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IPhone 14 pro: your battery no longer holds ? You are not alone 

According to several feedback compiled by our colleagues from 9TO5MAC, A plethora of iPhone 14 Pro owners face autonomy in the harbor today. However, the aircraft was released until September 2022. For the moment, Apple has not commented on the file but continues to offer some procedures to be implemented in these kinds of situations: repair, recharge management or update.

Three months with the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: the results

We carried out in -depth tests on the batteries, cameras and the SOS Emergency function by satellite of the latest iPhone 14.

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Posted on 10/27/2022 at 10:00 am

Three months with the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: the results

Our colleagues from completed a three -month prolonged test of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. Here are the conclusions they fired from it.

In the past three months, we have used the iPhone 14 as a daily smartphone and the 14 pro as a professional phone. During this period, we carried out in -depth tests of autonomy, taken many photos and videos and tried the new SOS emergency function by satellite.

The battery of the iPhone 14 does not last as long as that of the iPhone 13

Apple does not disclose the size of the batteries of its phones. It would however be useful because they are relatively small compared to those of Android smartphones. It is not a question of blaming the brand with the apple, but on the contrary to underline the longevity of these batteries thanks to the software optimizations and the efficiency of the Apple processors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max held a single load longer than any other phone we tested.

The same cannot be said about the iPhone 14. Its autonomy is good, but it is much lower than that of the iPhone 13 range. The first test we led with each phone was an endurance test. For 45 minutes, we played video games (some online), watched videos, consulted Tiktok and Instagram and made a video call via FaceTime. Meanwhile, the battery of the iPhone 14 decreased by 10 %, that of 14 more than 5 %, that of 14 pro 8 %and that of 14 pro max of 7 %.

We also fully loaded each phone, then read a video in a loop in plane mode with the 50 % brightness screen. The results in the table below.

Video reading autonomy test

Models Apple Our results
iPhone 14 20 hours 6 p.m
iPhone 14 Pro 23 hours 20 hours
iPhone 14 Plus 26 hours 25 hours
iPhone 14 Pro Max 29 hours 26 hours 15 minutes

These durations are lower than those of iPhone 13. The basic 13 lasted 9 p.m. and 51 minutes, the 13 pro 22 hours and 4 minutes and the 13 pro max 31 hours and 19 minutes. The 13 mini lasted 18 hours and 19 minutes, which is almost as long as the basic iPhone 14.

We talked a lot about the screen always lit on the 14 pro and 14 pro max and the way it empties the battery. During our tests, the permanent display did not start autonomy significantly compared to the extinguished screen.

To check it, we loaded the two 100 % phones and left them on our desk with the always on activated screen. After 6 hours, the 14 pro lost 4 % and the 14 pro max 2 %. We then reproduced the same scenario, but this time by deactivating the permanent display. The results were essentially the same: the 14 pro lost 4 % and the 14 pro max 3 %. It depends largely on the wallpaper used for the lock screen. Fortunately, iOS 16.2 offers new permanent display settings that allow you to deactivate the wallpaper and have only a black screen.

SOS per satellite allowed three people to be rescued

Satellite emergency calls and car accident detection may be two of the best features of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. But these are largely invisible tools that most people will have, hopefully, never to use.

We were able to try satellite SOS during a demonstration at Apple headquarters in California. The ease of use and connection to a satellite, even in the rain, impressed us. This function made it possible to save a snowmobile driver broken down in Alaska and two people whose car has slipped on the side of a mountain.

Dynamic Island: progress to be made

Dynamic Island works well, but it is not perfect. For example, she encroaches more on the screen than the notch did, which is noticeable when watching certain videos. We would also like more non-Apple applications to take advantage of this system.


The four models of the iPhone 14 series have Ceramic Shield protection from Apple that covers the screen. The four models that we tested have scratches or minor scratches on the front window. After only three months of current use, it’s quite surprising.

The cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro are excellent

The cameras of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are good. Those of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are excellent. Does that mean that we don’t take quality photos with the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus ? Absolutely not. But those we have taken with the 14 pro and 14 pro max and their main 48 megapixel sensor are always magnificent. Unfortunately, take pictures in Prorace to take full advantage of the resolution on the 14 pro, and these images have a much larger file size.

The kinematic mode was a surprise for us. He can record 4K at 24 images per second or 30 images per second. The quality is good, and the global experience is much better than on the iPhone 13. (It was limited to a resolution of 1080p to 30 frames per second in this mode). Here is our tip for more natural videos: reduce the opening of the kinematic mode to f/8. This gives the background a more realistic blurry aspect while retaining the development on the subject.


After three months of use, we are always impressed by the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. The cameras are excellent and the satellite SOS function brings peace of mind. But ceramic protection is not as durable as they are expected and the autonomy is not as long as that of the iPhone 13 range. But, whether you go from an old iPhone to an iPhone 14 or you just want the best, the iPhone 14 Pro, you will necessarily find the model that meets your needs, your budget and your tastes.

Image: Celso Bulgatti/Cnet

iPhone 14 pro: your battery no longer holds ? You are not alone !


According to several feedback compiled by our colleagues from 9TO5MAC, A plethora of iPhone 14 Pro owners face autonomy in the harbor today. However, the aircraft was released until September 2022. For the moment, Apple has not commented on the file but continues to offer some procedures to be implemented in these kinds of situations: repair, recharge management or update.

To be clearer, the figures collected by the English -speaking media reach up to 86% of the battery capacity only, after less than a year so. This indicator, created by Apple, allows you to know the “health” state of your battery. 14% less, for a battery which can sometimes last up to two days ? It’s little, some will say. But wait to see how these numbers compare to those of previous iPhone models.

On paper, an iPhone 14 pro can last twenty-three hours in video playback-according to its manufacturer. Remove 14%, and you end up with … less than twenty hours. However, for comparison, an iPhone 13 pro can endure up to twenty-two hours of viewing-if it is new. We can therefore conclude that buyers of his successor are found today with lower autonomy, having nevertheless paid much more expensive their device. Count 1,329 euros for an iPhone 14 pro under Blister (or almost), compared to 1,159 euros for an iPhone 13 pro, still 170 euros difference.

What are the possible solutions today ?

What Apple recommends

If the battery of your iPhone 14 Pro makes its own, the most reasonable step is today to enter Apple Store. You should then have the choice between two different situations:

  • You have subscribed to an Applecare+ → you will have nothing to pay and the battery will be replaced for free
  • You have not subscribed to a Applecare+ → you could pay around 119 euros

This information and costs are indicative, and may vary in store. Only the expertise of the Apple technician who will take care of your equipment will be proof of. Your iPhone will also have to be damaged after purchase, whether intentionally or not.


If despite everything the prices offered in Apple Store do not suit you and you consider you have been injured, know that a group action has already been brought against the apple firm for similar facts. During the batterygate, a court of justice had thus sanctioned the company, which had to reimburse customers.

For the moment, however, the manufacturer’s responsibility cannot be engaged with certainty. Indeed, previously it was indeed an update that had caused the premature “aging” of the batteries. However, with regard to the iPhone 14 Pro, it could just as well be many isolated and completely distinct cases. Let us recall that like any electronic component, the battery degrades over time (rather quickly compared to others, certainly). It is therefore enough to solicit it regularly via particularly intensive tasks, such as very energy-gourmet video games or connection sharing via Wi-Fi, to lower the “health” of the room.

If you think that the battery may have been damaged by your fault, then you can also consult a third-party repairer (often more affordable), because Apple may not accept your file or ask you to pay a miracolizing amount. Applecare+ insurance is in fact in the form of a contract offering very specific rules, consisting in particular in taking care of your smartphone to the extent of the reasonable. Even the two -year manufacturer’s guarantee, compulsory in France, only protects against design defects – but not against accidents or wear and tear.

Our tips for a top battery

Do your best to try to keep your battery healthy ? Easy as pie. Here are our few recommendations in this area.

To update

It may happen that, by mistake, Apple reduces the autonomy of the iPhone with an update – especially in beta version. But often the error is quickly identified. A fix is ​​then deployed quickly to remedy it. Hence the importance of installing the proposed updates as soon as possible. In addition, this also makes it possible to receive patches filling potential security breaches.

Limit energy consumption

We said, the more you call it, the more the battery wears out. So think of these few alternatives if you often use your iPhone without it being recharged:

  • You often use the Wi-Fi access point → Create a shortcut to (do not forget to) cut it as soon as you return home and your iPhone is connected again to your box
  • You play Apple Arcade titles → Pass on a Mac connected to the sector as soon as possible (if it is on battery, you will meet the same concern)
  • You stay outside for a long time → Activate the energy saving mode
  • Activate the automatic brightness: the screen is the component that consumes the most !
  • Go to Wi-Fi as soon as possible, because this connection is less greedy in electricity than 4G
  • Consult the battery statistics, these may allow you to identify a little too demanding app in this area

Avoid certain temperatures

Finally, know that Apple advises to avoid too hot environments (beyond 35 ° C) or too cold (negative temperatures).