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Selection of the best SUVs cut for the year 2023

What a luxury coupe to buy in 2023 ?

Top 5 of our favorite cut SUVs

This is indisputably the fashionable silhouette. There are now SUVs with a fleeting stern for all tastes. But therefore how to choose ? Here are our favorite cuts to editorial staff, classified by type of motorization.

1. The Hybrid Coupé SUV: Honda HR-V E: HEV

For its new life, the most compact SUV in the Honda catalog has offered itself a more charismatic style. With a painted grille but also a fleeting stern. What give it a more attractive cut-out SUV look, but without pouring into the “bling-bling”. And above all, without harming its practical qualities.

This is indeed what we like with HR-V: its unique “magic seats” in the back (possibility of raising the foundations to easily insert high objects) and its pleasant little attentions (like its aerators which diffuse the air around the occupants rather than blowing them directly in their face).

And then there is also its hybrid motorization marked E: HEV. It is effective and pleasant, at least as long as you keep a flexible driving.

2. The plug -in hybrid sudo: Mercedes GLC coupé

If we had to keep only one of our list, that would be this one. For what ? Because with its excellent rechargeable hybrid engines (available both in petrol and in diesel), the GLC coupé can shine in almost all categories: hybrid, electric and thermal ! For its new life, the GLC coupé is indeed equipped with a gigantic battery of 31.2 kWh ! For comparison, it is more than double the storage capacity of German competitors plug-in that store less than 15 kWh.

In practice, this battery authorizes an electric autonomy which can increase up to 130 km ! What to enjoy an electric vehicle during the week. In addition, Mercedes teams its GLC plug -in hybrid cuts with fast recharge (up to 60 kW), still rare attention on hybrids. We can then really maximize the electric driving, even on long journeys. We also noticed it during our report, covering more than 3.000 km with his brother in the conventional GLC stern.

And then, beyond that, the GLC coupé is the versatile SUV par excellence: ultra comfortable (thanks to its pneumatic damping in particular), sporting on demand (thanks to its four steering wheels) and equipped with technological equipment point.

3. The electric cut SUV: Volvo C40 Recharge and Audi Q8 e-tron sportback

For the electric SUV category, let’s be chauvin and put the two representatives of the genus “made in Belgium” ex-aequo on the first step of our virtual podium. We can, in fact, be proud to have two electric cuts made in our small country to the world !

In addition, it would be difficult not to appreciate them given their rather selector styles and their services.

As a reminder, the Volvo electric SUV has just benefited from a technical reshuffle (which notably passes its single tension traction motor version, which marks the return of a Volvo propulsion to the catalog after more than 25 years of absence !)). In its versions equipped with the largest battery, the C40 recharging also passes the 500 km of autonomy bar.

As for the large coupé SUV made in Forest and struck by the four rings, he also took advantage of a redesign at the start of the year. In addition to a change of name (he offered himself the nickname “Q8” alongside E-Tron Sportback) and style, he took advantage of technical improvements. What allow it to aim for the 600 km of autonomy bar.

4. The thermal coupe SUV: Porsche Cayenne Coupé S

The choice is vast among thermal cut SUVs. But if we do not look at the expense, then we could be tempted by the cayenne coupes vintage 2023. It must be said that the modifications made by Porsche for the “facelift” of his large SUV hold more from the complete overhaul than cosmetic development: new dashboard (with a specific screen to entertain the passenger); new ground links and new engines.

If it is now necessary to do without the explosive turbo GT version (which is only reserved for extra-European markets), we will console ourselves by learning that the cayenne coupe s rocked his previous V6 against A V8 on this new vintage. Enough to increase its power by 34 hp (474 ​​hp) and its torque by 50 Nm (600 Nm), all by better controlling its CO2 emissions and its consumption. If, the engineer on site during the international test confirmed that this change of block was corollary from hunt for emissions in Europe, the V8 4.0 L BITURBO offering more latitude to gain power while reducing the emissions than the previous V6. Come on, all hope is not lost !

5. The “hyper” SUV coupe: Lotus Elter

Finally, we finish our little shopping-list with a “hyper suv” with a fleeting stern. We would certainly have loved putting the Ferrari Purosangue at the top of this category. But on the one hand, Purosangue is a “crossover”, SUV is too vulgar for a Ferrari. But above all, we admit that we have not yet been able to get our hands on this model at the editorial staff. So we reserve our opinion. On the other hand, we have just discovered the hyper-Suv signed Lotus, the Elertre. And if it is of course very different from the models offered by Lotus so far, it must be recognized that it excels in all areas. Especially in that of performance with its most nasty “R” variant that develops a total of 675 kW (905 hp) and 985 Nm of torque ! Enough to be catapulted from the stop to 100 km/h in less than three seconds. For a “beast” over 5 m long allowing to take on your family also, it’s pretty correct ..

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Selection of the best SUVs cut for the year 2023

Real trend on the market of used car , The SUV cut you most certainly conquered ? Best Seller for several years now, this type of body there is no longer a single SUV Definition , But now several. The latest, the SUVs cut. These new modern SUVs, very trendy and which replace traditional SUVs in manufacturers’ ranges. But which one to choose ? After reading this article you will finally know which is made for you !

The cut SUV: the phenomenon car

As we know, today the SUV vehicles have imposed themselves as the most common type of car in the world. From this phenomenon follows the emergence of a particular vehicle combining both the comfort of the SUV and the aesthetics of a coupe: the coupé SUV.


The cut SUV models therefore contrast with their elders due to the great importance given to their design during their design. Indeed, the cut SUVs are intended to be fashionable SUVs allowing both to satisfy the pleasure of driving and the visual pleasure of users. Their more pleasant lines also allow at the same time a better aerodynamics of the vehicle this is done on the other hand at the expense of the trunk which loses a little of its volume.

Why choose a SUV cut in 2023 ?

Today, choosing an SUV is very attractive for French drivers and for good reason, these vehicles have a number of advantages.

Dynamic coupe SUV

First of all, you should know that the cut SUVs are very resistant to the shocks, their interior is therefore both safe and comfortable. Then they are also vehicles offering incomparable dynamism and speed, all without needing to spend an expensive budget.

Our list of the best SUVs on the market

So, in 2023, the coupé SUV is the trendy and most popular vehicle on the car market that explodes sales.

growth, auto

However, due to the great diversity of available models, manufacturers redoubled in inventiveness to maintain this real fashion effect, it can quickly become difficult to navigate.

So find without further delay our top 15 best cut SUVs out or to come in 2023 !

Peugeot 408, the French coupe

Latest from the brand to the lion, the Peugeot 408 (SUV Coupé) breaks with the aesthetics of the standard 408 sedan to obtain a new, more sporty and slender look.

Peugeot 408, 5 -door sedan

With this model, the French manufacturer affirms its ambition to settle permanently alongside other SUV car manufacturers cut.

Peugeot 408 restyled (Allure finish)

Its price is set at 37,350 € for a petrol model (allure finish) and up to € 51,400 for its hybrid declination (GT finish).

Peugeot 408 GT

Renault Arkana, resounding success

Originally made his debut in Russia in 2018, the Renault Arkana was launched in France and in the case of the rest of Europe in 2022 in its coupé SUV version.

Renault Arkana Russian, 5 -seater vehicle

With this new Renault Arkana, the objective of the French manufacturer is simple, passing the high -end cut SUV at the general market. It should be noted that a new version of the designed Renault Arkana must be released in 2023.

Renaukt Arkana European, on a roof overlooking the city

To make the acquisition it will be necessary to pay at least € 32,500 knowing that prices can go up to € 39,130 ​​(E-Tech Hybrid RS Line) version).

Renaukt Arkana RS Line e-tech

Toyota C-HR, Japanese style

The new model in the car cut off from the car Toyota CH-R is expected very soon. It will be available in two finishes: Dynamic Ultimate and Design Ultimate.

The first offers a wide range of equipment (rain detector wipers, key, GPS start-up system, etc. ) enough to promise remarkable comfort.


The second, for its part, puts more emphasis on its appearance. Its originality: a two-tone color and overtinred rear windows. It is also equipped with larger rims for better grip on the roads.

Toyota CH-R Design Ultimate

Remarkable, all models can be equipped with self-reloadable hybrid engines. A beautiful alliance between the operation of a hybrid engine And a modern and trendy design, allows it to be one of the best seller in its category.

rechargeable hybrid engine

The Toyota CH-R is in a price range between € 32,750 (Dynamic Ultimate finish) and € 41,700 (GR Sport finish)

Toyota ch-r gr sport, rear view

Volkswagen Taigo, the popular coupe

He first released in 2020 in Brazil under the name of Nivus before being renamed Taigo when he arrived on the European market.

Volkswagen Nivus

The German coupé SUV model therefore hopes to make its place alongside the brand’s other SUVs like the Volkswagen T-Roc and the T-Cross.

Volksagen T-Cross, T-Roc and Taigo ribs

On the side of its design the Taigo is provided with roof bars which disappear in its version with a sunroof.

sunroof from the Taigo, seen from the

Its price varies in between 25,750 € (LIFE finish) and € 34,825 (style finish).

Volkswagen Taigo Style finish

Volkswagen ID 5, the coupé he was missing at the ID line

Volkswagen ID 5 is the Volkswagen ID 4 SUV version.

Volksagen ID 4

The Volkswagen ID 5 therefore continues on the same guideline, namely to place the German manufacturer at the same rank as its compatriots in the high -end electric coupe sector.

Volkswagen ID 5 in charge, rear view

The engine promises a power of up to 220 kW and displays a remarkable autonomy of 520 km.

Volkswagen ID 5 Pro

To acquire this car it will be necessary to pay no less than € 57,550 (pro finish) the price that can rise to € 64,900 (GTX finish)

Volkswagen ID 5 GTX, spinning in a straight line

Mercedes GLC/Gle Coupé, from the convertible to the SUV

Already renowned for its cut models Cabriolets like the emblematic Mercedes CLK 230 KOMPRESSOR, the German firm also now provides its SUV cars with bodies cut.

MERCEDES CLK convertible

Since 2019 Mercedes GLC And Gle are available in SUV version Coupé . In 2023 these two high -end SUVs will experience a passage through the restyling box.

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes Gle

The Gle Coupé and the GLC Coupé benefit from an entirely redone interior and the rechargeable hybrid engine now offers more autonomy. The German manufacturer once again demonstrates the extent of its know -how.

Mercedes Gle and GLC interior redone

These new cut models will be available in 2023 at a price of € 68,900 for the Mercedes GLC Coupé and € 91,350 for the Gle Coupé.

Mercedes GLC Coupé

Mercedes Gle Coupé

Volvo C40, Nordic electric

The high demand in coupé SUV has not escaped the Swedish auto manufacturer who, to draw out of the game, offers with its C40 model a 100% electric coupe SUV.

The Swedish car is originally equipped with two engines but since 2022 a version with a single engine is also marketed.

Volvo C40 in charge

The Volvo Coupé SUV is now available for sale at a price from € 54,050 (Start finish) to € 61,900 (Ultimate finish).

Volvo C40 spinning in a straight line

Porsche Cayenne Coupé, German prestige

We no longer present iconic German luxury SUV still very popular today. It is therefore without surprise that the Porsche Cayenne Coupé appeared in 2019 in order to compete with the new successful SUVs such as the BMW X6 or the Mercedes GLC.

Porsche Cayenne, view of the trunk

A new version of Porsche Cayenne Coupé must go out in 2024.

Porsche Cayenne Coupé

To obtain the new article from the German brand in France, you will have to pay no less than 92,057 € (basic version) prices up to 208,815 € (Turbo GT version).

Porsche Cayenne Coupé Turbo GT

BMW X6/X4/X2, the Pioneer of the SUV Coupé

The BMW X6 is the first model of SUV cut to have seen the light of day. Marketed since 2008, the Cuté SUV veteran has gone through many versions to always stay on page.

BMW X6 of 2008

The German is not at its test and the latest model of BMW X6 should be released in 2023 with a clear objective: to reaffirm its essential status.

Two other more compact cut SUV models then emerged: the BMW X4 in 2014 and the X2 in 2018.

Left: BMW X2, right: BMW X4

These BMW X6 derivatives in a smaller format are based on models BMW X3 and X1 respectively for the BMW X4 and the BMW X2.

Left: BMW X3, right: BMW X1

The price of a BMW X2 is set between € 36,350 and € 60,800, the BMW X4 is displayed at a price between € 61,850 and € 119,200 and finally to acquire a BMW X6 it will be necessary to pay between 96,650 € and 163,300 €.

BMW X6 2023

Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS IV, the sports coupe from the East

The Czech brand is not outdone either since it also benefits from its coupé SUV with its Skoda Enyaq Coupé IV sold since 2022.

Skoda Enyaq Coupé IV

This model derived from Enyaq IV is a electric vehicle and therefore one of the first Electric SUV and marks the Czech manufacturer’s desire to follow the trend of cut SUV vehicles.

Skoda Enyaq IV in charge

The RS version of Enyaq Coupé has a sportier appearance, displays better performance than the standard version and is available in a new additional color.

Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS IV

To get a Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS IV, you must pay the modest sum of € 61,130.

Aiways U6, the Chinese surprise

Arriving straight from China The Aiways U6 SUV marks the arrival of Chinese brands on the French and European market.

AIWAYS U6 Open Hood

With its U6 the Chinese start-up has chosen the 100% electric, the car has been available since 2022 and easily displays a range of 410 km.

Aiways U6

AIWAYS U6 is therefore available for purchase a price set at € 46,990.

Audi Q3 Sportback, the opportunity to reinvent oneself

It is the latest cut and high -end model of theAudi Q3. If the front of the car remains identical to the standard model, its rear is completely reworked to give it a more sporty look.

AUDI Q3 Standard

The Audi Q3 Sportback Audi Q3 SUV has been available for sale since 2019 with a petrol or hybrid engine and will also be designed in 2023.

Audi Q3 Sportback

To get the German coupe, you will have to provide a budget between € 40,085 (base finish) and € 51,355 (finish s line).

Audi e-tron sportback, when electric and prestige go from pair

The Audi e-tron sportback is the response of the German car manufacturer in the face of increasing 100% electric SUV demand.

Audi e-tron sportback

Initially released in 2020 its design was reworked in 2022; The choice was then made to rename the Audi e-tron sportback under the name “Audi Q8 e-tron sportback”. It is therefore positioned now as the cut model of the Audi Q8 e-tron.

Audi Q8 e-tron

To acquire this high-end coupe, it is between € 89,300 (S-Line finish) and € 107,300 (avus finish) that you will have to get out of your pocket.

Audi Q8 e-tron sportback

Audi Q8, the essence of the German SUV

Completing the range of SUV vehicles cut off from the manufacturer, the Audi Q8 is, like its compatriots the Mercedes Gle Coupé and the Porsche Cayenne Coupé, a worthy representative of what is best in the field.

Audi Q8

It has been present on the car market since 2018 and also has been sporting a new style since 2023 highlighting a sense of detail of the manufacturer.

Audi Q8 2023, finish avus extented

The flagship article of the firm at the rings is located in a price range between € 95,850 (S-Line finish) and € 11,840 (Avus Extened finish).

To come (regularly updated section)

The coupé SUV sector is therefore still booming, with a demand always as strong and a car offer expanding. Sales are in good shape and we are next models are eagerly awaited.

Motor Show, many people on the site

It is a safe bet that the manufacturers will still redouble their efforts in order to stand out and offer levels of experience still unpublished whether on the general market or on that of luxury.

SUV concept coupé

This section will therefore be regularly updated during the year.

Cupra Tavascan, the Spanish challenger

The next 100% electric coupe of the Spanish manufacturer is eagerly awaited. The little brother of Cupra formally has so far been seen only in the concept state because but we know its release in the nearby series model.

CUPRA Tavascan CUPRA concept presented in 2019

With the Tavascan, the Spanish company hopes to position itself high enough on the selective list of the best luxury electric coupes.

Cupra Tavascan such that

With the same chassis as some of these illustrious predecessors (Volkswagen Id 5, Audi Q4 e-tron) it arouses a big craze as it has everything to please.

Audi Q4 e-tron

Its price should logically be around € 50,000.


What a SUV to buy in 2023 ?

In 2023, the SUV that sold best was undoubtedly the Renault Arkana, its accessibility and its reliability having been right for the competition. However, the choice of an SUV is also according to your daily need. For example the Choice of a family car will be able to focus on a 7 -seater car. At Hopauto, we like to help you choose your vehicle, discover our detailed article to find the Best used family car.

More and more manufacturers have their SUVs cut off from Hybrid engines . Once the more it is the SUV Renault , Arcana imposes its domination but other interesting alternatives exists like the new Toyota CH-R or the Volkswagen Taigo.

What a luxury coupe to buy in 2023 ?

In the category of luxury cars, it is the BMW (X2, X4, X6) cuts and the Porsche Cayenne Coupé which ‘imposes that the Mercedes Gle Coupé is also a very attractive option.