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85 inch TV comparison

The diodes are smaller and therefore more numerous, which allows better G \ u00e9rer the R \ u00e9tro \ u00e9clairage and therefore the levels of Luminosit \ u00e9 and contrast.

85 inch TV

A perfect black that allows a contrast, a depth and an exceptional r \ u00e9ism.
Enjoy even more movies and s \ u00e9ries in a dark environment.

Pure colors, nuances of the 200se for a quality \ u00e9 of an exceptional Image.
The luminosit \ u00e9 of the \ u2019 \ u00e9cran allows a high quality tr \ u00e8s \ u00e9 d \ u2019image in a pi \ u00e8ce.


Colors for pr 00e9cises and a comfortable viewing gr \ u00e2ce to nanoparticles. This technology allows a large field of vision.


The diodes are smaller and therefore more numerous, which allows better G \ u00e9rer the R \ u00e9tro \ u00e9clairage and therefore the levels of Luminosit \ u00e9 and contrast.


Connectivit \ u00c9

L \ U2019interface Google int \ u00e9gr \ u00e9e at T \ u00e9l \ u00e9visor for AC \ U00E9DER at Diff \ u00e9retes compatible applications Google Play Store and enjoy the \ U2019assistant vocal Google. You will find the \ U2019ACC \ U00E8S at Netflix, Amazon Prime Video applications, YouTube .

Smart TV

Smart TVs can connect \ u00e0 your r \ u00e9seau Internet to acc \ u00e9der \ u00e0 your content pr \ u00e9f \ u00e9r \ u00e9s: games, vod, internet browser . The \ u2019interface is clean \ u00e0 each brand of T \ u00e9l \ u00e9visor. You will find the \ U2019ACC \ U00E8S at Netflix, Amazon Prime Video applications, YouTube .

The number of bets \ u00e0 day of the \ u0027image d \ u0027 a t \ u00e9l \ u00e9vision or the monitor per second is called \ u00e9 fr \ u00e9quencencencencencence . Plus the fr \ u00e9quence de sweeping is \ u00e9lev \ u00e9e, plus the para \ u0027image fluid and less there is a sparkle . A fr \ u00e9quence de Balayage Plus \ u00e9lev \ u00e9e is particular \ u00e8rement important for rapid movie films, Vid \ u00e9o games and sports programs, as this r \ u00e9dre the distortion of the \ u0027image and the effects of blurring . \ r \ n \ r \ n

The T \ u00e9l \ u00e9visions Modern or monitors use G \ u00e9n \ u00e9rally a FR \ u00e9quence of 60 Hz or 120 Hz. However, some t \ u00e9l \ u00e9visers high -end may have more \ u00e9lev \ u00e9es for a quality \ u0027image even better . \ r \ n \ r \ n

Definition \ R \ n \ r \ n

\ U2022 HD: the upper d \ u00e9finition is a quality \ u00e9 d \ u0027image sup \ u00e9ure to standard . It is id \ u00e9ale for small TVs because the images are less of \ u00e9taill \ u00e9s due to \ u0027 a smaller number of pixels. \ r \ n \ r \ n

\ U2022 Full HD: Best quality \ u00e9 and clearer than the upper d \ u00e9finition, the full hd is a good choice for TVs of 48 \ “\/ 121 cm . \ r \ n \ r \ n

\ U2022 UHD 4K: Four times sup \ u00e9urieur au Full HD, l \ u0027uhd 4K pos \ u00e8de a quality \ u00e9 d \ u0027image clearly optimized \ u00e9e . If you want to take advantage of the image and d \ u0027 a nettet \ u00e9 sup \ u00e9rieur, opt for the \ u0027uhd 4K. C \ u0027 is the d \ u00e9finition id \ u00e9ale for the T \ u00e9l \ u00e9visors> 48 inch \/ 121cm ! \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n

HDMI 2.1 \ r \ n
\ r \ n \ r \ n

Derni \ u00e8re version of the HDMI, the \ U0027HDMI 2.1 allows you to \ u0027am \ u00e9lier your bandwidth and offers you a quality \ u00e9 d \ u0027image sup \ u00e9.
\ r \ nelle takes into account HDR standards such as Dolby Vision, the \ U0027HDR + ect.

\ R \ nl \ U0027HDMI 2.1 is essential for lovers of games vid \ u00e9os: it optimizes the rapidity \ u00e9 launch, synchronization, quality \ u00e9 d \ u0027image as well as the quality \ u00e9 sonore.
\ r \ npour take advantage in the best conditions of your consoles last.1 is id \ u00e9al ! \ r \ n \ r \ n

85 inch TV comparison

85 -inch TVs generally have a 215 centimeters’ screen diagonal and ask to have a larger space at home due to their size. If you are looking to offer yourself a new Smart TV with an 85 -inch screen size to enjoy an immersive viewing experience and very good image quality, discover our comparison and choose the one that answers all your needs.

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CB payment in 3 or 4 times.
Financing in 10 to 36 at no cost.

All about 85 inch televisions

Where to install an 85 inch or more TV ?

We recommend that you install your 85 -inch super large format TV in the living room, where the whole family can enjoy it. A larger television screen can offer an experience similar to that of home cinema, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment. TVs 85 inch or more are not as imposing as you might think. In fact, this is an attractive size that deserves to be taken into account.

What is the optimal reversing distance to watch an 85 inch or more television ?

The optimal reversing distance to watch an 85 -inch TV is 2.61 m. The most immersive visual experience is obtained when 40 degrees of your field of vision are occupied by the screen.

How to measure the screen of an 85 -inch TV ?

You can measure the size of an 85 inch or more (216 cm or more) TV calculating the length of the diagonal, from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

What are the advantages of a very large 85 -inch TV ?

A very large 85 TV offers a more immersive and cinematographic visual experience, especially for films, sport and games. It offers better global image quality and is also perfect for group viewing. Buying a big screen TV is a decision that you will not regret.

What is the sound quality on a very large screen TV ?

TVs with large 85 -inch screens are equipped with advanced sound technology to offer you a breathtaking cinematographic experience. Dolby Atmos technology offers multidimensional sound that immerses you in the heart of the action, while OTS audio technology captures every detail and each movement of the scene.

Why is resolution important for an 85 inch or more television ?

Resolution is a term that describes the density with which the tiny points, called pixels, are arranged on the screen. These individual pixels assemble to form the visible image on the screen. Therefore, a greater number of pixels is directly linked to better resolution, which gives a clearer and more detailed image. 85 -inch televisions are offered in 4K and 8K resolutions. 4K TVs offer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which makes it possible to obtain a high level of details and clarity in the image. 8K televisions offer even more details and clarity, with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, or four times the number of pixels of a 4K TV. With this ultra-high resolution, it becomes possible to display incredibly clear and detailed images.

Which 85 -inch TV is the best for games and why buy it ?

The 85 -inch Neo Qled Qled Qled TV is the optimal choice for games, with its management of 4K resolution and game mode. It offers an immersive gaming experience thanks to features such as Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, Low input Lag, Freesync Premium Pro and 4 HDMI 2 ports.1.

What is HDR and how does it affect my visual experience ?

HDR (high Dynamic Range) technology adjusts light levels to produce images with higher contrast levels and a wider range of colors compared to standard televisions, which makes it possible to obtain more realistic images. HDR televisions are also excellent for players who must locate targets in dark areas of the screen, because HDR technology allows you to create a high contrast between clear areas and dark areas.

Do I have to opt for a TV support or a wall support to install my TV ?

When installing your TV, you have the choice between a support and a wall fixing. If you opt for a support, it is important to take into account its design and dimensions, as well as where you plan to place your TV. On the other hand, if you opt for a wall support, be sure to take into account the size, weight and viewing angles of your TV. A wall support makes it possible to position the TV flush with the wall, which gives your space an elegant and neat appearance.