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14 inches bike

The framework of this bike, designed by our teams, follows a V -shaped form: lowered in its center, it allows an easier span when the child rises and descends from the bicycle.

Velo 14 inch 3-5 years 500 Robot

1.2.3 Pedal! We designed this 14 “bike so that children aged 3 to 5, measuring 90cm at 105cm, learn to pedal and roll as the big ones.

With a low spanning, this bike with stabilizers allows your child to learn to rhythm at his own pace. It is equipped with a channel housing and sludge guard to avoid friction and dirt

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Product advantages

Ease of learning

Not easy to get on the bike? The lowered frame facilitates the gesture of the small.

Brake control

“Stop Easy” an exclusive brake system adapted to small hands.

Ease of use

Bike ready to roll with its stabilizers (removable without tools).

Bicycle security

The full chain housing protects the child from the transmission elements.

Technical informations

Stop Easy innovation: a patented braking system adapted to children

More accessible brakes, better grip, these are the advantages of our “Stop Easy system”. For a more natural movement, support on the brake lever is done in parallel with the handlebars. While remaining progressive, this innovative brake lever thus makes it possible to gain 30% of braking power compared to a classic lever. An innovation from our B’twin team, appreciated by children and parents.

What types of brakes?

We have opted for cantilever brakes at the front and drum at the back, which allow progressive braking.

Why this form of framework?

The framework of this bike, designed by our teams, follows a V -shaped form: lowered in its center, it allows an easier span when the child rises and descends from the bicycle.


Tires with airline (inflatable) and crampons. We have chosen real tires for a better passage of obstacles (sidewalk. ) and a good grip on everyday grounds (paths, lawn. )).

Ready to leave the small wheels?

Your child feels the desire to ride like a big? Nothing could be simpler, stabilizers dismantle without tools, just unscrew the knobs by hand. And if it’s still a little early to remove everything: put them back in a jiffy.

And comfort question?

We have taken into account the morphology of children: the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the handles are dimensioned for their little hands. The foam saddle guarantees a comfortable seat.

The child grows, the bicycle too!

The saddle is adjustable in height (using a BTR key (Allen) 6), to support your child’s growth. The saddle height can be set between 43.5 and 50.5 cm.
Our bikes respect the standard bike standard (ISO 8098), therefore we cannot offer you a saddle setting with a toolless system (Quick Release).

A housing, but what is it for?

To prevent children from putting their fingers where the mechanical elements of transmission should not be (crank, chain, free wheel. ) are included by the full housing. It also prevents the risk of lace and soiling clothing for clothing.
The decorations are encrusted in the plastic of the housing to be more resistant.

What accessories are provided with the bicycle?

A doorbell, front and rear lighting, wheels (reflective plates fixed on the shelves) and small stabilizing wheels are supplied with the bike.

Dimensions of the mounted product

Length: 98 cm
Width: 42 cm
Height: 62 cm


In order to guarantee a good fixing of stabilizers, the tightening plastic wheel has been replaced by a nut.


for life (frame, gallows, hanger). Details on Availability of spare parts: 2 years

14 inches bike

Velo 14 inches 3-5 years 500 Unicorn

“I just bought these casters and after reading certain opinions, I had taken precautions: the measurements in store seemed to correspond to those taken on the bike b Twin bought used without stabilizers. They are very easy to put and remove and are perfectly suitable for the use that my son in fact.””

“I bought a second -handed 14 -inch bicycle bike without stabilizing wheels. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Stabilizing and tire wheels perfectly affect the ground. On damaged terrain, the tire is raised and my little pedal so in the void. It is the only downside, you have to stay on stable land and avoid dirt roads. I therefore recommend this product which allows my son to change the tricycle !””

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“Perfectly corresponds to my child’s 14 inch btwin. No height problem.””