The Tesla Model Propulsion sees its price melt – digital, tesla model y promotions: always lower prices!

Tesla Model Y promotions: always lower prices

Citroën Friend Tonic Best Price: 9.98 €

The Tesla Model Propulsion sees its price melt

Tesla strikes very strongly at the end of September by offering her SUV Star, the Y model, below the € 38,000 mark. A great deal for those who have the means to afford such an electric car.

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Citroën Friend Tonic Best Price: 9.98 €

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Tesla’s Model Y electric Y SUV was the best -selling car in Europe in the first half of 2023, all engines combined, according to data published by Automotive News Europe. Its price is still as attractive since the Texan manufacturer currently offers it in France from € 37,830 in its Propulsion version. Its lowest price was € 38,690 so far. It therefore benefits from the € 5000 of ecological bonuses to which must be added a price readjustment of the brand of € 4,760.

If you know a vehicle owner of the brand, you can benefit from an additional discount of € 500 by obtaining its sponsorship, which will reduce the total bill to € 37,330. A price certainly plump, but very attractive for an electric SUV with such services. We invite you to read our test for more details.

To take advantage of this price, you must consult the vehicles available on the site of the brand of Elon Musk, with the risk of not finding it at the time when these lines are published. The models actually leave like hotcakes, but Tesla has accustomed us to renewing its offers at the end of the month.

This price drop comes at a time when competition is organized to offer competitive SUV models. Renault thus presented its E-Tech electric scenic and Peugeot the E-3008. French manufacturers are still very discreet on the prices of their new mounts. It seems that the Renault Scenic could enjoy an entry ticket under the € 40,000 with the small battery of 60 kWh, and this is precisely where the diamond firm could hurt.

On the Peugeot side, the E-308 was launched more than € 47,000 ago, and it is difficult to believe that the lion can do better with its SUV, especially since a 3008 rechargeable hybrid is already negotiated in Over 45,000 €. Tesla therefore still has a bright future ahead of him with her model y.

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Tesla Model Y promotions: always lower prices !

Prices ever lower at Tesla ! Since the start of the year, the American manufacturer has launched the price war on the electric vehicle market. To take advantage of the ecological bonus again, the model had seen its entry ticket go from 49.990 to 46.€ 990 in January. Then it was 44.€ 990 in April, before going back to 45.€ 990 in May, which remains a very well placed price in the face of competition.

A aggressiveness that bears fruit, the model having become the best -selling electric vehicle here. And downright the most elapsed model in Europe all engines combined ! But for the brand, the strategy is to run the factories and sell ever more, Elon Musk claims to be there.

Nothing should therefore drag too much in stock. To do this, the manufacturer does not hesitate to practice discounts, which he no longer modestly calls a “price reader”. In recent weeks, the discount on the basic propulsion version was often 1.000 €, which placed the vehicle at 39.990 € once the bonus deduces.

But these days are much more. We see propulsion versions with a rebate of 2.760 €. Which puts the model y propulsions at 38.€ 230, a price never seen for a new copy. The discount allows copies with options (rims or color) to return to the bonus area (limited to 47.000 €).

For those who want to change white or black, the colors offered in series, we saw in the stock an overseas blue variant at 39.730 € after a discount of 2.€ 860 and the bonus.

In the stock, there are also generous discounts on the large autonomy variant (with two engines), which announces an autonomy of 533 km in the mixed WLTP cycle, with 3.€ 180 in discounts and a price that drops to 49.€ 810 (no bonus here).

The Tesla Model should see its price drop in Europe, here is why

Tesla’s plans for a new, more affordable model has been circulating for some time, and it now seems that the company began the production of a rear propulsion version in its Giga Berlin-Brandenburg factory in Germany.

In addition to being one of the most popular electric cars in the world, Tesla Model is also the queen of autonomy in the EPA ranking according to its manufacturer. In Europe, Elon Musk’s compact SUV has enormous popularity since its launch a few years ago, and The latter could soon see his sales expand in the coming weeks.

After announcing fairly significant price reductions on all the models of her Tesla Model Y, Tesla would think of making the car even more affordable by making a whole new version. According to the German publication Teslamag, this new configuration of the Model has just returned to production at the Gigafactory in Berlin, and is Equipped with batteries provided by the Chinese manufacturer byd. This suggests that the new vehicle could be much cheaper than its predecessors.

The cheapest Tesla Model will be manufactured in Europe

According to Teslamag information, the new model would offer rear propulsion (RWD), and replace La Model y RWD currently available and imported from China, which is equipped with CATL LFP prismatic batteries. The other two versions of the Model produced in Germany, the LR AWD and performance, are equipped with cylindrical battery cells of type 2170, probably LG Energy Solution and imported from China.

While La Model there current offers a range of 455 km thanks to its battery of around 60 kWh, The new version with the BYD battery should offer a range of around 440 km (According to the WLTP cycle), for a capacity of around 55 kWh. The new battery would also be the first to offer a technology called “Blade”, presented as safer and more reliable than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The Blade battery would be more dense in energy than other batteries of the same size and the same weight, which could give the new model y RWD a significant advantage over its competitors.

If rumors concerning the new Y RWD Model equipped with BYD batteries are founded, this could mean that Tesla abandons the use of CATL batteries for its European models. By betting on a smaller batir and a local production for the Tesla Model y, Tesla could well drop her price, since he would no longer have to import China cars. As a reminder, the Tesla Model imported from China is currently available at 40,990 euros, ecological bonus deducted. The new version should therefore go below 40,000 euros.

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