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Choose the right gaming laptop in 2023

We also see many more 120Hz 4K screens in the 17 and 15 inch flagship models and a ton of 165Hz and 240Hz QHD (1440p) options (1440p). These are our favorites, because they offer a balance between a higher resolution – certainly sufficient for a laptop screen – and refresh rates adapted to games.

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Choose the right gaming laptop in 2023

MAJ of 02/23/2023 – If you want to play PC games on the go, the laptops of the game are perfect. They constitute an alternative to the powerful and imposing office PC. But there is much more to take into account than the simple raw power of the components.

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Choose the right gaming laptop in 2023

It is not always easy to Choose a laptop, Especially when it comes to gaming, because many components come into play such as the graphics card, the processor, the RAM playing a key role for the comfort of play, knowing that if one of these components is more limited , this can restrict the rest of his equipment.

When it comes to laptops dedicated to games, we know that we will be dealing with imposing machines and ultimately not so easily transportable, which can prove to be binding when you want to use the same computer in the framework of a professional activity where one is led to move regularly.

All gaming, classic or compact laptops, have very similar available configurations, they are indeed equipped with recent processors and are all equipped with Graphics cards dedicated to video games ensuring the power of the latest equipment available on the market.

Graphics cards and game computers

The fastest graphics card currently available in a laptop is the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 TI with its Max-q variants. Max-q-q versions operate at lower frequencies than their normal-sized counterparts, which reduces noise and heat and allows them to integrate into finer designs. The RTX models also accelerate the Ray-Tracing rendering and offer an intelligent scaling when it is taken care of. If your favorite games do not use it, the NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI, lower -end, integrates Turing, the latest generation of NVIDIA technology, without the additional cost or energy consumption of RT.

The problem with Max-q, however, is that with its latest generation optimus technology that is still used by many laptops, you must restart to move from a GPU mode dedicated to a saving mode D ‘Energy, which only uses the GPU to accelerate, and not for the screen (each image must therefore go from the dedicated memory of the GPU to the system bus, then to the CPU, then to the screen, instead of passing directly from the GPU memory to the screen).

This means that he cannot take advantage of adaptive refresh frequency technologies and that this can have a negative impact on images. So why not leave the computer in GPU mode all the time ? Because you will often get the less good performance of the CPU and even lower graphic performance in the games that balance the use of CPU and GPU rather than using the GPU thoroughly.

Nvidia launched the new generation of its Max-Q architecture, which introduced Advanced Optimus, in 2020. It’s smarter, with dedicated and integrated graphics cards that share the load (rather than switching), and without necessary restart. But Advanced Optimus requires a major change in the design of the system, so that the laptops supporting Advanced Optimus are not yet in the majority.

You can locate systems that require a restart, whether equipped with AMD or NVIDIA, when they indicate that they offer a MUX switch. It just means that it is more practical than the alternative which consists in changing it manually in the BIOS.

The current AMD high power GPUs for laptops, the Radeon RX 6600m, 6700m and 6800m, do not entirely reach the level of the fastest RTX models in Nvidia, but the 6800m gets closer, with performance being on average between the RTX 3070 and 3080. AMD has also launched its first range of S-Series mobile GPUs, which require less energy, and therefore less cooling, for new fine and light gaming laptops like the Rog Zephyrus G14 of 2022.

Finally, Intel launched its first generation of high performance GPU arc, but we have not yet seen it in laptops of gaming play.

HP Victus 16 is a solid and affordable option. It offers a respectable balance for those with needs for both play and work. Better to avoid configurations with 8 GB of RAM to turn to a reasonable entry-level model with an Intel i5-12450h, 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB PCIe NVME, a 1080p screen at 144 Hz and a GeForce GTX 1650. The cheapest model should still be able to play most 1080p games with graphics parameters in medium or high.

Is the laptop processor important ?

Yes, but not always. In general, games benefit from faster clock speeds and a greater number of hearts, because these are necessary for heavy and complex calculations. More and more AAA games are, however, begin to better balance the loads between the CPU and the GPU when possible. And if you alternate uses between games and windows, it can help accelerate this type of multitasking a little.

However, many games, including first -person shooting games (FPS), will not generally take advantage of more than four hearts. This is partly the reason why Intel continued to rely on its old architecture at 14 nanometers for high -performance high -performance processors (H series). It allowed the company to increase the clock frequencies of unique hearts, when it could have achieved gains by moving to a smaller process technology like Ice Lake, which is designed to take charge of more hearts while consuming less energy.

Intel recently went to Alder Lake in 10 Nm for its 12th generation processors, which combine performance and cores in energy similar to Apple M1 and M2 fleas. What we have seen so far shows how the CPUs of the 12th generation H series can work quickly and how they can help prolong the battery life.

A powerful game laptop with a superb screen. The Blade 14 version 2021 incorporates one of the fastest mobile processors on the market, the Ryzen 9 5900HX AMD, and a high -end GEFORCE RTX 3070 or 3080 graphics card. Razer’s design is well thought out. It has the same keyboard of good quality, a large touchpad, an HDMI 2 port.1 that larger models, as well as two USB-C ports.

Screen size and refresh frequency

All large companies have brought their 1080p 360 Hz flagship configurations, but for many players, it is not essential: 240 Hz maximum should be enough for the rare times when you can get refreshment rates greater than 240 frames per second. Even a frequency of 144 Hz will suit many players, but the anomalies caused by a discrepancy between the rate of refreshment of the screen and the rate of images depend as much on your games as on the brand and equipment of your laptop.

We also see many more 120Hz 4K screens in the 17 and 15 inch flagship models and a ton of 165Hz and 240Hz QHD (1440p) options (1440p). These are our favorites, because they offer a balance between a higher resolution – certainly sufficient for a laptop screen – and refresh rates adapted to games.

Acer Nitro 5 is available in two sizes: 17.3 and 15.6 inches. The cheap game laptops of 17 inches are a rarity among the entry -level game laptop and the wider screen allows you to immerse yourself more easily in the world of play you have chosen. The Nitro 5 is an affordable game laptop which offers interesting options, such as direct commands for feeding and cooling and improved access to memory and storage.

Compromise on battery life

The battery life has always been a compromise to do, because it rarely exceeded the two hours of continuous play in a not so distant time. It was also not possible to play most of the gourmet resource games on battery. The processors were racing and the screens darken during the intense play sessions, so that a laptop that seemed agile when it was connected became a real ball on battery.

The situation has recently changed because Intel, AMD and NVIDIa focused on improving energy management technologies. You still can’t play for 10 hours on battery, but you can now find excellent gaming laptops with autonomy of several hours to make the game in a more comfortable mobility situation.

The Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 is a 14 -inch ultrabook which can take muscular configurations that will allow you to play without worries on heavy games while being cut for the heavy application also (photo and videos assembly, 3D. )).