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Volkswagen ID.4

By golf 06 on 01/26/2023

Volkswagen Id4 reviews

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Volkswagen ID.4




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I bought an ID.4 pro performance (77kWh battery, 19pouces rims, no panoramic roof, heat pump and head -up display) it approximately 3 months. I traveled around 4000km, including 2000km of highways. The overall assessment is very positive. It is a spacious family SUV where you can go on vacation to 4 people with luggage without being cramped. The car is very comfortable on a daily basis. In town, the low turning radius is an important advantage for maneuvers. Consumption is pretty good, 22kWh/100km on average on the highway (350km), 16kwh/100km in urban. I suppose that in summer consumption will even be slightly lower. The only real negative point is the price of the vehicle far above a thermal equivalent despite the fuel savings made every month. I am nevertheless very satisfied with this purchase and I recommend this vehicle.

Volkswagen ID.4 pro performance – 4057 km

Bought in July 2021 to replace a DS3.
Following the arrival of twins, we were trying to change vehicles to have a family vehicle but electric.
After 5000km behind the wheel, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised.
The announcement of the autonomy sticks relatively well with daily use (between 505 and 535km with a full load).
The cabin is spacious and is suitable for someone big (I am 1m95), which was not the case on other electric vehicles that we tried.
The comfort of the road is also present.
Overall I am very satisfied with the vehicle, but I would have 2 things to blame:
– the we connect id application is clearly not successful compared to other manufacturers
– The regulator is to be reviewed, it changes sometimes all itself from 80 to 50 without any reason which is more than problematic

Volkswagen ID.4 pro performance – 5000 km

First electric car for me. This is an ID4 1st Edition.
A real pleasure to know the silent and flexible driving of an electric.
I mix short journeys and long journeys and the autonomy of the ID4 turns out to be a good compromise.
No complaints to the overall on the vehicle on its characteristics.
On the other hand, major security problem.
Even if it means taking a rather high -end vehicle, you might as well take the options that attend a driving as much as possible. However, my car encounters a huge problem when I use the adaptive and predictive cruise control. The computer mixes the brushes and applies erroneous random speeds: example, on the highway, while I drive at 130 km/h, the car detects me an nonexistent “30km/h” panel and just battery. If I do not react immediately, I therefore find myself 100 km/h below the planned speed . This case of fig arose many times. Ditto in tunnels where for a reason that I ignore, the car stalls 20 or 30 km/h below the planned speed. The car also detects “tight turns” when there is none, and right in the same way ..
Volkswagen took the car in diagnostic and did not understand the breakdown. I am simply advised to drive without adaptive regulator ..

Volkswagen ID.4

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Volkswagen ID reviews.4

By golf 06 on 01/26/2023

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204 Pro Performance 1st Bev 82kWh
2021 35 245 km Electric automatic
Good deal guaranteed 12 months


2021 29,500 Electric automatic km


2022 7,500 Automatic Electric km


2023 3,450 km automatic Electric


2022 4,500 Automatic Electric km


2023 2,000 km automatic Electric
Good matter guaranteed 24 months


2023 5,000 km automatic Electric


204 Pro Performance Bev 82kWh
2021 29,690 km automatic Electric


204 Pro Performance Bev 82kWh
2021 9,800 km automatic Electric
Good matter guaranteed 24 months


2023 6,520 km automatic Electric

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