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New model / VW ID. Buzz: the unveiled prices

Let us immediately specify, this is a VP version (private vehicle) and not seen (utility vehicle). The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is also available in cargo version for professionals and from 350 euros per month excluding taxes. But the version that interests us today cannot be stored in this category.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz from 650 euros per month: should we fall for the electric van ?

With its delicately neo-retro look and its habitability to make the best SUVs pale, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz could make the happiness of large families or even lovers of “van life”. The Volkswagen electric van is offered from 650 euros per month, a rather coherent sum in view of the vehicle. But is it really a good deal ? Decryption.

Let us immediately specify, this is a VP version (private vehicle) and not seen (utility vehicle). The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is also available in cargo version for professionals and from 350 euros per month excluding taxes. But the version that interests us today cannot be stored in this category.

Never mind, for a rather high -end vehicle, because it is in this category that we can store it, with much better habitability than certain electric SUVs, large families could well look into the case of Volkswagen Id. Buzz.

Indeed, like the Combi of the 1960s, the ID. Buzz can also be considered a leisure vehicle, and in this case, funding can also be a good solution for the one who wishes to have fun without leaving a PEL and a booklet A to the cumulative.

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz offered at 650 euros per month

As for the majority of financing offers “from”, This is the basic model. At Volkswagen, it is the “pro” finish level that takes on this role. And anyway, c’Is the only one in the range at a time when we write these lines. Basic, the vehicle includes many equipment:

19 ″ “Tilburg” Bi-Colore “alloy rims;
10 ″ central screen with “Discover Pro” navigation system;
Air Care Air Care Air Climatronic Bi-Zones;
Id. Buzz box between the front seats;
Induction charger and wireless “app-connect”;
Heated front seats;
Multifunction steering wheel in imitation leather, with touch control, heating.

On the other hand, if you have the beautiful 19 -inch rims, this will not be the case with painting. Indeed, the two-tone shade of the launch versions, which echo the combi, are available as an option paid and therefore do not enter this financing offer. Basic, ID. Buzz is available with a “mono metallic silver” shade after all quite bland. Damage. Informative, a Candy white dinner white shade/Metallic yellow lime costs 2,810 euros as an option.

If there is only one finish for the ID. Buzz, there is also only one engine and a single battery. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz has a battery with a capacity 77 kWh and its autonomy of 416 km According to the WLTP cycle. The electric motor, located at the rear axle, develops 204 hp. This is an engine/battery architecture that we find in particular on the Volkswagen ID.3.

What are the conditions to be eligible for the LLD offer of Volkswagen ID. Buzz ?

This is a long -term rental offer on 37 months and 40,000 km over the duration of the rental. Usually, we are rather on offers at 30,000 km on this type of duration, but Volkswagen has certainly wanted to adapt to customers who are used to riding a lot of product type.

Volkswagen indicates that the offer at 650 euros per month is subject to A contribution of 6,168 euros, to which we cannot deduct the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros since the car exceeds the eligibility threshold of 47,000 euros.

The contribution is high, and generally contrasts with previous more advantageous offers concerning electric models. Previously, with the ecological bonus, The first increased rent was partly absorbed by government aid. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz, with its high prices and the tightening of the conditions of the bonus, is not concerned.

How much will you cost the LLD of Volkswagen ID. Buzz ?

Over three years of long -term rental, your ID. Buzz will cost you 29,568 euros. Volkswagen displays its van from 59,450 euros including tax on its site. The offer also includes an S pack with VDR and interview for 18 euros per month included in the rent. This maintenance service allows you to go to Volkswagen approved workshops for your control and maintenance work. No surprise on costs: for this service, you pay a fixed monthly package for the duration of your contract.

This package includes in-depth maintenance and inspection work in accordance with Volkswagen specifications as well as the workforce and wear parts. During the interview, Volkswagen ensures that you have a replacement vehicle.

Starting from this price, you will pay the three years of the rental, 49.7 % of the price of your car. It is more than the discount over three years for this type of car (in general, it oscillates around 30 to 35 %), especially in electricity where demand continues to increase, thus involving a certain stability of the. The offer is not a LOA, there is no vehicle buy -back option. It will be necessary to return the car at the end of the LLD.

Watch out for restoration costs, they may be raised at the time of restitution. We advise you to do it before a bodybuilder, it will cost you less than your dealer in general. If you take a vehicle from your dealer after your LLD, it will also be a little less looking at the costs of repairing.

index title = “what to remember ? ] The elements to remember

From a financial point of view, classic credit in a bank is still not the best short -term solution since The monthly payments are practically three times higher compared to the LLD proposed by Volkswagen.

The difference is explained by the fact that with a conventional credit, You finance the entire car and, at the end of the 37 months, This one belongs to you. You can keep it, or resell it. And you do not have a mileage limit. Regarding the LLD, you actually pay only part of the car and at the end of the four years, you must return the car and pay costs if you exceed the mileage limit.

Even if all monthly payments correspond overall to the natural discount of a car, This solution is only interesting if you want to change your car regularly By paying part of the car, without annoying yourself with the resale at the end since you will have to return it.

The LLD is interesting if you do not have too much visibility with regard to the occasion of your car and you already know that you will resell it. With this type of financing, you know in advance the total cost of possession of your vehicle.

On the other hand, in cash or on credit, you cannot know this price, since it will depend on the resale value. Nevertheless, demand in an electric car being increasing, Prices should not access as quickly as a thermal model, Especially with the circulation restrictions of certain former diesels and petrol in certain agglomerations.

In our eyes, the LLD proposed by Volkswagen is rather interesting, Since monthly payments are not so high for this type of vehicle, as is the contribution, which still remains quite reasonable. On the other hand, even if the standard endowment is rather interesting, the configuration of the model could at least have been a little nicer, with a more exotic color, even if most customers will probably favor the discretion of a gray.

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New model / VW ID.Buzz: the unveiled prices

We finally know the Belgian Prix du Volkswagen ID.Buzz, the electric van with a retro look. Surprise: it will not be cheap.

VW ID.BUZZ: The prices revealed #1

5 years after the concept car, in March, we were finally able to see the production version of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Today, the presale is open for the model, with of course the Belgian price. The price of the passenger version of the ID.Buzz is 50.€ 164.50. excluding VAT. 60.€ 699 VAT included. The ID van version.Cargo buzz costs 43.930 euros excluding VAT (53.€ 155.30 VAT included).

374 km of autonomy

The two models share the same powertrain: an electric motor of 204 hp and 310 Nm on the rear axle supplied by a 77 kWh battery. WLTP consumption is 20.6 kWh/100 km (20.4 for the cargo), which gives a range of 374 km. However, Volkswagen talks about a “up to” 423 km (425 km for the cargo) autonomy), probably in urban circulation. The load can be carried out up to 170 kW, which allows the battery to be loaded from 5 to 80 % in 30 minutes.


ID.Buzz will be launched in Europe in the form of a “pro” model, equipped with front and rear parking sensors, bizone air conditioning, double sliding doors, 19 -inch rims, LED headlights and Half-leather upholstery. The serial infotainment system measures 10 inch but does not have navigation, for that you will have to couple your smartphone (wireless). The rear seat is sliding and folding.

Many options

The options include matrix LED headlights, a trunk lid and electric sliding doors, an adaptive cruise control, a reversing camera, a keyless access system, a steering wheel heating and 11 different colors on 7 types of wheels different. Heating of the seats, the different interior colors and the comfort seats with an electrical adjustment are also options.

Written by Yeelen Möller on 20-05-2022

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