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Password test

Time required to crack the password
We show you the time which a modern computer would need to crack your password. You have to choose your password so that you have at least a few thousand years to crack it.

What is the safety level of my password ?

Check the strength of your passwords using our free online tool.

The password is on a list of compromised passwords stolen by cybercriminals and is therefore easily identifiable by pirates.

Force assessment:

Note: This tool uses JavaScript to check the strength of a password on your terminal only (customer side). These passwords are not transmitted to our servers.

Why is our module to verify the force of passwords is superior to others?

Roboform uses ZXCVBN, a powerful open source tool used to assess the force of passwords, to calculate the individual force of each password. The modules for verifying the force of passwords are most often content to count tiny letters, capital letters, figures and symbols (LUDS). They do not take into account the entries of the dictionary, the current names, nor the words of known current passages and their variants. This often causes evaluation errors. For example “p@ssword1” is reported as strong when it is actually a mediocre password.

Our tool incorporates all these models known to have low passwords. Our evaluations thus gain reliability, because they indicate the time necessary for a good password pierce to guess the password, in addition to the LUDS score.

Use ROBOFORM to check your passwords.

Use our safety center function to confirm the strength of your existing passwords and rule out the risk of duplicates on the different sites.

What is a compromise password?

A compromised password is an individual password that has already been observed as part of a data violation documented during which the pirates made the data stolen or sold it on the Dark Web. To detect compromise passwords, Roboform verifies a list maintained by “have i been pwned” (HIBP), a service that collects passwords exposed during data violations.

Password test

Password verification – Your password is sure ?

The expert password controller.com allows you to determine the security degree of your password. We calculate the time that a computer needs on average to crack the password. We also check if the password has been disclosed to the public in the past during a data leak or a computer hacker attack.

Indicate your password in the above field. We will then give you the following information:

Time required to crack the password
We show you the time which a modern computer would need to crack your password. You have to choose your password so that you have at least a few thousand years to crack it.

Password leakage
We check if your password is among databases disclosed in the past during a data leakage or a IT Pirate attack. In this case, you should no longer use this password.

Password improvement
At the end, we offer suggestions to improve your password. We check that your password contains a combination of frequently used figures and characters. Advice : with our password generator, you can create an extremely safe random password.

frequently asked Questions

What depends on the security of a password ?

The length And uniqueness are two crucial factors when choosing a password. Your password must have at least 8 characters, preferentially from 12 to 16. If you use capital and lower case letters, figures and special characters, you increase the time required to crack a password by a brute force attack . In our verification of passwords, we control the length and the special characters used and we calculate the time that a computer needs to crack the password.

Besides the length, it is essential to do not not Use the same password For all online accounts. In the past, millions of passwords have been made public as a result of data violations and IT attacks. These passwords can now be used by attackers for dictionary attacks . Our control tool therefore checks if your password has been affected by a data violation in the past.

What is the precision of the time estimated to crack the password?

We calculate how long it takes a computer to crack the password with a brute force attack. We assume that an attacker can check 40 billion combinations per second. As this number is actually variable, time specification should only be considered as an approximate classification of password security.

That means a disclosure of my password ?

You no longer need to use a password that has been affected by a data leakage. It is best to use an individual password for each online service. You can use a password manager to organize your passwords.

Data protection

Passwords being critical data for security, we take data protection very seriously. The following measures guarantee that checking your password is not an additional risk.

Local calculation
We carry out the password safety calculations (duration to crack the password, numbers, special characters) directly in your browser. The password is not sent to our server and cannot be intercepted.

K-Anonymat model
To check if your password is affected by a data leak, we will question the database have i been pwned . However, we do not transmit your password to the server, but use a K-Anonymat model to determine if your password is included in a backup that has been leaks. To do this, we build the hash of your password, but only transmit the First 5 symbols of this hash. The server then responds with around 500 possible correspondence, that we Then check on your browser. You can find more information on this procedure here .