Top 10 best applications to learn English (2023), the 3 best applications to learn English at home

The 3 best applications to learn English at home


Claire is French and wants to work on her English. Conversely, Rachel is English and wants to work his French. Claire and Rachel connect to the tandem app and use linguistic tools at their disposal To progress together in their respective target languages.

The 10 best applications to learn English in 2023

At the rank of the best methods to learn English, mobile applications are on the rise !

Consultable on iPhone with iOS or other smartphones with Android, these language learning software offers Daily support For those who have the opportunity to speak frequently English or take courses.

But which app choose from this abundant offer ?

To help you see more clearly, we have drawn up a list of 10 best applications to learn English in 2023. With – inevitably – a small part of subjectivity … but very concrete arguments !

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Comparative table of the best applications to learn English

Applications �� Average notes �� Price �� Advantages �� Disadvantages ��
Mosalingua 4.6 / 5 From € 9.98 per month → Best method to expand your vocabulary
→ New words accompanied by an oral pronunciation and examples
→ exclusive concentration on vocabulary and not on other linguistic pillars
Babbel 4.6 / 5 From € 4.99 per month → Technically impeccable apps
→ Wide variety in exercises
→ quite school content
→ Systematic translation and not always welcome
Duolingo 4.6 / 5 From € 7.33 per month
(free version available)
→ Approach to learning in the form of a game
→ Motivating reward system
→ Good to embark on a language but insufficient for higher levels
→ Lots of unnatural examples
Call 4.6 / 5 From € 4.17 per month
(free version available)
→ Built on immersive learning
→ Large panel of covered objectives
→ Some bugs spoil the experience
→ Language registers are not specified
Lingvist 4.5 / 5 From € 6.97 per month → Available both on computer and on smartphone
→ Detailed explanations on the use of the terms studied
→ The application is not for advanced levels
Tandem 4.5 / 5 From € 5.24 per month
(free version available)
→ Possibility of dialogue regularly with an authentically English -speaking person
→ Free exchanges
→ Some users can drop you overnight
→ Some technical imperfections with sending images and audio messages
Infly 4.5 / 5 From € 1.83 per month
(free version available)
→ Interesting comparative bilingual reading concept
→ Flashcard system to memorize new words
→ Perfectible mini-tests
→ An original method but not for all audiences
Rosetta Stone 4.7 / 5 From € 9.99 per month → A policy of zero attractive translation for total immersion
→ Paid coaches to improve and gain confidence
→ fairly repetitive exercises
→ Perfectible audio recording technology
Hello talk 4.7 / 5 Free version available
(additional products available from € 0.91)
→ Allows you to find linguistic exchange partners by mother tongue and by city
→ takes on the best of social networks
→ Your partner can abandon you without warning
→ Audio messages limited to 60 seconds
Beelinguapp 4.5 / 5 From € 1.83 per month
(free version available)
→ Interesting comparative bilingual reading concept
→ Flashcard system to memorize new words
→ Perfectible mini-tests
→ An original method but not for all audiences


Mosalingua is a concentrated mobile app almost exclusively on English vocabulary learning. To make you remember a maximum of words on the duration, it is based on a system of flash cards, that is to say cards to read and return to memorize new words.


The concept of Mosalingua

The whole concept of Mosalingua is based on a learning system specific to the mobile application. It is built on 4 large pillars:

  • the spaced repetition system orSpaced Repetition System : a learning technique consisting in self-examining less and less often as we master the question
  • active revision orActive recall : favor flash cards with more traditional systems like MCQ
  • Metacognition : it is the act of thinking about his own thought
  • Pareto law : a way of prioritizing the vocabulary learned according to the frequency to which we will use it

How much is mosalingua ?

Mosalingua’s prices vary depending on the formula you have chosen:

  • Mosalingua Premium: this flagship offer to quickly learn vocabulary costs € 9.99 per month Or € 4.99 per month with a year subscription, and includes a free trial
  • Mosaseries: this package to improve its oral comprehension costs € 9.98 per month Or € 58.80 a year, and includes a free trial
  • Mosaspeak: this pack to improve its oral expression costs Between 139 € at 197 €
  • Mosatraining: this course to learn English “quickly” and “in self -taught” costs Between 141 € to 330 €

The strengths and weaknesses of Mosalingua

Mosalingua’s strengths

Mosalingua undeniably constitutes a key ally to expand its vocabulary.

The learning method designed by and for the app is not content to deliver lists of words and expressions: it ensures that you memorized them in the long term, thanks to a concept of repetition skillfully dosed.

Each new word is also accompanied by oral pronunciation and examples.

Mosalingua’s weaknesses

But this strong point can also be seen as a weak point: to do that From vocabulary, Mosalingua saves the other large pillars of any language (grammar, conjugation, etc.)).

It is therefore necessary to be aware that the app is not a complete textbook, but remains a wonderfully efficient tool to boost your lexicon.


Babbel is a paid system for online languages ​​learning. Founded in 2007, it is used on its website or on its mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Babbel is a method to learn English on a daily basis. Its credo is to push you to practice the language if only 10 to 15 minutes per day.


The concept of Babbel

Once your level and goals are evaluated as soon as you register, you access your personalized interface. During the months that will follow, it is this interface that will allow you to mix theory with practice, via a variety of exercises. In addition, additional activities will be offered to you such as podcasts, mini-games, and online courses led by teachers.

Once your session is completed, Babbel back up your progress on the cloud and synchronize them with all your devices (that is to say your computer and your tablet) so that you can easily resume exactly where you were.

How much is Babbel ?

3 packages are offered on Babbel:

  1. The 3 -month subscription costs € 29.99, i.e € 9.99 per month
  2. The 6 -month subscription costs € 44.99, i.e € 7.49 per month
  3. The 12 -month subscription costs € 59.99, i.e € 4.99 per month

Babbel strengths and weaknesses

Babbel’s strengths

The Babbel app has for her a simple use and a technically flawless app, which loads very quickly.

The oral is put forward as much as writing, and the proposed images facilitate memorization work.

Big beginners will be comfortable there, and the exercises are varied – difficult to get bored there.

Babbel weaknesses

On the other hand, Babbel offers a fairly educational content.

In addition, the app accepts only one good answer per question when, sometimes many could apply.

Finally, systematic translation is queen, which does not constitute a relevant pedagogy in all contexts.


Duolingo is a language learning method accessible from a computer or mobile. Offering a free offer, it plays the card of pedagogy by play.


The concept of Duolingo

Duolingo is designed so that the user feels like playing a game. Indeed, the app proposes A truly fun experience in its users. All courses are articulated around a learning tree made up of thematic units, represented in the form of gray or colored circles. By progressing on this tree, that is to say by succeeding in the exercises offered, you pocket crowns.

How much is Duolingo ?

The Duolingo application is free. But for more comfort in use and to access enriched content, you can subscribe to its paid version: Duolingo Plus. You can then choose between 2 subscriptions:

  1. the 1 month subscription to € 13.99 monthly
  2. the 12 -month subscription to € 7.33 monthly

Duolingo strengths and weaknesses

Duolingo’s strengths

The primary advantage of Duolingo is undeniably its approach in the form of a game: it will help you gently approach the study of English.

Its very short programs allow you to fill the dead of your daily life with a little practice here and there.

In addition, the reward system motivates you to stay regular.

Duolingo weaknesses

By its very nature, the Duolingo app cannot be considered as a complete method.

It is ideal for embarking on a foreign language or refreshing memory, but quickly shows its limits.

In addition, the sentences used in examples are unnatural … and, in fact, difficult to replace in any conversation.


Memrise aims to teach you useful sentences in everyday life. These very concrete courses are provided in the form of video clips produced by premises.

The concept of Memrise

The Memrise system is based on teaching practical sentences taught in courses by native speakers. The application offers game format tests, which make you practice your linguistic skills.

How much is Memrise ?

The basic version can be used entirely for free. Opting for a more advanced learning involves subscribing to a paying subscription, with a monthly, annual … or eternal commitment:

  1. Monthly subscription : € 6.99 to be paid each month
  2. annual subscription : € 4.17 to be paid each month
  3. Life subscription: € 99.99 to be paid only time

Strengths and weak points

The strengths of Memrise

Memrise has built its reputation on immersive learning which, like the appliances, “gives the impression of being with the local people”.

It employs memory techniques based on scientific research and covers a wide range of objectives, ranging from essentials to know on vacation, for example.

Memrise weak points

Some bugs can spoil the user experience.

Specify the language registers for beginners could also be useful.

Furthermore, the lack of lessons strictly speaking involves coupling sets with another means of learning.


Lingvist is an application that works thanks to artificial intelligence to review and learn new vocabulary in English. It adapts to your level and the user experience is excellent.


The concept of lingvist

Lingvist offers to teach you the words you really need and improve your vocabulary in just 30 minutes a day. This vocabulary is that of “real” life: you start by learning the most common words, which cover 80 % of the daily scenarios. According to the app, the most applied users can reach a B2 level (advanced or independent) in 4 months.

How much is lingvist ?

After a free trial period, Lingvist offers the following pricing:

  • € 9.99 per month In the event of a monthly subscription
  • € 79.99 per year € 6.97 per month In the event of an annual subscription

Strengths and weak points of Lingvist

Lingvist strong points

Lingvist is available on both computer and smartphone, which is not the case for all language learning applications.

The other more, these are the detailed explanations on the use of the terms studied during the sessions.

For example, an explanatory window will deploy, in the conjugation shutter, to specify the different meanings of a verb or contextualize it.

Lingvist weak points

The application is not addressed to so -called advanced levels; In other words, it does not allow us to understand long and demanding texts, to grasp implicit meanings or to express oneself on complex subjects in a clear and well structured manner.


To practice English, nothing better than having a correspondent: that could be the adage of tandem ! The application allows you to find a language partner with whom to communicate to progress in English.


The concept of tandem

Claire is French and wants to work on her English. Conversely, Rachel is English and wants to work his French. Claire and Rachel connect to the tandem app and use linguistic tools at their disposal To progress together in their respective target languages.

Once a tandem has been formed, the 2 members can communicate by:

  • messages
  • vocal notes
  • Audio calls
  • video

How much is tandem ?

The tandem application is free but offers a payment mode called tandem pro. These subscriptions go from 1 month to 12 months and give you access to, for example:

  • Unlimited translations
  • The possibility of seeing that has consulted your profile
  • Remove all advertisements

The first prices are $ 6.99 per month or € 5.24.

Strengths and tandem weaknesses

Tandem strengths

The possibility of dialogue regularly with an authentically British, American or even Australian person is the Masters of the Tandem system.

Upon registration, the software asks you a series of questions about your interests in order to guide you to the people with whom you will be most likely to hear yourself.

All, free !

Tandem weaknesses

Some users will not bother to respond to your requests on tandem, which can spoil the experience. In addition, certain technical imperfections can sometimes complicate the sending of images and audio messages.

In addition, certain technical imperfections can sometimes complicate the sending of images and audio messages.


PREPLY is a platform for finding private online languages ​​lessons. She puts you in touch with tens of thousands of experienced teachers to help you progress in English.


The concept of PREPLY

With PREPLY, you make your choice from nearly 50,000 online teachers, using filters to refine your search and find the teacher you need. You then set the time slot that suits you according to your schedule, and you book your lessons in a few seconds via your computer or smartphone. At the established time, You will find your teacher on the video platform.

How much ?

Each teacher can choose his time rate and modify it at any time. The price announces price “from € 5 an hour“” “. Note: if you are not satisfied with your trial course, PREPLY offers you a free replacement course with another teacher or a full refund.

The strengths and weaknesses of PREPLY

The strengths of PREPLY

PREPLY is for you if you learn English with a specific goal in mind: accent, pronunciation, professional English, take an exam, ..

It is also for you if you cannot progress alone (e).

PREPLY’s weaknesses

PREPLY offers its teachers to participate “in training webinars” and to benefit from “advice to improve your skills” and “grow on a professional level”. Behind this admission, a reality: the teachers are not all, far from it, real pros

Some platform teachers can therefore lack pedagogy and a truly relevant learning approach.

In addition, the application does not display certain additional costs, such as dollar payment costs, for example, if you are dealing with a United States teacher.


Beelinguapp is an application that teaches you to read and speak in English thanks to audio books. It relies on an observation: research shows that the best way to learn a language is to read something you love. If you are interested, then you are attentive (VE) and your brain naturally acquires the language.


The concept of Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp’s mission is to make learning English “as simple and fun as reading your favorite book”. She relies on The parallel text method : to allow you to progress and enrich your vocabulary, your screen shows you a paragraph in English, then the same translated into French.

How much does Beelinguapp cost ?

Beelinguapp is free, but premium subscribers can get rid of advertisements and have access to all content. You have the choice between:

  • a payment of $ 1.99 or € 1.83 each month
  • a payment in one go for life access to $ 22.99 or € 21.02

Beelinguapp strengths and weaknesses

Beelinguapp’s strengths

Beelinguapp can be used in offline mode – practical for long metro journeys or holiday revisions in the countryside. As soon as you open a text, it is downloaded and saved; You can then read it without being connected.

In the glossary, you can also save all the vocabulary that is important for you, in order to revise it and learn more easily.

The flashcard system is of special help to memorize new words.

You can also add a text to your favorites to reread it to envy and better control its subtleties.

Beelinguapp’s weaknesses

If they have the merit of existing, the mini-tests offered by the app are perfectible. The possibility of choosing several answers by question is not always very clear and can result in a little frustrating points loss.

The number of stories could also be increased.

Finally, the method itself, by its radicality, is not for all audiences; Even if it constitutes a precious complement for anyone who wants to read both in the language of Molière and that of Shakespeare.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone takes the opposite of many applications since she offers the user to learn English without translation, 100 % intuitively.

Rosetta Stone

The concept of Rosetta Stone

The learning system adopted by the app targets oral expression. From the first lesson, their voice recognition tool helps you improve your pronunciation and accent. Coaching mode gives you the opportunity to train as part of personalized sessions, in small groups and live, with certified and experienced speakers.

How much Rosetta Stone costs ?

Several prices are available on Rosetta Stone. In self-learning mode, you will pay:

  • € 11.99 per month For a quarterly commitment
  • € 9.99 per month For an annual commitment
  • 199 € For life access

By adding the coaching mode to the self-learning mode, you will pay:

  • € 19.99 per month For a quarterly commitment
  • € 14.99 per month For an annual commitment
  • 299 € For life access

Rosetta Stone’s strengths and weaknesses

Rosetta Stone’s strengths

The bias of Rosetta Stone, that of not imposing the memorization of vocabulary lists, is its main asset.

The coaches, them, make it possible to expand your vocabulary, to perfect your grammar, and to improve your skills both editorial and reading.

In addition to offering downloadable lessons, Rosetta Stone also offers practical conversation guides.

Rosetta Stone’s weaknesses

The application exercises are quite repetitive; a lack of variety which, in the long run, can tire.

Zero translation policy can put off the most academic minds.

In addition, audio recording technology is perfectible; To date, it is impossible to resume where the recorder has stopped, which can cause some frustrations.


Hellotalk puts you in touch with native speakers to chat with them for free.


The concept of HELLOTalk

Hellotalk makes it a point of honor not to be a “standard cat app”. In fact, its interface is actually nourished by tools to make learning the English and less protocol. The application allows you to discuss with individual members or join discussion groups, For a collaborative learning experience.

How much does hellotalk cost ?

Products are integrated into the application and allow new content to be released. Prices range from $ 0.99 (or € 0.91) $ 399.99 (or € 366.81)).

HEELLOK strengths and weaknesses

The strong points of HELLOTOK

Hellotalk allows you to search for linguistic exchange partners by mother tongue, by city, according to distance and more.

The app is also inspired by social networks to make the most of it: you can share a new one or ask a question about a language or a culture so that native speakers read it and answer it.

Hallotalk’s weaknesses

On Hellotalk, you do not exchange with financially invested professionals; It is therefore quite possible that your partner lets you go without warning, which can cause great frustration.

It can also be difficult to find a partner at the level perfectly suited to yours.

Your questions about the best applications to learn English

Here are our answers to the questions most often asked by Internet users in terms of mobile learning apps for English !

What are the best applications in this ranking ?

For our team of testers, the 3 best apps to learn to speak English are:

  • Mosalingua : undeniably the most developed method to enrich its vocabulary
  • Babbel : a complete solution to touch both grammar, lexicon, pronunciation ..
  • Tandem : a very good tool to exchange regularly with a real English speaker

What is the best free application ?

For us, the best mobile application of free language courses is Duolingo. The app offers an honorable margin of progression without imposing payment, all in a universe focused on the game – very pleasant and addictive.

What is the best application for learning vocabulary ?

For our testers, the best mobile English vocabulary learning application is, by far, Mosalingua. Personally, I was able to discover – and above all memorize ! – About 3,500 words thanks to her !

What is the best application to practice English on a daily basis ?

At the end of the tests we have led, it was the tandem mobile application that seduced us the most in the practice of English on a daily basis. Because between dialogue with artificial intelligence, as developed as it is, or A real person from Britain, North America or Oceania, Our choice is made ..

Can we become bilingual using only these applications ?

Some language learning software pretend to accompany you to a bilingual level. But beware: if these English applications (at least those presented in this classification) constitute an undeniable progression asset, They will not be able to lead you to the perfect mastery of the Shakespeare language.

To reach this level of excellence, you will need additional tools. For example, you will have to:

  • Regularly consult English sites, chains and podcasts
  • Read books in English

But above all, you will have to practice the language with natives !

The 3 best applications to learn English at home

Whether to memorize vocabulary, write without fail or even learn with your favorite films and series, these applications will revolutionize your learning of English.

At Ayni, we like when technology gives us a boost. Good news, there are very effective tools that accompany us on a daily basis to progress in English. Let me introduce you 3 of our favorite tools !

  1. Mosalingua : the top to memorize vocabulary
  2. Flex : to learn the vocabulary of your films and your series
  3. Grammarly : the great assistant to write in English

1. Mosalingua: the top to memorize vocabulary


Mosalingua is a vocabulary memorization application.

The application allows you to learn new words, and reminds you of revising them when you start to forget them.

It is a well -known learning system in the world of cognitive sciences called “spaced repetition” (Spaced Recognition in English), and whose research has proven its effectiveness: the use of spaced repetition facilitates memorization !

What Ayni thinks

Mosalingua is to our attention the best apprenticeship app learning vocabulary, because it is both effective, simple, economical, flexible and pleasant to use. Let us specify his strengths:

  • At the rate of 10 words per day (or about 10 minutes a day), you will know about 900 words in three months. It’s a good investment in time.
  • The interface is simple to handle and goes to the essentials.
  • Video use and learning tips, made by the Mosalingua team, are good qualities.
  • It is customizable. The application automatically suggests words to learn according to your level and your goal. You can also add your own words (at Ayni, we love this functionality)
  • It is used as soon as you have 5 minutes of free, and it can become quite addictive (better than cigarettes !))

The error not to be made

If you do not use the words learned in another context (for example, speaking or writing), you will not be able to use them the day you need them. You have to get used to using them in a real situation !

Level : All levels

Recommended rhythm: 10 minutes a day (about 1 hour per week)

Prerequisites: 1 smartphone

2. Fleex: to learn with your movies and your series


Fleex makes it easier for you to understand movies, series or videos in English original version, making the subtitles interactive and adapted to your level.

By installing Fleex on your computer, your subtitles on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ted or YouTube become interactive. You don’t understand a word ? Click on the subtitle, discover the definition, and save it in favorites. The dialogues go too fast ? Slow down the speed of the video, or go back for 10 seconds in one click. The VOST is too difficult ? Simultaneously have the subtitles in English and French !

What Ayni thinks

Fleex is very useful for taking advantage of the many hours spent in front of films or videos. With a little will, you will get into the habit of watching your movies in VO, of translating and memorizing new words and expressions, and you will get your ear to the English language and accents.

The error not to be made

Do not try to translate all the words, but try to understand as much as possible by listening. Use the tool wisely, this moment must remain a pleasure ! Tip: Add the words you want to remember on Mosalingua for maximum efficiency !

Level : All levels

Recommended rhythm: Whenever you watch a film or a series !

Prerequisites: 1 computer with a modern internet browser

3. Grammarly: the great assistant to write in English


Grammarly is a writing assistant in English. Like a spelling corrector, Grammarly highlights your writing errors, and suggest a correct alternative. Its strength: it is integrated wherever you write: email, text editor, SMS, etc.

It is based on artificial intelligence specializing in language analysis.

What Ayni thinks

Grammarly is not in itself an English learning application, but using it will make you progress naturally.

Indeed, by highlighting your errors, the application allows you not only to write grammatically correct sentences, but also to have feedback on your written productions. This test-error mechanism is very virtuous, and allows you to continuously improve.

For people working in English (writing of email, reports, documents, etc.), this is an essential.

Be careful, however, it is an artificial intelligence certainly advanced, but which does not replace an interpreter or a teacher.

The error not to be made

Do not automatically correct everything you write, but do research to understand why Grammarly invites you to review what you wrote !

Level : All levels

Recommended rhythm: Whenever you write

Prerequisites: A computer and/or a smartphone

The final word

All these tools (and many others !) are included in AYNI training. To our knowledge, We are the only ones to offer this diversity of service !