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Play all your games without jerks, slowdowns or visual artefacts. Take full view with bright colors and advanced graphic features such as HDR rendering or mini-LED backlight which highlights each detail in an incomparable way (subject to compatibility).

Made to g a soul

You can already count on GeForce ® technology to have the highest quality fluid, realistic and immersive gaming experiences. Why make concessions for your game instructor ? NVIDIA ® G-SYNC ® display devices have been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards. A fluid graphic rendering without jerk, innovative display technologies and ultra-high refresh frequencies for incomparable performance. In all your games, in all circumstances. Where you are.

Gaming screens adapted to your needs

G -Sync Ultimate

Screens equipped with high performance Nvidia G-Sync processors that offer you an optimal gaming experience with an HDR rendering of an incomparable realism, a breathtaking contrast, a chromatic cinema quality rendering and a low latency gameplay.

G -Sync

Screens equipped with an NVIDIA G-SYNC processor, which provide an exceptional game experience without tears in the image, jerks or display delays. Passionate or professional players can thus take advantage of unique technologies such as a variable refresh frequency (VRR) or a variable overdrive in order to play without the slightest visual artefact with an incomparable image quality and an incredible gameplay.

G -Sync Compatible

Screens which are not equipped with G-Sync processors, but which have been validated by Nvidia to offer you a good visual experience with a variable refresh frequency (VRR) so as to play in all fluidity.

Validated screens
No artifact
Certified screens
+300 tests
Realistic rendering
G-Sync Ultimate
Compatible g-sync

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Ultra-reactive performance

Take advantage of exceptional performance thanks to the unique features of Nvidia G-Sync technology: an unlimited range, a low latency and the highest refresh frequencies for ultra-fluid graphic performance that gives life to the action instantly.

Image quality at the service of realism

Play all your games without jerks, slowdowns or visual artefacts. Take full view with bright colors and advanced graphic features such as HDR rendering or mini-LED backlight which highlights each detail in an incomparable way (subject to compatibility).

Victory is measured in milliseconds

NVIDIA G-SYNC screens with Reflex have the first and only system of system latency measurement in the world capable of detecting the clicks generated by a SLR-compatible mouse and to calculate the duration necessary for the corresponding pixels (a shot , for example) are displayed on the screen. Thanks to a high image frequency up to 360 Hz, without jerk or tear of the image, their exceptional responsiveness, dedicated esport mode and breathtaking image quality, Nvidia G-Sync® screens will change your way of playing and facing your competitors.


NVIDIA® G-SYNC ™ is a cutting-edge technology that adapts the screen refresh frequency to the Image Frequency of the graphics processor. G-SYNC eliminates deformations and reduces image jumps, as well as the reaction time, so as to ensure a faster and cut-off game experience, especially when performing games and 3D applications. The use of G-Sync technology requires a G-Sync or G-Sync compatible screen.

Minimum configuration

  • Operating system required for screens G-sync : Windows 7 or a subsequent version of Windows (the Fencing Manager must be deactivated if you use G-Sync with Fewful Applications.))
  • Operating system required for screens G-Sync compatible : Windows 10 or a later version of Windows
  • An NVIDIA G-SYNC screen or G-SYNC compatible
    • The screens G-sync Essociate processors that use NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.
    • The screens G-Sync compatible are screens with variable refreshment frequency (FRV) which have been validated by NVIDIA and which guarantee fluid game comfort if used with NVIDIA G-SYNC.

    Steps of the use of G-Sync

    1. Activate G-SYNC (NVIDIA configuration panel-> G-SYNC configuration page).
    2. Configure a G-Sync or G-Sync compatible screen and configure it as a main screen (display-> Page Configure several displays in the Nvidia configuration panel).
    3. Check that Monitor At the G-SYNC value/G-SYNC compatibility (3D settings of the NVIDIA configuration panel-> Page Manage 3D settings).

    Effect on other configuration panel parameters

    When G-Sync is activated, certain parameters of the Nvidia configuration panel are assigned as follows:

    NVIDIA configuration panel page

    Change the resolution

    Refresh frequency

    Defined with the highest possible refresh frequency of the screen

    Manage 3D settings

    Manage 3D settings

    Favorite refresh frequency

    Stereoscopic 3D adjustment (only available on Windows 7 with Quadro products)

    Activate stereoscopic 3D

    To modify the value of one of these parameters, deactivate G-Sync.

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