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Audi e tron ​​gt quattro

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The Audi e-tron GT Quattro, 100% sporty, 100% luxury, 100% electric

Strongly involved in the transition to the whole electric fixed by 2033, the German manufacturer offers with this first model of neutral sports sedan in carbon a real nugget, as much by its design as by its performance.

Launched in February 2021, the Audi E-Tron GT Quattro immediately imposed itself as a safe bet. No doubt: this 100 % electric sports sedan opens a new chapter in the history of the brand with four rings. Thanks to this model, Audi has just won its fifth world car award. Awarded every year at the New York Automobile Fair, these Oscar equivalents for the automotive world are allocated by a hundred international journalists. “We are happy that the Audi e-tron GT Quattro was a finalist in three categories only one year after its world premiere. It proves that electric mobility can be both durable, dynamic and fascinating “, said Oliver Hoffmann, member of the Management Board responsible for technical development after winning the World Car Performance trophy.

A neat design

This four-door coupé displays rare harmony and aero. We like, among others, its sober and refined lines. Inside, the sedan continues in the same line, displaying a refined luxury without ostentation. Here, the space is particularly. The front seats are separated by a large central console when, at the rear, passengers do not lack space with the disappearance of the transmission tunnel, which allows a flat floor and increases the impression of space in the habitacle itself The dashboard, oriented towards the driver, provides this sweet feeling. In addition, one can only appreciate – as for the rest of the vehicle whose Audi claims a completely neutral carbon production – that recycled materials have been preferred to leather.

Maximum driver experience

On the performance side ? No disappointment. Thanks to the many technologies it is full of, the e-tron GT Quattro is as dynamic and sporting as it appears. The driving pleasure is immediate, due in particular to its perfect connectivity: infotainment, online services, and above all cutting-edge assistance systems … Even the sound, powerful and progressive, was created especially for the model, coming highlight this beautiful experience, for the driver as much as for the passenger. Without forgetting autonomy, also there with just over 480 km. This means that this jewel strongly convinced Benoît Durand Tisnes, president of Wayden. A cabinet that is positioned as one of the leaders in transitional management. He tells us.

Interview with Benoît Durand Tisnes

Decision -makers. What are your first hot impressions ?

Benoît Durand Tisnes.This car is a luxury concentrate. All on board is present so that the experience, from the driver to the passenger, is at best: the silence, the richness of the equipment, the comfort of the seats, the security perception … Technical side, what surprised me the most the linearity of acceleration and the available torque despite its very significant weight.

Does a destination inspire you ?

A weekend, at the hostel of the Jeu de Paume in Chantilly. But, in absolute terms, I would say one of the major roads in northern countries like that between Copenhagen and Malmö via the Øresund bridge. These countries are really ahead of us in terms of respect for nature.

Music to listen to on the road?

Luxury, inner silence, the voluptuousness of experience … a symphony, perhaps the n ° 25 of Mozart. What magazines or books on the rear shell? Necessarily related. I would say the endless world of Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici at Dargaud. He explains through a comic strip very well made the energy miracle and the climate drift.

What do you place in the trunk before leaving?

A group generator to fuel to ward off any possibility … I am kidding.

A business lunch, to which valet do you tell the keys?

In absolute terms, because the car is very easy to handle, so they will all be able to park it. To be related to the spirit of the vehicle, I would still choose a restaurant with a bucolic setting, but in the city: the Auberge du Happiness, at Bois de Boulogne.

And a break on the go?

At a small organic farmer, on a winding country road … After having politely asked him for the current and during the time of recharge! The final word? “Vorsprung Durch Technik”, obviously! (“Advance by technology” has been the slogan of Audi for over 50 years, editor’s note)

Laurent Fialaix

Audi technical sheet e-tron gt quattro

Motorization : Electric – Quattro all -wheel drive

Maxi nominal power : 350 kW (476 hp, 530 hp overboost)

Maximum torque (nm): 630 (640 in boost mode)

Battery : 93.4 kWh / 83.7 kWh (useful)

Combined electricity consumption/100 km (WLTP): 21.8 / 19.9 kW

Autonomy (WLTP) : 488 km

Recharge time: 270 kW (DC): 23 min for 80 %/ 50 kW (DC): 1h30/ AAKW (AC): 9:30 am 0 to 100 km/ h: 4.1 sec

Maximum speed : 245 km/hour

CO2 emissions (WLTP): 0 g/km

Rate: 140,275 € TTC

Audi e tron ​​gt quattro

Electric and hybrid

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Audi e-tron gt quattro
Mixed energy consumption *: 20.1 kWh/100 km mixed emissions *: 0 g/km
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