Volkswagen E-UP-Price, autonomy, technical sheet, Volkswagen E-UP: the electrical city car extended until 2025?

Volkswagen E-UP: the electrical city car extended until 2025


CHF 28’900.-
Leasing from CHF 336 monthly

Volkswagen e-up

Volkswagen e-up

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Volkswagen e-up! is the first 100% electric vehicle marketed by the German manufacturer. Launched for the first time in 2013, it has been available since the end of 2019 in an extended autonomy version.

Volkswagen e-up autonomy!

Electric microphone has evolved well over time. First limited to an 18.7 kWh battery giving it 141 km of NEDC cycle autonomy, the Volkswagen E-UP! Now benefits from a 32.3 kWh capacity pack whose autonomy increases to 260 km in WLPT cycle.

8 year warranty, the lithium-ion battery of the e-up! is integrated into the car underbill.

VW E-UP! V1 VW E-UP! 2.0
Battery capacity 18.7 kWh 32.3 kWh
NB of cells/modules 204/17 168/14
Tension 374 V 307 V
Autonomy 141 km NEDC 260 km WLTP

Volkswagen e-up recharge

E-UP recharging is made via a connector behind the tank hatch (same location as petrol or diesel ups). A “Combo” connector (Combined Charging System or CCS) allows you to recharge in AC/DC. With this maximum power system of 40 kW, the Volkswagen E-UP can recover 80% of its battery capacity in 30 minutes, against 3:30 with a 7 kW wallbox or 14 hours on a domestic outlet.

80 % 100 %
Handling time home intake (80 /100 %) 14 hours 6:00 p.m
Wallbox 7.4 kW Wallbox charging time (80 /100 %) 3:30 am 4:30 am
DC Combo charging time (80 % 0.6h 0.8h

E-UP electric motorization!

Volkswagen e-up! is completely silent thanks to its 61 kW electric motor (83 horsepower). Like almost all electric cars, it does not need a gearbox, so it’s an automatic car. Its average consumption is 12.7 to 12.9 kWh/100 km according to the WLTP cycle.

Capable of delivering up to 212 nm of torque, it achieves 0 to 100 km/h in 11.9 seconds and reached up to 130 km/h at top speed.

E-UP design!

E-UP design is distinguished from diesel and petrol ups by some specific elements. LED daytime fires are specific by surrounding the bumper, while the front side, the rocker panels and the sub-barking were made more aerodynamic.

Like the GTI with their red border, the highlighting of the grille under the Volkswagen logo and the base of the blue rear tailgate are specific details, such as the rims, making it possible to distinguish the car.

Price and marketing of the E-UP!

In its 32.3 kWh battery version, called Volkswagen e-up! 2.0, the German electric micro-city is marketed from 25.400 € excluding ecological bonus.

Optionally, the manufacturer offers different packs whose prices and equipment are listed below:

Comfort pack

Automatic lighting of lights with ‘Coming/Leaving-Home’ function

Pack Control

Speed ​​regulator

Park Pilot: rear parking assistance with acoustic warning signals in the event of obstacles

Storage pack

Winter pack

Heated front seats

Electrically adjustable and disgusting exterior mirrors

Boxes of exterior mirrors and bodywork door handles


4 light alloy rims 5 days 15 ‘blade’, tire 165/65 R15

Boxes of exterior mirrors and bodywork door handles

Style pack

Roof and boxes of mirrors painted in plain black

Carril door handles

4 light alloy rims 5 days 15 ‘blade’, tire 165/65 R15

Tasty rear windows and rear window

Blue room lighting

Interior chrome doors

Door thresholds with ‘e-up logo!’ in the front

“Cross” fabric upholstery

Volkswagen e-up technical sheet!

E-UP (2013-2019) E-UP 2.0
Electric motor – power 82 hp (60 kW) 83 hp (61 kW)
Electric motor – torque 210 Nm 212 nm
Battery Lithium-ion 18.7 kWh Lithium-ion 32.3 kWh
Number of cells/modules 204/17 168/14
Tension 374 307
DC fast load Combo CCS 40 kW Combo CCS 40 kW
AC load 3.6 kW 7 kW
Autonomy 141 km NEDC 260 km WLTP
Average consumption 13.5 kWh/100 km 13.5 kWh/100 km
Fiscal power 2 CV 2 CV
Maximum speed 130 km/h 130 km/h
0 – 80 km/h 8.1 s
0 – 100 km/h 12.4 s 11.94 s
Unloaded weight 1139 kg 1235 kg
Ptac 1425 kg 1530 kg
Length 3540 mm 3600 mm
Width 1645 mm 1645 mm
Height 1489 mm 1492 mm
Turning radius 9.80 m 9.80 m
Bank box raised / slaughtered 250 L / 923 L 251 L / 959 L
Marketing Arrested In progress

Volkswagen e-up! : the electrical city car extended until 2025 ?

  • 1/6Volkswagen e-up! : the electrical city car extended until 2025?
  • 2/6With 240 km measured by us, the autonomy of the VW E-UP! In town is more than enough for daily use
  • 3/6And if it is not the cheapest electric car on the market, the e-up! is always well placed with a price, bonus deduced, less than € 19,000
  • 4/6The range of UP thermal engines! was reduced to sorrow. There is only one version 65 hp and the GTI of 115 hp left
  • 5/6With its power of 82 hp and its price located halfway between variants 65 and 115 hp, the E-UP is always a good compromise
  • 6/6While waiting for the serial version based on the concept, the e-up! Allows VW to keep an accessible electric offer
  • 6/6Volkswagen e-up! : the electrical city car extended until 2025?

This model interests you ?
Volkswagen e-up! : the electrical city car extended until 2025 ?

Volkswagen will extend the career of its electric city car e-up! for some time. It could even stay in the catalog until 2025, when the next low -cost electric model of the German brand is expected.

Launched in 2011, restyled in 2016, the Volkswagen Up! is no longer very early youth, to say the least we can say. However, Granny will have to resist because Gerrit Heimberg, VW France director, confirmed to us that it is not planned that she will leave the catalog of any time. “The perspective” of the cessation of its marketing, he confirmed to us, “it is around 2025, when we will launch the ID.Life “ [Future electric city car at less than € 20,000 based on the eponymous concept and which could take the name of ID.2, editor’s note].

Breathless ?

It has never been a lightning success, the city car for the German brand is struggling all the more as the years pass. Last year, its sales dropped by 19.7 % and it even left the top 100 of the best -selling vehicles in France. E-UP electric version!, Yet one of the most relevant offer because always well placed in terms of price/autonomy, has done worse: -33%. 11th most common electric model in 2020, it lost 9 places in 2021. The age of the model does not explain everything, however: shortage of all kinds obliges, the production of the model had to be stopped for a while. Note that, contrary to what may have happened in other European countries, it has never disappeared from the French catalog, however.

An electrical option at low essential prices

But, of all the versions still offered for sale, it is the e-up! which should stay the longest for sale. Already, we can see that the thermal has lead in the wing since Volkswagen has sorted in the range. Exit the 3-cylinder petrol engines of 75 hp and 90 hp, today only variants remain 65 and 115 hp (reserved for the GTI for the latter) of this same three legs. Is added to this a rolling declination with natural gas delivering 68 hp. The zero e-up emission!, With 83 hp, is the right-in-the-level in the middle in terms of power. The strategy is a bit the same as at Renault which only offers 2 versions of its Twingo: an essence of 65 hp and an electric 82 hp. Those who find the cavalry of the first city too just have no choice but to turn to the 100 % electric model. In the case of the UP!, We can possibly fall back to the GTI but its high price greater than € 20,000 makes the e-up! interesting since displayed from € 18,690, after deduction of the CO2 bonus of € 6,000.

The other reason why this e-up! is also important due to a word: electrification. Objective for the Wolfsburg brand by 2030, that 70 % of Volkswagen sold are zero emission. And become the “world leader in the sale of electric vehicles by 2025”, as underlined in a recent press release. However, today, you have to pay € 39,300 (excluding bonuses, while waiting for the small 45 kWh battery) to afford the 2nd most accessible Watté model at VW, ID.3. Not everyone is able to spend such a sum. Fact, While waiting for the exit of the ID.2, the e-up! Allows the manufacturer to continue to offer a low -cost Watted car, and therefore potentially hold its objectives.

VW E-UP! Compact electric car

You will find on this page all the strengths of the VW e-up!. You will find the prices of our VW e-ups! used and new in our selection of vehicles available immediately.

Loading an e-up VW! blue with a woman in front

More autonomy, more equipment

VW E-UP! simplifies and improves it even more electromobility.


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CHF 28’900.-
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Obviously a “e”

VW E-UP ! proves that a small car can do big things – thanks to its simple and fresh design. And, of course, thanks to its dynamic electric propulsion. The E-UP is recognizable from afar at its front, with a blue decorative wand and the integrated Volkswagen emblem, without forgetting its striking LED headlights with signing in the form of C It attracts attention.

VW E-UP! yellow side view

VW E-UP! yellow side view from above with woman

VW E-UP! Yellow view from a woman

Electric car with a lot of comfort

The “fusion” designer seats with seamless connected headrest and the Dash Pad “Black Cube” make a strong impression. Many details bring comfort and practicality. With the variable loading floor, you can also add a little more when purchasing.

Woman leads the VW e-up! Yellow - Lateral view

VW E-UP! dashboard

VW E-UP! + Smartphone = Love

Your smartphone, associated with the home station “MAPS+More Dock”* including a newly configured free application for iOS and Android, transforms the e-up! in a car connected in no time. And with the “Phone Composition” serial radio with six speakers, it becomes a mobile boombox. Just connect the e-up! to your smartphone and voila. More complicated display. Just plug in and play.

VW E-UP! cockpit

More than an electric

With its efficient electric propulsion, the e-up! Increases not only autonomy, but the pleasure also driving on 225 km maximum **. And you are perfectly connected on the road: for example with the multiple public charging stations that you find very easily by the “MAP+More” system ***. In the entire Europe. Then set your electric recharge with the load & fuel card. But the top? Propulsion without local emissions contributes to the reduction of CO₂. Which has a positive impact on the climate.

Loading an e-up VW! yellow side view with woman in front

VW E-UP! in numbers

Acceleration (0 to 100 km/h)
Autonomy (WLTP)



The passage to the electric car is as easy as that


Have we aroused your interest?

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VW E-UP!, 83 hp, 14.8 kWh/100 km, 0 g CO2/km, CAT. HAS.

*The software and the support are not compatible with all smartphones. Your Volkswagen partner will be happy to inform you.

** In practice, real autonomy varies according to driving style, speed, use of comfort/auxiliary consumers, outside temperature, number of passengers, loading and topography. The range of autonomies indicated, that 80% of our customers should probably reach an annual average, provides an orientation for the vehicle concerned. The lower limit also covers routes at moderate speed on the highway as well as journeys with low external temperatures in winter.