Used ecological bonus 2023 | Renew, unpleasant surprises with the rules of the 2023 ecological bonus!

Unpleasant surprises with the rules of the ecological bonus 2023

(eligibility conditions for the ecological bonus below)

An ecological bonus that gives you the opportunity to switch to electric

Information according to decree n ° 2022-1761 of December 30, 2022 relating to aid for the acquisition or rental of little polluting vehicles.

€ 1,000 of ecological bonuses for used electric vehicles

From January 1, 2023

(eligibility conditions for the ecological bonus below)

Date of 1st use greater than 2 years

– on the date of invoicing (purchase)
– on the date of payment of the first rent (rental contract)

holding greater than or equal to 2 years

– For a purchase (billing date)
– For a rental contract (date of payment of the first rent)

Conditions of eligibility**

The vehicle must fulfill all the following conditions:

  • Used vehicle, which must have been the subject of a first registration for 2 years or more depending on the billing or the payment of the 1st rent,
  • Pijrary car or van (excluding Twizy) which emits an amount of carbon dioxide equal to 0g/km,
  • vehicle registered in France in a final series,
  • The vehicle must not belong to a member of the same tax household.

The used ecological bonus is attributed:

  • to any adult natural person justifying a home in France (private customers),
  • For a purchase, or a rental of a used electric vehicle, which should not be sold within 2 years of the date of invoicing or payment of the 1st rent,
  • at most once every 3 years per natural person.

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Renault Occasions becomes Renew

Unpleasant surprises with the rules of the ecological bonus 2023 !

Peugeot E-208

It was therefore necessary to wait until the last day of 2022 to find out the rules of the ecological bonus 2023. And the publication of decree 2022-1761 reserves surprises ! We learn that this decree “removes the ecological bonus for passenger cars whose acquisition price is more than € 47,000”.

In recent months, electric vehicles whose purchase price was between 47.000 and 60.000 € had a bonus of 2.000 €. We expected a decrease of 1.000 € of this aid, as the state had mentioned. But the government finally decided to suppress it purely and simply. He surely considered that the interest of the bonus becomes marginal at this price level.

The ecological bonus is therefore now reserved for models within 47.000 €, which corresponds to city cars and compacts. And beware, from January 1, the departure aid decreases by 1.000 €. So she goes from 6.000 to 5.000 € for individuals (and 4.000 to 3.000 € for legal persons).

There is still good news: as promised by the President of the Republic during the Motor Show, the bonus is reinforced for half of households. Thus, in 2023, it will be 7.000 € “when the vehicle is acquired or rented by a natural person whose tax reference income per share is less than or equal to 14,089 euros”. Please note, a rule does not change: the bonus is capped at 27 % of the acquisition cost.

Among the constraints to note, there is also the fact that the vehicle should not have a mass in walking of more than 2.4 tonnes. In addition, a natural person can now have only one bonus every three years.

As expected, there are no more bonuses for rechargeable hybrids.

The 2023 ecological bonus in summary

What models ?

  • For electric or hydrogen cars.
  • Purchase price up to 47.000 € including tax (including, if necessary, the cost of acquiring or rental of the battery).
  • The mass in walking order is less than 2.4 tonnes.

What amounts ?

  • 7.000 € for natural persons whose reference tax income per share is less than or equal to € 14,089.
  • 5.000 € for natural persons whose tax reference income per share is more than € 14,089.
  • 3.000 € for legal persons.

What constraints ?

  • Do not resell the vehicle in the year following its first registration, nor before having traveled at least 6,000 kilometers.
  • A natural person can only benefit from the bonus once every three years.
  • The bonus is limited to 27 % of the price of the vehicle.