much higher than those of the competition, while the e-hybrid lacks dynamism.

Seat Arona: the best agility/comfort compromise

SEAT ARONA The best little SUV of the generalists

Length 4.15 m
Height 1.54 m
Chest size 400 liters
Price 30,000 euros
Global mark 9/10

Benefits of the Seat Arona

The Seat Arona is undoubtedly one of the best urban SUVs on the current market. Well constructed, powerful, comfortable, reliable, versatile and pleasant to drive, Spanish checks all boxes. In addition, and to its advantage it is one of the cheapest small SUVs on the market currently.

Disadvantages of the small Spanish crossover

The a little too classic design of Seat Arona is not dreaming. On the motorization side, we can also regret the absence of a micro-hybridization offer.

DS3 Crossback: The most premium French SUV

Length 4.12 m
Height 1.53 m
Chest size 350 liters
Price 38,500 euros
Global mark 8/10

DS3 CrossBack DS3

The French SUV does not lack an advantage to scrap with its competitors of the premium urban SUV segment: Impeccable quality of finish, chic “French”, road behavior and well -controlled fuel consumption, in particular in diesel engine.

Disadvantages of the tricolor DS

By playing the design card thoroughly, the DS3 Crossback neglects some fundamentals of the segment, such as practical or more annoying aspects, visibility. In addition, DS dearns its exclusivity dearly.

�� Comparison tables of 6 small SUVs

Models Length Width Height Consumption Volume of the L -shaped trunk Price
Renault Captur 4,227 mm 1,797 mm 1,576 mm 4.9 L-, 7 L 261 to 422 L € 21,950
Peugeot 2008 4,300 mm 1,770 mm 1530 mm 4.9 L-5.4 L 405 L € 22,700
Citroën C3 Aircross 4,160 mm 1,756 mm 1,597-1 637 mm 4.8 L-5.5 L 410 L € 18,850
Nissan Juke 4,210 mm 1,800 mm 1,595 mm 5.9-6.2 L 422 L 20,490 €
Hyundai Kona 4 165-4 215 mm 1,800 mm 1,565-1 575 mm 4.9-6.1 L 361 to 374 L € 24,050 €
Audi Q2 4 191 mm 1,794 mm 1,508 mm 4.8-6.4 L 4.8-6.4 L € 28,760

❓ The most posed questions about small SUVs

Discover the most posed questions about small SUVs.

What is a little SUV ?

A small SUV is a category of vehicles that offer a combination of maneuverability and functionality. They offer greater height and better visibility than conventional vehicles, while offering lower and more agile driving. They also offer greater loading capacity and greater towing capacity.

What is the difference between a small SUV and a crossover ?

The main difference between a small SUV and a crossover is their size and capacity. While a small SUV is generally smaller and easier to maneuver on the road, crossovers are larger and can transport more passengers and luggage. Crossovers are also more stable and offer better traction on more rugged areas.

What is the safety of a small SUV ?

The safety of a small SUV is the most important to consider when purchasing this type of vehicle. Most small SUVs are equipped with modern security systems such as blind spot monitoring, emergency braking systems and driving aids. In addition, they offer improved visibility and better control of management, making it a wise choice for more experienced drivers.

Are small SUVs adapted to families ?

Small SUVs are increasingly popular with families. They offer a good compromise between a sedan and an SUV, with a compact design and a higher seat height for better visibility. In addition, their interior space is generally sufficient to comfortably accommodate a couple and one or two children. Small SUVs are therefore a very good option for families looking for more space and features.

What is the most reliable SUV ?

SUVs have become very popular in recent years and there are many options on the market. It is not always easy to find the most reliable SUV, especially among the new models. Small SUVs are generally considered more reliable than the biggest models, as they are lighter and easier to handle. Some of the most reliable little SUVs are the Toyota Rav4, the Honda Cr-V and the Subaru Forester.