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As they support the complete connections based on HDMI 2 ports.0 or 2.1, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, they do not offer major distinctions in terms of connectivity. They also consider the universal guide mode which allows direct and simple processes to create a list with your favorite channels. They also offer the Disney +application, thanks to which you can watch your favorite movies.

UHD or Qled: which is the best for your home ?

Summary : Qled and UHD televisions are almost the same. As an advanced technology, QLED has been changed to achieve 4K and more resolutions, which makes them appear as UHD screens. Thus, UHD and Qled are not competing terms. What you should buy for your home depends on your budget and preferences.

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  • What is a QLED TV ?
  • What is a UHD TV ?
  • Qled or 4K
    • 4K UHD or QLED – Similarities
    • Difference between UHD and Qled televisions
    • Is Qled better than UHD ?
      • Things to remember when buying a television
      • Last word

      You are looking to buy a new TV ? The task can be difficult if it is the first time you do it. The technology market offers many versions of televisions. You cannot know the specifications of each device. In addition, it is confusing enough for buyers to understand terms like OLED, UHD, LCD and QLED technology.

      QLED and UHD televisions are increasingly popular today. LG introduced a UHD screen for the first time in the television industry in 2012, while Sony introduced QLED technology for the first time in 2013. There is no doubt that the two technologies are identical in many aspects. Even they could be used at the same time for a better TV display. However, they are also completely unique in many other aspects to be considered exclusively on the basis of their specifications.

      It’s necessary to choose UHD or Qled ? Can you determine which one you should buy for your home ? If you ask yourself about these questions, you are lucky to arrive here to find out about the answers to all these questions. You will read the amazing tips that will help you choose the TV that suits you.

      Before going to comparison, you must have a detailed idea of ​​the two concepts. So let’s see each of them in detail.

      What is a QLED TV ?

      Qled is the acronym of quantum dot light-emiting diode (electroluminescent diode with quantum points). If your TV bears the Qled label, this means that it is an ordinary LED TV. What makes it unique is the quantum point layer integrated into QLED technology. The main thing is to know that it improves the display very well, such as the brightness and the colors of the images.

      There is no doubt that the concept of the Qled layer for new televisions is surprising, but it is not a new miraculous television technology. So, if you are considering different televisions, it is essential to know that we are discussing a difference in degree, not the type of most other televisions that buyers can get today.

      It is not necessary to know each term of TV technology, because they are too numerous to be assimilated, but the term Qled is essential, especially if you are looking for a new Samsung TV. QLED technology uses electruminescent diodes with quantum points. It should therefore not be confused with an oled, acronym for organic organic diode.

      The QLED is a concept of Samsung which consists of a set of advanced improvements in the same technology of quantum points on which the company has invested its efforts in recent years.

      By being as technical, we can also say that the Samsung QLED TV range is not at all Qled. At least not the way we digest the term. A “real” qled element emits its own light. You can find a clue even in the name. However, the latest Samsung televisions considered separate LCD backlight, like any other LED-LCD TV. The QLED appellation is therefore much more linked to the brand image than a real “leap forward” of panel technology.

      There is still something to be enthusiastic. QLED televisions rely on the metal metal filter to improve contrast and colors. Thus, the capacities of 4K and HDR images are reinforced, contrary to what is happening with the LCD-LED screens without quantum points. The QLED TV models also incorporate the Virtual Bixby Virtual Assistant from Samsung and the Ambient mode, thanks to which they are better in their environment.

      OLED TVs are also much better for the environment thanks to their quantum points filter. It is a film of tiny semiconductor particles that we can control for our color output. They replace green, red and blue filters which are generally present in the old televisions.

      What is a UHD TV ?

      UHD is the acronym of ultra high definition. They belong to very advanced technology giving a resolution four times higher than that of QLED technology. UHD televisions are much more than 4K resolution to bring something high and advanced for us.

      UHD technology has a resolution of 3820p x 2160p, while in 4K, the display resolution is 8.3 megapixels or 4096 × 2160p. The 8K resolution is even higher: 7680 pixels in width and 4320 pixels in height, or 33.18 megapixels.

      Simply imagine how surprising the image will be with the UHD TV. A higher resolution means a smoother and clearer image. Every moment of your films will seem so realistic. And yes ! The superb image quality and details can make each meeting with your friends and your family fantastic if you plan to watch an exciting film with exciting scenes.

      The best view requires at least a 55 -inch screen TV. Otherwise, you will not get a complete high resolution or even a larger size that will serve you much more. The company improves black display. They managed to make improvements in their grayish display level. You will enjoy a full view by sitting at an angle. It automatically adjusts and makes your vision luxurious and comfortable. The ambient light sensor works very well. Color contrast and brightness can also be adjusted very easily.

      With an improved high resolution screen 4 or 8 times, what image quality do you expect ? Do not say that you need this answer too.

      You will certainly get the best image quality. Even the highly contrasting and color displays also seem significant with this technology. Amazing and large -scale contents or images offer total pleasure to the eye and mind.

      So you have a detailed idea of ​​the two technologies. Now we will compare them both so that you can get the one that suits you best.

      Qled or 4K

      4K UHD or QLED – Similarities

      Due to the current market requirements, the formats of the two televisions are quite similar.

      They stand out for the delicacy of their screens. Most of these models are accessible via a remote control. The possibility of connecting more television devices offers a clearly improved experience. Many of them also have multiview technology, which allows you to view the content on your mobile phone via the voice assistant of your choice. However, many versions agree with different vocal assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

      As they support the complete connections based on HDMI 2 ports.0 or 2.1, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, they do not offer major distinctions in terms of connectivity. They also consider the universal guide mode which allows direct and simple processes to create a list with your favorite channels. They also offer the Disney +application, thanks to which you can watch your favorite movies.

      Ambient mode which is available on many televisions Crystal UHD & QLED , offers you to choose images to create an atmosphere in your room rather than display the screen in black. The Tizen operating system, introduced by Samsung, operates on both versions.

      Difference between UHD and Qled televisions

      To put it simply, Qled is a display technology while UHD implies resolution technology for screens. Here are the main distinctions between the two terminologies.

      • UHD television refers to the much higher resolution versions than standard LCD television, while QLED TVs offer UHD resolution.
      • QLED technology uses LED backlight to improve brightness and much more colors than the standard quality of other LCD televisions.
      • The main characteristic of QLED is quantum dot tv technology, while UHD technology is a standard adopted in TV screens in the 4K range.

      Is Qled better than UHD ?

      UHD and Qled are not incompatible terms; Even most QLED are UHD televisions. In this case, they are identical and even a. In addition to LED backlighting panels, there are other screen technologies like OLED. OLED uses organic materials that emit light by themselves. This offers a richer color contrast compared to the backlit with filtered crystals of the QLED.

      If we had to choose one between 4K, we would prefer the QLED 4K because it will be much brighter and will offer better color cover than UHD. The only exception will be if UHD boosts other special characteristics that are not offered on QLED models. Most people who prefer QLED 4K are satisfied with their purchase because of their experience worthy of the name.

      Things to remember when buying a television

      Choosing perfect television can be a challenge for you, even if you know the clear difference between Qled and UHD, because there are many other things to take into account. Consult our precise guide to get help to make a reliable choice.

      First of all, choose your range to start looking for accordingly. Then fix the size of the television you want according to the space of your home. The choice of Qled or UHD comes to the third point. Here, you will imagine the image, the brightness, the contrast, the depth of the TV, the level of contrast and the angles of view. Furthermore, do not only buy the TV if its remote control attracts you. You can upgrade your remote control when you wish. Some more recent third remote controls are really amazing.

      Last word

      Here it was, it was all on televisions Crystal UHD or QLED. We hope that the Difference between UHD and Qled was clarified. Qled to educate yourself and allow you to make effective purchases. Don’t be in a hurry to set your choice. Focus on each point to make the best choice.

      Amber, a graduate of PSL University (Paris Sciences & Letters) with a master’s degree in technical writing. She joined DVDFAB for years as editor -in -chief in French and has written hundreds of articles for our users. With more than 10 years of experience in writing, she believes that words are a tool to connect people and devotes herself to writing technical articles on software applications, in the hope of helping people solve certain software problems they encounter. So far, its items cover many applications, including DVD, UHD, Blu-ray, Downloader, etc. software, etc.

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      Finding the right value for a television can be a complex task if you don’t know where to start. However, it’s worth it and it’s good for your wallet to do some research to make the right choice. After all, in the end, who does not wish to relax with an innovative television at the best price ? Fortunately, the Samsung Qled range of QLED TVs is all you are looking for, with the best television technology at the best price. Here are some tips to help you compare televisions and choose the one that suits you best.

      Discover all our ranges of QLED TV

      To start, what is a Qled TV ? A QLED TV is a TV based on quantum dots, an exclusive technology in Samsung, capable of reproducing 100% of the volume of colors and which does not degrade over time. A material that makes QLED TVs different from classic televisions.

      5 essential tips for your Qled TV

      You see, the quality does not always cost very expensive and if you still do not know where to start to choose the TV in the best value for money, we have simplified everything you need to know about Samsung TVs at the best quality. 5 -step price.

      Let’s start with one of the most important points for all of us. Image quality. Because, in the case of a television, the first thing we want is the best possible image to enjoy our favorite movies and series. This is why this factor remains the most important to take into account to buy the best value for money, taking into account essential performance factors such as screen resolution, HDR and expression of colors.

      • TV size

      When it comes to comparing televisions, size and resolution are important. In what type of space do you live – large, small or medium ? The best choice is not always the mega television that your friend has at home. There is a television for each space and you must find harmony with yours.

      • TV resolution

      Len terms of resolution, we have to make the difference between 4K televisions and 8K televisions, just as we make the difference between 32 -inch televisions and 100+ inches televisions.

      Find out more about 4K TV resolution and 8K TV resolution

      • Television design

      When it comes to choosing the best television in the best value for money, there is no reason to leave the design aside. Samsung televisions offer a high image quality but also bring an element of style to your home. Minimalist or technology passionate, the Samsung Qled TV range presents an Infinity design, an unprecedented design in this category with an ultra fine and without frame screen so that you can focus on what is really important: your film or your series favorite.

      • Smart TV and connected television

      You have probably heard this term somewhere. Modern Smart TV televisions are the best way to start or complete your connected life. Choose your TV according to your streaming needs. Samsung televisions at the best price are also equipped with the best operating system, which will allow you to sail more easily in your Smart TV. Find the TVs at a really intelligent reduced price that suits you best.

      Find out more about Samsung smart tv

      The truly realistic and immersive visual experiences depend as much that your eyes see as what your ears hear. Improve your visual experience thanks to the latest sound innovations in Samsung TV. The new Samsung televisions are able to adjust the sound by detecting the variations of the scenes, thus adapting to your favorite content thanks to artificial intelligence.

      Find your Qled TV

      As we have said, the choice of a TV can be an arduous task, but with the above advice, it will be a breeze to compare televisions. Remember that to choose the TV offering the best value for money, you just have to think about your needs, for example: 4K or 8K TV ? He adapts to your environment ? To what extent do you want to be connected ? And finally, do not sacrifice the image in favor of sound – you can have both ! The TV offering the best value for money, with the best image and the best sound.

      Choose your TV, choose your Samsung Qled

      Samsung is a global renowned technology brand where you can find televisions at the best value for money in 2022 to meet your lifestyle and your needs.

      If you still don’t know which television to buy yourself to be guided through our help of the choice .