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L Esim at Orange

Use the network SFR

The packages with esim

ESIM is a new type of virtual sim card that allows you to change operator without having to change SIM card physically on your phone.

For this to work, several conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Have a compatible phone
  • That the ESIM option is offered by the operator

Today the main operators offer the ESIM option when subscribing, but this is not yet the case with MVNOs. Discover below the best packages offering ESIM:

Updated September 19, 2023
0 MB 10 GB 100 GB 200 GB

100 GB € 9.99
130 GB € 12.99
160 GB € 15.99

Modular: Pay what you consume

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
15 GB Internet in Europe

Use the network SFR

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
40 GB 16 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

5G option available at 3 €/month

SIM card : 1 € only

Non -binding package see the offer
120 GB 18 GB in Europe
12 € 99 /month
During 12 months

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
After a year going to the FREE 5G package with 250 GB

Access to application Free Ligue 1

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
80 GB 16 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Use the network SFR

5G option available at 3 €/month

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
100 GB 5G France and Europe
15 € 99 /month
During 12 months

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Package € 10.99/month For subscribers to an SFR Box

SIM card : 1 € only

Non -binding package see the offer
during 2 months

44 GB € 8.99 € 7.99
50 GB € 15.99 € 13.99
60 GB € 16.99 € 14.99

Modular: Pay what you consume

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
10 GB Internet in Europe

Network choice: SFR Or Orange (+1 €)

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
100 GB 5G France and Europe
16 € 99 /month
During 12 months

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Multi-Sim option at 5 €/month

Package € 9.99/month For livebox subscribers

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer

30 GB € 7.99
50 GB € 10.99
70 GB € 12.99

Modular: Pay what you consume

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS
15 GB Internet in Europe

Use the network SFR

SIM card : 10 €

Non -binding package see the offer
130 GB 5G 30 GB in Europe

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

Multi-Sim option at 2 €/month

SIM card : 1 € only

Non -binding package see the offer
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Updated September 19, 2023

What is esim ?

L’esim is an integrated virtual SIM chip directly into smartphones, allowing users to easily switch from one operator to another without physical SIM card. ESIM activation is done via a dedicated application on the smartphone

What are the advantages of ESIM ?

  1. Quick activation. An ESIM package may be active faster than a package requiring the shipment of a physical sim card by post.
  2. Security. ESIM offers increased security because it cannot be removed from the phone in the event of theft. However, if you have changed the default PIN code of the SIM card, the thief will not be able to use it.
  3. Multi-operator. ESIM fleas can support several operators at the same time, which is useful for travel or access to several packages simultaneously. However, this function is not supported by all manufacturers.

Use of ESIM in connected watches

ESIM is the only solution to access the Internet directly from connected watches such as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, as there is no location to house a physical SIM card. The operators offer specific packages for these watches:

To see also the packages with ESIM for connected watch

What are the disadvantages of ESIM ?

  1. Compatibility. ESIM is not supported on all phones, you must make sure that your smartphone is compatible. Moreover the phones with ESIM are generally more expensive than the others.
  2. Availability. ESIM is not offered by all operators, in particular MVNOs do not yet offer this option
  3. SIM card transfer. If you change phone you will not be able to transfer your ESIM card to the new phone as with a physical sim card, you will have to pay fees as for the issue of a new chip. The change of phone is therefore more tedious and expensive than with a physical sim card.

So for example if your phone is broken and you have an old smartphone in a drawer that can help you, you can transfer the physical sim card while you will not be able to transfer ESIM.

Who are the operators who support ESIM ?

ESIM is a new technology that is not yet available on all mobile plans. Here are the operators who offer packages with ESIM:

✅ ESIM support ❌ No ESIM support
Bouygues Telecom, Free, Sosh, Red by SFR, Prixtel, Orange, SFR, Youprice Cdiscount Mobile, Coriolis Telecom, Ridlo Mobile, La Poste Mobile, Lebara, NRJ Mobile, Auchan Telecom, Syma Mobile, Source Mobile, OVH

Should we choose a package with Esim ?

ESIM is a recent technology offering advantages such as fast activation and better safety. However, it also has drawbacks, such as limited compatibility with certain smartphones and operators.

If your phone is compatible with ESIM, it can nevertheless be better to opt for a traditional physical sim card, in particular to facilitate the transfer to another phone in the event of a problem. However, if you travel frequently or already have a classic package, ESIM can be a good option as a second package.

ESIM at Orange

Orange, 1st French operator to have proposed ESIM on smartphones and cell watches

ESIM (Embedded SIM) is a SIM card integrated into certain phones and in cellular connected watches. Thanks to Orange, activate ESIM on your equipment to access the mobile network n ° 1 for the 12th consecutive time (1) and benefit from the services of your package (call, SMS, Internet. ) without inserting a physical sim card.

The advantages of ESIM

Take advantage of several telephone lines on your ESIM compatible smartphone

The ESIM allows you to have several Orange or Sosh mobile packages (excluding let’s go, Mobicarte and Holiday) on the same double simartphone (Nano Sim and Esim).

Stay reachable and connected wherever you are even without your smartphone on you

Activate the ESIM Watch (2) option to take advantage of calls, SMS and mobile Internet on your Apple Watch GPS + Cellular or Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 4G 4G 4G watch Watch.

How to benefit from ESIM

Esim on smartphone

You are already an orange customer

To activate the ESIM of your compatible smartphone, you just need to apply for renewal SIM to ESIM from your Orange or SOSH customer area, or in Orange store.

Are you a new customer

When subscribing to a package, you can choose an ESIM (instead of a SIM card) for your compatible smartphone (soon available in customer service).

Esim on connected watch

To activate ESIM of your cell connected watch, You must subscribe to the ESIM Watch option From your smartphone, in the Compagnon Watch on iPhone, Galaxy Wearable on Samsung and Wear OS by Google on Android.
Activation fees 10 € and subscription 5 €/month. Activation fees and the first three months of subscription are offered for a 1st subscription.

ESIM compatible smartphones and watches

To find out the list of ESIM compatible equipment, go to

Frequent questions about ESIM

What is ESIM ?

An ESIM is a digital SIM card, directly integrated into certain smartphones and cellular connected watches. It allows you to benefit from your mobile package (calls, SMS, Internet, etc.), without having to insert a physical sim card in your equipment.

Do I need a special package for ESIM ?

There is no specific offer for ESIM. All customers with an Orange, Sosh and Open mobile offer (excluding Let’s Go, Mobicarte and Holiday) may request a SIM card renewal in ESIM. New customers who subscribe to a mobile or SOSH offer are also eligible.

How to activate ESIM on your cell connected watch ?

To activate ESIM, you must be Orange or Sosh mobile customer and have a voice mobile package with unlimited calls and including a mobile internet volume with reduced flow beyond.
The subscription to the ESIM Watch option is from your smartphone, in the Compagnon Watch on iPhone, Galaxy Wearable on Samsung and Wear OS by Google on Android.

What are the ESIM compatible terminals ?

ESIM is compatible in particular with Apple mobiles (from the iPhone XR and version 12.2), Samsung and Google. Cellular connected watches are also compatible with an ESIM: Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Google Pixel Watch.
To find in detail all the ESIM compatible models, go here.

During a change of mobile, is ESIM automatically transferred to the new phone ?

If you have an ESIM activated on your old phone, it is not automatically transferred to your new compatible phone. You must apply for ESIM to ESIM renewal in your web customer area, orange and me, my sosh or in point of sale in order to activate ESIM on your new phone. ESIM activation costs during an ESIM to Esim renewal are offered.
Be careful not to delete ESIM on the old phone as long as you have not transferred ESIM to the new.

In which case should I delete an esim ?

The removal of ESIM is final. It is recommended in the case of the resale of an ESIM mobile so that the telephone line attached to the offer is no longer attached to it.

What is the difference between an ESIM and a classic SIM card ?

ESIM is a virtual sim card. Concretely, it removes the need to handle a physical sim card, to manage several SIM card formats and any postal delivery times.
The use of ESIM is similar to that of a physical SIM card and has the same safety levels. However, ESIM has no storage space to save personal data such as contacts. On the double SIM smartphones (Nano Sim and Esim), ESIM allows you to have several mobile packages on the same phone.

Subject to network, equipment, mobile and application compatible, 4G only in deployed areas. Network Offer valid in mainland France.

(1) According to the arcep survey of assessment of the quality of service of metropolitan mobile operators in October 2022, Orange is 1st or 1er out of 476 of the 505 criteria.
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(2) Subscription in Metropolitan France and in the Companion Application of the Celullary Watch (Watch on the iPhone, Galaxy Wearable on Samsung, Wear OS by Google on Android), reserved for any customer (excluding pros and business) with An orange or SOSH mobile package (4G voice compatible and WiFi voice) with unlimited voice and incubating mobile internet volume with reduced flow beyond. Sharing calls and internet of an Orange mobile package (excluding SMS/MMS on Apple Watch) on the watch. Does not allow uses outside the metropolitan France. Not compatible with the twin card or the Multi-Sim Calls & Internet option (Non ESIM).

Everything about ESIM

Smartphone scan qr women hand

The ESIM, or “Virtual Sim card”, allows you to do without the good old physical sim card to integrate into the smartphone. What purpose ? We explain to you.

What is an esim ?

Embedded Sim or Sim on French, an ESIM, it is a virtual SIM card. This dematerialized format of classic SIM has been more widely deployed since 2017, thanks to Qualcomm, the American mobile technology giant. The real novelty is that ESIM is directly integrated into the smartphone by its manufacturer. No need to open the phone to insert the chip. Just activate it using a QR code.

ESIM or SIM, what advantages ?

No longer having a physical SIM card allows manufacturers to gain space when designing the device. For you, it’s also easier, since you no longer need to look for the SIM card drawer (and the little pin to get it out !)). nor to seek the meaning in which the card must be inserted ! The other interest is that with an ESIM, you create a user profile, which you can easily transfer to another smartphone if you change your phone for example. And on the same ESIM, you can have five profiles. Ideal if you have a personal number and one or more professional numbers. It is no longer necessary either to change SIM card when you change operator. You travel abroad ? There is no need, again, to change SIM card: you just have to subscribe to an ESIM with an operator from the country in which you go, especially to use the Internet everywhere without the need for Wi-Fi.

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Is my phone compatible with ESIM ?

  • At Apple: iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 pro, 14 pro Max, iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 pro, 13 pro max,
  • At Samsung: Galaxy Flip 4, Galaxy Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra, S22+, and S20 Ultra,
  • At Huawei: P40 Pro,
  • At Google: Pixel 6 Pro
  • At Fairphone: Fairphone 4
  • In Xiaomi: 12T Pro
  • At Oppo: Reno 6 Pro, Find X5 Pro, Find X5

How to activate my esim ?

It’s really easy and fast since everything is done at a distance, and there is no more plastic support handling. If you have a phone compatible with the Virtual SIM card, Just scan the QR code received by mail or in store. Your profile is then downloaded from your smartphone, and you can take advantage of the Bouygues Telecom mobile network. Need help ? Our assistance is there to support you in activating your ESIM.

What is the price of an esim card ?

At Bouygues Telecom, the price of ESIM is the same as that of a physical sim card. Your virtual SIM card costs you:

  • 0 Euro for the subscription of a Bouygues Telecom package,
  • 10 euros when renewing your smartphone as part of a Bouygues Telecom package,
  • 20 euros for replacing a physical SIM card, if you are currently having a Bouygues Telecom package or a B & YOU package without obligation.

*Information provided in December 2022