Walkabout Mini Golf ™ Coming to Psvr2! – Mighty Coconut, Psvr 2: Sony’s promises are not held and the exasperation of players is intensified!

PSVR 2: Sony’s promises are not held and the exasperation of players is intensified

Dominate colossal peaks, eliminate frightening machines and flush out a dangerous secret thanks to the PlayStation®VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain ™ pack.

Walkabout Mini Golf ™ Coming to Psvr2!

Mighty Coconut

Patience is a virtue and it will be rewarded. Walkabout Mini Golf Will Come to Psvr2 on May 11th Along with all DLC. Wishlist it now!


Crossbuy: There is no crossbuy compatibility between a copy purchased from the playstation store and any other platform. PSVR2 Players Need PlayStation Plus to Access Walkabouts Online Multiplayer Which Includes Crossplay. Disable Crossplay: Crossplay is able to be toggled off so that players are only paired with psvr2 players in Quick Match. Profanity Filted Text: Player Walkabout Display Names and Private Match Room Names Are Filted for Profanity.

Improved Visual Quality due to the Superior Headset and it Taking Full Advantage of the Powerful Ps5.

PS5 System Activities: Quick Match & Private PS5 Match Activities Setup Which Allow You To Quickly Jump to Those Areas from the Dashboard and Control Center. Recently Played List: List Displaying Players You Have Recently Played With In Quick Matches and Private Matches. Blocked Player List: In-game Block Player System and List Displaying Who You Have Blocked. Note: Blocking users will take you from Being paired with them in Quick Matches. If you Join A Private Match That Includes A Player You’ve Blocked Their Walkabout Name Will Be Set To “Blocked Player” and the System Will Aut Mute Them and Prevent Them from Hearing you.

We’re aware of the Issue Left Handed Players Are Running Into When They Try to Turn Off Their Right Controller. Specifically, they are unusable to reopen the game after turning off their right handed controlle the cross button is required to reopen the game that is only on the right controller. We are working with sony to find the best solution for supporting one handed vr play. In the meantime, we would recommend Doing one of the Below Workarounds: 1.) EASSET Option (DualSense Controller requirements): Use your DualSense Controller to re-ENTER THE GAME After Turning Off Your Right Handed Controller. 2.) Opposite Controller Option: Turn off Your Left Controller and Playing With Your Right Controller With The Invert Hands Option (Settings-> Putter-> Invert Hands) Enabled and calibrate (Settings-> Putter-> Calibrate) Your Putter to have the right controller Rolled 90 degrees to the Left So You Can Put You Left Hand Through It and Wrap Your Right Hand Around It. We know this is not an ideal solution and again are pursuing an ultimate fix

PSVR 2: Sony’s promises are not held and the exasperation of players intensifies !

PSVR 2 A disappointment

Sony had made many promises concerning his new virtual reality headset. What really ?

Long before the release of PSVR 2 (2021), Sony had predicted, due to the launch of his future VR helmet, which he was going to expect to offer hybrid titles: both playable on a flat screen but also in VR. The same firm had announced That all efforts would be made so that the PlayStation VR 2 games are closer to the graphic quality of PS5 games. Remember, those who didn’t have a PC yet Gamer had the hope ofObtain the qualitative portage of PCVR games, with the simplicity of the console world. Nowadays, The majority of PSVR 2 owners are not really satisfied by the proposal of Sony, And we explain the reasons for you.

PSVR 2 A disappointment

A disappointing flat to vr

In the facts, Very few success of successful VR games are available in the PlayStation VR 2 catalog. If Capcom treats with the VR versions of Resident Evil: Village and remake to come from Resident Evil 4, In the category “Triple Portage A of PS5 in VR games”, it is clear that apart from Gran Turismo 7 And the aforementioned games, there is nothing to put in the tooth. Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Hogwarts Legacy… So many titles that would be so pleasant to travel in VR !

No flat to vr psvr 2

Why don’t the studios take the Portage VR fold ? For lack of interest, time, money and skills. Let us not forget that these are teams who have always been accustomed to work on a flat screen. One thing is certain, If you had bought the helmet when it was released, and you had it, due to the absence of said ports, left in the cupboard, well, you have a solution: opt for a PC VR-READY. You will be able to benefit from many VR – unofficial – that are important to you (licenses Playstation included): GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 2, 3, 4…

However, do not succumb too quickly, Since the possible next Valve PCVR console may well grant the wish of those who wanted, at the base, easily immerse themselves in their favorite licenses.

Ugly games and shovel patches

The purchase day one about to back down ?

If you are a little more curious And that it does not displease you to play as much independent games as well as “big titles”, PSVR 2 could more like you. But there is a hic, Each title (or almost) has an optimization and a different definition (not to mention the reprunction). It will therefore be necessary to make the effort, before each purchase and to avoid any disappointment, to find out. eh yes, procurement Day One, becomes, as on PC, a real bet, which can hurt a lot !

List resolutions games psvr 2

Less optimization, more patches ?

Switchback VR Post launch press release

No Man’s Sky and The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR paved the way for games offering graphics unworthy of a PSVR 2, while promising a patch later supposed to adjust everything. This poses a huge problem: Those who have returned their games in all directions and who want new experiences must take their pain in patience, If only to want to play it correctly. During this time, The first disappointed will inform the latter, who, in turn, will wait until the game is actually ready before buying it. This behavior, which is quite understandable, results in the update of fixes, because the lower the investment, the more optimization will take time. This impatience could even convince many players to want to resell their helmet, with the tiny conviction that, a few years later, they will be able to find their games correctly crushed and redeem themselves, possibly, a used PSVR 2 to take advantage of it.

Defection of autonomous games instead of PCVR versions and PCVR versions that are struggling to catch up with their autonomous versions.

Green Hell VR has opened the way to ports of autonomous games on PSVR 2, even if a PCVR version, with much higher graphic quality, exists ! The survival game, full of bogs as a bonus, therefore allows itself the feat of not reaching the ankle of the version Meta Quest 2. Worse, the studio does not intend (at least publicly) to improve its game. As for the new Fast FPS Hellsweeper VR, This one, although based on the PCVR version, succeeds in being ugly than on Meta Quest 2, unheard of (or big foutage of gu **** will say some) ! Here is, moreover, faced with the admonition of the players, which the studio has just announced:

Dear Hallsweeper VR community,

First of all, we would like to meet the first criticisms that we received regarding the graphic quality of Hellsweeper VR on PSVR2. We sincerely appreciate your sincere comments and understand the concerns raised. Before going into details, know that we have already started to solve these problems, even before the launch of the game. Three years ago, we made a decision concerning our development pipeline. It was stable at the time, but did not follow the pace of today’s advanced tools. This is not a defect in a platform, but the result of bad timing and decisions that we have taken as a studio.

Our choice to release the game on PSVR2, despite graphic concerns, was influenced by several factors: obligations, gameplay decisions, and challenges related to the care of crossplay on different devices. Our initial optimism encountered reality much closer to the launch, which led to compromise to maintain our vision. We have chosen to present the basic combat experience first, by committing to making graphic improvements after the launch.

We were faced with a Cornelian choice: we are content to wear the graphics of Quest 2 or strive to obtain the loyalty of the PCVR model. We have chosen this last option, even if this temporarily compromises the resolution of the rendering. Rest assured, we will look at this problem in the next updates.

For those who have known us since our first game Said VR, we are listening to our community and we are fully investing in our games. We promise to do the same for Hellsweeper VR and we are committed to improving graphics for PSVR2 in the coming months.

For an in -depth overview of our challenges and our projects, we invite you to go to our discord to consult our full declaration. As a small studio which owes its beginnings to the community that has trusted us, our reputation and our integrity as a game developers are very important for us.

Hellsweeper Roadmap

We come to the same problem, we will have to wait for the game to be patched to enjoy it correctly. If it did the trick for a few days, even a few weeks, it would not be (almost) problem. In fact, we must wait most often a few months (4 to 6 in general) to be able to return to the titles we bought. A height, especially for those who cannot already find their level content content on PSVR 2.

What should we think ?

From an external point of view, It is the attraction of the whole VR that suffers, With players who might think that it has not completely got rid of its old demons (discount graphics, optimization to the pickup …). In the same order of idea, It is the very democratization of VR that could suffer from it, Because with such a practice in the rendering of the games, difficult to present the PSVR 2 as a helmet supposed, to the overall, to put our eyes on it. For sure, you will have to make your little selection before wanting to “democratize the VR”. This is also a question that does not arise on our good old consoles Next-Gen, evidence still that the VR is still far from the priority of Sony, The latter does not seem to have quality control worthy of the name.

Sony seems to be considered the PSVR 2 as an accessory, as a proposal, not as a priority.

Some will be able to wonder if it was really worth slamming nearly € 600 for the PSVR 2 rather than staying on their Meta Quest 2 or Pico 4. Reassure ourselves, currently, half of the games available and to come on the Blind come from Meta Quest systems, which leaves the other half to the PSVR 2 players. Alas, this is precisely where the rub, Nothing says that this second half is well optimized ! Hence the importance of discussing on social networks, Here in comments or at each game outing, to know what it is really and to avoid, in any case, a big disappointment.

For the more curious of you, the PlayStation VR 2 remains and to date a real proposal, Even if it remains parasitized by many development and optimization problems. Many titles will give you sensations that you will not find anywhere else and if you make the effort to find out before buying this or that game, there is clearly what to do. If you have a PS5 and only want to taste the excluded PSVR 2, Know that you can always test the helmet for 100 days, turn it over and get it reimbursed. And for the most rumors of you, You can even ask a friend who owns the PSVR 2 to share his account so as not to have to pay the games that interest you during this time. What more the people ask ?

THE PlayStation VR 2 is already available, and you can enlarge your toy library via gift cards Playstation available on Amazon.Fr.


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PlayStation®VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain ™ pack

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Live experiences sublimated by the revolutionary PlayStation VR2 Sense ™ technology, its intuitive orders and its graphics in 4K HDR, and discover a new generation of games.

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PlayStation®VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain ™ PAKET

Dominate colossal peaks, eliminate frightening machines and flush out a dangerous secret thanks to the PlayStation®VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain ™ pack.

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PlayStation VR2 Sense ™ controller recharging station

Always be ready to live your next adventure in exciting worlds in virtual reality with the joystick recharging station VR2 Sense ™.

Feel A New Real ™ (new sensations)

New experience even more realistic

Follow -up of the Eye Movement

Immerse yourself in incredible games and experiences in virtual reality thanks to the PS VR2 helmet which detects the movement of your eyes to boost your emotions and your expressions when you meet players online.

Feel the subtle and sensitive helmet vibrations

Helmet sensations

Feel the subtle and sensitive helmet vibrations at the key moments of the games. Created by an integrated engine, these vibrations add an intelligent tactile element to your sensory immersion.

Interact with virtual worlds

Sense controllers of the PlayStation VR2

Use new ways to interact with virtual worlds thanks to haptic return, adaptive triggers, precise monitoring and touch detection, all integrated into a unique design design.

Always more advanced details


Let yourself be captivated by even more shimmering visuals thanks to the two 2000×2040 OLED screens, take advantage of HDR graphics in 4K to 120 images per second to the maximum, for a resolution four times more clear than that of the PlayStation®VR original helmet.

VR2 PlayStation Games

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Resident Evil Village

The light brigade

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Pre -order exclusivity Offer Exclusive PS5 compatible PS5 almost exhausted exclusivity next outing

ConsoleplayStation®5 required

The PlayStation VR2 can only work with a PS5 console or digital PS5 edition. Buy yours now to be ready to play as soon as PS VR2 is launched.

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