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What are the prices of the DEEZER subscriptions

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What are the different subscriptions to Deezer ?

In France, Deezer has established itself as the most popular musical streaming platform. First of all because it is French. But also because it offers subscriptions adapted to all audiences. From free subscription to paid subscriptions, Deezer has diversified his offer.

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  1. Deezer: the free subscription to attract as many people as possible
  2. Premium subscription to fully enjoy Deezer
  3. Up to six profiles with the Deezer family subscription
  4. The right plan with the Deezer student subscription
  5. Deezer Hifi for purists and impeccable listening quality

Deezer: the free subscription to attract as many people as possible

If Deezer is the leader in the French musical streaming market, it is not only because the French platform was the first to conquer the market but also and especially because its creator had an idea of ​​genius at the launch of Deezer in 2007 : a free subscription to test the market and have a maximum of users as quickly as possible. And it worked. Since its launch, Deezer has never lost its number one position in France.

With a free subscription to Deezer, you have access to more than 56 million titles. You can also have your personalized soundtrack with Flow, enjoy many playlists, create your own library and share your music and playlists, among other functionalities. But, because there is one, a free subscription to Deezer still requires Some restrictions. Music is accessible in random reading on your smartphone And you can only zap six titles per hour.

So when you listen to Deezer for free from your smartphone, you don’t necessarily choose the music of music you listen to and listen to them in standard quality (MP3, 160 kb/s). But that’s not all. Off-connection mode is not available, That is to say that you need an internet connection to have access to Deezer and that it is impossible to download titles. Finally, in his free subscription, Deezer sometimes imposes advertising Between two pieces. “”To support artists“Indicates the musical streaming platform on its website.

The free subscription to Deezer is a call product. Because obviously, frustrating users to encourage them to switch to a paid version is a recipe that works: Deezer has as many paid subscribers (7 million) as free subscribers (7 million).

Premium subscription to fully enjoy Deezer

Deezer’s premium subscription is paying. It costs € 10.99/month. Before validating this subscription, you can try it for free for two months. Clever, once again from Deezer. Because, very often, to try it, it is to adopt it. Deezer’s premium subscription is the one that is recommended to fully enjoy the features offered by the platform.

The catalog remains the same (90 million titles) and you have access to all Deezer’s features. But with the premium subscription of Deezer, no constraints. There is no more No advertising nor interruption. You take advantage of Unlimited music on all your devices : computers, tablets, smartphones but also audio systems, televisions, game consoles and more. You can also Download your music to listen to it off-connections. Finally, with the Premium subscription, the music has a Best listening quality (MP3, 320 kb/s).

Up to six profiles with the Deezer family subscription

With the family subscription, you access exactly to the same features as with a Deezer Premium offer. The only difference is the number of users. With a Deezer family subscription, you can have up to 6 profiles On the same Deezer Premium account. And each profile works as a separate account, with its flow, its playlists and its favorites. Six profiles on the same account but a price not six times more important. Indeed, the subscription Deezer Famille is € 17.99/month. Less than 20 € to listen to the best mixes while your wife listen to his special French song playlist and your children calm with rhymes.


The right plan with the Deezer student subscription

Like Deezer Famille, Deezer Student is a declination of the Deezer Premium subscription, with exactly the same advantages. All for half price, or € 5.99/month For a full year. And then it stops ? No, eligible students can renew the Deezer student subscription to three times. To benefit from it, it is necessary in particular be aged 18 to 25 and be registered in a university or an eligible school.

Deezer Hifi for purists and impeccable listening quality

Again, this is a declination of the Deezer Premium subscription, with exactly the same advantages. But, it costs twice as much, or € 19.99/month. What explains such a price difference for the same service is the impeccable quality of listening. With Deezer Premium, you listen to the music in mp3, with a speed rate of 320 kb/s when, with Deezer Hifi, you listen to music in Flac quality, with a 16-bit flow, 1.411kb/s.

Concretely, that means that music in mp3 is compressed to be read in streaming, that is to say that we remove the bits of the song to reduce the size of the file. With FLAC quality, you will find all the bits present in the original analog audio sources. It’s here CD quality. With Deezer Hifi, the whole Deezer catalog is not in FLAC quality, only 36 million titles, which is already not bad. Important precision: a Minimum rate of 5 Mb/s is necessary to benefit from listening with FLAC quality.

What are the prices of the DEEZER subscriptions ?

If you are looking for information on Deezer subscriptions and their annual as monthly prices, you are in the right place ! We put you here all the details and cost of each package of our musical streaming service !

Before going further, there is something you need to know !

All the paid subscriptions Deezer offer you a HIFI quality sound .

This means that you can listen to your favorite pieces with a superior sound, as if you were in the recording studio ! Our 16 -bit/44.1 kHz FLAC files have a quality without any loss, making the listening experience unforgettable. Now that you know more, let’s move on to the various subscription options !

Why Deezer is a paid service ?

When you subscribe to Deezer, you are not only paying for unlimited access to our catalog with a sound in hifi quality. Thanks to you, we can also continue to do what we do best as passionate music: to offer an equitable and transparent income to artists . But that’s not all ! Deezer, it is also a catalog that offers you playlists created by editorialists, live sessions of your favorite artists filmed in our premises in Paris, blind tests to test your musical knowledge with friends and many more other things !

Free Deezer

The first is, of course, free deezer, where you do not pay a single penny per month. If you choose this free option, you will have advertisements between the songs and the random reading will be activated. Music will not be of HIFI quality (128 kbps Audio MP3), however, you will always be able to receive personalized recommendations via the Flow tool.

Deezer student

3 months offered then € 5.99/month*

If you are a student with a small budget, Deezer student is one of the best choices. You can enjoy your music without advertising, listen to the songs you like unlimited, obtain Flow recommendations and all this in Hifi quality ! Rather cool, no ?

Deezer Premium

3 months offered then € 10.99/month*

25 % reduction in the event of annual payment, € 8.24/month*

Why this price ? With Deezer Premium, you benefit from several amazing features, including your music without any advertising, your favorite songs in unlimited, access to the entire catalog, an off-line mode by downloading your music, and again Once everything is in Hifi quality !

Deezer Family

30 days of free trial then € 17.99/month*

If your whole family likes music, then the best option is still Deezer family ! You have access to 6 individual accounts and each user receives personalized suggestions, music without advertising and full access to our catalog. Anyone can also listen to their favorite songs when they wish and in Hifi quality. There is even content specially made for children so that the little ones can also benefit from it !

How much artists are they paid by stream via Deezer ?

Another important information is the way Deezer contributes to your favorite artists. What remuneration do they touch when their pieces are broadcast on Deezer ?

At Deezer, we have a user centered payment system, UCPS in abbreviation, which makes musical streaming completely equitable and transparent. The money of each user Deezer goes only to the artists he listens. This helps local and independent artists to be better treated. Indeed, what their fans spends to listen to them comes back directly. Each stream makes the difference, and we even fight against fraudulent accounts or robots. We also inform you of artists who benefit the most from your streams !

So ! The distribution of Deezer subscription prices and what everyone will bring you in the long term. Whether you are a student, a music lover or an entire family, one thing is certain, everyone will have access to their favorite songs while helping their favorite artists to gain the remuneration they deserve.

*These prices may differ depending on the country in which you are.

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