Volkswagen Id Buzz: Price, Autonomy, Options, Even Knowing the Electric Van, Volkswagen ID. Buzz (electric combi): all info

Volkswagen ID. Buzz

In order to suit more families, Volkswagen recently presented an elongated version of his ID Buzz. The GTX model, which will be available from May 2024 In France, will be able to welcome up to 7 people. The manufacturer will also offer a 6 -seater version, with two individual seats as a second row, in place of the three -seater bench. A 4 -wheel drive version will also be offered in July 2024.

Volkswagen Id Buzz: Price, Autonomy, Options, All about the Electric Van

The legendary Volkswagen Combi returns under a new electric version. This van is designed to travel with family or friends in conditions that could not be more comfortable. Motorization, autonomy, prices, options … Here is everything we know about the Volkswagen Buzz Id.

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  • �� What are the strengths of the Buzz ID ?
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  • �� The Volkswagen Id Buzz, a more modern and 100 % electric combi
  • �� The electric motorization of Volkswagen ID Buzz
  • �� What is the autonomy of Volkswagen Id Buzz ?
  • ❓ What improvements for the Volkswagen Id Buzz ?
  • �� What is the price of Volkswagen’s ID Buzz ?
  • ➕ What are the options available for the Volkswagen Id Buzz ?
  • �� The Volkswagen Id Buzz, a renewed icon
  • �� ID buzz cargo version: the electric utility intended for professionals
  • ��´hy
  • ��️ ID Buzz California: a van furnished for camping ?

ID buzzYou are a backpacker in your soul ? It is true that getting into a road trip and discovering new places, as well as new people has something exciting. Browse the kilometers in a van is particularly pleasant, especially if you take your friends or family in your adventure, and you do not want to run out of space. Volkswagen presented in 2022 the overhaul of its iconic van Combi, one of the most emblematic travel vehicles of the 1950s. Combi vs id buzzBased on the MEB XL platform, the vehicle has generous dimensions of 2,212 m wide with its mirrors, 4.712 m long, And 1,937 m high. The van also justifies a wheelbase of 2.989 m and a turning radius of 11.1 m, which allows him to remain very fluid in his maneuvers. It also displays a Total vacuum weight of 2,407 kg, and can reach a maximum load of 3,000 kg. ID Buzz DimensionsThe Buzz ID can accommodate until 5 occupants and has a large storage space, with a trunk of 1,121 liters. It is possible to reach a capacity of 2,205 liters by folding down the seats in back. Here is a summary of the general dimensions, the weight and the traction capacity of the Buzz ID:

  • Width with outdoor mirrors : 2,212 m
  • Width without mirrors : 1.985 m
  • Van length : 4.712 m
  • Total height : 1,937 m
  • Wheelbase : 2,989 m
  • Ground clearance : 0.143 m
  • Loading threshold height : 0.579 m
  • Useful loading length : 1,300 m
  • Useful loading width : 1.204 m
  • Useful loading height : 1,091 m
  • Chest volume : 1 121 L
  • Volume of the trunk if downward rear seats : 2,205 l
  • Unloaded weight : 2,407 kg
  • Total weight authorized : 3,000 kg
  • Load eligible by front / rear axle : 1,475 kg / 1,620 kg
  • Authorized non -slowed downward weight : 750 kg
  • Retable weight allowed braked on a slope of 12 % : 1,000 kg

�� The electric motorization of Volkswagen ID Buzz

The electric motorization of Volkswagen ID Buzz offers maximum power of 150 kW. She displays a couple of 310 Nm and develop 204 hp. This efficient engine, housed on the rear axle, allows the family mini-bus to reach a maximum speed of 145 km/h, while offering fluid and silent acceleration. The vehicle can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds.

ID Buzz Engine

�� What is the autonomy of Volkswagen Id Buzz ?

The IZ buzz electric motor is powered by a 77 kWh battery (82 kWh raw), which allows him to offer maximum autonomy of 416 km (WLTP). Being done, the vehicle does not emit No CO² emissions. The electricity consumption of the Buzz ID is 20.8 to 21.7 kWh per 100 km, and its energy efficiency score is HAS+++. In addition, the braking energy recovery technology makes it possible to optimize autonomy by reducing energy consumption.

Buzz ID Autonomy

Regarding the recharge of the Buzz ID, the latter is compatible with the protocol Plug & load, as well as the vast majority of charging stations available in France. The van supports a maximum load power of 170 kW With the CSS combo. It can also be recharged by alternating current until 11 kW. It is obviously possible to install a charging station at home. In addition, the ID buzz recovers its autonomy quickly, since it is only necessary 30 minutes to go from 5 to 80 % By connecting to a quick continuous charging station.

ID Buzz Borne Home

Volkswagen specifies that the ID buzz is the first vehicle it designs to meet the imperatives of carbon neutrality, which will have to be put in 2050. In addition to producing zero greenhouse gas emissions, Volkswagen used recycled materials and vegan for upholstery, Floor coverings And the roof sky IZ Buzz.

❓ What improvements for the Volkswagen Id Buzz ?

Volkswagen played the card of modernity and comfort thoroughly by offering a functional and spacious interior, which lends itself particularly well to the getaway with family or friends. The vehicle has adjustable seats that offer a multitude of combinations according to your needs.

ID Buzz interior

The Volkswagen ID Buzz has a range of storage options within the cabin. We find in particular between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, theID Buzz Box, A flexible storage box provided as standard. This large “empty pocket” allows you to store, among other things, gourds and drinks, sunglasses, as well as many other things. This removable box also offers drawers, as well as a conversion and an ice cream scratch, in order to be adorned at all eventualities. Remove the box allows you to enjoy optimal comfort at the rear.

ID Buzz Box

The ID Buzz benefits from a sleek digital dashboard and could not be more modern, which particularly emphasizes the user experience, with Internet connection, voice command And mobile services integrated. The standard multimedia system is embarked on a Comfortable 10 inch touch screen.

ID Buzz Dashboard

In addition to offering the essential GPS, The system allows you to read the music of your smartphone by connecting it to App-connect. The screen also offers access to DAB digital radio+, as well as Wee Connect Intelligent Services. In this sense, it is possible to obtain information in real time on the condition of your vehicle, and even to control certain functionalities remotely from your smartphone, via the application We Connect ID. App.

In addition, it is obviously possible to recharge your smartphone on one of the many USB-C ports available. In addition, the Buzz ID cockpit also has a Wireless charging mat For smartphones compatible with induction recharging.

ID Buzz Inner

The ID buzz also incorporates a SIM card, which allows him to remain permanently connected. In this way, its digital system is updated automatically, to allow you to take advantage of the latest features when available. While you ride, the “Over-the-Air” updates Download in the background, and settle down while the ID buzz is stopped.

Thanks to technology “Car2x”, The Buzz ID can communicate with other connected road users, in order to keep you informed of any traffic jams or dangers that you could cross on your way. In order to offer an ever more qualitative driving experience, Volkswagen offers more than 30 driving aid systems for your van id buzz.

Buzz ID chest

Volkswagen has also focused on the modern design of the lighting of his vehicle, in order to offer an atmosphere conducive to conviviality, which makes you want to take the road. For example, the interactive system ID Light accompanies you during your journeys, by associating with Discover Pro Navigation System and by guiding you intuitively thanks to luminous sounds and signals.

ID Light Id Buzz

On the other hand, the play of light contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere thanks to indirect ambient lighting. ID Buzz also benefits from functionality “Coming & Leaving Home”, which allows him to project light into the dark, in order to offer you good visibility when you want to leave the vehicle or access it.

Rear seats ID buzz

Volkswagen also offers an optional Key starting and locking system, baptized “Keyless Advanced”, as well as before “Matrix LED IQ.Light “. By opting for these two options, the ID Buzz recognizes you as soon as you approach the vehicle with your key. The projectors make a pivot from bottom to top, before lighting up.

�� What is the price of Volkswagen’s ID Buzz ?

The Volkswagen ID Buzz can be reserved from 59,450 euros including tax without option. The German brand also offers the van without option From € 525 per month until August 31. This is an offer of long term rental (37 months / 40,000 km), the first rent of which is increased at € 6,186. The 36 monthly rents dependent on the dependent therefore amounted to € 525 including tax.

You can configure your vehicle online, by choosing the options you want to benefit from maximum comfort. You will then have to make an appointment with a dealer.

➕ What are the options available for the Volkswagen Id Buzz ?

Volkswagen offers a wide choice of options to personalize your ID Buzz at your convenience. You can choose between five united colors For exterior painting, but also Two united colors optional, Or Four variations of two -color paint.

ID Buzz Options

For the interior, you have the choice between standard color, or Eight variations subject to increase. It is also possible to choose between various types of rims 19 ″, 20 ″ Or 21 ″.

Finally, a large choice of equipment and options are available to you:

  • A folding, with electric unlocking
  • Of the Guarantee extensions
  • THE Comfort pack (Multiflex support with 2 foldable storage boxes, separation net, etc.))
  • THE Open & close pack (Electric tailgate, Lighted door concave handles, electric sliding doors, anti -theft alarm system, central locking, rear perimeter lighting)
  • THE Plus infotainment pack (Autradio “Ready 2 Discover” with 12 ″ touch screen, etc.))
  • Driving aid systems
  • THE Designer (LED rear light blocks, iq.Light, Leaving Home, stainless steel pedals, etc.))
  • And many others Personalization options for the interior

�� The Volkswagen Id Buzz, a renewed icon

You will understand, the Volkswagen Id Buzz is the Perfect compromise between heritage and innovation, offering both a modern design inspired by the iconic Combi, as well as a efficient electric motorization. With his generous autonomy, his innovative technologies, his Custom options and his Compatibility with fast charging stations, This electric van obviously has everything to satisfy lovers of eco -responsible road trips.

In order to adapt to a wider audience, Volkswagen offers other variations of his Buzz ID, which we briefly present to you below.

�� ID buzz cargo version: the electric utility intended for professionals

As a user, the Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo has been specially designed for professional use. In order to fulfill its function, the electric van offers minimal size, in order to offer a substantial loading volume. It therefore has a single double bench that can accommodate up to two passengers.

ID buzz cargo recharge

Equipped with a Meb platform modern, the Buzz Cargo ID offers a maximum loading space of 3.9 m 3 . In practice, two Europalets can be loaded transversely on his floor. The ID Buzz Cargo also has a Fixed separation wall, Between the driver’s cabin and the loading space. It is possible to equip a window and an optional loading opening. It is also possible to opt for a second sliding door on the driver’s side, in order to always facilitate loading.

In addition to offering a significant loading capacity, the ID Buzz Cargo justifies a great handling with its turning radius of only 11.09 meters. In this, it is particularly practical to drive in the narrow streets of major cities. For the rest, the van takes advantage of all the multimedia features of the Buzz ID.

ID Buzz Cargo

The Volkswagen electric utility is offered from € 60,300 including tax without option. The vehicle is eligible for ecological bonus up to € 8,000, as well as to the conversion bonus up to € 10,000.

Until July 31, The Buzz Cargo ID is offered From € 380 excl. Tax per month. This offer of long term rental (37 months / 45,000 km) is valid on a model without option. To take advantage of it, companies must pay a first rent increased by € 10,833 excl. Tax (reduced to 0 € excl.


In order to suit more families, Volkswagen recently presented an elongated version of his ID Buzz. The GTX model, which will be available from May 2024 In France, will be able to welcome up to 7 people. The manufacturer will also offer a 6 -seater version, with two individual seats as a second row, in place of the three -seater bench. A 4 -wheel drive version will also be offered in July 2024.


Regarding the prices of this long wheelbase model, they have not yet been communicated by the manufacturer, but we can expect the entry -level version to be offered around 65,000 euros.

ID Buzz GTX Interior

Regarding the dashboard, we note the appearance of a High head display, and a latest multimedia system, embarked in a larger central screen (12.9 inches)). The user experience has also been optimized, since Volkswagen has improved graphics and the responsiveness of its interface. A shortcut bar for features has also been added, in order to guarantee maximum intuitiveness.

��️ ID Buzz California: a van furnished for camping ?

While Volkswagen plans to market its 2025 its ID Buzz California, A variation of its van for campers, based on its long wheelbase model (GTX), it would seem that the manufacturer comes up against A weight problem that would force him to postpone the exit from his vehicle, While waiting to find a viable solution.

ID Buzz California

Indeed, according to the German media Edison, the classic version of the ID Buzz is already a very heavy vehicle, which reaches a mass of 2.4 t vacuum. Therefore, if we add to the weight of additional equipment, that of passengers and their luggage, the maximum PTAC of 3.5 t could be easily reached. If necessary, the vehicle would then be reclassified as a heavy goods vehicle, and it would take a specific permit to be able to drive it; which would therefore make it less accessible and would go against the plans of the firm.

As Volkswagen explained, Optimization of the energy density of vehicle batteries could be the solution that would allow the brand to offer its declination developed to the general public. Indeed, a battery of the same capacity but lighter, would have the advantage of reducing the total weight of the vehicle and keeping a sufficiently comfortable payload for passengers.

California Concept

While waiting for this improvement to be born, the firm therefore puts aside its project. However, Volkswagen intends to offer a van for the campsite, based on the long version of the Multivan. The latter, baptized California Concept was unveiled at the Düsseldorf Caravan Fair, which was held from August 25 to September 3. Kitchen, shower, multiple storage spaces, double sliding door, outdoor double blind, and integrated tablet for settings will be on the program. The passenger vehicle will be available in a rechargeable petrol and hybrid version.

Box box Id Buzz

Concretely, this is what the Busbox-4 incorporates:

  • A folding bed with folding and stretch feet (supports up to 180 kg);
  • A cold foam mattress, foldable in three parts (125 x 195 cm – 10 cm thick);
  • 100 % cotton bed cover sheets;
  • A tap powered by two 10 -liter jerry;
  • A kitchen drawer with a gas stove (two lights) and an aluminum wind windshield;
  • Two gas cartridges;
  • Two stainless steel containers;
  • A 500 dan stowa.

The QUQUQ brand also offers an optional refrigerator from 15 to 20 liters, to be plugged into a 12 V socket located in the Van trunk.

The main advantage of this device remains its Simplicity and its speed of installation. Indeed, it is necessary count about a minute to deploy the kit according to the brand. It is enough to fold the seats and unfold the mattress, then to pull the drawers which contain the kitchen, and the whole is operational. In Europe, the brand markets its module at the rate of € 3,190. While waiting for the official fitted version of Volkswagen, this box can be a good alternative for those who want to transform their van into a motorhome in the blink of an eye.

Bed Buzz Bed Bed

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Volkswagen ID.Buzz


Configure your Volkswagen ID vehicle.Buzz or ask for a trial for free.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is a 100% electric version of the famous German brand combi. The van is available from 56,990 euros in its temporary version and 57,588 euros in utility. An extended XL version has just been presented, the details of its marketing are still unknown.

ID design.Buzz

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is largely inspired by the legendary Volkswagen Combi and fits into the electric “vast offensive” that the German group launched from 2020.

Meaning “identity”, “idea”, “individual”, “intelligent” and “iconic design”, ID brings together electric vehicles launched by the German brand while “buzz” is a contraction between the word “bus” and buzzing Characteristic of electric vehicles.


ID.Face Buzz

Based on the MEB XL platform, the electric van 4.71 m long for 1.98 m wide and 1.94 m high. With a wheelbase of 2.99 m, he announces a turning radius of 11.1 m.

ID motorization and performance.Buzz

Unlike the concept car prefiguring it, the ID.Serial buzz embeds a single electric motor attached to the rear axle. This develops a power of 204 hp (150 kW) and 310 Nm of torque. What to allow the electric van to reach a maximum speed of 145 km/h and make the 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds for the pro version (5 places).

The cargo utility version of the

The ID cargo utility version.Profile buzz

Acceleration performance from 0 to 100 km/h of the cargo (utility version) were not communicated by the manufacturer.

Battery, autonomy and recharge from Volkswagen ID.Buzz

The two versions of the ID.Buzz currently marketed, pro and cargo, are offered with the only battery of a storage capacity of 82 kWh raw, or 77 kWh usable. This offers a mixed autonomy of 416 km for the family version of the bus and 414 km for the utility.


ID.Bizz Pro, a temporary version of the van, in full load

According to information communicated by Volkswagen, the consumption of the ID.Buzz is between 20.4 and 20.8 kWh/100 km depending on the body.

In terms of recharging, alternating the Volkswagen ID.Buzz accepts as standard up to 11 kW. Equipped with the CSS combo, the electric van is compatible with the fast recharging up to 170 kW on the dedicated terminals.

The passage from 5 to 80 % in DC Max is done in 30 minutes.

Volkswagen ID marketing and prices.Buzz

In France, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz is sold from 56,990 euros in its 5 -seater pro version and € 57,588 in cargo utility version. For the time being, we do not have information when to a future 8 -seater version of the electric van.

Picture gallery

The ID cargo utility version.Profile buzz

The Volkswagen ID.Yellow and white buzz in 3/4 front view

ID.Bizz Pro, a temporary version of the van, in full load

Try Volkswagen ID.Buzz ?

Configure your Volkswagen ID vehicle.Buzz or ask for a trial for free.

We drove 2,000 km in ID.Buzz, the Volkswagen electric van

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

Audi Habitacle 2024 Q6 etron opinion

After a first classic test, we find our ID.Buzz for long portions of highway. Can van life combine with electric ?

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

This is certainly one of the electric cars Event this year and that, we believe, would have deserved to win the “car of the year” trophy. With its incomparable boil, the Volkswagen electric combi is a promise of Van Life electric. Yes, but, can we really consider long days of road and a life far from the beaten track when you are dependent on a battery to advance. This is the challenge of this ID.Buzz, managing to convince that its main limitation, autonomy, will not slow the desires of its drivers.
In order to give us a more precise idea of ​​the road capacities of the latestborn Volkswagen we embarked on a small motorway adventure that was around 2,000 km approximately, dotted with fast loads and slightly longer breaks. Objective: to determine the real autonomy of electric “combi” and its ability to travel.

This is not an exercise

During our first test of ID.Buzz, we deplored the impossibility of testing the autonomy of the beast in real travel conditions. Indeed, in Portugal, the place of our initial meeting with the electric combi, the highways are limited to 120 km/h and the time which was allocated to us could not suit a thorough autonomy test. Consequently, the objective of this second test was obvious: to drive the ID.Buzz on a typical vacation journey, which its DNA invites you to do.
In fact, this new article concerning the Volkswagen electric van will not return to the qualities and faults of the ID.Buzz. To have a precise idea of ​​the performance of the vehicle, its behavior, but also its driving pleasure and the experience in electric van, quite simply, we invite you to reread our test:

The route: you will regain a little highway ?

Our test route for this ID trip.Buzz led us from the north of the Paris region, to the outskirts of Toulon. An 868 km long journey, on the outward journey, sprinkled with some 200 km on site. In total, it is more than 2,000 km that we traveled with the Vankswagen electric van, 75% of which on a highway.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

For this trip to ID.Buzz, we tried to adopt two different strategies and to say everything completely opposite between the round trip and the return. On our Paris-Toulon, we did not try to reduce the consumption of the vehicle, we rolled as simply as we would have done it by thermal car. Leaving with 95% battery on the clock (and a very ambitious autonomy of 459 km), we are forced to make a first stop much earlier than we had hoped. This first break, 236 km from our starting point, with 12% remaining battery, is an opportunity to see a consumption much higher than Volkswagen officially communicates. On this first portion of our journey, our consumption amounts to 25.7 kWh/100 km. At the discharge of our electric combi, it should be emphasized that he must face a relatively powerful wind, he who does not benefit from obvious obvious aerodynamic capacities either.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

Nevertheless, this first stop also offers us a nice surprise. On our total terminal terminal of 300 kW, our ID.Buzz happily exceeds its power limit of 170 kW. For long minutes, the van collects more than 180 kW even reaching a peak of 189 kW. Result: in less than 30 minutes, we recharged enough to hit the road.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

Quick recharge: good surprises

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

We will make, in total, three additional stops, including a very short on the privileged recharge beach of the vehicle (10 – 40 %), before rallying our point of arrival. If our consumption was able to drop at times (limitation to 110 km/h, passage by loaded rocades causing slowdowns), it never really went under 22 kWh/100 km. Our longest “run” on this journey just allowed us to reach 300 km with a single load (298 km precisely), but at the cost of a few cold sweats: 3% remaining battery arriving at the terminal.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

On the other hand, whatever the network used, the ID.Buzz has always gratified us with pleasant charging powers, often above its supposed abilities. This time saved during the battery filling phases does not compensate for the significant consumption of the ID.Buzz at 130 km/h, but it makes the journey less painful.

A calculated return

When we returned, from Toulon to the Paris region, we managed to reduce the number of breaks. It took us three stops to make the same route, in almost identical conditions. The difference ? The speed of course. By reducing it by ten kilometers/hour and by adopting a more flexible driving on urban passages, we have managed to reduce our consumption. By managing to keep us below 22 kWh/100 km (exactly 21.8), we were able to chain the 300 km portions thus reducing our overall journey time.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

It is which possible to make bets-marseille in ID.Buzz, or any other vacation trip hoping to reach 300 km by recharge. Admittedly, another method, more brought to the optimization of the charging time, encourages more stops, but to be content to load between 10 and 60-80% and to follow the performance of its recharge curve. We gladly concedes it, we have favored longer breaks and more rest, the goal being above all to know if the VW electric van could travel 300 km of highway several times in a row.

Not really a road, not really a problem

Although it is (difficult to reach), it is difficult to qualify the ID.Road buzz, or simply electric car capable of swallowing the kilometers. Its most imposing template, its weight (almost 2.5 tonnes) and its unusual aerodynamics easily test its 77 kWh battery.
For comparison, a few weeks earlier, we had made the same trip to go with any of the electric cars most suited to long journeys. The comparison with the Ioniq 6 is obviously not thanks to the ID.Buzz on this point, the Hyundai sedan allowed us to travel more than 400 km of highway with a battery of similar capacity.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

ID.Buzz is therefore not a real road, but it ensures the essentials. It allows you to make this kind of journeys, if necessary, but invites you to take your time and potentially reduce your speed to lengthen the autonomy somewhat. This changes the usual speech on the car.

Always the nicest of electric cars

On the other hand, which does not change, even several months after our initial test of the ID.Buzz is the immense popularity rating of the vehicle, its unrivaled sympathy capital. Whether on the road, during our breaks, recharging or simply returning to our vehicle, we have continued to receive testimonies of sympathy from the people we met.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy

Ride in id.Buzz, at least for the moment, it is also to be surprised to receive regular greetings and winks on the road. It is also to discover regularly around his van, an interested passer -by who will share your questions … and his admiration for the icon. It is finding an amateur music group posing in front of your van with the idea of ​​cliché the cover of his first album. Ultimately, the ID.Buzz is a car that arouses emotion, not only for those who drive it, but also for those who meet her. It is rare enough, moreover on an electric car, to be underlined.

VW ID.Buzz Long Autonomy


The magic of the ID.Buzz does not extend to his battery. Please note, this is not a question here of saying that the electric van disappoints in terms of autonomy. On the contrary, given its weight and aerodynamics, it is quite properly. Thanks to its 77 kWh battery and an average consumption of 22.4 kWh in mixed use, it is quite possible to hope to reach 350 km of autonomy, which will suit almost all uses. On the other hand, on the highway, between 120 and 130 km/h, its consumption flies beyond 25 kWh/100 km, melt its autonomy and our hopes of long uninterrupted trips. ID.Buzz is therefore not a first road, but it is nonetheless an electric whooping, one of the few cars that give smile without it being linked to the pressure level on the accelerator pedal. It allows you to travel and invite you to do it, but it also invites you to slow down to take advantage of it.