The cheapest cell plans with 1 GB of data, ideal for young people, 1 GB mobile package without commitment: Red by SFR or B & You?

1 GB mobile packages: which to choose from Red by Sfr and B & You

The iPhone 15 with RED non -binding package: from € 799

The cheapest cell plans with 1 GB of data, ideal for young people

Young package

You want to browse the internet from time to time outside wifi to communicate with your friends on WhatsApp, Snapchat or Messenger. To consult social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while waiting for the bus or the metro. With 1GB of data it is possible but beware it goes fast, so if you want to consult video on Tiktok or YouTube we advise you rather Mobile package with 5GB of data.

Here is what some operators offer in Canada when you are young and you don’t have a big budget for your mobile plan.

The cheapest Fizz Cellular Package with 1GB of data

Basic the 1GB mobile package from Fizz is $ 29 and includes unlimited calls and messages. This package also covers Canada. This package is customizable, if you want to pay the cheapest possible, it is possible to remove calls and texts and the price drops to $ 19 per month. Even cheaper if you stay in Quebec or lower the price to $ 17 per month, Which makes this cheapest offer on the market.

The cheapest public cell phone package with 1GB of data

The cheapest of our study on a package with calls and unlimited message included, Public Mobile offers a complete 1GB package for $ 23 per month. It will be necessary to join automatic payment to benefit from it

The cheapest Lucky Mobile Cellular Package with 1GB of data

Lucky Mobile’s offer which doubles the data if we register for automatic replenishment makes it possible to offer an attractive package. For $ 25 per month The operator offers unlimited calls and messages everywhere in Canada and 1GB of data (500MB + 500MB).

The cheapest Virgin Mobile Cellular Package with 1GB of data

Virgin Mobile offers a 1GB package without appeal and message included but which consumes à la carte to $ 28 per month. If you want unlimited calls and messages included in the CA package will cost you $ 35 per month.

The cheapest koodo cellular package with 1GB of data

At Koodo, there are two packages with 1GB of data. The cheapest without calls and unlimited messages to $ 30 per month, The most expensive is when he with calls and messages unlimited at $ 35 per month. This offer is available on promotion for new customers only.

The cheapest Fido cell package with 1GB of data

The Fido operator released a “holiday offer” for this end of the year with 1GB, calls and texts in unlimited for $ 35 per month. If you want to lower the invoice at Fido you have to take the package without calls but with the texts to $ 30 per month

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Bruno Graf on 21-07-2023

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René Lavigne on 06-10-2022
Thank you for your site. To save $ 25 to 50 with FIZZ, use the K53YM reference code
Juliette Nault-Turbide on 11-01-2022

Hello, I have been a client at Public Mobile for a year and I am fully satisfied. Using the ZW2JE6 code you will receive $ 10 single credit when you activate your service with Mobile Public.

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1 GB mobile packages: which to choose from Red by Sfr and B & You ?

RED and B & YOU

It is true that more and more people promote mobile plans with a data envelope garnished. However, some users do not need a sophisticated subscription and prefer simple and affordable formulas. This is what Red by Sfr and B & You operators offer with their 1 GB mobile packages at € 6.99/month. What are the advantages linked to a non -binding package, with a light data envelope ? Which of the two operators is better to favor ?

Red by SFR and its 1 GB mobile package: available from € 6.99/month

The Red Operator Affiliated to SFR opens the ball with the smallest mobile package in its range and available from € 6.99/month. A package without simple and classic commitment but which still has certain characteristics which can seduce a certain number.

1GB Red package

1 GB Red by SFR mobile package from € 6.99/month.

First of all, as its name suggests, Red by SFR uses SFR network coverage, which provides short -up communications on a large part of the territory. In addition, the essential characteristics of a mobile package are present within this subscription. Indeed, the calls are unlimited to all mobiles and fixed France Metropolitan and DOM.

THE SMS and MMS are also unlimited, What to exchange towards all operators in France. With this 1 GB mobile plan, it is possible to enjoy unlimited calls, SMS/MMS from the European Union and the DOM abroad abroad and the DOM.

From a data point of view, as we have stated above, it is light. Indeed, with 1 GB, This non-binding package will suit those who have low internet use or mainly use Wi-Fi connection. It will then be possible to surf moderate on the internet a few times in the month. However, you must forget the download of files as well as the streaming platforms that will consume this 1 GB in a very short time.

Apart from mainland France, the 1 GB package remains usable From the EU and the DOM. Be careful, it’s not an additional 1 GB, but the same usable in France and the EU.

What to remember from this Red by SFR mobile package:

  • 1 GB package at € 6.99/month;
  • It is a non -binding package;
  • usable from the EU and the DOM;
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS;

Red by SFR customer area

Also read the Red by SFR customer area: connection, features, identifiers, password ..

1 go b & you mobile package: better than red by sfr ?

Like its competitor Red by SFR, the telephone operator B & You, affiliated with Bouygues Telecom, offers four very distinct packages. The first mobile plan proposed and which interests us here has1 GB of data for € 6.99/month.

1 go b & you package

1 GB B & You mobile package from 6.99/month.

First, you should know that B & You uses The Bouygues Telecom network, Renowned to have a quality 4G in mainland France. In addition, there is the possibility of obtaining an ESIM B & YOU card with this mobile package. This can be practical for some customers who have a compatible smartphone.

Within this non -obligation package, we find the Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France. In addition, many options are available to enhance this 1 GB mobile package, such as the possibility of boosting your data with 5G for 3 €/month additional.

This option is not really the best choice with this non-binding package, because it has a 1 GB data envelope, often quickly used as we were able to talk higher. Like its competitor Red by SFR, B & You allows its customers toUse this GO in the EU and in the DOM.

Norton protection for devices is also optional for € 5/month with the first month offered. For music fans, the Deezer Premium app is also available for the sum of € 6.99/month for 12 months then € 10.99/month and all this without obligation.

What must be remembered on this B & YOU package ?

  • A 1 GB mobile package at € 6.99/month.
  • Without engagement.
  • Bouygues Telecom network.
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

Package B and you international

Read also B & YOU Packages abroad: the services included (4G, calls, SMS, etc.) and the costs to know

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