What a cheap 5 € mobile plan to subscribe in September 2023?, 5 cheap packages for less than 5 €!

Top 5 mobile packages without commitment to less than 5 euros

If for a month, you need more data, know that you will not need to buy a recharge. Prixtel offers two other levels to its mobile package:

What a cheap 5 € mobile plan to subscribe in September 2023 ?

Finding the mobile plan adapted to your needs is not always easy. We do not know exactly how much we are going to consume mobile data or if we will have enough hours of calls included. So sometimes the easiest way is to choose your package compared to your budget, and what could be better than a mobile package at 5 euros ? To help you manage your expenses and allow you to find the ideal offer, here is our selection of the best packages at € 5 !

  • The essential
  • Each Mobile package 5 € have a small envelope of mobile data, unlimited SMS/MMS and a limited volume of calls.
  • THE Promotional offers Operators can often allow you to benefit from more complete mobile plans, for less than € 5/month.
  • Some Box advantages allow you to subscribe a 5 -euro or less package At your Internet operator.
  • Among some operators, limited series (valid only a few days) are sometimes under 5 €: this is often the case with Auchan Telecom, NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile or Syma Mobile.

The best packages 5 euros: our top 5 of the moment

At many operators, the price of mobile offers starts from 2 or 3 euros, but it can be difficult to find a Package at 5 euros that is really interesting. The packages which are less than 2 or 3 € per month are often very limited in data: less than 200 MB and no unlimited calls. We advise you to Monitor promotions Applied by operators on packages for less than € 5, and incidentally to look at the best packages € 10 of the moment.

In the mobile offers market, there are operators who sometimes offer limited series on its packages, and that’s where you can find The ideal 5 € mobile plan. These are often virtual operators like NRJ Mobile, Cdiscount Mobile, Auchan Telecom or Syma Mobile. Do not hesitate to monitor their offers or consult our promo page to find the best package plans € 5 of the moment.

Syma 4 package0GO at 5,90 € ::
Take advantage of a package without engagement, on promotion for 12 months

1. The 5 euros Red package: a very good value for money

Available for € 4.99 per month for life and without commitment, The € 5 package from Red is a very good choice in terms of cheap package. As for the YouPrice offer, you benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, but also in Europe (via homelessness).

The data envelope is 5 GB for France, and identical for Europe and the French overseas departments. A International option at 5 €/month Allows you to benefit from 30 GB of mobile data abroad (Europe, DOM, USA and Canada) and therefore carries the RED SFR package to € 9.99/month.

2. Mobile package 5 € B & You: an excellent alternative

Sosh smartphone

If you are looking for a more sustainable offer, and a Mobile package 5 euros for life in 2023, The 5 € B & You package is made for you !

Understanding 5 GB Data in France and also in Europe and DOM, this package allows you to call your loved ones in an unlimited way, as well as to send SMS and MMS, and for the sum of € 4.99/month, It is a very interesting 5 € mobile offer in itself.

This 5 -euro package is also an offer Without a commitment of duration, Which allows you to change your mind when you want if it doesn’t suit you and to terminate free of charge.

Tip them Packages 5 euros are not often very provided in mobile data, but don’t forget that you can Use the Wi-Fi network from home, restaurants or even public hotspots. So you will never be really deprived of Internet connection.

3. The cheap mobile package € 5 of Réglo Mobile

Mobile package 5 euros

The Ridlo Mobile € 4.95 package deserves its place in this ranking of Best packages at 5 euros, Because it offers a very good balance services/price.

For a slightly higher price than € 5/month, Reglo Mobile offers you a package with which you can surf the Internet Without fear of exceeding, call up to 3 a.m per month and send Unlimited SMS and MMS. It is a more than interesting proposal, because The price does not increase After the first year and the package is without engagement.

In addition to the 5GB of data included in this € 5 package, Remember that you can use the Wi-Fi unlimitedly and be called by your loved ones, without it cost you anything !

4. YOUPRICE: a mobile package 5 € without obligation

Package Economy 5 € Bouygues

If the YouPrice Package is in this ranking of Mobile packages 5 €, This is because it represents one of the best performance/market price reports, just under 5 €.

You are looking for a Package 5 € which is complete and without obligation ? Don’t move anymore, we found better ! Indeed, the Mini package of YouPrice includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, but above all the choice between Orange or SFR network ! A specificity specific to the YouPrice Packages.

In Europe and in the French overseas departments, you have a 5 GB data envelope. Of many options are available to enhance this cheap mobile plan € 5 €. This is an adjustable package, the price of which evolves according to the data consumed (up to 30 GB maximum).

5. The 5 € Package offer from Sosh

Woman with smartphone

SOSH, the Low-Cost operator of Orange, has a mobile offer € 5 in its catalog. This package offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France as well as in Europe. The Data envelope is 1 GB in France as in Europe: it uses the Orange mobile network, considered the Best mobile network in mainland France by its quality of mobile reception.

This Mobile package at 5 euros is without commitment of duration, which therefore leaves you all the freedom to change your mind.

All mobile packages € 5 of the moment

To help you find these offers, here is a table with each package € 5 (or near price) of the moment, as well as a selection of promotions currently underway from operators:

It is important to know that some of these packages are only at € 5 or less in the first year, then go to a usual higher rate. Fortunately, the choice in terms of Mobile package 5 euros for life in 2023 is wide.

Some of these packages benefit from a advantageous price For box subscribers: this is the case with SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom. For example, the SFR 2H 100MB package becomes free the first year for SFR Box subscribers, and then goes to € 5/month, a discount of € 3 for life.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a 5G 5G compatible package ?

For the moment, there is no No mobile package 5 € Compatible with the 5G network. The cheapest 5G plans start around the 13-15 € per month ; For example, the Bouygues 100 GB package found at € 15.99/month in the first year. Some 4G packages can be “transformed” into 5G packages via Paid options at € 5/month, which are offered by operators such as mobile post, RED or Pricetel.

What is a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) ?

A virtual operator is a mobile supplier that borrows the cellular network from one of the 4 large operators present in France (Free, SFR, Bouygues and Orange) in order to offer its packages. Here are the networks used by each of the operators presented in this article:

  • Cdiscount Mobile uses the Bouygues network.
  • Coriolis uses the SFR network.
  • The mobile post uses the SFR network.
  • Lebara Mobile uses the Orange network.
  • NRJ Mobile uses the Bouygues network.
  • Prixtel uses the SFR network.
  • Réglo Mobile uses the SFR network.
  • Syma Mobile uses the SFR network.
  • Youprice uses Orange and SFR networks.

What is the best 5 -euros lifetime package in 2023 ?

It is difficult to answer this question. We generally recommend a package that has unlimited calls, SMS and MMS (some are limited to 2 or 3 hours of calls per month) and which has a large amount of data: at this price, as we have seen, some packages have 5 GB usable in France, see more.

Updated on 09/12/2023

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Top 5 mobile packages without commitment to less than 5 euros !

Pay one’s own Mobile package for less than 5 € You guarantee savings. Several operators began to offer this type of cheap package And you will not need to choose between theunlimited or data in 4G. We offer the top 5 promotions less than 5 euros available on Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR networks. You just have to find the offer that suits you and start saving !

Mobile NRJ and its cheap package at € 2.99/month

NRJ Mobile offers us a cheap package with unlimited and data until January 12, 2021 included. Indeed, for only € 2.99/month, you can subscribe to a 30GB package ! This rate is available during the first 6 months of the contract before going to € 12.99/month, which remains a very affordable rate for an unlimited package and without engagement.

At this price, you will therefore enjoy 30GB of 4G In mainland France, 10GB of which can be used when traveling in the EU and DOM. Calls, SMS and MMS are included in unlimited and you can use them in France and from the EU and the DOM.

Mobile NRJ package

5GB at 5 € at Prixtel

The operator with adjustable packages, Prixtel, still makes us benefit from his famous Promo on its Formula the complete. For only € 4.99/month for a year then € 9.99/month, you will be able to choose a package without obligation with 5GB. The strength of this mobile plan is to adjust its price to the data that you will use.

If for a month, you need more data, know that you will not need to buy a recharge. Prixtel offers two other levels to its mobile package:

  • For use of 5GB at 15GB you will pay € 9.99/month the first year then € 14.99/month
  • For use of 15GB at 50GB you will pay € 14.99/month the first year then € 19.99/month

In any case you can call and send SMS and MMS unlimited from France, the EU and the DOM. Take advantage of it Until January 12, 2021 included.

Prixtel package

The Red Mobile Package at € 5

Red by SFR for its part offers you a Promo mobile package at 5 €/month until January 11, 2021 included. This package is available unconditional, Its price will not double after the first year of subscription. Beware, however, of the possible increases that the operator could submit you after 2.3 or 4 years of subscription.

In any case as it is a non -binding package, You can terminate when you want it at no additional cost. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as an internet envelope of 50MB usable in France, in the DOM and in the EU. Red by SFR offers you a small bonus; L’Red TV application is free To access all channels directly from your smartphone.

Red Package

The unlimited package of Auchan Telecom at € 3.99/month

If you want or need more data, Auchan Telecom is there with its 50GB mobile package promo. This mobile offer is displayed at € 3.99/month for 6 months then € 16.99/month. You can take advantage of it on one of the three most important networks in France: Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom. As it is a non -binding package, You can stop your contract at any time.

In addition to the 60GB envelope available in 4G in mainland France, Auchan allows you to call andUse SMS/MMS without counting. If you are traveling in the French overseas departments or in the EU know that this mobile package accompanies you, you will be able to use up to GGO DATA and calls, SMS and MMS in unlimited.

Auchan package

A BOUYGUES TELECOM without commitment package

Last offer and not less interesting, here is a Bouygues Telecom without obligation package. Available on promotion until January 12, 2021 included, this B & YOU package You are offered at only € 4.99/month. You can subscribe to it now and its price is guaranteed without change because it is a offer without duration of duration.

Bouygues Telecom incorporates 100MB into its cheap package that you can use indifferently from France, Europe or the DOM, all like calls, SMS and unlimited MMS.