The new Samsung the 55 -inch Samsung TV loses almost € 700 during French Days, Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 – TV QLED 4K UHD HDR – 138 cm – SAMSUNG TV on

Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 – TV QLED 4K UHD HDR – 138 cm

Thanks to the computing power and its algorithms, it allows you to optimize all the content to approach them closest to the UHD resolution. UHD resolution is 4 times more detailed than Full HD (1080p).

The new Samsung the 55 -inch Samsung TV loses almost € 700 during the French Days

With its range of TV The Frame, Samsung has stood out on the market by offering screens that are likely to be mistaken for executives and that can display a work of art when it is on standby. The South Korean manufacturer brings improvements to these TVs and the latest 55 inch version and promotion every year thanks to French Days, its price of 899 euros instead of 1589 euros at Ubaldi.

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The French Days, now is that it happens and so it’s time to take advantage of promotions on many high-tech products from your favorite merchants. You have until May 9, so if you want to offer yourself a new television, do not put too long before you decide. It would be a shame to miss a good opportunity like this discount of almost 700 euros on the Samsung The Frame of 55 inch.

What is the Samsung TQ55LS03B ?

  • A 55 -inch QLED 4K screen
  • A new matt coating to make the most of your screen, or your table
  • Customizable art mode
  • Perfectly cut for gaming

Instead of 1,589 euros usually, the 55 -inch Samsung The Frame (2023) is now available on promotion at 899 euros at Ubaldi thanks to a reduction of 600 euros and the promo code 10days1823 which deducted from an additional 90 euros.

The range of TV The Frame is still evolving

Presented during CES 2023, the new Samsung the Frame TV presented an improvement that is not least for your visual comfort. In order to strengthen the effect of being in front of a master canvas, the South Korean manufacturer has applied a new mat cover, and the result is final: there is no more reflection. You can then customize the display in standby mode with one of the 2100 works of art of art store or even your own photos. Thanks to its movement sensor, The Frame will only light up only when someone is in front, just to save energy.

The 55 inch screen (diagonal of 139 cm) has not changed so much compared to the previous versions. There is a QLED slab in 4K definition (3840 x 2160 pixels) refreshed at 100 Hz. Its quantum processor processor 4K upscale all 4K video flows, regardless of their source and this slab benefits from many treatments such as HDR10+ and HDR HLG. Audio is not to be outdone with its speakers placed around the screen, OTS technology which “follows” the movement of objects and the management of Dolby Atmos of course.

A multitude of features

With its HDMI 2 entries.1, the Samsung The Frame is perfectly cut for gaming and allows you to play in 4K 120 FPS with your PlayStation 5 or your Xbox Series Xbox. It also has freesync premium pro which synchronizes your graphics card display of your console so that you have no problem of tearing or blur. Allm technology also limits latency to the minimum strict so that the TV is as reactive as possible to your orders.

For the Smart TV pane, this version of The Frame turns with Tizen 7.0 which brings very little new features compared to Tizen 6.5. The bone found in all Samsung televisions offers you an intuitive interface on which you can navigate easily, go to your favorite Svod platforms is simple as hello with your remote control, or even your voice. Indeed, the Samsung The Frame is also compatible with vocal assistants Alexa, Google and Bixby.

All about the French Days of spring 2023

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Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 – TV QLED 4K UHD HDR – 138 cm

Smart TV, QLED TV, 55 “(138 cm), resolution 3840 x 2160, Bixby, HDMI 2.1


TV Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 - TV QLED 4K UHD HDR - 138 cm

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Product repairability index:

Scale which allows to measure the ability to repair a product. The higher the note, the more easily the product can be repaired. Learn more

Discover the best of the image with the Qled Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 TV. QLED UHD 4K TVs bring a breath of fresh air in your living room with the integration of the ambient mode, Bixby, Google Home and Alexa assistants. QLED technology associated with the Quantum Processor 4K processor provide you with magnificent images in all situations, all on a 138 cm (55 inch) slab. Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B comes with an ultra slim and removable removable box which brings together all your connectivity for an even simpler arrangement of your interior.

Screen size (6):

Web available: + 15 days
Web available: + 15 days
Web available: + 15 days

More choice

Screen size (6):

Web available: + 15 days
Web available: + 15 days
Web available: + 15 days
Including eco-participation 12 € 00

Or pay in 422 € 06

Of which 27 € 18 of charges

Be informed of a price drop

Pay by bank card

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Web available: + 15 days
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The minimum authorized quantity is 1 the maximum authorized quantity is 100

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The Frame LS03B by Samsung

The best of Samsung image expertise

Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B 2023 is a 55 -inch connected television or 138 cm diagonal with a 100 Hz qled UHD 4K slab. This Samsung the Frame Smart TV is specifically designed to be installed as a table on the wall with its ultra -fine support included or on its adjustable feet in height supplied. Day and night, do not be disturbed by unpleasant reflections.Her anti-reflection filter Mat transforms the screen into a real table. This Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B TV can display works of art or your favorite photos.

THE motion sensor Detects your presence and automatically lights the screen. When you leave the room, it goes out. Thanks to Eyecomfort mode Unique in Samsung, your TV The Frame TQ55LS03B adapts the brightness according to the viewing time. Using the smart processor, the brightness displayed on your screen will be adjusted for the comfort of your eyes and will reduce visual fatigue.

Quantum Dot technology

Technology Quantum dot reproduced 100% of the color palette for more realistic images than ever. Quantum dots are nanoparticles that transform light and colors in more than a billion nuances.

Enjoy deep blacks and much brighter whites with technology Quantum HDR, HLG/HDR10+ which optimizes each image. Finally, discover all the subtleties of the programs made in HDR 10+.

“One Connect” deported box

THE Deported box “One Connect” Ultra slim and removable brings together all your connection for an even simpler arrangement of your interior (fixing on the wall. )).

Smart TV Tizen 6

Access many content online with the service Smart TV Tizen 6 integrated. Look at streaming programs has never been easier with the various integrated services (Netflix, Video Prime, Molotov TV, YouTube . )). You can also listen to music from Deezer or Spotify for example.

Thanks to Operator applications integrated in your Smart TV, Live a simplified experience without TV box and cables. Live or replay, directly access your favorite content on one or more screens.

Samsung bixby assistant

The television The Frame TQ55LS03B Samsung integrated Samsung Bixby, This intelligent assistant allows you to adjust the volume or find your favorite content. Control of your TV becomes simple and intuitive.

Compatible with Google and Alexa assistants

The range is now compatible with the assistant Google and Alexa. Change chain to the voice, adjust the volume or manage your content is simpler and faster.

Smart processor

The Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B TV incorporates a Samsung “processor” Quantum Processor 4K »For an incomparable experience. This processor uses its own algorithm to optimize images, it adapts the brightness according to the room and the scene.

Thanks to the computing power and its algorithms, it allows you to optimize all the content to approach them closest to the UHD resolution. UHD resolution is 4 times more detailed than Full HD (1080p).

The Qled Samsung range brings a touch of design and technology in your living room with always more simplicity.


The TV connected Samsung the Frame TQ55LS03B is personalized with a wide choice of accessories to adapt to your interior. Customizable frames, studio feet or rotating wall hook are optional.

SmartThings application

The application Samsung SmartThings You open the way to home automation. Check your compatible equipment, lighting and all your connected objects. Check the contents of your Smamsung vacuum cleaner.

Ambient fashion

Say goodbye to the black screen with the ambient mode integrated into the QLED series. THE ambient fashion comes from the “frame” series. Display decorative content, your photos or reproduce the patterns of your wall for a perfect fusion between the wall and your TV becomes possible.

Distribute the contents of your iPhone with AirPlay 2

Technology Airplay 2 Apple is now compatible with this range of Samsung TVs. You will be able to share content easily from your iPhone or iPad. Launch your videos, watch your photos simply from your Apple device on the TV for your greatest pleasure.

Delivery information

This product is only available in the following locations: France (metropolitan), Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco.

  • Solar remote control
  • ONE CONNECT deported box
  • Wall hook
  • Unique cable
  • Power cable
  • User manual