The B & YOU de Bouygues package: a cheap mobile package without obligation |, special serial package b & you de bouygues

Special B & YOU 200GB series

200 2 Data

The B & YOU de Bouygues package: a cheap mobile package without obligation

THE B & YOU Mobile Packages are cheap and non -binding Bouygues Telecom packages. They are marketed at more attractive prices than mobile bouygues telecom sensation offers, which necessarily have a commitment period. THE B & YOU offers come in three forms but all allow to call, send SMS/MMS or use the Internet on your mobile.

The main advantages of B & YOU packages

  • B & You packages are without engagement : you can terminate and change operator at any time without paying additional costs simply by bringing your Rio code.
  • The prices of these packages are very advantageous and you benefit from the entry level of Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to France and the DOM.
  • You benefit from the quality of Bouygues Telecom services, including its 3G/4G network, its network of shops and the quality of its customer service.
  • There SIM card of B & YOU packages activates the same way as Sim Bouygues.

The prices of the B & You packages range from € 7.99/month at € 24.99/month Excluding exceptional or excluded web offers:

  • B & you 20MB package at € 7.99/month
  • B & you 20GB package at € 19.99/month
  • B & you 50GB package at € 24.99/month

Count 10 € to obtain the SIM card by ordering it on the Bouygues Telecom website.

Clearly, the main advantage of the B & You offer is to be able to enjoy a cheap bouygues package.

Interested in the B & YOU mobile plan ? contact us at 09 87 67 55 23 To subscribe to your new mobile plan or ask to be recalled for free by one of our advisers.

Calls included in the B & YOU offer


Whether in the B & You 20Mo package or the B & You 50go package, the calls are Unlimited 24 hours a day from France to mainland France and the DOM.

From the B & you 20GB package, Calls are Unlimited from the whole world to mainland France in Wi-Fi and 3G/4G from Europe, the United States and Canada thanks to theWorld & You Application Provision by Bouygues Telecom.

With the B & YOU 50GB package, Calls are Unlimited from France to fixed to 120 destinations and to the mobiles of the United States, Canada and China.

In all B & You plans, calls are unlimited to France, Europe and the French overseas departments from Europe and the DOM.

Within the Bouygues Telecom mobile offers, the DOMs bring together the following countries: Guadeloupe (and its archipelago La Désirade, Les Saintes, Marie Galante), French Guyana, Reunion, Martinique, Mayotte + certain com: Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin , Saint Pierre-et-Miquelon.

In addition, Europe takes into account all these countries: Azores (Les), Germany, Andorra, England, Austria, Baléares (Les), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canaries (Les), Cyprus, Corfu, Crete, Croatia, Cyclades (Les), Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Alandes, Island of Man, Wight Island, Farian Islands, Ile Rhodes, Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Norway , Wales, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Saint-Marin, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Vatican.

B & YOU offer: Quid SMS and MMS ?

In all B & You offers, the SMS and MMS are unlimited In France to metropolitan France and the French overseas departments and from Dom and from Europe and the DOM to metropolitan France also, Europe and the DOM.

SMS is also unlimited from the whole world to France in Wi-Fi and 3G/4G from Europe, the French overseas departments, the United States and Canada via theWorld & You Application.

The World & You application, what is ? The World & You application allows you to benefit from Unlimited calls and SMS from abroad to France by being connected to Wi-Fi. The application is compatible with Android devices (version greater than 2.2) and iOS (version greater than 5.0). The people you are looking for to contact do not need the application and receive your calls and SMS directly on their phone. This application does not require that you compose the country’s indicative when you compose the number of your interlocutor. Please note: calls are limited to a maximum duration of 3 hours. Beyond, communication is cut.

What volume of mobile internet with the B & YOU package ?

B and you offers packages adapted to all types of data in data. Thus, the B & YOU offers Include the following data envelopes:

  • Package at € 7.99/month: 20Mo
  • Package at € 19.99/month: 20GB
  • Package at € 24.99/month: 50GB

On all of these data envelopes, All or only part can be used abroad. For the 20MB package, the whole data can be used in France, in Europe and in the French overseas departments. For the B & you 20 GB packages and 50GB, 10GB and 20GB can be used in Europe and the French overseas departments.

Beyond the internet package included, communications are billed 0.05 €/MO in mainland France for the 20MB package and 0.01 €/MO For packages B & YOU 20 GB and 50GB.

To subscribe a Bouygues mobile offer Really adapted to your needs, call the 09 87 67 55 23 Or ask to be recalled for free.

Is there a phone included with the B & You subscription ?


THE B & YOU packages are not available with a subsidized phone. This means that no preferential price will be offered to you for the acquisition of a new phone or reconditioned. You will therefore be forced to pay the high price Especially if you want acquire a high-end smartphone.

If you want to benefit from a phone at a more advantageous and accessible price, it will be better to choose a sensation package whose prices are more slightly higher and which require that You are committed to 24 months. You will then benefit from “Smartphone advantages”Which will allow you to renew your mobile under 12, 18 or 24 months According to your subscription by taking advantage of a preferential rate.

What services included in the B & YOU package ?

In B & YOU plans, several functions are understood such as managing double calls, incognito calls, filtering and calling back, answering machine but also mobile parental control.

Two of the B & You, the B & you 20Mo package and the B & you 20GB package, also have a Free blocking option which allows you to avoid off-form at the end of the month if you have consumed all your data. This option is ideal if you want Check consumption of your children for example. Despite the blocking option, you can continue to call and send SMS without limit even if you have consumed all of your data envelope.

Attention ! Unlike most mobile operators, Bouygues Telecom no longer has its Hotspot Wi-Fi network. There is therefore no question of being able to connect to Wi-Fi outside of your home on a Bouygues Telecom network. Since 2016, Bouygues Telecom has cut off his community hotspot network by updates to his boxes and has justified this action by the 4G development everywhere in France (2nd network coverage in terms of population in 2018).

B & YOU offer: paid options


Paid options to be taken out in addition to your B & You offer are relatively limited. Among the most interesting, we find in particular theweekend option for 5 €/month that allows you to enjoyUnlimited Internet on weekends. This option is only available for B & You Excess 20GB packages.

Optional access to theApplication B.TV is also offered in the B & YOU 5GB and 20GB packages. This allows you to enjoy a selection of more than 70 TV channels on smartphone, computer and tablets. The option is also offered for € 5/month.

There are also options to include more internet in your package every month. For 1 €/month, you get 100MB of the internet in addition with the 20MB package. Thus, for € 8.99/month, your package includes 120MB of the Internet. For 3 €/month, you add 500MB to your 20MB package and have your data envelope climb to 520MB.

In addition to these Cheap and non -binding mobile packages, You can subscribe to a magazine The Team For € 9.99/month.

Bouygues Telecom offers a Bouygues mobile offer with commitment ?

Yes, Bouygues Telecom offers the sensation packages that bring together Two types of formula with commitment. The first is to engage in 24 months If you want to do theAcquisition of a new smartphone. This one will then be sold to you at a preferential price. You will also benefit from the “smartphone advantages” which have several advantages:

  • Ease of payment : For the acquisition of your mobile, Bouygues Telecom allows you to stagger payments over 24 months and offers you the phone at a preferential price,
  • Free loan from a phone equivalent in case of breakdown,
  • Renewal of your phone At an advantageous price: you benefit from the same preferential rates as during your subscription provided you re -engage for 24 months. The renewal is possible from 24 months for the 50MB and 5GB packages, from 18 months with the 50GB and 70GB packages and from 12 months with the 100GB packages.

You can also subscribe a Sensation package without mobile. In this case, the Commitment period falls at 12 months and the price price is also lower.

Updated on 05/10/2021

Good mobile plan

Package 100GB has € 9.99 ::
Take advantage of a complete package with International calls

Special B & YOU 200GB series

Bouygues Telecom

The Special B & You series includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France.

Calls in France are deducted to the second from the first second. MMS are limited to 600Ko per sending.

Mobile internet

200 2 Data

then 0.01 € / 1.00 1

4G (Orange)

The Bouygues B & YOU 200GO Special series includes 200GB of mobile internet usable in mainland France. Once the package has been exhausted, 2 operations are possible, according to your preferences.

  • Default operation: You can continue to use the mobile internet without reducing the flow rate. The data consumed is Billed in excluding package at € 0.01/MB, By landing of € 10.
  • Activable/deactivable option for free: the debit is reduced, No non -package is billed.

This package is compatible with modem mode and VoIP.

Bouygues Telecom uses its own mobile network. The operator has a wide 4G coverage, and already covers several 4G cities+. Depending on the area network coverage, the B & YOU 200GB mobile package allows you to surf the Internet on your mobile in 4G+, in 4G, or on a lower network. Find out more about mobile networks (4G, 4G+, etc.).



No destination included

The Special B & You Series Package includes calls and SMS to the DOM. Other communications abroad are billed out of package according to the current rate. See the detailed conditions in the Bouygues price guide.

From abroad

266 destinations included

The package includes roaming in Europe/DOM: the calls and SMS received or issued are unlimited, the mobile internet is deducted from the package within the limit of the data envelope, MMS are counted from the mobile internet envelope. In the event of abusive use, additional costs can be applied. It is also possible to use the package from foreigners outside Europe/DOM: these international communications (issued/received) are billed in the offset according to the price in force. With the World & You application, calls and SMS from the whole world to France are unlimited, but its use can be deducted from the mobile internet. See the detailed conditions in the Bouygues price guide.

On the world map below, the destinations included are indicated in blue. The not included destinations are in gray. Under the card, you can modify the service taken into account: to fixed, or to mobiles. For more information on the destinations included in the package and prices for destinations not included, click on the country of your choice or look for it using the field of research. The country information will then appear after the card (if the information is available).


Other services

  • MoDem / Connection Sharing: This package is compatible with the modem functionality, which allows you to share the mobile internet connection of your phone with other devices (computer, tablet, mobile).
  • B.TV: Bouygues’ mobile plan gives access to application B.TV, which allows in particular to watch a selection of TV channels on its mobile device.
  • Other mobile services: This package includes in particular visual voicemail, consumption follow -up, double call, conference at 3, and mobile parental control.
  • Services for visual deficient people: With this package, Bouygues offers the Speaktm and Mobile Magnifier mobile solutions.
  • Spotify Premium: Take advantage of this musical streaming service offered for 3 months then at € 9.99/month.
    Spotify Premium is an offline mode that allows you to synchronize your music in order to listen to your songs without the Internet or abroad.
    Higher audio quality on all your equipment (smartphones, tablets, computers. ) and without interruption.