The 5 best video editing applications for iPhone, best video mounting applications on Android and iPhone

IPhone video mounting app

In addition, you can edit the video and offer superior quality videos for your audience ! He publishes videos with 4K quality and offers several additional options such as adding emojis, filters, text, background music and modification of the background. Its intuitive interface simplifies edition using powerful integrated tools. One of the best things about Filmorago is to import personalized music and add it to any video segment. Sharing via Filmorago is done effortlessly; You can share it directly on different platforms or save it on your phone.

IPhone video editing applications: 5 choices that caught our attention

An iPhone is the first choice of users because it can perform tedious tasks without any problem. We are all inclined to create digital content because it is an easy way to earn money and highlight our creative side. You are able to film with your iPhone but do not know how to mount on it ? You can easily edit on iPhone if you have the right editing applications with excellent mobile compatibility. Continue to read to find out more on 5 iPhone video editing applications which will facilitate the assembly process. Let’s start!

Part 1: Best video editing applications for iPhone

You want to know some of the best iPhone mounting applications that can help you create attractive videos ? Here you can discover some tips and tricks to excel on YouTube or create Tiktok videos. Learn more to transform your wish into reality:

1. Filmorago – easy to use and powerful

Filmorago is the best video editing video montage application, which is usually a problem with most video editing applications. It has a simple interface and is easy to use for beginners. In addition, it has many excellent features to give your video a professional aspect, such as cropping, adding transitions, adding legends, filters, etc. You can preview each segment before saving it.

In addition, you can edit the video and offer superior quality videos for your audience ! He publishes videos with 4K quality and offers several additional options such as adding emojis, filters, text, background music and modification of the background. Its intuitive interface simplifies edition using powerful integrated tools. One of the best things about Filmorago is to import personalized music and add it to any video segment. Sharing via Filmorago is done effortlessly; You can share it directly on different platforms or save it on your phone.

In addition, the recent Filmora update brings many new features, including AR stickers, GIFs and a weekly update based on the cloud. A stock library integrated in Rick allows you to access a massive collection of GIF and Images of Unsplash, Giphy and Pixabay.

Price: The Filmorago monthly package costs 6.99 USD and the annual package 32.99 USD.s

  • Cut, transfer and filter
  • 4K HD video editing software
  • Intuitive interface
  • Cloud -based weekly update
  • Massive collection of AR and GIF stickers

The inconvenients:

  • The free version has a watermark

2. Imovie – friendly for beginners

The Imovie video editing application is specially developed for iOS devices and is very easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners. Intuitive tactile gestures and a robust assortment of publishing features make it worthy of publishing professional videos. In addition, a user can use the application to create long and short aesthetic videos. What is crazy about this application is that it has 13 tailor -made Apple filters that make your video shots impeccable from all angles. He has eight unique themes and models. He has eight unique themes and models. It allows you to add a united or degraded background to the videos.

The assembly with Imovie becomes even simpler because it has 80 songs in the library; You don’t have to pay to buy tracks. Imovie offers all essential features free of charge such as stealing options, transitions, filters, music, animated titles, themes, etc. The addition of slow motion to your videos according to your choice of pace has never been accessible before. On the other hand, a user can extend videos, save them on Google Drive or iCloud to share or use them later. 4K quality remains intact even after download or sharing on various social media platforms. You know where to go when you want to create an adorable video to interact with your audience or widen your audience – Imovie is there for you !

Price: Imovie is free iOS software; Therefore, a win-win situation for iPhone users.

  • 13 personalized Apple filters
  • 80 free songs
  • 4K video quality
  • Eight unique themes

The inconvenients:

  • Only works with MP4 files of the Codec

3. Quik – Ideal for edition of GoPro videos

Quik is an excellent video editor for iPhone that works ideally to edit GoPro sequences. Quik’s rapid editing capacity impresses most of the professionals as well as beginners, especially those looking for a friendly iPhone editing application. To go further, there is no failure to impress users with its exceptional spindle function. It is easier to merge videos by adding transitions to the middle. Twenty-four different presets help users easily edit 4K quality videos without too much effort.

Here is a crazy thing to note; You can add gif, emojis and random texts to make your video more funny. It is very easy to eliminate additional sequences, add a voiceover, add a idle and set a video. It has all the basic but powerful features we need to make a video striking and attractive. Photo editing functionality also makes it a versatile application.

Price: Quik offers a free trial to a user, but he charges $ 1.99 per month and $ 9.99 per year once the trial is finished.

  • 24 pre -settlements
  • Spy videos
  • Gentle transition
  • Cut additional sequences

Disadvantages: s

  • Allows you to edit 50 photos/videos

4. Lumafusion – Professional editor for iPhone

Lumafusion is a video editing application for iPhone that you can use to edit videos on the go. Is it not exciting to be able to edit professional videos via your iPhone ? Lumafusion is known for its intense video stabilization function thanks to which you can eliminate the tremors of images. The powerful publishing tools help you edit several 4K video segments.

You can resize, crop, slow down, attach, merge and cut the video. It easily supports HDR 10 -bit video export from the iPhone. The zoom function allows you to notice the smallest detail of the video. It is super easy to refine the video and make it impeccable according to your needs. The predefined models allow users to more easily modify intros, coils, Instagram stories, etc.

Price: Apple offers an in-app Lumafusion purchase for $ 29.99. It is a unique purchase; You can use it for free after that. However, you can also subscribe to storyblocks for lumafusion for $ 69.99 per year and $ 9.99 per month.

  • 10 -bit HDR video export
  • Modify 4K videos
  • Easy to share
  • Change the speed of the video

The inconvenients:

  • No iCloud synchronization

5. Adobe Premiere Rush – The ideal choice for youtubers

Adobe Premiere Rush is ideal for youtubers who wish to produce content quickly without compromising quality. The powerful tools of the application help to create interactive and aesthetic content for all social media platforms. The integrated functionality of a camera helps you record and edit on the go. The application incorporates free rights music, which you can add to different video segments to give it life. Using the functions of inlay of images, animated graphics, overlays and blurring, you can give your video a highly professional appearance.

High -end features such as automatic defects and rehearsal detection save time to review the fitted sequences. IA Sensei and the automatic attenuation function help balance the sound. Sound decreases automatically to highlight the dialogues. Adobe Premiere Rush is designed to edit videos to share on social networks. It allows the readings to be readjusted to increase its visibility on social networks. The application facilitates video sharing published on Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with one click.

Price: Adobe Premiere Rush costs $ 9.99 per month and gives you access to all premium features.

  • Automatic dodge
  • Right -free music
  • Automatic problems detection
  • Share directly on social networks

The inconvenients:

  • No green screen function

Part 2: edit the video on the desktop with Filmora

In addition to using an iPhone video editor to edit on the phone, you can also try desktop applications such as Filmora to edit on your laptop. Filmora supports Mac and Windows while Filmorago is an application for iOS and Android. It has powerful video mounting features and more than 300 phenomenal effects at your disposal. YouTubers will find this application very practical to edit videos and download them quickly. You must question its characteristics; That’s some:

Wondershare Filmora, simple, free but powerful software to make video editing more efficient ! You can download and try Filmora for free via the following links:

Best free video mounting applications on Android and iPhone

Videos have become essential on social networks, whether on YouTube, Tiktok or Instagram. The photo sensors of smartphones improve from year to year, which allows you to make very good quality images without necessarily being a professional. But to publish a good video, you have to be able to make a good editing. Discover our selection of the best free applications to make your video montages directly from your smartphone.

Smartphone video editing Application

  • Selection of best free video mounting applications for Android and iPhone
  • How to choose your Android and iPhone video mounting application ?
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Selection of best free video mounting applications for Android and iPhone

Thanks to the excellent quality of the images provided and the interesting features such as stabilization, the rendering of the videos taken using a smartphone rivals easily with certain videos made with a professional camera. Today there are many applications that allow you to assemble directly from your phone. Discover our selection in this guide.


VN Video mounting application

VN (Vlog Now) is a very simple to use video editor. Available on iPhone and Android, It is a free application that allows you to work on 100 different projects at the same time.

Among the interesting features, we find the possibility ofAdd music and a voiceover. Likewise, you can easily add, delete or shorten your videos, remove the original sound for each clip or for all your videos with one click.

You can touch up the images (brightness, vibrance, saturation, contrast, reduce shadows, etc.), add filters, transitions, text, stickers, accelerate certain passages of videos or refer the videos.

At the end of the assembly, the VN logo is added by default but you can remove it. Finally, you just have to export the video for free in different formats, including 4K HDR, waterproof.

It’s a Really complete application, easy to use and free that requires no registration.

Download VN – Video & Photo assembly for Android

(2074247 votes) | Video readers and publishers

Version 2.0.9 | Developer Ubiquiti Labs, LLC | Update on 05/23/2023

Download VN Video Editor for iOS

(17780 votes) | Photo and video

Version 1.66 | Developer Ubiquiti Labs, LLC | Update on 05/24/2023

Configuration: Requires iOS 12.1 or a later version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



Capcut is today one of the most complete video editing applications. And for good reason, it is Developed by Bytedance to whom we also owe the social network Tiktok. It is therefore the perfect tool for making short videos for the internet. It incorporates an impressive number of features, worthy of paid mounting software, While staying completely free.

The assembly is very simply done with your fingertips to be able to organize your sequences, select the most interesting parts and make a correctly rhythmic cutting. Besides, you can also very simply Play on the speed of your plans by switching to slowed down or accelerated, in particular to be able to refine your transitions.

If one of your plans is too trembling, you can stabilize directly in the application. It is a great way to improve the quality of your final assembly. You can also add many elements such as stickers, filters, texts, animations And of course a soundtrack. Capcut also allows you to simply add a voiceover if necessary.

Capcut also allows you to touch up your images to obtain exactly the desired rendering. Finally, we greatly appreciate the possibility of Add automatic subtitles that we can then rework if necessary.

Download Capcut – Video editor for Android

(6555338 votes) | Video readers and publishers

Version 8.3.0 | Developer bytedance Pte. Ltd. | Update on 05/29/2023

Download Capcut – Video & Photo assembly for iOS

(142 votes) | Photo and video

Version 2.1.0 | Developer bytedance Pte. LTD | Update on 05/15/2023

Configuration: MacOS 10.14 or a later version. Requires iOS 11.0 or a later version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



If you have an iPhone, then Imovie may be the assembly application of your choice. Available only on iOS and macOS, This application is directly developed by Apple which is also responsible for the excellent professional assembly software, Final Cut Pro X. The Imovie application is in a way the general public version of the Apple brand mounting software.

This application has an interesting particularity because it offers different ways to create your assembly. By opening Imovie, you have The choice between 3 options : Magic film, story-board or film.

The magic film option is very simple. You choose the content you want to see in your video and Imovie makes the assembly automatically for you. He selects music and performs a montage thanks to his artificial intelligence. It’s very fast and practical. On the other hand, you don’t have the hand on the end result. It is therefore to be reserved for novices.

The Story-Board option is really amazing because it allows you to choose between different models that correspond to typical internet video themes. You can customize the theme a bit to your taste by choosing the typo of the text and the dominant color. Then Imovie guides you by explaining all the plans necessary to finalize the video. It is good AVERAGE to learn to make a well -constructed video.

Finally, The film option is a simple traditional assembly tool that you can use once you have learned to control the art of assembly.

Download Imovie for iOS

★ (8974 votes) | Photo and video

Version 3.0.1 | Apple developer | Update on 24/10/2022

Configuration: Requires iOS 16.0 or a later version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush Application

Of course, video publishing on smartphone is still far from the standards of professional mounting software like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro. But Adobe offers with this application for Android and iPhone, a Lighter version of its flagship mounting software which is very interesting for use.

Among the different features that Adobe Premiere Rush offers, you have the possibility of adding several audio and video tracks, separating the audio data from a clip to add it to a new track, add transitions, rework the colorimetry, or even personalize animated titles.

1080p export is free watermark but 4K export is reserved for premium users who pay a subscription either monthly or annual.