The 5 SUVs that will turn your head in 2023, future urban SUVs: the 15 new models expected in 2023

Future urban SUVs: the 15 new models expected in 2023

Little ambitious, its restyling is content to review the shield and the light signatures, but unfortunately not its tortured look.

The 5 SUVs that will make your head run in 2023

  • 1/13Among the future SUVs expected in 2023, five models stand out: Dacia Duster 3, Ferrari Purosangue, Jeep Avenger, Peugeot 3008
  • 2/13The third generation Dacia DUCIA DUCIA will be presented in 2023
  • 3/13The Dacia Duster 3 will have a long length of 4.40 m and will accommodate on board up to 5 passengers
  • 4/13Modernized in 2017, the Dacia Duster will be even more attractive in 2024, hope that its road services are even more convincing than that of the current model
  • 5/13For his very first SUV, Ferrari does not pay in the traditional recipe
  • 6/13On the profile, the Ferrari Purosangue appears more as a high perched station wagon
  • 7/13The width of the machine is very impressive
  • 8/13The Ferrari Purosangue is not quite a model with four conventional doors
  • 9/13Jeep Avenger is a 100% electric model in Europe
  • 10/13The Jeep Avenger rests on the CMP technical platform of the Peugeot 2008. But it is smaller with a format of 4.08 m (against 4.30 m for the Peugeot)
  • 11/13This concept because Jeep Avenger 4xe announces the 4x4 versions of the Avenger
  • 12/13The third version of the Peugeot 3008 SUV will sport a very strong style
  • 13/13The Peugeot 3008 MK3 will be available in a 100% electric version logically named Peugeot E-3008

Future urban SUVs: the 15 new models expected in 2023

One of the flagship categories of the contemporary automotive market is about to welcome a slew of new players. Auto-Moto reviews them.

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New grille but above all new dashboard for the Romanian: +info.

A subtle overhaul to wait until its full renewal, current 2024.

Little ambitious, its restyling is content to review the shield and the light signatures, but unfortunately not its tortured look.

This is the first model of the Stellantis galaxy to introduce the electric block of 156 hp MU by a new battery guaranteeing 400 km of autonomy.

100% electric, it will assert itself as the smallest SUV in the segment by evolving around 4 meters long.

The troubleshooting of the range should receive the reinforcement of a light hybridization to 48V to improve its CO2 discharges.Illustration © Julien Jodry

Much longer than the old one, it earns 15 cm (4.35 m long) to tuture the upper category.

Like the Niro, it should benefit from a substantial multi-energy offer (hybrid, rechargeable and electric)

Also resting on the Stellantis platform of DS 3 and Peugeot 2008, it will inaugurate a 100% electric all-wheel drive.

This should be worth an even more assertive backpacker look, like the showcar presented at the World Cup.

Located under the countryman, it will be among the smallest SUVs in the category (about 4 meters long).

Its propulsion mode will be fully thanks to the electricity fairy.

Nothing very original for this Renault Captur clone which is content to relifter the grille.

Of French, he will inherit the classic and rechargeable hybrid blocks.

Farewell Mokka-e, Welcome to Mokka Electric, a clearer appellation for the general public. By the way, he swaps his 136 hp block against 156 hp and sees his autonomy reaching more than 400 km.

The urban SUV will benefit from the same developments as those observed on the 208.Illustration © Julien Jodry

This update should take place only a few months after her little sister.Illustration © Julien Jodry

Fresh on the bow of the diamond model that will be inspired by the big southern brother.Illustration © Julien Jodry

Its rechargeable hybrid variant should optimize its 100% electric autonomy.Illustration © Julien Jodry

This strange sedan based on Captur could soon enter our market.Illustration © Julien Jodry

It would offer a more economical alternative to Citroën C4 X and Peugeot 408.Illustration © Julien Jodry

The urban SUV will slightly develop its style, failing to revolutionize its engines, arrived in mid-carrier.

The Volvo Ex90 (5m long) will soon have a little brother, much more compact than him.Illustration © Julien Jodry

He will split his daytime fires into two parts, at the back, as evidenced by this teaser.

We are not unemployed on the side of urban SUVs which are increasingly pressing in the face of classic city cars of Clio and 208. Their growing success pushes manufacturers to renew or develop the livestock more and more often. Thus, 2023 looks still as a Grand Cru.

Dacia Duster restyled

The darling of the low cost market is pampered by its parents who grant it a second facelift. It must be said that Dacia has decided to review the calenders of its entire range, at the same time, so that it welcomes the new emblem of the brand. But the Duster is the only one to see this moult is accompanied by a new dashboard that goes hand in hand with the introduction of unpublished equipment. We went to try it in the Moroccan desert:

DS 3 restyled

Accusing sales at brownflowers, the little DS would have deserved a more daring restyling. Unfortunately, its designers only carried out a minimum service to develop its style. The customers will be more seduced by the revaluation of its 100% electric variant, stronger by 20 hp (156 hp) and capable of rallying more than 400 km:

Fiat 600

If it is not certain that the new transalpine SUV is baptized in this way, we already know that it will be much more compact than the Fiat 500 x. About 4 meters long, it should be even more reduced than the Jeep Avenger, the smallest of the Stellantis galaxy, barely longer than a Peugeot 208. This Fiat 600 will be launched exclusively in electric, first:

Ford Puma St Hybrid

The only representative of the sporting genre in the category is struggling to flow in view of the penalus he imposes on his customers. This is the reason why he should afford a light hybridization at 48 V, in the coming months, in order to reduce his CO2 discharges.

Hyundai Kona

Previously located in the heart of the segment, with a length of 4.20 m, the Kona returns in season 2 to the limit of the upper segment. With 4.35 m of template, it is dangerously close to the Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq which are among the most compacts in the category trusted by the Peugeot 3008 and VW Tiguan. The new Korean SUV promises to renew its multi-energy offer characterized by several levels of hybridization as well as a 100% electric propulsion mode:

Jeep Avenger 4xe

Soon marketed in two-wheel drive 100% electric, Uncle Sam’s little nephew is also promised to a thermal destiny, via micro-hybridization, secondly. But above all will be a question for the Avenger to honor its coat of arms with an all -wheel drive, but only thanks to the electricity fairy:

Mini Aceman

He too will be among the most riquicians of the segment. With about 4.05 m long, it will offer an alternative far more compact to Countryman, and should unfortunately cut deales to the future mini hatch 5 doors. But, unlike the latter, the Aceman only intends to use electricity to move:

Mitsubishi Asx

Take a Renault Captur, modify your grille to the go and hide its diamonds with Mitsubishi diamonds and you will get the new ASX. A rebadging that we thought was revolved but which sends us back to its splendid time from the mid -90s. No one will be wrong but Mitsubishi can at least count on a healthy technical basis, failing to be able to make his new baby benefit from a 4×4 transmission, which made the particularity of the old model. At least let’s hope that the Japanese will have the good taste to display more attractive prices than its tricolor counterpart:

Opel Mokka Electric

No restyling on the program for the German which simply renews its 100% electric offer to stall on the new standards of the Stellantis group to which it belongs. He thus earns 20 hp to peak at 156 hp and sees his autonomy exceed 400 km. In order for the message to get better from the general public, it also simplifies its baptismal name, Mokka-e apparently not convinced. In the style chapter, if there are new rims, we are surprised that they come directly from the organ banking of the. Citroën C4:

Peugeot 2008 restyled

Huge issue as that of the restyling of the lion’s SUV which will celebrate its 4 years in 2023. New grille, new emblem, new light signatures will distinguish it from the present, as well as by the arrival of a 48 V micro-hybridization for the needs of a new 136 hp petrol block. The same level of power so far officiates in 100% electric, but it will be stored in favor of a new block of 156 hp and a battery guaranteeing to reach more than 400 km, Stellantis synergies obliges:

Renault Captur restyled

The worst nightmare of the Peugeot 2008 will review its copy almost at the same time. CAPLEND enlargement, simplifications of the drawing of optics and small southern air are expected to style. But above all will be a question of developments aimed at optimizing its different levels of hybridization, classic and rechargeable. We are also waiting for the introduction of an alpine spirit variant in place of the RS Line label.

Renault Taliant X

This UFO is not sure to tread French soil, but it promises to be assembled in Turkey, its favorite market. Declined for the moment in the form of a clio with a trunk resting on a platform from the Dacia Logan, it will be adorned with backpacker to offer them to Renault its first raised sedan, in the movement of the Citroën C4 x and Peugeot 408, but in a much more economical register:

Skoda Kamiq restyled

He too will arrive in mid-Carrier, current 2023. But do not wait for its share of major developments, the Volkswagen group did not have a hybridization on this segment. Better, he will revisit the drawing of his facies and will modernize his interior.

Volvo Ex30

Volvo being the property of Chinese Geely, which largely holds Smart now, the first urban SUV of the Swedish manufacturer will rest on the technical basis of the recent smart #1. It will therefore be 100% electric, but will offer engines likely to exceed 400 hp at the top of the range:
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