Welcome offer up to € 120: what bank gives me the most?, The best welcome offers for online banks

The best welcome offers for online banks


Here in detail the eligibility conditions of the different Welcome offers of banks presented:

Welcome offer up to € 120: what bank gives me the most ?

You buy our product and it is we who pay you. This proposal seems unrealistic and yet it is the promise of many online banks that offer welcome bonuses up to € 120 to attract new customers. Be careful, however, to read the eligibility conditions. To avoid disappointments and find the best account opening offer, read our article !

�� What online bank has the best welcome offer right now ?

THE welcome offers are mainly practiced by Online banks. These premiums make it possible to attract customers of traditional banks. THE welcome offers are not always differential factors because they are all around 80 €.

We must be more attentive to the conditions to reach the premium than the amount in itself.

Here in detail the eligibility conditions of the different Welcome offers of banks presented:

�� The welcome offer of Monabanq in detail

Up to up € 120 offered for an account opening, Monabanq is the online bank which offers the welcome bonus highest.

The premium breaks down into 2 parts:

  • 80 € offered when opening a current account, whatever. The premium is made up of 8 monthly payments of € 10 subject to at least 10 payments per month during the first 8 months.
  • € 40 additional if you have subscribed to a first or platinum visa card. There Bank welcome bonus will be paid on the 16th of the month following the activation of the card.

�� Zoom on the welcome offer of Boursorama Banque

Best online bank for 15 years, Boursorama offers a Account opening offer of 100 € . This amount is divided into 2 parts:

  • 20 € offered for any account opening at Boursorama Banque. The amount will be credited on the day of opening your account.
  • € 80 if you have subscribed to a Welcome or Ultim bank card at the same time as in your bank account.

�� Note if you have subscribed to the Metalde Boursorama card, you will have the welcome bonus 20 € as well as 8 months of metal offer offered (i.e. € 79.20 offered).

�� The welcome offer of fortuneo with a magnifying glass

Like other online banks, Fortuneo offers up to 230 € to his new members. To benefit from it, you must subscribe to a Gold CB Mastercard and make at least 5 payments within 90 days of activation of the card. There welcome bonus will be paid by the bank at the latest within 30 days of the 5th payment with the card.

�� Details on the Welcome offer from Hello Bank!

Hello Bank! YOU Offer € 80 offered for any 1st account opening + € 100 in vouchers (for any bank mobility with Hello Start +) + € 1 per month for 6 months for the opening of a Hello Prime account. To benefit from this welcome offer, You must not already be a hello bank customer!

�� The BforBank welcome offer has sift through

Bforbank also offers 80 € to its new customers. This amount will be paid within 15 days activation of your bank card. You will have to keep your Bforbank account for at least a year not to see you welcome bonus withdrawn.

�� Note if you open a Bforbank savings book in the following 60 days the activation of your bank card, you will benefit from an additional € 50 welcome bonus.

�� Note some banks offer welcome premiums boosted during certain periods, pay attention !

��️ Opening offers for traditional banks


Even if welcome offers are more widespread and often more advantageous in Online banks, traditional banks adapt in also offering money at the opening of account.

�� The welcome offer of Société Générale in detail

At Société Générale, the welcome bonus is of 80 € . To benefit from it, you should not already hold an account at the SG but also make a minimum of 5 payments in the first 3 months following the subscription to an individual SG bank account.

�� Zoom on the welcome offer of the BNP Paribas

Another traditional bank, the BNP Paribas also offers a welcome bonus But in the form of a reduction in contribution. Indeed, for any subscription to an essential free spirit account (excluding infinite card), the subscription will be free for 1 year. Again, to be able to benefit from it, you must not already have an account at the BNP. Free does not include any cash flow costs or other current operations costs.

�� Note: the cost of a first visa card with the essential offer is € 85.20 per year.

�� How to benefit from the welcome offer of a bank ?

Each bank attributes its Account opening premiums. You have to read the bottom lines and asterisks to avoid unpleasant surprises. To make it easier for you, you will find the main conditions of eligibility per bank in the first 2 parts of this article.

Most of the time, Welcome bonuses of banks are granted according to the ranges of banking products subscribed and a minimum of use. This prevents customers from subscribing just for theWelcome offer of a bank Then go to another bank.

Also consult the terms and payment terms of the Account opening offers. For example, Boursorama Banque will pay you upon opening your account, where you will have to wait up to 8 months for the last payment of the prime monabanq.

��‍�� Is sponsorship an alternative to the account opening premium ?

There Welcome bonus of a bank is not the only way to receive money when opening your bank account. You can also earn money with sponsorship codes.

To do this, find in your entourage (or on the internet) a person who has an account in the bank in which you wish to subscribe. Ask for his sponsor code and enter it when subscribing to a current account. When you activate your account, you will become a godson and as such, you will receive a bonus, just like your godfather.

Boursorama sponsorship and fortuneo sponsorship are particularly advantageous, both for the godchild and the godfather.

�� Bank �� Sponsorship code
Balance Bank Joda1857
Fortuneo 13217581

�� Welcome offers to other banking products

Current accounts are not the only banking products offered by online banks. They also offer savings products. As with current accounts, banks use welcome offers To attract customers.

For life insurance
For the subscription to a life insurance contract, Fortuneo offers you 200 € . To touch this sum, it will be necessary to make a minimum initial payment of € 2,000. This offer is valid until August 25, 2023.

For stock market offers
BforBank offers you 100 € And the reimbursement of your transfer costs within the limit of € 2,000 for the opening of a securities account, a PEA or a PEA-PME with a minimum placement of € 1,000 at the opening. The refund will be made within 2 months the account opening. The amount must remain invested at least a year after the opening.

For a first account opening or a first transfer of an ordinary securities, a PEA or a PEA-PME at Fortuneo, it offers you brokerage costs in 100 orders of an amount less than or equal to € 10,000 in order. The account should be kept for at least a year.

❓ FAQ on welcome offers

�� Why the banks offer money at the opening of an account ?

THE banks offer welcome offers In order to win new customers and attract customers who already had accounts in traditional banks. To earn money, banks will then offer additional services such as life insurance or credits.

�� Why are welcome offers more and more advantageous ?

THE welcome premiums are used to change bank customers. But since the end of the covid, the French have tended to stay more in their bank. To encourage potential customers to change behavior, banks and in particular online banks have increased their welcome offers.

�� The offers of the moment ��


up to 120 € offered

Balance Bank

€ 100 offered with the BRS100 code

Fortuneo logo

€ 230 offered with the FTN0923 code

An advisor to your service

From Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The best welcome offers for online banks

The best welcome offers for online banks

In addition to offering very advantageous price conditions to open a bank account, online banks are trying to seduce their customers with attractive welcome offers. Currently, it is Monabanq who offers the best welcome offer on the market, offering up to € 120 !

up to 120 € offered

Monabanq offers you up to 120 € For a first current account opening.

Boursorama Banque offers you Until 100 € For very first account opening.

Up to € 230 offered

Fortuneo offers you up to 230 € For a first account opening.

�� Online bank: the best welcome offers

The concept of thewelcome offer has been practiced for many years to encourage customers to leave their old traditional banks and open a bank account in an online bank. This offer takes the form of a welcome bonus paid to new customers who open a bank account. We also find this type of premiums for the opening of savings accounts, the subscription to life insurance or a scholarship contract. here are the Best premiums offered by banks Online in 2023.

Until November 8 inclusive

☑️ Other products bonuses:

☑️ Other products bonuses:

✔️ VIE INSURANCE: Until 200 €

✔️ BOULE: 100 orders offered

Learn more

☑️ Other products bonuses:

✔️ Stock Exchange: € 2,000 of transfer fees reimbursed

Data collected in September 2023

There welcome bonus is not really a differentiating factor to choose an online bank, because all offer on average the same welcome offer of € 80. During promotion periods, some online banks also offer “Boosted” welcome bonuses.

On the other hand, you must be attentive to the conditions necessary to be able to affect the premium, which can influence the choice of its future online bank.

Welcome HELLO BANK offer!

To touch theWelcome offer from Hello One: € 80 offered + € 100 in vouchers (for all banking mobility with Hello Start +) At Hello Bank!, You have to be patient: indeed it is only paid 3 months after receipt of payment methods.

In addition, we must not forget to enter the code of the welcome offer when filling out the opening form of the online bank account.

Monabanq: up to 120 € !

Monabanq offers up to up to € 120 for any first account opening. Monabanq offers a bonus of € 80 to activate your VISA card (Classic, Premier, Platinum or Systematic authorization) for any first opening of a Pratiq, Pratiq+, UNIQ or UNIQ+ Current account with or without visa card.

Boursorama Bank welcome offer

Often described as the best online bank, or “cheapest bank”, Boursorama Banque offers a welcome bonus of ✔️ 100 € offered for the opening of a conventional current account or with the Ultim offer. For his Welcome offer, (Bungerama Bank offer without income condition) ✔️ € 100 offered are offered. It’s here online bank that puts the premium as quickly as possible : it will indeed be paid the same day of the effective opening of the account.

The Boursorama Banque bonus is paid to the effective opening of the account without condition.

Welcome Fortuneo offer

There Welcome bonus of ✔️ up to € 230 offered for a Gold CB MasterCard card with banking mobility offered by Fortuneo is valid for any first indivial or joint account opening, with a Gold Mastercard bank card.

With the Fosfo offer, the customer benefits from a welcome bonus of 70 €.

Orange Bank: up to 100 € offered with the Premium card

Orange Bank offers up to 100 € offered with the Premium card with a Premium card or a Premium pack:

  • 50 € welcome After 10 payments or withdrawals;
  • € 50 additional During the 1st levy of an orange invoice from your Orange Bank account.

Bforbank: ✔️ 80 € offered

Bforbank: € 80 offered !

Until only July 20, 2023, Bforbank offers you 80 € offered ! Ready to jump at the opportunity ?

⚙️ How it works ?

Bforbank sets up this welcome offer during which a prospect or a Bforbank customer can benefit from a bonus of € 80 for:

  • ✔️ 80 € offered for the opening of a BforBank bank account
  • Until July 20, 2023 only

Nickel: Welcome offer: ❌

�� The different offers promotions by product

The second type of promotions that online banks are practiced concerning the offers of additional products: savings, life insurance or scholarship.

Promotions of savings booklets

The booklet is a savings account that allows its holder to place money and receive interest. The amount placed remains available at any time. Online banks’ banking books are interesting because they are without risk, without ceilings and free of charge.

These products are often subject to boosted rate in order to attract new customers. It is therefore not uncommon to see online banks offer promotions on savings booklets, increasing the nominal gross rate for a period of one or more months. Bforbank even offers a bonus going 80 € offered to the opening of a booklet if a current account is open at the same time.

*rate between 0.10% and 0.20% increasing over and up to savings
** rate increasing each year for 4 years, up to 0.45%

Promotions of life insurance


Medium or long-term investment, life insurance allows the subscriber to constitute a capital. This capital will then become available at the end of the contract for the account holder if he is still alive, or to the designated beneficiary (s) if he died. Of the Promotional offers are sometimes offered by online banks to promote their life insurance contracts.

Bforbank thus offers ❌ For any first subscription to the BforBank Life contract, subject to an initial payment of € 3,000, at least 25% of which are invested in units of capital guarantees in capital.

For its part, Fortuneo offers up to up to € 200 bonuses for any first membership in Asurance-Vie. Up to 200 € are offered with an initial payment of € 3,000 minimum (of which at least 25% invested in units of capital guarantees in capital) or € 200 with an initial payment of € 5,000 (including at least 25% invested in units of account not guaranteed in capital).

Online banking stock exchange offers

Last banking product in Bénefier of promotional offers from online banks: online scholarship offers. Bforbank, due to its positioning, is online bank which most regularly offers promotional offers and welcome bonuses on its scholarship product.

Offers “Bourse” promotions among online banks

brokerage fees
transfer fee
Welcome bonus
Bforbank Yes
up to € 2,000
Fortuneo Up to 200 €
Balance Bank
ING -€ €
  • Monthly reimbursement of € 3, the cost of the Visa Premier card;
  • Payment of the premium of € 50 immediately after the withdrawal period of 14 days spent;
  • Offer valid for any first subscription to a first visa offer in a simple or attached account (excluding young people, auto entrepreneur, right to account and alternative offer)
    • Subscribe to the offer Integral
    • Pour € 1,200 on your account every month
    • or have an outstanding equivalent to € 5,000
    • or pay the card price of € 10/month.