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Download and watch TV series, films and events from Apple TV, MLS Season Pass and Apple TV channels

The considerable improvement in Internet flows has exploded downloads (legal and illegal) in France and worldwide. While it was necessary at the time several tens of hours, even days, to download a 1 GB file, this is now done in a few seconds or minutes. Here is a presentation of the best paid and free download sites in 2023.

Top 10 of the best content download sites

Thanks to the development of the Internet, it is now possible to get everything by remaining comfortably installed in our chair. Movies, series, video games, music, images, everything can be downloaded in one click.

The considerable improvement in Internet flows has exploded downloads (legal and illegal) in France and worldwide. While it was necessary at the time several tens of hours, even days, to download a 1 GB file, this is now done in a few seconds or minutes. Here is a presentation of the best paid and free download sites in 2023.

The best paid download sites

We will attack this article with paid and 100% legal sites to download different types of files. We classified them according to their specialty and the files they offer for download. Note that you can also find our software download section here.

Mytf1vod.TF1.FR: For movies and series

If you are looking for movies or series to download, you should go to MyTF1VOD.TF1.Fr.

This legal and paid download site offers a fairly generous choice of movies and series that you can easily download. These are classified according to different categories: films, series, kids (program for children), humor and -18 for adult content.

Although the prices offered are very reasonable in our opinion, we still regret not being able to find full series. Too often, only a few seasons will be available. Also, the choice is still quite limited, especially in terms of American series. We quickly notice that this is the download platform for a French channel, TF1.

Despite everything, for those looking for an effective film and series download site, this is a good option.


Google Play Films: for movies and series

If the choice of MyTF1 VOD content seems too limited to you, you could be seduced by Google Play Films. Again, you have the possibility to download films and paid series. Everything is perfectly legal since you will have to pay for every video you want to watch.

Unlike MyTF1 VOD, you will have many more options. In addition, the Google Play Films and TV platform is all the more practical for people with an Android Smart TV since you can download directly from your TV. It is therefore certainly the best site to download films and series in 2023.

If you do not want to buy permanently, it is also possible to rent the selected content for a given time. This option is very interesting since it allows you to watch a film for an evening for less than one euro !

Google Play Films

Steam: for video games and software

In a completely different theme, we are now going to the best video game download site and software.

At this level, it is difficult to think of another option than Steam. This is the reference for downloading games, both on Windows and Mac. Steam is also available on your smartphone since its application is compatible on iOS and Android.

The principle of the platform is quite simple. You download your game for an unlimited duration. However, to play it, you will need to use the Steam player, to install on your computer. Whenever you want to launch a game, so you will have to go through Steam. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to access your games everywhere from your Steam account, even if you change computer.

Note that, although most games to download – like GTA 5 or F1 2023 – are paid, some games are available for free. Do not hesitate to download them to test them. You can also enjoy a very active community to discuss games and rely on players’ assessments.

To a lesser extent, this download site also offers software, such as video editing applications, illustrations and conceptions as well as photo retouching tools.

Download on Steam

Spotify: for music

Let us continue this ranking of the best download sites with, this time, an option for music fans.

You have certainly heard of Spotify. This site allows you to listen to music, online podcasts and enjoy many playlists. You can also download the songs, to listen to them without being connected to the Internet and, you must admit, it’s very practical. To do this, however, you will have to subscribe to the Premium subscription, accessible from € 9.99 / month. If you are a student, count € 4.99 monthly. Paid packages also allow you to listen to music without any advertising.

In our opinion, Spotify is the best download site for music. If you are looking for an alternative, there is Deezer, but we find its offer a little less varied.

Spotify Premium

Shutterstock: For images

If you want the best image download site to illustrate your blog or your website, Shutterstock is a must. This platform has more than 100 million very varied and very high quality photos that will illustrate your best articles wonderfully.

Its only defect, in our opinion, is its relatively high pricing. Indeed, the price per image is generally greater than € 1, unless you subscribe to an unlimited or package subscription offering a very large number of monthly downloads. For example, the pack of 750 images per month would cost you € 159, or 0.21 € per image… provided you download them !

The price becomes exorbitant enough if you opt for prepaid packages. For example, 25 images are at a price of € 179, or € 7.16 per image. It is therefore a service rather intended for professionals who have more substantial budgets.


The best free download sites (torrents and DDL)

Until now, we have presented the best paid download sites. We will now talk about sites to download different types of files for free. Note that for some – like Torrent9 – it is mandatory to use a VPN to be able to download.

Be careful, due to their sometimes unrelated content, some of the sites mentioned below are not legal. You expose yourself to prosecution if you download on it.

Torrent9 (generalist)

Torrent9 is most certainly the favorite Torrent site for Internet users at present.

This is a torrent directory that offers thousands of files like movies, series, music, software, games, and much more. As we have pointed out previously, it is considered illegal because many files presented on the site are not free of rights. We therefore greatly invite you to download and share files for free only when you have intellectual property rights.

The success of Torrent9 is largely explained by its ease of use and by its very wide choice. Also, it is not necessary to create an account in order to be able to download your torrents on this site. In addition to simplicity, the content available on the platform are extremely varied. In fact, for many users, Torrent9 is considered the best Torrent download site.


Download zone / Directory zone (generalist)

Among the download sites for films and series (however, illegally), we also find Annuaire You may know him under the name of the download zone, but, since January 2020, the official website is now zone-annua.

Unlike Torrent9 which is a site of torrents, here it is a direct download site. You therefore do not go through a Bittorrent customer or the P2P protocol, which makes downloads extremely simple and fast.

However, like Torrent9, the majority of the files offered here are not free from right. To take no risk, refrain from downloading them and favor the paid platforms that we presented in the first part of this article.

Directory zone

YGGTORRENT (generalist)

If Torrent9 is not enough for you, you can also opt for The Torrents Download Site Yggtorrent. The latter is one of the references in France and has more than 3.5 million registrants. Regarding a private torrent tracking, you will have to create an account so that you can download the hundreds of thousands of files there.

The quality of films, series, software and other documents that you can find there make YGGTORRENT one of the best Torrent download sites in 2023.

Once again, the illegal side of this site is highlighted for all rights that are not free of rights. However, we still want to present it to you because it has a huge file bookstore which, for once, are free of rights. We can only invite you to download and share this type of file legally.


On the end of the line (rights free of rights)

If you are looking for a free download site in order to have 100% legally free music music, AuboutDufil is a very nice find. Although the choice is still quite limited at the moment, the quality of the music is there.

Here, no Booba, Madonna or Patrick Bruel, all the music you can download are free of rights and free. This is a very good site for video editing fans since you can use the pieces of the wire for the musical background of your video.

on the line

Pixabay (images)

Finally, the latest in this list of the best free download sites is Pixabay. Unlike Shutterstock which is a paid platform, this image bank is free.

Unfortunately, as you can suspect, the choice is not as wide as Shutterstock. While the latter has more than 100 million images, here you will have about 1 million all categories combined. This will already let you illustrate many of your articles on your blog. That said, you will arrive at the end of your roll if your site needs hundreds, or even thousands of right -free images.

Obviously, Pixabay is 100% legal and you can download as many photos as you want without any limit. Although no attribution is required, you can, if you wish, give credit to the author by registering the link on your site.

Download and watch TV series, films and events from Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass and Apple TV channels

Find out how to download or watch content from Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass or Apple TV channels.

Download a TV series, a movie or an event on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Apple Apple TV on iPhone displaying the download button for season 2 of Ted Lasso in the queue

  1. Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  2. Browse the elements available or search for a TV series, a film or an event.
  3. Choose the series, the film or the event, then choose the Download button.
  4. To find and watch your downloads, go to the Library tab, then choose download.
  5. You can’t download a series or a movie ? You may have reached the download limits or that the chain does not allow downloading its contents*.

* You cannot download content from the Apple TV app on the Apple TV, a Smart TV, a streaming device and the TV On these devices, you can only read the content.

Download limits

Downloads remain available up to 30 days for most Apple TV channels. For some channels, the delay may be shorter.

Some Apple TV channels are likely to limit the number of simultaneous downloads, as well as the number of devices on which you can download the content. You receive an Apple TV app alert when you reach this limit. If you want to download more content, delete the TV episodes or the movies that you have already downloaded on one of your devices or one of your family.

Diffusion limits on several devices

  • Apple TV+: a subscription allows you to look up to six content at a time. If you have a student subscription to Apple Music, which includes Apple TV+ for a limited time, you can broadcast Apple TV+ content on one device at the same time.
  • MLS Season Pass: a subscription allows you to look up to six content both by Apple identifier.
  • Apple TV channels: a subscription allows you to look up to three content at a time. Some channels can allow the simultaneous diffusion of a larger number of content.

Additional viewing options

  • You can also buy movies and TV series in the Apple TV app.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, you can restrict access to the content of the Apple TV app according to their classification using the content and confidentiality of the functionality screen time. On the Apple TV, you can activate restrictions in settings. You can also activate restrictions for the Apple TV app on your smart TV.
  • Discover the procedure to follow if you cannot broadcast or watch video content.

The availability of the Apple TV app, Apple TV, Apple TV+chains, MLS Season Pass and Store can vary depending on the country and regions. Check the availability of services in your country or region.

Illegal download: one of the largest pirated series distributors in the world disappears

Cakes, one of the most important pirate collectives in series distribution, has farewell to its community in a message published this week. The latter explains that he no longer receives “Love” who pushed him to continue so far. After the closure of Rarbg, it is another massacre for the illegal download world.

Illegal download: one of the largest pirated series distributors in the world disappears

illegal download

You may have never heard of The Scene. However, this is certainly the most important organization of the web. Sort of groupings of several pirate collectives, having its own credo and strict regulations, it is it which manages and organizes the distribution of hacked content on illegal download sites. In other words, if you have already hacked a film, a series or a software, there is a good chance that it is thanks to The Scene.

Inevitably, such a weight on the black market was quick to sting the authorities. Since 2020, they have been closely interested in the members of this network and regularly carry out large-scale seizures and arrests. Difficult therefore to assert if it is the latter who caused the fall of cakes, or if, as the group affirms itself, it is simply an internal decision.

Cakes is no longer, illegal download loses one of its largest distributors

The Cakes career started in 2020, with the distribution of episode 16 of season 7 of The 100. A few years later, the collective specialized in series by becoming one of the most influential players in the sector, by publishing no less than 7000 episodes across the web, at the rate of an average of 50 episodes per week. Unusual fact, the group still signed its uploads by a text file containing the words of the title Pound cake Rapper Drake.

Finally, the adventure ended this week. In a message published to his community, Cakes announces his dissolution. “When we started, we made the promise to stop everything if we lost love [users]. Today, love is no longer “, writes the collective. Shortly after closing the Rarbg, the illegal download world is therefore once again in mourning.

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