The government is considering putting forward the legal age to obtain the 16 -year permit, driving license at 16 years old: it is too serious a subject to swing the idea like that!

Driving license at 16: it is too serious a subject to swing the idea like that

The essential the Prime Minister confirmed, this Tuesday, June 20, information published last week: the minimum age to spend the driving license will be lowered to 17 years, from 2024.

The government is considering putting forward the legal age for obtaining the 16 -year -old permit

The executive is considering reforming the driving license by lowering the legal minimum age to go to 16 years and reducing the cost of obtaining its obtaining.

Obtaining the driving license could soon be subject to a size change. For several weeks, the executive has been thinking of lowering the minimum legal age to be able to take the exam, by passing it from 18 to 17, or even 16 years.

If driving alone from 16 years old is already possible in a car without a license, this reform under study divides French motorists. “Will people be trained at 16 years old? I ask myself the question, “says one of them at the microphone of BFMTV. “This is better than 90 -year -old people who still have the license,” replies another.

But to advance the legal age of driving license is not the only issue of this measure. The government would also like to remove the 20 hours of compulsory driving in order to reduce the cost of obtaining.

Strong concerns among professionals in the sector

This initiative does not fail to be criticized by certain driving school monitors, who believe that fewer hours will not necessarily be synonymous with cheaper.

“We can charge the lessons to the unit so someone who will take fifteen hours, it will come almost at the price of twenty hours in the package. We will charge an hour of driving at 50 euros while in the package it was 45, “said Guillaume Clément, manager of the ALC driving school.

In France, 18-24 year olds are involved in 17% of road accidents while they represent only 9% of the population.

“Lowering age will increase exposure to the risks of this category there and therefore mathematically, it will cause accident and mortality to increase,” said Anne Lavaud, general delegate of road prevention.

France would thus join the United Kingdom where a car can be driven at 17, even the United States where the permit examination is open to 16-year-old adolescents for a few restrictions, such as the strict prohibition to roll the night.

Driving license at 16: “It’s too serious a subject to swing the idea like that !””

Lowering legal age to drive from 18 to 16 years, as the government would plan to do, it is a very bad idea according to the League of Defense of Drivers.

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Recently, we maintained ourselves with Alexandra Legendre, manager Studies and Communication Pôle and spokesperson for the Driver Defense League, on various subjects related to motorists. We notably wanted to know the position of the association on driving license which could be obtained from the age of 16. “It is in a specific setting, it seems to me, in case the person needs to drive to go to work ?”She asked us. Not according to information, certainly plot, which we have. A priori, according to our colleagues from the Parisian, this measure would be valid for all. We tell him, as they note it themselves from the outset, that “the idea is in the plan for young people, prepared by Matignon”. When she understands that this is a simple proposition, she responds from the tac to the tac:

“It’s too serious a subject to just swing the idea like that. I hope that, before swinging it, Elisabeth Borne already has teams that work very seriously on the subject “.

His explanations and the solutions they offer.

“I am not sure that at 16, we are really armed to understand all the dangers of the road”

“I am not sure that at 16, we are really armed to understand all the dangers of the road,” she adds. While taking care to specify his thought:

“I find that this idea, it falls a little from the sky and that it deserves much more reflections on the stakes when you know the fragility at the wheel of the youngest, and in particular young men. If we are not aware of the danger at 18, we are even less so at 16 years old.”A question of maturity therefore. And then, the figures attest to it. As she wants to emphasize it: “The share of 18-24 year olds in road mortality is very much higher than other age categories”.

Like Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of 40 million motorists with whom we also exchanged on this subject a few days ago, she finds complaints on the US model which most likely inspired the government. The reasons they advance are not the same, however:

“We must compare driving in France to driving in the United States. There, it is made as part of the school, there are only automatic boxes, and then the typology of roads is such that we rather learn to move behind a steering wheel rather than driving. This is not really the case in France.””

In the United States, the roads are wide, the straight lines numerous. Nothing to do with ours, narrow and winding. That a longer and more extensive learning is required is understood. Place your vehicle and your gaze correctly on the road while playing the gearbox, it also requires practice, a long adaptation period.

“For me, the priority is a redesign of training”

What alternatives exist ? “We work a lot on the association on post-permise training which is today that on the basis of volunteering, that is very good, but which is not theoretical”. Post allowed internships allow, if you ignore it, young driving licensees reduce the probationary period at the end of which the 12 points are obtained and it is no longer compulsory to affix the “A” on The tailgate. For those who have benefited from accompanied driving, it is only a year and a half (against 2 years normally). For those who followed the accelerated model, without learning with relatives, it is reduced to 2 years instead of 3.
It is “a first step towards the training of young people”, she notes, and “the accompanied driving, it’s very good, it’s a system that works well. To have the surveillance of parents or trainers behind it reassures me “. However, it would still be necessary that said training is “much more widely practical” according to her. “We need to learn emergency, braking, equipment that cannot be learned on open roads because it’s dangerous.”Obtain a reduction in the probationary period by sitting in a chair all day, this is not how we really apprehend the dangers of the road. We understand it, it is however well as this post allowed internship works.

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Driving license reform: minimum age lowered to 17 years from 2024

  • Putting your driver's license at 17 will soon be possible

The essential the Prime Minister confirmed, this Tuesday, June 20, information published last week: the minimum age to spend the driving license will be lowered to 17 years, from 2024.

Young driving license will be reformed. As mentioned last week, a measure of lowering the minimum age at 17 will be taken, as just indicated by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

“From January 2024, we will be able to pass the driving license from 17 years old and drive from 17 years old”, instead of 18 years, under the same conditions as currently, said the Prime Minister on Online media Raw, stressing that this measure would be “a real plus” especially for young people in apprenticeship.

France like Ireland or Slovakia

The demand for lowering this minimum age is a recurring subject. Last month, the Republicans had tabled a bill in the National Assembly to lower this age limit to 16 years.

In Europe, it is possible to drive alone from the age of 17 in countries like Ireland or Slovakia. France is therefore preparing to follow the movement. Currently, a young person in accompanied driving can already pass the B license to 17 years old, but has the right to take the wheel by himself that on the day of his 18th birthday. This threshold will therefore be lowered by one year.

“Very attentive level on the requested level”

The help of 500 euros paid to apprentices to finance their license will also be extended to students of vocational high schools, added the government’s head. The Parliament definitively adopted a macronist bill on June 12 to better inform young people on the financing of the driving license and to reduce deadlines before the examination.

While road accidents are the leading cause of mortality among young people aged 18 to 24, Elisabeth Borne has promised to be “very attached to the requested level” to obtain the license.

The government is “strengthening road safety certificates to make kinds of pre-codes,” she added, assuring that there were “no more accidents” in the neighboring countries with a driving license at 17.