The Anime Crunchyroll Streaming Platform S offers the imposing Wakanim catalog, DNA VS Wakanim vs Crunchyroll: Comparison of SVOD D Platforms

DNA VS Wakanim vs Crunchyroll: Comparison of SVOD D Anime platforms

To compare the different platforms, the most important points will be those of exclusives and available historical animates On such and such a site. The price is often an argument for spectators, but being a manga and anime fan does not really cost as they have entered popular culture today.

The Anime Crunchyroll streaming platform offers the imposing Wakanim catalog

Unity is strength. To the delight of anime fans, the Wakanim catalog joins that of Crunchyroll.

Posted March 3, 2022 at 10:00 a.m

Fusion Wakanim Crunchyroll

Earthquake on the side of Japanese animation streaming platforms: Wakanim and Crunchyroll merger. It is a historic union for anime fans who will soon see their favorite programs come together on the same and unique platform. For Wakanim, the future is Crunchyroll.

Wakanim and Crunchyroll: the kings of the anime unite

Big news for anime lovers. Two giants of Japanese animation combine. Gently but surely, Wakanim and Crunchyroll will only be one. For fans, it means A multitude of anime and animated films on one and the same platform ! Very roughly, it’s a bit like Netflix and Prime Video were united. A merger up to that of Goku and Vegeta.

Since Tuesday, the Wakanim catalog (Basketball, Fire Force, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation) gradually joins that of Crunchyroll, already well supplied with hits like Jujutsu Kaisen, Tokyo Revengers or My Hero Academia. By the end of March, 80% of animes and animated films available on Wakanim will be accessible on Crunchyroll. Ultimately, anime enthusiasts subscribed to the two platforms out of it since they will benefit from their favorite series on a single platform. As for Wakanim subscribers, the platform strongly encourages them to unsubscribe to join Crunchyroll.

All those who have subscribed to a Wakanim paid offer per subscription before February 28 can terminate or cancel the latter and take advantage of two months premium for free on crunchyroll. Be careful however since this offer is reserved for new users … If you have subscribed to Wakanim, don’t worry. You will receive an email in the week to take stock and explain to you how to benefit from this offer. As for Crunchyroll subscribers, they are rather quiet since they will be able to take advantage of the fleshed catalog of the platform without moving their little finger.

A priori, crunchyroll subscription prices should not be increased. The Fan subscription remains at 4.99 euros per month while the Mega Fan subscription is still 6.49 euros per month. For the moment, at least.

If this merger is generally good news for Japanese animation fans, we regret losing the more intuitive interface of Wakanim for the benefit of that of Crunchyroll. That said, we imagine that the latter will take advantage of the qualities of the French platform. In short, we hope the best of both worlds.

We should have suspected it ..

Funimation, Wakanim-Sister-Sister, and Crunchyroll had been fucked for a while and partnerships between Wakanim and Crunchyroll multiplied. We can recently cite the distribution of Crunchyroll, in partnership with Wakanim, of the animated film Jujutsu kaisen 0 in dark rooms from the March 16. In this sense, many anime are found on the two platforms such as Demon Slayer or The attack of the Titans. In short, you had to expect it.

With this merger, Sony is definitely supreme over Japanese animation with us. Indeed, the group now holds Crunchyroll, Wakanim and 50% DNA, namely the ultimate streaming platform dedicated to animes in France.

Finally, it would seem that Sony is determined to keep only Crunchyroll at the end. It will not be done in a snap of the fingers, which we reassure ourselves. But if nothing is official and everything is still a little more vague, we understand that the Wakanim platform is doomed to disappear. Sooner or later. Definitively or not. But to disappear.

DNA vs Wakanim vs crunchyroll: comparison of anime SVOD platforms

Anime fans but you don’t know where to start ? Whether it is online illegal streaming or the multiple legal offers that are Crunchyroll, DNA Or Wakanim, You also have to add the giants Netflix And Amazon Prime Video. But then, who choose, and why ?

DNA vs Wakanim vs crunchyroll: comparison of anime SVOD platforms

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Looking at anime on the Internet is almost too easy. Hundreds of websites make it possible to view these manga adaptations, some of which stand out for their official and exclusive content.

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DNA VS Wakanim vs Crunchyroll: Comparison of Svod Anime services

To compare the different platforms, the most important points will be those of exclusives and available historical animates On such and such a site. The price is often an argument for spectators, but being a manga and anime fan does not really cost as they have entered popular culture today.

So whether you agree with our list of the 20 best anime of all time or not, here is a comparative objective ofDNA vs wakanim vs crunchyroll.

DNA: theAnime Digital Network

Undeniably one of the biggest sites in the estate, the Digital Network anime offers a colossal anime catalog. French site, he enjoys the best follow -up with regular additions and seasons very often in simulcast.

We find the undertaken One Punch Man, Boruto, One Piece, Fire Force, My Hero Academia or the future film Jujussu Kaisen, but also more discreet productions. In addition to the classics therefore, a large catalog is offered for fans of the 80s and 90s: Albator, City Hunter,Girl, etc.

  • The big highlight of DNA is to have the productions very quickly after their original broadcast. However, quality can sometimes suffer with for example only one 480p option on mobiles.

Rest, Anime Digital Network is probably the platform on which to be as its prices are attractive: 7 euros per month, But a free version exists with a few limitations to the series concerned.


Second of the podium, the Wakanim site is also a mastodon and all manga and anime fans must know it. A 100% free offer is available and gives access to a fairly crazy catalog, mixing classics and new features like season 2 of the anime jujutsu Kaisen. Otherwise, the paid offer is only 5 euros per month and has a free period of 2 weeks.

The mobile application is a big plus and should soon receive a complete 4K support, ideal for enthusiasts who would not want to sacrifice the quality of viewing during the most awaited films.

  • If some exclusive programs exist, these are mainly a summary episode and video summaries created by the care of Wakanim.

For more limited budgets, this platform is very interesting and we can only advise you to try for free !


Last site on the radar of animated fans, it is the one Sony bought as it was interesting ! Since its creation in 2006, it is one of the leaders on the market, but is above all the only one to be available worldwide.

With rich options such as availability on chromecast or smartphones, the site has a bad interface, however. But correct the shot with a breathtaking catalog, which will add for example Part 2 of season 4 of the Titans attack.

  • All the recent series are there, each episode is broadcast there just an hour after the release in Japan, and all this in good quality.

Old series such as One Punch Man, Boruto, One Piece, Fire Force And My Hero Academia are also available in 1080p, and all that for a more than end. Less than 5 euros per month indeed, and the universe of the anime opens up to you ! Otherwise, A free version allows you to access everything. But in 480p, and with advertising.