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6 applications to install to play on vacation even without internet connection


Two Dots is a small game of puzzle and fun logic where you will have to create the longest possible links between colorful points. Free game for Android and iOS.

The best free games to play offline on Android, iPhone and iPad has selected the best free mobile games to play offline on Android and iOS.

If the downloading of games on mobile blinds must go through an internet connection, access to the 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network is not always justified to take advantage of the titles you have just installed. Thinking of users victims of unequal network coverage, an inexpensive data package or the absence of Wi-Fi, download.Com has selected the best free games accessible offline on Android, iPhone and iPad.

Most of these games have adopted the Freemium system. They offer an integrated purchasing system that allows you to move forward in the game more quickly or delete advertisements. But all are playable and allow you to relax without paying a euro.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Long left on the hot seat, Sega intends to win back its audience with large buckets of nostalgia. The stratagem is called Sega Forever and carries on mobile the great classics of the publisher initially released on Mega Drive. In this digging up treasures, it is with difficulty contained excitement that we find Sonic The Hedgehog, First title of a long cult series.

Dusted but not distorted, Sonic The Hedgehog knows how to adapt its clearly retro properties to contemporary technologies. The 8 -bit graphics flourished good in the early 1990s, but benefit from an obvious facelift, allowing the obsolete risk to be spanned with ease. The game runs in 60 images per second for ever more fluid animations and ever more responsive controls.

Sonic The Hedgehog Includes the seven original levels of the game, starting with the legendary Green Hill Zone. We discover the possibility of unlocking new playable characters with Tails and Knuckles, and thus taking advantage of their special skills to finish the game in an unprecedented way. Safeguarding slots allow you to play up to four parts in parallel and regain its progress intact later, conferring on Sonic The Hedgehog A more family profile than ever.

Tiny Archer

Holotch goblins, stories of knights like Roland song and precision shooting: this is the formula proposed Tiny Archer To renew the genre of Tower Defense. Surprisingly, the game does not hesitate to draw some good ideas from its peers to offer a title at the rich and diverse gameplay to which are added the missions and the additional exploits. The whole is organized in triptych, relating the medieval adventures of three characters with unique capacities. Each scenario consists of fighting days during which the protagonists repel waves of creatures ready to do anything to destabilize and destroy the kingdom that you defend.

Easy to learn but difficult to master, Tiny Archer is based on a simplified control system. In the manner ofangry Birds, You stroll your bow and target your enemies to stop them before they reach the tower you are high. You have to be anticipated, calculate the exact shooting angle according to the speed of movement of your opponents to claim to eliminate your targets at first. Corsiciating the case over the levels, Tiny Archer plans to oppose different species of bloodthirsty creatures whose defense, attack and speed powers vary.

Rather than improving your towers, Tiny Archer Borrowing from role -playing, encouraging you to improve the equipment of your characters. Go to the blacksmith to swap your loot menu for a competition arc or arrows with special powers. Exceptional capacities are also unlocked as you evolve. Provide more or less significant recharging times between two uses according to the damage rate caused by one of these skills.

We appreciate in Tiny Archer the possibility of adapting the game to the public who benefits from it. A configurable option at any time allows the activation or deactivation of gore effects such as blood, body explosions and Kill Cams.

Make More !

The followers of Cookie Clicker know: the idle games are dangerous. Once the game is launched, it is almost impossible to get out of it. The player is summoned to perform simple actions – click, for example – to generate more money, buy improvements, automate their production, produce more, increase your income, and progress ever further. The trap ? These games do not know an end.

You are warned. But if you are not afraid of anything, then launch part of Make More !, to see. In the shoes of a factory director, you hire workers and hit your fist on the table to motivate them to produce more, faster. Each object created brings money that you spend to improve the skills of your employees, hammer your office more effectively, enlarge the storage spaces of products and, ultimately, buy new factories that you operate on an identical model.

To keep your appeal, Make More ! slows down the production rate as you create more elaborate objects. Counterbalancing the drop in diet, each produced product earns more and more money. Randomly, ephemeral bonuses increase the working speed of your workers or increase the motivation powers of the head of service. By a snowball effect, you observe, satisfied but always more ambitious, your business gain momentum and gain market value. And the most beautiful in all of this is that your infernal machine runs in perfect autonomy, even when you close the game.

Make More ! offers some daily missions that allow you to satisfy the big boss and collect enticing awards. A list of objectives to be achieved gives consistency to gameplay, pushing you to continue your capitalist dream. After putting your finger in the gear, here you are putting your hand, then your arm, not without feeling a guilty little pleasure, well aware that such a game will one day cause your loss.

Geometry Dash Lite

If Make More didn’t go completely crazy, Geometry Dash Lite should finish you. Mixture of runner and platform game, the title does not hide its demonic ambitions by claiming its influences die and retry. In other words, there is little chance that you can finish a level without having lost a few tens of times.

Geometry Dash Lite is based on a rudimentary game concept. You control a cube and jump from platform to platform to avoid the obstacles that stand on your way. The checks are not derogated from the ambient simplicity since the only command available is to tap your screen to jump.

But appearances are misleading, and Geometry Dash Lite Account to put your nerves to the test. In addition to the almost exaggerated speed with which you move, the game does not hesitate to corsicate each trajectory by reversing gravity, by focusing on the net rupture of unconsciously acquired game mechanisms, by challenging you to collect the three almost inaccessible pieces concealed in each level.

We don’t hide you that Geometry Dash Lite is aimed at the most persevering players. A sort of endless provocation, the game is gaining in excite among each other a form of rage to overcome. And to achieve this, there is no secret; Unless you have unwavering reflexes and capacity for concentration, you have no choice but to repeat and learn each level by heart.


A princess in distress, underground maze, enemies by thousands and treasures of extreme rarity: welcome to the addictive world of Redbros. Revisiting traditional dungeon and tap-tap games, this neat title without difficulty fans hardcore of action and exploration.

In Redbros, No procedural generation. The life -rescue missions are punctuated by well -defined stages, granting to the valiant knight that you are a respite time between two expeditions. We like the idea of ​​starting a level again to unlock all associated rewards or unravel secrets alongside which we would have passed.

Redbros really draws its originality from its scenario and its gameplay. On the sidelines of the princess, all the heroes of the kingdom were imprisoned by a malignant force. We start the adventure with a survivor and we deliver our stooges as we progress in the dungeon. Each level offers objectives related to which it is possible to stem to energize the part. Depending on its prowess, we collect parts that we exchange for new playable heroes. On the composition of the team depends the final outcome of the adventure. Like a role -playing game, Redbros Allows the rise in characters and the improvement of their skills boosted by special equipment.

The control system on which is based Redbros deserves a very special mention. Of the fingertips, we direct a happy troop which knows how to be independent when necessary. A mechanism that perfectly renews an overexploited genre without distorting it.

Two Dots

Scanty, Two Dots cheesy candy Crush. This original puzzle game is counting on your strategic mind to connect points of the same color and gain a maximum of point. Some tips and combos swell your score while allowing you to save your blows.

The difficulty is growing in Two Dots. The levels are linked but are not alike. During your progress, you try to achieve various objectives and to overcome more or less complex sets in their structure. Some starting compositions do not facilitate your belongings and encourage you to use boosters to eliminate a color or mix the points again.

If you are not enough hundreds of levels offered by Two Dots, You can always rub the punctual events that revitalize the game. Treasure hunt, repayment and expedition reveal new mini-games that allow you to win new rewards such as keys and boxes of boosters.


Zen atmosphere and refined graphics counterbalanced by a pressing time: this is the paradox that governs the gameplay proposed by Mizmaze. In this intense thinking game, the objective is to find the outcome of several labyrinths generated in a procedural way. Against time or in the face of an artificial intelligence, each puzzle should be resolved as quickly as possible, pushing the limits of the most lively minds.

Developed by Benjamin Vedrenne, independent French artist, Mizmaze draws his inspiration from Greek mythology. Maze, Minotaur, Ariane and Theseus are the first names mentioned by this title on the border between entertainment and conceptual performance.

Graphic research is at the heart of this characteristic atmosphere, thereby raising a most fascinating scientific issue. Because the idea of ​​putting human and artificial intelligence in competition presents something fantastic. Is it possible to double a programmed algorithm to solve equations in an almost instant manner ? A daring, even chimerical challenge, that we like to take up nearly 150 levels on unique skeins and detours, sometimes clear, sometimes insoluble.

Star Chasers: Twilight Run

Runner with a poetic scenario, Star Chasers: Twilight Run offers you to play a stars goalkeeper responsible for collecting the stars that have fallen on earth. With your fingertips, you direct your character, avoid obstacles and skip the traps while taking care to take the richest paths in stars and boosters.

Star Chasers: Twilight Run differs from other mobile runners by the quality of its graphics and controls. Visually bright, the game benefits from a fluid engine that promises a pleasant, immersive and pleasant video game experience.

Perfectly balanced in terms of difficulty, Star Chasers: Twilight Run knows how to challenge his players without ever frustrating them. It is nevertheless necessary to show well-sought-after reflexes to finish each level with grace, pirouettes and triple-saltos in support, the bag overflowing with stars picked up on the perilous path. These stars are then exchangeable for boosters, improvements and other playable characters.

Asphalt 8

Aside from downloading additional data at the first launch of the game, Asphalt 8 is indeed an accessible title offline. Very complete, this motor racing game offers you to manage all of your pilot career. You start with modest vehicles and buy more powerful cars as you evolve. To do this, you need to win races, earn money and buy improvements that help you transform your car into a unique and optimized model.

On the sidelines of career management, Asphalt 8 makes it a point of honor to offer the player an ultra-realistic simulation game to the smallest detail. The graphics tend towards photography, car noises perfectly reflect the atmosphere on the circuit, the types of vehicles are regularly updated depending on the new features on the automotive market.

Regarding the order system, Asphalt 8 use gestural controls, simply. Left your mobile device to the right or to the left to turn, and press the edges of the screen to activate your turbo. It’s up to you to tame the sensitivity of the accelerometer. If you are not comfortable with gestural controls, you can always activate touch controls via the game settings.

Eden obscura

Eden obscura is an official rewriting of the acclaim Pixeljunk Eden. This interactive experience uses the camera of your smartphone to randomly generate visual effects arising from the intensity of the light captured by the device. It is therefore impossible to play two identical parts, and this is what is so strength and the originality of this reboot.

Connoisseurs of the series are happy to find the grimps, small creatures evolving in dry gardens. To progress, they must collect pollens scattered in the air and grow plants to which they cling. The vegetation remains the only solution to move forward, explore each garden in its smallest corners and find the “spectra” hidden in each level.

More than a psychedelic game, Eden obscura Requires poetic and artistic performance. The prospects are widely open in this title which leaves you the total freedom to explore your environment and to come back to it later as you hear.

6 applications to install to play on vacation even without internet connection

This summer, you are not sure of always having internet access on your smartphone ? To entertain yourself on the road or on the beach, here are some essential games … and accessible offline.

Posted on 07/17/2019 at 4:48 PM | Updated on 10/27/2022

6 applications to install to play on vacation even without internet connection

Update of October 27, 2022 : All Saints holidays are not always as sunny as that of summer, and more conducive to taking the time to play on your smartphone while waiting for a possible ray of sunshine warming the atmosphere. We have added one more game (which actually contains five) to the collection.

On vacation, we do not always benefit from an excellent connection: WiFi can leave something to be desired (or being paid) on certain accommodation places, not to mention that we sometimes remain cut off from the world during long journeys until The final destination.

Fortunately, you can anticipate these periods to continue using your smartphone and play completely accessible games offline. We have drawn up a list of 5 applications that should appeal to as many people as possible, but you are free to do your research to find your own favorites.

Obviously, you will have to make the downloads before departure, so that you can play without difficulty once the connection is lost.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: 5 games in 1

The first game of this selection has several advantages, the first is to offer five games on a single download. By recovering Microsoft Solitaire Collection These are indeed five variants with which you can play: Lonely Klondike, Solitaire Spider, Lonely Freecell, Solitaire Tripeaks and Solitaire Pyramid.

The other advantage is the great compatibility of this application. It is of course available on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, but also on your personal Windows 10 or 11 personal computer via the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection brings together five different games of card in one: Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Tripeaks and Pyramid. Microsoft Solitaire Collection presents several beautiful different themes.

  • Downloads: 4234
  • Release date : 2023-08-13
  • Author : Microsoft Casual Games
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad

Sonic the Hedgehog ™ Classic, vintage at will

Favorite for retro-gaming enthusiasts: we can now play Sonic on smartphone, and this without always having internet access. Created in the colors of the very first sonic, this program incorporates the series of cult games Sega Forever (which you have every interest in exploring if you are looking for other essentials of the same type).

Optimized for mobiles, it generates 60 frames per second for optimal fluidity: the remastered version, although “vintage”, knows how to be efficient. On Android, you can even handle Sonic with HID controllers like Power A Moga or an Xbox controller, among others.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic allows you to find the adventures of the famous hedgehog created by Sega in 1991 for free on your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). The very first version of the game, available for free.

  • Downloads: 2034
  • Release date : 2023-07-06
  • Author : Sega
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad

Geometry Dash Light, addictive

Do not spoil all the same your vacation on it because, we prefer to warn you, this game makes it quickly addicted. Developed with very simple graphics that echo the 1990s, this platform game invites you to jump, fly and make all kinds of pirouettes to move forward, avoid obstacles and unlock new icons.

You can transform yourself into a boat or vessel, which will only spice your experience and make you want to go always further. Some users readily say that the classic mode is quite complicated in the comments: to progress, you also have a “training” mode, which will help you improve and familiarize yourself with the interface.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a colorful and fun platform game where you have to move a small geometric character through also geometric levels, all as dangerous as each other.

  • Downloads: 4108
  • Release date : 2022-06-26
  • Author : Robtop Games
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad

Two dots, the modern puzzle

The “puzzles” type games have always pleased a large target. They have existed since we developed video games, but they obviously perfected over time, as Two Dots proves.

Presented in a very modern interface, this successful application simply asks you to connect points, to flow anchors, to draw lines or to create bombs: on the principle, we are quite close to rules like those of ” Candy Crush Saga “. But on design, the biases are more minimalist, which offers a less aggressive and more consensual rendering. The program has more than 1,500 puzzles: if you start and appreciate, you will have something to make fun of completely free.

Two Dots

Two Dots is a small game of puzzle and fun logic where you will have to create the longest possible links between colorful points. Free game for Android and iOS.

  • Downloads: 668
  • Release date : 2023-09-20
  • Author : Playdots
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad

Asphalt 8, car race in all its splendor

If you like car games, you will not tire of asphalt 8 and its 220 bikes of all kinds stamped Ferrari, Porsche or McLaren. With a good smartphone, you will appreciate the particularly neat graphics – as well as HD sounds – set up by developers for total immersion.

Little more and not the least: the game allows you to arrange its orders to adapt the driving style to its habits. Among the other arguments to seduce you, the description boasts around forty circuits in places like Guyana or Venice for a change of scenery, 360 ° barrels and jumps for sensations, or the detailed damage system for realism.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a car racing game that allows you to pilot muscular and survitamin racing cars through levels all crazy than each other. For Android, iOS and Windows 10.

  • Downloads: 1945
  • Release date : 2023-08-18
  • Author : Gameloft
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad

Angry Birds 2, an improved classic

If it is no longer really necessary to present the principle of Angry Birds, we can at least give it an ideal quality for the holidays: it is a game adapted to young and old. In its 2nd version, the gameplay is enriched with the possibility of choosing its bird, to place itself on multi -Zone levels or to immerse yourself in clearly reworked graphics.

Very concretely, fans of the initial version will not be lost, because they will find all the benchmarks they had on the first creation – while enjoying the improvements made. The youngest, on the other hand, will be able to discover this unusual game in a perfected form, for an ever more pleasant experience.

Angry Birds 2

Demolish castle by projecting Angry Birds with your iPhone

  • Downloads: 9269
  • Release date : 2023-09-22
  • Author : Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Games
  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone / iPad

In this selection, you have been able to find as much games to stimulate the brain as programs for those looking for thrills or even old game remastering … there are clearly for everyone and, if you want to vary the Pleasures, download several before the big departure-by not forgetting to let go of the smartphone from time to time, to enjoy the place.

Top 15 of the best free Android games playable offline

Mobile games are good distractions in the worst moments of our life, such as long train journeys or waiting rooms where the hours seem to extend. But many of them ask for a permanent internet connection, which is not necessarily easily accessible. Here we offer you a top of the best free games playable in full offline.

Stranger Things The game

The mobile game evolves from year to year. Having had its beginnings to be only a quick entertainment for owners of high -end products, it is today a habit well rooted in the population and has participated in the integration of video games in popular culture.

Whether we are on the train, in the waiting room in the hospital or quietly placed with us, they are often the best rampart we have in front of the deadly boredom of certain situations of the daily life. But many of them, especially in free titles on Android, call on our internet connection, preventing us from appreciating them when the network abandons us or when we are limited in mobile data.

Do not panic: some titles are not in this way, and we will compile you today the best playable titles fully offline on your phone. Enough to pass a car or on the train without worrying about your 4G envelope.

Strangers Things: The game

In this pure action-adventure game with retro style, (re) immerse yourself in the world of the Netflix flagship series. Take the orders of the different iconic characters of the Duffer brothers show, such as hopper sheriff, without forgetting Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas or Nancy. Each character has their own capabilities and he will happen to the switcher player between them to solve the many puzzles on his way.

Without the shadow of an advertisement or microtransaction, the game is very pleasant to travel. The controls respond to the finger and the eye, the animations are very successful, the color palette is consistent and the 8 -bit sounds will please nostalgic.

Google Play Store

Once Upon a Tower

Play a well -determined princess to escape in this platform very well done action. The goal of the game is simple. Flee your room on the top floor of a gigantic tower and go down to the levels using your pickaxe. Beware of enemies who occupy the building as well as the dragon, which will be happy to regularly spit its flames to block your road. To help him, the player will have many improvements at him such as parachutes or bombs. With its enchanting graphics and flawless fluidity, this free little game will be able to take care of you without.

Google Play Store


On mobile, nothing is ever better than being able to have a game to which one can easily play in one hand, but which has the depth of hundred other games before him. Duet is one of them, with a very simple concept: you control two circles on a sphere, and must dodge the rectangular shapes that approach by turning them to the right or the left. Complex and terribly addictive, it is one of the best games of reflection and action available on mobile despite its very minimalist appearance.

Google Play Store

Zenonia 5

There are a lot of RPG on mobile, but Gamevil was one of the first to really believe in the platform and offer it titles. The Zenonia series is one of its best known, and has managed to create a really interesting formula on its long years of existence. This fifth episode, perfectly playable without having done the previous ones, will offer you an old -fashioned gameplay inspired by licenses such as Secret of Mana, in a very pretty 2D universe with a very good scenario. Nothing better for many hours of solo play on the train !

Google Play Store

Shadow Fight 2

Combat games have always had great potential for easy and easy entertainment, for the simple fact that a round lasts only 99 seconds and that the potential of these games is unlimited. With Shadow Fight 2, the developers of Vector returned with a game featuring shadows on sublime decorations, which allows you to personalize your fighters in abundance with many styles of armor and weapons. What to spend hours testing many combinations, while enjoying a very well done RPG History mode. The best travel companion that he is.


GT Racing 2

There are many racing games on mobile platforms. GT Racing 2 uses what is expected of this kind of title: checks using the gyroscope, many cars and very clean graphics. The particularity of this is to be able to personalize the controls related to the screen, in order to find the most comfortable game position for you. It is a title long enough to guarantee you hours of games !


Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Automatic scrolling platform games are legion on Android, but the productions of the adult swim studio are never to be sidelined. And for a simple fact: they have humor for them. In Robot Unicorn Attack 2, you will control a unicorn from the Angelic or Demonic clan (as desired) and will cross many levels where you will have to jump, Dasher and attack many enemies to get you out. A pure score of course, but which propelled by a unicorn takes a very special flavor when bored.


Angry Birds 2

The license may have come from fashion, it must be recognized that its games remain more than effect when it comes to deceiving boredom if only for a few minutes. Angry Birds 2 brings the iconic gameplay of the game to the fore, making you throw birds with various capacities on the constructions of these infamous pigs ! With a small funny scriptwriter, and a progressive difficulty, it is easy to waste the concept of time on this title !



Everyone knows the crosswords. Thanks to smartphones and touch screens, this letter game knows its revolution. More graphic. More aesthetic. More fun. And above all more accessible. Codycross, developed by Fanatee, is a good example. It scripted the passage from one grid to another and incorporates mechanics drawn into the gameplay of current freemium games (with integrated purchases to help those who dry on a word). Codycross is almost fully playable without internet connection (some passages will require online validation).


Simon Tatham’s Puzzles


To continue in the same theme of old games, what could be better than a compilation of the best titles from the beginning of the computer era ? With Simon Tatham’s Puzzles, you will find the most complex puzzles of this era where we did not take the player for an idiot. And yes, I am sure you were waiting for it: the deminer is present in it !


Ablock me

The simplest principles are often the best on mobile. With ablock Me, you will have to reorganize a series of wooden blocks to let a certain block pass through the hole left in the labyrinth. A simplistic appearance does not mean a simple game, since the last levels of this puzzle game will be a real test for your brain ! Large bonus granted to those arriving there as little as possible.


Simcity build it

Management games have always had a place of choice on our smartphones and tablets. Also, the flagship license of Electronic Arts Simcity had to have a representative on the platform. With Sim City Build It, users will benefit from an excellent construction and city management simulator. Make the city of your dreams, manage its economy, its organization and make sure the happiness of its inhabitants !


Shapered Pixel Dungeon

If you like good little rpg rogue-likes of the NES era, or if you are looking for a title in the style of The Legend of Zelda 1 and 2, you can easily hang on Shattered Pixel Dungeon which offers you to explore sewers and face huge creatures in search of the best equipment for your character. A beautiful tribute to great titles, which makes it a very good game on mobile !


Kingdom Rush

THE Tower Defense have always had a place of choice on mobile, and Kingdom Rush is no exception to this rule. It’s up to you to set up your strategy to withstand the hordes of trolls, goblins and black magicians who attack your kingdom ! With graphics and a very successful atmosphere, this is one of the best representatives of the kind available on mobile currently.


Survive: Wilderness Survival


Have you ever known the Oregon Trail game ? Set of tray or video game adaptation, he asked you to be the architect of the survival of many people by developing their collection of water, food and their free time. The same principle applies here in this forest survival game, in which you will have to help a team to survive in a hostile and wild environment.


The Silent Age (Bonus game)

If it is a kind of game that has experienced a new life thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is the Point’n’Click ! Adventure games are perfectly granted to the platform since they do not require very precise controls. And if you dreamed of diving back in the 1970s, The Silent Age will be perfect for you with its hero who looks like a large mustache who will have to travel in a future dystopian like seventies. An entire program !


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