The new Volkswagen ID.7 arrives in France, here is its price!, The Volkswagen ID electric sedan.7 Unveils its high prices – digital

The Volkswagen ID electric sedan.7 reveals its high prices

Last April, the (large) 100 % electric sedan had already been the subject of a test on our site. And our first feelings were quite positive, especially on the side of the quality of his interior and his driving experience.

The new Volkswagen ID.7 arrives in France, here is its price !

The German manufacturer Volkswagen has opened orders from its new ID to France. 7. To get the 100 % electric sedan, count an entry -level at 62.650 €.

The 100 % model family seems complete on the side of Volkswagen. After his id. 3, ID.4 and ID.5, and while waiting for the exciting ID. GTI presented at the Munich Salon, VW has just launched its ID.7 on the French market.

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Last April, the (large) 100 % electric sedan had already been the subject of a test on our site. And our first feelings were quite positive, especially on the side of the quality of his interior and his driving experience.

Volksawagen Id.7

Only downside, we were waiting to discover the ID. 7 Equipped with its huge 96 kWh battery, promising autonomy greater than 700 km…. But you will still have to be patient. The first versions launched in France are equipped with a 77 kWh battery, offering a range of 620 km in the WLTP cycle cycle.

Count 62.650 € minimum !

An engine group delivering a power of 286 hp (210 kW), an average consumption between 14.1 and 16.3 kWh per 100 km… attractive figures, but let’s talk about prices !

Among the various finishes that will join the fleet in the coming months, French customers can already get the 4.96 -meter sedan among two different versions. Ugly. 7 pro style acts as an entry -level, then count a minimum of 62.650 €. The Exclusive Pro Style finish, with higher equipment, is also offered for sale at a price of 67.990 €.

The first vehicles should tread our departmental this fall.

The Volkswagen ID electric sedan.7 reveals its high prices

The production of the first Volkswagen electric sedan is advanced and orders are open in Germany. The promise is undoubtedly ambitious, but the prices are high and the ID.7 Risk of suffering from competition, especially that of Tesla.

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The price war in force on electric cars rages and Volkswagen must manage to convince an ever more demanding clientele with his future ID.7. While the first orders are open, the passat replacement sedan reveals its prices and it will be necessary to have a well -provisioned bank account.

Citroën Friend Tonic Best Price: 9.98 €

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Id.7 pro in the catalog and an upcoming professional version

To make people forget the Passat which has had a good career, but also relaunch the sedan against the SUV, Volkswagen puts a lot on its ID.7. Technological and efficient, the technical sheet of the sedan almost 5 m long is now well known.

With a 286 hp electric motor placed on the rear axle and a 77 kWh battery in Pro version, the ID.7 promises more than 600 km of autonomy. A future professional version is planned, this time taking on a very large 86 kWh battery, arguing a ray of action of 700 km. Quick recharge points to 200 kW and should allow stops under 30 min to fill up on electrons.

In Germany where orders are open, the price displayed for a Volkswagen ID.7 pro is € 56,995. If the prices are likely to vary when arriving in France, it is unlikely that this sedan can be offered to less than € 47,000, making it de facto ineligible to the ecological bonus. Halfway between the Tesla Model 3 and S, the ID.7 Place directly facing a Hyundai Ioniq 6 sold from € 51,400.

At this price, the ID.7 Pro has 19 inch rims, a 15 -inch central touch screen and a head -up display system in augmented reality. Obviously, it has the Travel Assist corresponding to a level 2 autonomous driving. For those who would like to afford the pro S version, the prices are not yet communicated, but we must expect an invoice happily exceeding € 60,000.

Volkswagen ID.7: 286 hp electric and 700 km of autonomy

Volkswagen presents its ID electric sedan.7. On the menu, 700 km of autonomy, almost 5 m long and revised infotainment. The construct.

Volkswagen ID. 7: Orders are open, here is the price of the electric sedan

Volkswagen has just opened the ID command book. 7 in Germany. The opportunity for users to discover certain missing data, such as the autonomy and the price of the manufacturer’s new electric sedan.

Volkswagen ID 7

While Volkswagen has just announced a few days ago the entry into production of the ID. 7 In Germany, the manufacturer just comes fromOpen the order book of its electric sedan with our neighbors across the Rhine.

The opportunity for users to discover certain missing data on the one we Nickname the “Electric Passat”. First of all, we learn that the manufacturer intends to launch for the moment only one version of its large Wattée sedan, namely ID. 7 pro. This model has a battery pack 77 kWh, which allows him to display a good autonomy of 621 km In WLTP cycle.

Autonomy, prices, equipment, we know everything about ID. 7

In addition, the manufacturer promises average energy consumption between 16.3 and 14.1 kWh 100 kilometers. In order to seduce European users (and especially to pass the price pill, but we will come back later), VW has decided to provide this finish with certain high -end equipment.

Thus, the ID. 7 is the first electric vehicle of the brand to embark An intelligent air conditioning system, capable of distributing the air optimally in the passenger compartment. VW’s future flagship also has a new IDA vocal assistant with a better understanding. Then we find pell-mell in this pack of equipment:

  • The head -up in augmented reality
  • The Discover Pro Max navigation system
  • Hudson alloy rims 8d 19 at the front, 8.5 days x 19 at the rear, with diamond finish
  • Keyless access locking and start -up system
  • Various driving aid systems such as the Travel Assist, Lane Assist, Side Assist, road trips and reversing camera

Inside, the owners of the ID. 7 pro can also benefit from certain advantages such as Ergoactive memory electric seats and automation, or An audio system signed Harman Kardon Composed of a dozen speakers (for a power of 700 W). The sedan will also allow you to admire the celestial vault with A Smart Glass panoramic sunroof (glass becomes opaque or transparent via a voice command) … under option unfortunately.

Let us now come to the annoying question: the price. In Germany, ID. 7 pro will be offered from € 56,995. A price that immediately intends it to the wealthy budgets. Note that this price is valid only for the German market. For the moment, Volkswagen has not yet communicated the price grid in force in France. As a reminder, the ID. 7 will also be declined in a pro S version which will notably be equipped with an 86 kWh battery for a range of 700 km.

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