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An enriched Bbox offer and WiFi in the spotlight

At home, with Bouygues Telecom fiber, the Bbox Ultym offer offers a speed up to 2gbit/s In the descending direction (Download) and 900 Mbit/s In the rising sense (upload).

The new BBOX Mini of Bouygues Telecom for internet offers without TV is available !

The new Bbox Mini unveiled at the start of the year is now marketed in the Bouygues Telecom, Darty and Télévente club network network. This new box the size of a CPL case for Dualplay Internet and Telephony offers is available with the current offers offered by the operator is from 19.99 € per month in unbundled zone or 37.99 € in non -unbundled zone. Here are all the details of this new Bbox Mini !

The new Bbox the size of a CPL box:

Bouygues Telecom markets the news Bbox mini Since January 19 in the Club Bouygues Telecom network, this new case is not yet available on the operator’s website. This Router modem is plugged as an almost identical CPL and size. This mini box is intended for ADSL without TV subscriptions. The box is made up of a very complete, easy to use and usable administration interface from any screen (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). The case is equipped with three ports: ADSL, Tel and Ethernet. Above the box, a tongue that appears on the back the information of WiFi, serial number, a QR-Code. During the first start -up it will be necessary to leave the Mini Bbox Perform several updates, the operation can last up to 10 min depending on the line flow, otherwise it takes less than 4 min so that the mini-bbox is ready to provide you with your service during a standard start-up.


The Mini Bbox Possile with current Bbox offers:

Depending on the geographic area, the price of the subscription differs and the TV is not possible by choosing the Bbox mini. The offers thus start at 19.€ 99 per month in unbundled zone with internet and unlimited telephony to fixed to international 100destinations, an option at 6 € is available to enjoy in addition to the unlimited calls towards mobiles in France or from 25.99 € per month. In zone extent The formula is offered at 8 € more per month without option is from 27.99 € and in Unbacking zone, the offer Dualplay is at the price of 37.99 €.

An enriched Bbox offer and WiFi in the spotlight

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For many French households, WiFi is one of the main criteria of choice of an internet offer. For years, Bouygues Telecom responds to this essential need and has offered innovative solutions by implementing The latest generations of WiFi standards in its Bboxes. The goal is to offer A coverage and quality of internet connection in wifi, everywhere in the house. These efforts were rewarded by The title of operator n ° 1 in wifi according to NPERF.

From November 7, Bouygues Telecom is launching a New Bbox range which emphasizes the quality of Wifi all over the house, while paying particular attention to The eco -design of its Bboxes. For this, a New WiFi 6 box integrates the offer Bbox Must Fiber And, for its part, the offer Bbox Ultym, in WiFi 6th, is enriched with support and entertainment services.

BBOX Must: A new WiFi 6 and Ecoconçue box

With his vertical design To optimize WiFi coverage within the hearth, the new MoDem of the Bbox Must Fiber offer is WiFi 6 compatible. Efficient thanks to the Bouygues Telecom fiber, it includes “Intelligent WiFi” technology which constantly optimizes the connection with the home equipment.

With Bouygues Telecom fiber, Bbox must Wifi 6 gives you access to an internet speed of 1gbit/s In the descending direction (Download) and 700MBIT/S In the rising sense (upload). TV side, connected with the 4K TV decoder, Bbox must give access to more than 180 channels included !

A WiFi 6 box easy to plug

Light and discreet, The Bbox WiFi 6 will easily find its place in your home and, thanks to the special fiber internal connection, the connection is facilitated: no need for a small case for the arrival of the fiber !

Note that if their accommodation requires it, the customer can request An optional WiFi repeater, WiFi 6 compatible He too, to complete the coverage of the home.

An eco-designed box

The Bbox Wifi 6 has been thought of and made with the concern of Master your impact on the environment:

  • It is composed with 90% recycled plastic
  • Its packaging is sustainable (FSC label) and plastic
  • her Weight is optimized To facilitate its transport
  • His end of life is anticipated (its dismantling is easy, its materials resistant and potentially reusable, etc.)

This eco-design was validated by an independent organization and the Bbox Must Wifi 6 (and its WiFi repeater) is certified

Finally, to facilitate the connection of Bbox Wifi 6 by the visually impaired, Braille benchmarks are present at the back of the box.

Bbox Ultym WiFi 6th: a key-in-one installation for a complete experience

For customers who wish to benefit from Best of WiFi, personalized support and additional services, the Bbox Ultym included WiFi Ultym:

  • a 6th WiFi compatible box, The latest generation of wifi, with “smart wifi” technology
  • installation box and TV decoder by a professional qualified
  • the diagnosis coverage and quality of Wireless in the accommodation
  • ordering WiFi repeating (up to 2) by the technician according to the result of the diagnosis
  • a Mini 4G box to take away in its trips in France with 50GB mobile internet every month

At home, with Bouygues Telecom fiber, the Bbox Ultym offer offers a speed up to 2gbit/s In the descending direction (Download) and 900 Mbit/s In the rising sense (upload).

Entertainment included !

TV side, connected with The 4K HDR TV decoder, Bbox Ultym gives access to more than 180 channels and in addition, the services Disney+ and Salto are included during 6 months, without engagement ! Films, series and entertainment for the whole family !

With these new offers, Bouygues Telecom wishes to give access to A complete and quality experience to the Internet connection, everywhere in the house.