What is the best site to buy a reconditioned laptop? The Parisian, which laptop to choose on back market? Our selection of MacBook, HP Specter, ThinkPad.

Which laptop to choose on back market? Our selection of MacBook, HP Specter, ThinkPad…

In a gold state, and with a 12 -month warranty, it is possible to find the MacBook Air 13 ″ of 2015 reconditioned around 703 euros on Back Market.

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What is the best site to buy a reconditioned laptop?

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Which laptop to choose on back market ? Our selection of MacBook, HP Specter, ThinkPad…

Smartphone, vacuum cleaner, drone, headphones, but also laptop, the catalog of reconditioned products is large at Back Market. So vast that it is easily possible to find a laptop suitable for each user and need. Discover our selection of devices, whether for games or office automation, on Windows or Apple.

Need a new laptop ? But the budget you have prevents you from choosing the one that best suits your uses ? The reconditioned market can then allow you to do good deals. Back Market offers opportunities from checked and refurbished opportunities by workshops and approved factories before being sent for a second life. If a problem arises on the product, do not panic, since it benefits from a guarantee between six months and one year depending on the references.

Which laptop to choose ?

For those who know it the least, choosing a computer is never easy. Many characteristics must be taken into account in order to have a device as suitable as possible for its use. We can have three important criteria when buying a laptop:

  • The performance defined by the processor, the graphics card and the RAM (RAM).
  • computer congestion, depending on the weight and size of the device screen
  • the budget, which will often result from performance, connection and quality and definition of the screen

For example, a computer intended to watch series and surf the internet will not need high performance, but rather a minimal size and an accessible price. On the contrary, a computer dedicated to video games will be more bulky, more expensive, but also much more efficient.

Discover below our selection of computers classified according to uses: gaming, office and multimedia as well as three Apple MacBook. It is possible that some references are no longer available wherever prices have changed slightly when you consult this article, that’s normal. Stocks may vary depending on the arrivals, but we advise you to consult the Back Market site regularly if you are looking for a very special model.

For gaming: the Asus Tuf (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and Intel Core i5-8300)

Computers gaming will generally focus on performance, to the detriment of congestion and budget. The ASUS laptop presented here is equipped with the NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, accompanied by an eighth generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM. A configuration largely sufficient to play many recent games in a fluid manner (such as Apex Legends or Fortnite). Asus has made the choice here to equip his computer with an SSD hard drive of 128 GB and an HDD of a 1 TB to enjoy the best of the two worlds: speed of flash memory for the game and large space of Storage for the rest, without increasing the budget too much.

Computer dedicated to games requires, the Asus TUF FX504GE-E4031T has a relatively large 15.6-inch screen increasing its size and its weight: 2.5 kilos.

This Asus TUF FX504GE-E4031T Designed for video games is available around 719 euros on Back Market, with a 12-month warranty. He is refurbished by the manufacturer Asus, in a shiny condition, that is to say like new.

For office automation: HP spectrum x360 (Intel Core i7-7500 and SSD of 256 GB)

This HP spectrum computer is a real Swiss office of the office automation: its 13 -inch screen is tactile, and its hinge allows it to turn completely. In this way, it is possible to use it as a tablet or to articulate it so that it stands standing. Its configuration includes an SSD of 256 GB, 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 processor of seventh generation, which promises fluid use for gourmet office automation tasks. The icing on the cake, it has very good autonomy and fast recharging, which allows you to work easily in mobility.

Do not see this laptop as a PC capable of running the last games of the moment, but rather as a tool dedicated to productivity. Its congestion is low, it weighs only 1.29 kilo and its technical characteristics will make this computer a lasting device for several years.

When it was released, this HP spectrum X360 was offered at more than 1,200 euros. On Back Market, it is available at 890 euros in reconditioned, with a 12 -month warranty and in a gold state, which means that the traces of wear are minimal and invisible to more than twenty centimeters.

For multimedia: the Lenovo Thinkpad (Intel Core i5-5300 and SSD of 240 GB)

If for you a computer is only used to go on the internet, watch series on Netflix and type a few texts on Word, this Lenovo thinkpad will fill you and fully fulfill the role of a Media Center. It is equipped with a 14 -inch screen, large enough to watch a film, but compact enough to be easily transported. Especially since it weighs only 1.7 kilo. He takes advantage of a full connection: SD card port, Port VGA and Mini DisplayPort, to connect his computer to his television for example.

Even if it is not the most efficient on our list, its fifth generation Intel Core i5 coupled with 8 GB of RAM allows you to make light office automation and walk on the internet without falling performance. On the storage side, he benefits from a 240 GB SSD.

The 2015 MacBook Pro 13 ″

It is probably the most common computer among the creative professions. The MacBook Pro is an excellent product that shines with its versatility and life. Here presented in its 2015 version, it is equipped with an SSD of 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM with an Intel Core i5 processor: a configuration capable of running photo retouching software and other computer -assisted creations tools. It also has a major argument: its keyboard does not suffer from the problems of butterfly keyboards from the MacBook Pro ranges since the end of 2016.

Its good autonomy and its relatively light and compact design make this MacBook Pro a product that can be used everywhere.

Launched at a price of 1629 euros, it is now possible to buy the 2015 MacBook Pro at a price of around 930 euros in a reconditioned on Back Market, in a silver condition. This means that it can have scratches, but they are imperceptible to the touch. This product is guaranteed 6 months.

The 2015 MacBook 12 ″

It also released in 2015, the MacBook 12 ″ offers a completely different approach: that of finesse and compactness. It is an extremely fine and light device: it measures 1.31 centimeter in height for a weight of 0.92 kilo. Slipped into a bag, he will be forgotten and satisfied the most nomadic. Especially since he heats very little and his fans are silent. And despite this small template, this MacBook 12 ″ manages to keep good performance, more than enough to make office automation or to play little gourmet games: 256 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM and Intel Core M processor.

Even if the finesse of this 12 ″ MacBook is its main asset, it is also the source of its first defect: it has only one USB type-C port. If you fall for this product, the purchase of a hub is strongly advised (not to say compulsory).

Launched around 1400 euros, the MacBook 12 ″ is a much better value for money when it is reconditioned. Find it around 930 euros on back market in a money state, with a 6-month warranty.

The 2015 MacBook Air 13 ″

This MacBook Air 13 ″ is the other ultraportable Apple computer. It is a little thicker than its little brother, the 12 ″ MacBook, but it is for a good cause: its autonomy is excellent. Which makes him the perfect companion to view films and series during train or plane trips. Especially since it is also very light: 1.35 kilo. Here presented in its Intel Core i5 version with a 128 GB SSD and 4 GB of RAM, this laptop is very good for simple office automation tasks.

The MacBook Air has long been one of the references of ultraportable computers. Even if it is now competition, there is an excellent front door for people wishing to buy an Apple laptop at a correct price.

In a gold state, and with a 12 -month warranty, it is possible to find the MacBook Air 13 ″ of 2015 reconditioned around 703 euros on Back Market.

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