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Used Volvo XC40: reliability to monitor

Beyond its performance, the Volvo XC40 2023 is pleasant to drive, showing a balance worthy of mention and a good compromise between comfort and agility. True to its reputation, the company has included many active safety and driving aid systems, which we have never found disturbing, by the way. The 360 ​​degree visualization system is automatically displayed on the screen in certain situations to facilitate maneuvers.

Volvo XC40 2023: just a little greener

Volvo made an excellent decision by adding the XC40 sub-cormenting multisegment to its range five years ago to its range. In Quebec, he and the compact XC60 have exchanged the brand’s best -selling vehicle title in the past two years and only the Audi Q3 is more popular in the category.

The latter is the best purchase according to The Auto Guide, Just in front of the XC40, which takes advantage of a certain number of changes for the 2023 model year. We put it on a test at the beginning of winter to see what wood he is heating up.

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The two versions of the four -cylinder 2 -liter turbocompressed engine (T4 and T5) receive a 48 -volt battery and a very small 10 kW electric motor forming a light hybrid system (hence the new B4 and B5 appellations)). The first remains rather modest with its 194 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of couple, but the second is certain in certain enthusiasm by developing 247 horsepower and 258 lb-ft. For the format of the vehicle, it is perfect, as evidenced by 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds (according to Volvo). In addition, the towing capacity exceeds 3,500 pounds.

If the full cog shines by its efficiency, we have found that the eight -speed automatic transmission sometimes lacks softness at low speed and wants to go too quickly to the higher relationship, a question of saving gasoline. In this regard, the XC40 B5 displays an official average consumption of 9.2 l/100 km, barely three tenths of liter more than the B4 … and two less than in 2022, without electrification. During our test, which took place mainly in town and at temperatures varying between -10 and 0 degrees, the result observed was 9.9 l/100 km.

Pleasant little view

Beyond its performance, the Volvo XC40 2023 is pleasant to drive, showing a balance worthy of mention and a good compromise between comfort and agility. True to its reputation, the company has included many active safety and driving aid systems, which we have never found disturbing, by the way. The 360 ​​degree visualization system is automatically displayed on the screen in certain situations to facilitate maneuvers.

That said, the driving position is not perfect. The seat is firm (more than in other Volvo models, certainly) but still remains comfortable over long distances. The seat does not go down enough, which gives us the impression of being perched than really seated in the XC40. In addition, the space for the right foot is limited, while the brake pedal lacks flexibility in normal driving but is perfectly suited to sudden braking.

The rear and lateral visibility is compromised by the large pillars of the roof while the narrow display of the reversing camera does not help. Bonis points for the adjustable custling-custard included in our model and for the speed with which the steering wheel and the seats warm up in the two rows.

Google wins

Question of facilitating the lives of those who use Android devices, the infotainment system powered by Google – which was already included as standard in the XC40 Recharge with 100% electric motorization – extends to all versions of the XC40 for 2023. Google Maps becomes the default navigation system at the same time, the Google wizard is there for voice commands and the Google Play store allows you to add new applications. Remote software updates are also possible to make continuous improvements.

The modern interface and the driver -to -oriented screen have something to please. However, the system is occasionally slow to react and cause distraction too often during driving, in particular to adjust heating and ventilation. The simplistic home menu is not used for much: it is better to use the applications. Having a few more physical buttons on the central block, the console and the steering wheel would not be wrong.

Chic and refined

In our opinion, the Volvo XC40 2023 is undeniably one of the most beautiful luxury subcompacts on the market, as much by its silhouette as by its details as the daytime fires and the contrasting roof optional. New colors are available, the Fjord blue being no longer being for this Scandinavian utility.

On board, no one can deny the quality of the materials and the finish. We can cite, for example, the mixture of imitation leather and Sweden which covered the seats of our copy. Digital instrumentation is attractive, although a little poor in information compared to German rivals. Ergonomics and storage are satisfactory, whether in the console or the doors.

The rear occupants, after having thwarted the limited opening angle of the doors, discover a spacious bench for the category. The trunk is relatively long but not very wide, for a hardly impressive volume of 452 liters. A hatch in the center allows you to insert long objects, such as skis (maximum of two pairs). Otherwise, by folding the folders flat, we obtain 1,628 liters for loading, which is above average.

Which version to choose?

The Volvo XC40 2023 is sold from $ 45,484, including transport and preparation costs. It’s a competitive price, but you have to be satisfied with the B4 engine. The supplement of $ 3,500 for the B5 engine is really worth it.

Otherwise, it is possible to obtain the whole more, which adds a panoramic roof, a assisted opening tailgate, parking aid and more. The invoice then amounts to $ 52,684, which is only $ 2,000 of a more spacious and fairly well equipped XC60. Think about it.

Finally, at the top of the ladder, an XC40 B5 Ultimate with semi-automatic driving, 360 degree camera, Harman Kardon audio channel and other extras has no less than $ 58,834, a frankly exaggerated price that does not count Some options can still be added, such as 21 -inch wheels. Thin consolation: financing and rental rates are a little more advantageous at the moment than in competition.

Finally, the XC40 recharges, with 402 horsepower and capable of riding 359 km without burning a drop of gasoline, displays a basic PDSF under $ 60,000 and thus qualifies for a total subsidy of $ 12,000 from Federal Governments and provincial. Another think about it.

Used Volvo XC40: reliability to monitor

The Volvo XC40 joined the range of vehicles from the Swedish manufacturer for the 2019 model year and, since then it has been heating the XC60 for the title of best seller.

It is an attractive and frankly convincing product, in particular by its safety, its nicely furnished cabin and its comfort superior to that of an Audi Q3, for example, whether in terms of seats or rolling.

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Ideal for consumers who choose a brand new copy is a rental or even a purchase followed by a resale after four years, the duration of the Volvo warranty on the vehicle and the Motopropulseur Group.

For what? Because long -term reliability is more disturbing if we rely on the history of Volvo. The brand is found year after year among the worst according to the firm J.D. Power. In addition, the two big brothers of the XC40, namely the XC60 and the XC90, are regulars in the classification of the least reliable models of Consumer Reports.

By consulting the site of the latter, we discover a satisfaction rate of the owners of 4 out of 5 with regard to the XC40, but only 3 out of 5 for the reliability. It does not do better than the average. Its main problematic points are brakes as well as electrical and electronic systems, but different mechanisms (doors, locks, belts, seats, sunroof) are also regularly subject to complaints.

If the purchase of a used Volvo XC40 interests you, it will probably remain part of the manufacturer’s original warranty, but a prolonged warranty would definitely be to consider. In addition, favor a certified copy, see the inspection and history reports (Carfax), then check that all security reminders are corrected, in particular those concerning the brake pedal and the anti -lock system.

Failing to be more reliable than a Lexus UX, for example, the XC40 wins a higher score in several other categories and deserves to be dwell.