Vinfast car, the future vinfast electric car will really cost 10,000 euros?

The future vinfast electric car will really cost 10,000 euros

Vinfast presents a state-of-the-art multimedia show for the Return of the Canadian National Exhibition

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Vinfast presents a state-of-the-art multimedia show for the Return of the Canadian National Exhibition

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The future vinfast electric car will really cost 10,000 euros ?

The Vietnamese manufacturer Vinfast wishes to increase its sales massively in 2023. To achieve this, it counts on its development in Europe, but also on the launch of an unprecedented electric city car between 10,000 and 12,000 euros. What make Dacia Spring tremble ? It’s not that simple and we explain why.

If you don’t know Vinfast yet, it shouldn’t be long. Because the brand of Vietnamese origin, Founded in 2018 by the billionaire PHạM NHậT Vượng slowly begins to invade Europe. We remember in particular of its presence at the last World Cup in October, with several models of its range.

An aggressive strategy

Today, the manufacturer already has several vehicles in its catalog, including VF6 and VF9, while it also recently launched its VF8 in the United States to compete with Tesla. But the firm does not want to stop in such good way, especially since it still has a lot of work before equaling the firm of Elon Musk, which remains the world’s number 1 of the car.

She is then followed by Byd then Volkswagen, while Vinfast is far away, very far behind. But the latter intends to regain the hair of the beast, while His situation is not quite a fixed, with finances still in red. Although this is not alarming as at Aiways for example, where things are more complicated.

Relayed by the British press agency Reuters, The founder of the brand announces its new sale objective, displayed at 50,000 cars registered worldwide in 2023. Seven times more than in 2022, since only 7,400 vehicles were sold in last year. To get there, the Asian firm has more than one trick in its bag.

First of all, she relies on the overall increase in demand in electric cars. For the record, the sales of the latter exceeded diesel in France last year. In addition, thermal vehicles will be prohibited for sale in Europe from 2035. But that’s not all, because the manufacturer also plans to expand its catalog in the coming months.

A brand new model

The first model will be an electric pick-up, which should compete with the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T as well as the Ford F-150 Lightning. But the one that should be the most awaited by the general public and especially the most promising in terms of sale is much smaller. It will indeed be an electric city car, the price of which should be displayed between $ 10,000 and $ 12,000 (around 9,300 and 11,191 euros), Surely out of taxes.

A price which should however be revised upwards when it arrives in Europe, which would obviously be surprising, only with 20 % VAT. For the moment, we know absolutely nothing about this car, which should hunt directly on the lands of the Dacia Spring. The latter must already face the arrival of many rivals, such as the next.Go Mobile E.Wave X or the brand new Invicta Pony.

Another major competitor is also preparing to arrive at home: Byd Seagull, which is getting closer to the Dolphin which also arrives in Europe. The Vietnamese firm has not yet started deliveries of its cars in Europe, but it should not be long. It already has Several concessions on the old continent, including one in the very heart of Paris.

This is already open and has been welcoming customers for several months. The manufacturer wishes to increase his offensive in order to compete with Tesla. For this, he notably revised down the prices of some of his models, in order to better face the fall in prices operated by the firm of Elon Musk on his Model 3 and Model Y.

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